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Zumba Classic

Zumba Classic for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Group Studios located at Loc Hoa, Chau Duc, Ba Ria Vung Tau. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is nice but is not what i exactly expected,, it usually hook if one is hitting it fast... Is slow in releasing the Ball....
It's fun until you get to a certain level fairly early on, and then some of the boss levels become nearly impossible. I spent about 3 weeks playing the same boss level over and over until I finally got it. Then it was fun again, and now I'm at a boss level that's even harder than the last and I hate it. I'm giving up now, ready to play something where I don't have to repeat the same level 5 million times.
On level five the game seized up. Music kept playing, but once the marbles were reversed they never came back out. The developers did a really good job with the graphics they're very pretty, music's fine, but they loaded this game up with so many gimmicks it's not even enjoyable. If said developers were to pull back a little on all the little gimmicky stuff they got going on, it would be a good game.
I've tried several of these, just to uninstall them because they got complicated way too fast....I've made it to level 70 in this game, and I still feel challenged, but not overwhelmed....its almost as if the game adjusts to your skill buildings.
the settings of this game is so horrible scary the kind o animals and beast in settings are turning me on
After playing for so long via several phones and making it to level 200, I have to Uninstall. The app is glitching to the point it's unplayable. The balls turn into several colors at the same time especially if you're about to win. The balls are going across the screen and even changing colors once it lands. Rewind freezes the game. Pretty disappointing.
I really like this game! However the glitches are terrible. I saved up so many power ups to beat a boss, used so many of them, then the game glitched and I lost them all! Otherwise super fun!
I played this game many years ago and am rediscovering why I enjoyed it back then. It's easy to learn, but difficult to master!
It's not bad, pretty close to the original one I had on my old school pc, the big kind that looked like a washing machine. I remember when this game was on a CD
Levels get harder as you get further up....Would have give 4 stars if not for the constant pop up ads
Super buggy and unbalanced, some levels are unexpectedly super hard then other levels are easy. The game is boring, all levels are pretty much the same and not unique. They didnt even bother creating a unique map - it is the same map peice repeated over and over again. Random ads here and there are extremely annoying. The screenshots are not from this game. It's a low quality product, developers and testers should be ashamed.
my experience was a feeling of respect in 2ways one in the mannor of beating a tough level two in the manor of how others treated me for the level i have allready completed
I like this game it looks like a zuma revenge but theres a difference cause this game is mobile and the zuma revenge for pc thats the difference so i give a five star for this hehehe tnx zumba classic
Bad game a lot of times the game will freeze when you hit fast, plus when you try to make it strike the screen is not responded to you, many things in the game is bad like ad and how the game looks like, I tey to play it but it's hard to keep going, I made it to level 20 and delete the game.
There are bugs, i cant continue playing because level 91 is stopping after releasing the initial balls, it stops, as in no balls are coming out.
There are sometimes bug when he backs up that it continues to back all the way up and you cannot finish your game :(
Cool puzzles, bad setup.. the bonuses are overlayed into the puzzle, so you inadvertently use bonuses when you're trying to shoot to an area. Very frustrating
its great.. been playing games like this for years but never was ive been this challenged at certain stages. however, i would like to point out a glitch in the game, several times i was able to finish the whole set but i have to wait til the critter reaches the skull end for it finish the stage making me loose the points im supposed to have for clearing the stage far from the end. i have a photo if needed for reference. Thank you
this is just like real life, except in real life you get a sling shot and marbles. and in real life you don't shoot at colorful balls, they are all the same color because your eyes are crossed. but at least on this game they stay out and let you shoot em after the sun comes up
Sometimes the ball moves so fast that you can't hit it also somtimes the color of ball the frog is holding is not what you need or there are no other color on where you shoot them.
The game seems ok if you're feeling desperate. It crashes, and doesn't explain the various gimmicky balls and powers very well.
The bottom list of items always disturb when the cannon is firing. Whenever i touch any one of those items in the intention of firing a ball a popup menu gets displayed. Even 'X' ing out the menu is not working. The user has to use the android back to kill that menu.
Keeps showing me Forever 21 ads that (after I watch them) won't let me go back to the game. I exit, return, play once more and the same as pops up. Not going to keep doing this loop. Not worth it.
I love this game very much..all fuctions works very well in my fone ..Samsung Galazy note Bext game to keep my time going ..😘😘🤣
Challenging on that part I didn't get level that is... But I'm working on it for 2-3 months... I though I couldn't make it... Challenging and at the same time it's fun...
This game is always keeping me at the edge of my seat whenever i have the time to play it. I cant miss playing it
I dont like how it shoots the balls and goes to the wrong colors the shooting is very slow other than that I like the app.. wish it was like the actual original zumba
l havent played this game in a while but I love it and I always will! It's the best way to uave fun w a challenge!!!
fun classic game. only problems is that it glitches occasionally when the balls roll backwards and doesnt move again on Galaxy S9+. otherwise it's still just as fun as I remember. Update: Apr 2, 2019 game wont allow watching ads for extra rubies for the past 2 weeks, magically my 3100 rubies vanished and left me with 3, Facebook doesnt work with it, and it now plays ads constantly, even if you just try to pause the game. This game was fun but has since pissed me off. give me my rubies back!
I love this game but it just has too many glitches. When you rewind, all the marbles go all the way back into the start, then don't come back out. When I have a red marble left all I am given is yellow, no matter how many I shoot, or try to cycle through. I'm sad to uninstall.
Played a Zumba game many years ago. (On my laptop) Loved it. This game reminds me of that , only this one seems more challenging. . . maybe its the size of my screen. (phone) not sure just started. More after some playtime.
I've played this on my computer and it was much easier. However this is still a very addictive game. A lot of skill to go to the levels which get harder as you go.
Higher levels have become too difficult when this game was upgraded. It also has ads so I need to turn off my wifi connection to get rid of ads while playing.
I played this game when it was on the computer, and was excited to see it was now mobile. It helps me relieve stress
Nice way to pass away time, so addictive . An improvement from all these other games. Adverts a bit of irritation at times
This is very different than other marble games. The obstacles and "assist" are very creative. I am enjoying this game but I've only done about 8 levels. Most of the time I have to repeat the level at least once to figure out the course.
Super addicting but the ads are a bit too much!! Seriously. Seems there's more ads than game time! Smh
Not immersive enough. Sound effects don't play, animations won't trigger. You'll just wonder why you either lost or won the game all of a sudden. Using from Samsung S8
Just started playing and because of where the bombs and special color balls are located I have mistakenly used them all. And I've watched several videos to get free bombs and I didn't even receive them. That's 1 main reason ion spend money on these games cause I never get what was offered for free.
Too Easy but fun.... The game isnt hard at all, it's vey easy not challenging at all but its still fun....
PLEASE FIX! Love the game but having the different things you can do to assist in beating the game needs a way to move them out of the way because while playing I kept hitting them when I didn't need them.
It doesn't have good winning song that mortivats someone to play the next stage, it's do boring playing it with such a sound. Sorry but I have to tell you guys, so please try and adjust the song in it. Thank you
It's good but when the circle is blinking at top and you can throw fire, half of the time it freezes and I cant continue playing. The tools at the bottom that you can use are too close to where you play so I used all of them up by accident touching to close
free version is great just keeps going up in levels. I tried 10 different games this was the best keeps leveling up and the levels are achievable.
It's ridiculously hard, fir a simple colour matching game, the balls proceed far to quickly and there's no safe way to dispose of unwanted balls. Don't waste your time. I'd give it no stars if I could.
very good app. i enjoy playing. sometimes has some glitches such as the balls colour can't be distinguished and it shows gray - otherwise a very nice app
Fun game, but flawed execution. Ads are too frequent and totally negate the zen quality of the game. I'd happily pay to remove ads, but no luck. And, trying to switch the balls by tapping the shooter often results in firing the ball instead. Needlessly sensitive.
I loved it at first, but it always took forever to load. The loading time becomes longer & longer the higher the level. The game also freezes, but worse yet is when it shuts down while playing going back th the map page. I have lost so many of the bonus items I PURCHESED, (a waste of my money) due to the last two MAJOR app faults.
Way too many ads; two/three at a time with the touch of any button. I just uninstalled at level 414 because it's unnecessarily hard; there's the cloud blocking your view, the flying balloon throwing fireballs at you, the torch thing that changes the color of the balls, the impractical curve, and the fact that the balls come out frozen. I played the original zuma game, and I'm an expert at it; this is too much. I love a game that's challenging, but I don't want the fun taken out of it. Bye.
This game is fun. Sometimes the graphics are glitchy and there are a lot of ads. I'm beginning to think level 199 is unbeatable, though. If I don't beat it soon, I'm uninstalling.