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Zoombinis for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by TERC located at TERC Attn: David Libby 2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Ste. 26 Cambridge, MA 02140-1364. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Doesn't even start, just freezes on the screen where it asks you to 'Name your Game'. Many people having the same issue. I am going to be refunding this and recommend others do not buy this.
Used to play this game as a kid an wanted to play it again and it just won't install on my tablet and I paid $2.99 for it and if I can't get it to install then I want a refund!! Games freezes on Name Your Game screen and won't do anything after that and I want to play the game!!
I wish it had a little bit better instructions. Especially with the 3 fleens in the tree. I really don't understand that game. But all in all I love it. It's exactly what I need since being in covid lockdown. I love the way it gets my brain problem solving. It's a good game. I played it in school as a child and I'm so glad I found this game again.
Sadly Busted! I wanted this game mobile so bad but it does exactly what others say it does. Freezing on the first screen when it asks for your name. I can't imagine they've done any testing lately or they would have noticed the FIRST SCREEN of gameplay to hold them hostage. Immediate refund, hope it gets help. I still want to play it. (Edited for spelling)
The newly rendered art is really pretty, especially the lake in the raft puzzle so that it is more immersive to play than the old beat up pixelated version. One glitch is when that squirrel climbs down the tree, sometimes she gets frozen on the way down. Anyway it is very fun playing on a touch screen instead of an old computer, the old animation was already well done so it is a very good looking game now. I like how you can play the more addictive puzzels in any order on "practise"!
It's great but why doesn't the last path increase in level?? Apparently this is a bug? How do I solve this
Opened up the app and it wouldn't let me type anything, I couldn't hit any of the buttons, restated the game, restarted the phone. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it wouldn't ever let me get past the 'create your story' window. Disappointed as this was a game of my childhood!
There are some animation glitches, but that's ignorable. I am however frustrated that I don't seem to be able to swap the lily pads when doing the frog crossing puzzle. It works okay-ish during the practice, but during the actual journey itself it doesn't seem to work.
Didn't each of them use to have his very own name? Couldn't the name come along as a good reason for new puzzles?
I just purchased the game for 2.99, I install and open and the screen freezes as soon as it asks me to enter my name. It doesn't let me put my name in and is just stuck on freeze. Please fix or give me a refund.
I love this game, it's exactly the computer game I played as a kid. It's a great remake for my phone. My only complaint is that there are very few instructions about which buttons to press and what the symbols mean and because of that I've lost a lot of zoombinis lol. I also can't figure out how to change the difficulty? Interacting with the map is confusing and annoying because there was no tutorial like at all
Great app. Filled with nostalgia. Bleeds outside the game screen on my Pixel 3. Otherwise great rendition.
Tried to download because i loved the game as a child... Couldnt even put in my name smh. Had to ask for a refund and am now im worried about putting in my account info after reading how the same thing happens to everyone 🙃
I absolutely loved this game as a kid, being able to play it again now is so nostalgic! Especially as it has the original music and character voices. The only thing I can't figure out is if you can change the easiness level on game play or if that's just for practice. Overall, just as enjoyable!
Can't input name to start therefore can't play the game...old version or Amazon app version works fine
Glitches. Freezes as soon as you open the app and can't do anything. I am not the only one experiencing these issues. Please either fix the issues or issue refunds.
I cannot touch the green arrow to proceed at Shade Tree, though I can press any other feature like the map button under it. Please help me with this and I'll change the review.
Nostalgic but different I play the original game a lot as a kid and I was happy to see this on here and playing it brought back a lot of memories but unfortunately the art style is a lot different and I understand that they couldn't you just transfer the game over from its original dos design but overall it was a fun experience to play this game again and if you have a kid who wants to have an educational game that's fun to play this is the game
Keeps freezing on home page. Can't even start the game. Very frustrating as I played this in primary school and loved it
Don't purchase. Im having same problem as everyone else it freezes as soon as you open it up. Doesn't go past enter your Name part.
EDIT: Developers resolved the opening screen bug! I was able to start a game and just left my first group of Zoombinis at the first campsite! Thanks for listening to reviews. Thrilled to play and highly recommend for developing kids' metacognition and logic skills. So fun, doesn't even feel like learning. === I was so excited to play one of my favorite childhood games again, but I can't do anything on the opening "Name Your Game" screen.
if you played this as a child on PC prepare for nostalgia. it is legit like the PC game but on your mobile device. WELL worth the money. letting my sister play it on family library and shes just as excited as I was. I've had no issues at all on my device.
I absolutely loved this game as a kid, but the app keeps glitching. I'll make it through the puzzles without losing any Zoombinis and when I get to the campsite, I've lost one of two. It happens consistently. And no matter how many times I get through the final leg, it will not advance in difficulty level, so Ive found myself playing in practice mode sometimes because it's too easy and boring. Great game, awesome for kids, but the app is frustrating. I miss my PC.
Bugged ending, got to capn cajun and the zoombinis never appear on screen, even after reset. Refunded. :< very sad as this was a favorite of mine as a kid. The bits that worked were fun though!
Just like the PC game i remember. Would give 5 stars, but sometimes after completing a run without losing any Zoombini's, one or two for some reason dont make it through and are sent back to the previous checkpoint? Please address this bug!
Wow, this game is amazing! It's one of those rare children's games that actually respects their intellect and has some trully ingenious puzzles that test your deduction skills. There are only 12 puzzles in the game, however they are incredibly well designed and each has 4 levels of difficulty which require different strategies to finish, so the game doesn't feel starved for content. It's evident that the game's focused on being both fun to play and a great logic exercise, and it shines for it!
It's very similar to the original, just some art changes. I love the whimsical vibe and logic puzzles that increase in difficulty. Fun for kids and adults.
SAVE IS POSSIBLE! What is everyone going on about!? Played virtually with my bro sharing my screen having not played this in 20yrs. Nostalgic and managed to actually reach Zoombiniville!
I remember playing it on a computer and I but the game and played it and its work jut fine 🙂 for me
I really love how they have kept the original sound effects, I love this game, well done. 5 stars ⭐
Paid 3 dollars for this app and I cant even play it . once i opened it says "name your game" well can't even do that.. Nothing is working at all.. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!
For those struggling with the MIRROR MACHINE stage: I almost uninstalled the game myself until I realised that you AREN'T SUPPOSED TO MERGE TWO ZOOMBINI'S APPEARANCES in the early stages, carefully look through the mirror reflections and you'll find that one will match one of your zoombinis EXACTLY, continue to match the reflections to your zoombinis one at a time until you get them all through. Childhood memories + that confusing 2nd seat stumped me for a while! Fantastic game.
If it is "frozen" for you on the title screen long press the text box and it will let you type. Game works great, lot of work went into it and it feels exactly like it did when I was a kid.
Can't even write my name, touch screen stops working when open the app, uninstalling and asking for refund
Played as a kid. So happy it's here again! Definitely glad I have my pen for my phone. Can be hard to "grab" other than that.. love it!
I'm on the Google pixel 4, and the game will not get past the loading screen. Even on my previous phone, this game was kind of buggy. For instance, the treehouse game would sometimes board everything up and all the zoombinis would just stare directly at me. Overall good game, and I'd recommend it if it works on your phone.
The name bug was fixed, and so far about halfway through I've encountered no bugs. Great nostalgia since this was one of my favorite kids games and a good educational tool.
Zoombini was my favorite childhood game. Playing it again as an adult made me realize just how well this game is made. It's just so original and well thought out puzzle game that beats any other phone puzzle games. App works perfect on my galaxy note 8. Thanks for bringing it back!
I was so excited to play one of my favorite childhood games again, but I can't do anything on the opening "Name Your Game" screen. Clearly a common experience for some, but clearly no problems for others. Wish I knew why. Uninstalled and deeply disappointed.
Freezes when you open and doesn't work. Great feature of play store to refund within an hour for you!
So nostalgic! This game was so fun as a kid! I wish after you beat the game you could have a free play of any of the games at any level. But very happy to play this game again!