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ZooCraft: Animal Family

ZooCraft: Animal Family for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Creative Mobile Games located at PΓ€rnu mnt 139a 11317 Tallinn Estonia. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is awesome and it's graphics are superb but there is a problem that when we go to visit others zoo with the bus it hanged then I have to start it again but apart this, the game is excellent but only due to this problem I am giving it 4 stars may be this problem will be better soon...
It is good game but it is very very heavy game it doesn't start ,if it's start then it stopped somewhere and it's automatically came out from the game to the menu so I think u should make this more better
This is a fun entertaining game. Lots of cool animals you can get if you either have patience or money. The problem I have is that the adds to get more play then don't give the rewards they are supposed to. Also the adds that play when trying visit another zoo tend to stall out the game and I then have to exit then re-enter to do anything else.
This game is so addictive!!! I just got this game and i have already fallen in love with it❀. The only annoying thing about it is that once you get off the game, notifications pop up. And not to mention most of the time they be lying. Very uncool.
In truth, I like this game. It is interesting & fun (if a bit repetitive) & you are not swamped with ads or so many events that you can't catch your breath. Good game for spending just a little bit of time relaxing instead of being glued to your phone. My only problem is with kiosks that cost gold to buy. 1) The price to upgrade them to emporium status is beyond unreasonable. 2) If they are going to COST gold to buy, then they should PRODUCE gold. It doesn't have to be much, but SOMETHING!
The game looked fun to play, but since installing the app it has crashed repeatedly. It crashes when leveling up, opening the shop/Storage/Lab, or without warning. I'm angry because I wasnt expecting it to crash so much after spending 5 dollars for the Pandas. I had hoped it would be a great pass time, but it isn't.
Disappointed with a purchase that I didn't get. Went on settings then help and it wouldn't let me send a photo of receipt to get my money back. Game keeps going off and no prices on any adverts to pay not that I would as I've already lost money... Had this game last year and enjoyed it. Had to buy new phone ect so started again... From square one. Very disappointed
I bought a special offer several days ago and still haven't received what I purchased. Now the game won't even open. I have updated the app, restarted my phone and everything and it will not open. It is a fun game when you can actually play it but I won't buy anything else from it. At this point I would just be happy to play it but it says some beavers have chewed up some wires and just shuts off.
Great game where you can complete quests and items easily. You are not forced to have many friends as there is a random selection to help others without adding more people. Even the more rare currency is attainable for those wanting a free gaming experience.
its a great game but needs a lot of improvement as well. for instance you cant rotate objects in all 4 directions restricting placement. next would be laboratory, either there shud be upgrade where you can mate another pair of animals or option to buy another laboratory with coins. It should also contain option to send animals as gift to buddies or friends. another suggestion would be option to select multiple things for eg: decoration removal or replacing them & complete zoom out to clear view
Yeah! It's good to play.Easy to play. It's cute tho. You have to take a time and be patient for this game. But you will not have enough of coins and pearls for your decorations if you don't give purchasing in game. Btw I can't watch the videos for some gift. Can you fix it. That's all.
Really great game, I've been playing for a year but it keeps crashing after every 5 or 10 seconds, is there anything I can do to stop this happening? I've installed and uninstalled serveral times, I mostly put up with it but I'm thinking of giving up with the game completely now. I updated the latest version yesterday, still no change, please help me
Hi, maybe the developers must do more research on how animals look like, e.g. male lions have a mane and female lions don't. Some of your facts about shortest, longest, fastest, slowest, etc. also need correction. Then I would suggest your laboratory in such that reptiles clone reptiles, mammals clone mammals, birds clone birds, and so forth. To put 2 reptiles as parents and get a mammal as result is rediculous.
Updating to 5 stars - i like this game a lot. Its so cute and you can spend money but you dont have to. If you wait, youll get coins and pearls naturally. I like the seasonal events too
What just happened?$%#@ - Suddenly the quest section to get free rewards was completely changed. Why? All I was working on is gone and no rewards!!!!! Such a waste of my time?!@!!
Re-writing my review after issues were resolved: this game is pretty cute and fun, fairly easy to rack up in game currency. However it seems like the purchase system has the potential to glitch and delay your purchase, and getting a solution was slow and slightly frustrating but eventually all got solved.
Love this game my problem with it is everytime I get to 31 the game starts freezing when I go to get on the bus or the plane and I can't receive my daily gift it's constantly saying connect to internet I check and nothing wrong with it I'm connected when I complain I hear you must not have a big enough memory this isn't right because I up dated my tablet with a much bigger memory and still have the same problem If you want a game that is highly addictive and very disappointing this is it
I have been playing for months now and I tried to play it today and it just keeps saying loading 0b/1b I really like the game but this is getting ridiculous. I came here to see if there was a update but it doesn't say there is. I'm really disappointed.
So nice and good graphics to this is why i gave it four stars because the habitat price keeps growing and when you buy more space it still grows so thats why i gave it four stars
Love this game but I'm unable to go into play in my uncharted island... and I'm unable to find my friends who play the game as well..
Can't stop playing. Only complaint is expanding land you have to buy coins. When you buy land the next piece of property goes up in price. It will cost $15 now to expand. To much money.
I like to create my own homes, zoos, etc..so I naturally love this game, I like the fast pace, the opportunity to earn money through sales to improve my zoo.
Love it . It's a nice game to pass the time. Some dollar earning should be a bit easier instead of constant in app purchases.
I believe the place where you can get free coins by playing other games was switched. I had 3 open games for rewards. If I finish the request will I still get the rewards? The new reward center is saying I have none opened and I'm am worried that it will have all been for nothing. I have been playing one of the games for over a month now and have almost reached the required level. Update, I have been waiting on a response from "SETTINGS, HELP, CONCERSATIONS BOX" for two days.. I am dissapointed
I love this game but in a recent update there is an error with a plane island which locates right bottom corner of the screen. When you click that button u go to the island but instructor said when u short on energy you can always go to fill the energy button .my energy is full but i have to click It may gives me 150 energy but i cant click on it. Its not clickable. So cannot getout this game unless i exit the game. Please fix it
It's cute and all but there is one problem the problem is that when you BUILD an enclosure it turns in to a black patch same a some of the icons
The gold coins could be provided much better instead of always having to spend money on Buying them all the time other that that its a great game
Its was so fun in the beginning I would love to go play every now and then but with this new event of making the medicine. The help keeps on showing and no matter how many times I click it wount go away it's so annoying and pissing off since I cant play that challenge now
One of my favorite games. The developer s paid attention and created a fantastic game. The timed events are difficult to do but overall an excellent game. Would highly recommend.
Game is fun but the events where you hacw 2 weeks to catch as many cats or whatever are impossible to complete unless you want to get up in the middle of the night to do it and even then i dont see how you can complete it. My 7 year old daughter loves the game but every time she gets upset when the event is finished and she doesnt get the prize at the end. It is a childs game and therefore the events should be attainable for young children who cannot be up all hours of the night just to complete
For the first like, 2 weeks, it was super fun and addicting. But now, it really slow and glitchy. It's so glitchy that sometimes I'll turn off my phone, and it won't turn on for about 5 to 6 minutes. Ir when I try to go the homescreen, it doesn't move. I thought it was cuz my phone was full so I deleted a bunch of things and it got got worse. It really is fun. I wouldn't recommend this game until the bug is fixed. Pls fix. I miss playing this super fun and addicting game!
I have really enjoyed the game. My issue is that I have had over 500 tokens and around 300,000 in currency just magically disappear overnight and when I messaged them asking for this to be resolved I have received no response. **edit: I have checked on the Help section on the messages I have sent regarding these issues and there is still no response to any of these issues
I started the zoo back up and You took my money 3 times for the same thing and I didn't get anything. It was for lucky charm cat that came with 777 pearls, 777 coins, 777 gems that was for a $1.99, that's not nice at all NOW YOU TOOK $4.00 DOLLARS FROM ME, it took another one but I'm not shur how to do it, I'll try and have someone help me
This new Zoo Club thing is just a way for the company to get more money (on top of all the false advertising ads they have) and it's another thing that clogs my screen. There should be the option to not see it in my day-to-day playing.
It's a nice game which you can play without spending real money, no crashes or freeze for me, like other people mentioned. I loved playing it, BUT first of all the waiting times for new animals is ridiculous, sometimes 18 or even 36 hours?!! And then you get an a animal you already have, try again and get it over and over again, this is extremely annoying. Which takes the fun away slowly.. This should be changed!
Hey guys, love the game. Been playing for around 4 months now. Just wanted to bring to light a little bug I've been having on my samsung s8. Each time I play an ad, the screen flickers black and glitchy. It doesnt allow me to watch the ad anymore or receive the benefits from watching them. If you could, please look into this. Thank you :)
I played this app a few years back and it worked just fine, now it won't even start, it keeps closing and sending me back to my home screen, I would really like if this was fixed because I really loved this game
Very upset with this game. Played for ages but lately had nothing but trouble with it. Disconnects from facebook all the time. Videos on the game crash it. Now unable to log in. Thinking of getting rid of it as very stressful.
It's a fun game but it's hard to get pearls and stuff like that but it's really hard to get coins and you need to release animals to get mre space for other animals and It's like do I really want this animal cause I have to relase this animal it's just kinda hard.
Great game and so adictable, only issue is it keeps crashing, especially when visiting friends. I've tried to reload it many times but still crashes. Other than that it's a super game!
I love this game .I make different types of animal and collect money from kiosks. I decorate my zoo with new new type themes.I clean my zoo everyday and I love this game events please give us more events. I really love this game thanks for making this wonderful and lovely game guys!!!😍
Okay, I've been playing over a year now and it's time to update review. During this time there hasn't been any new decorations that you can buy with pearls...you can't exchange or sell them so they are just useless. You earn squat compared to the cost of the purchase price on anything..land etc..so it takes forever. Everything drives you to use real money, which is wrong. There should be options to purchase and expand your zoo with within game currency.
This game is annoying. I can barely do anything because of the slow performance and constant freezing. Despite other downsides I have not deleted because I truly like the game. Please fix so I don't have to
Loved this game so much but recently, it became laggy!! Video ads always make the game hang. Pls fix this!!
Soory for that but it is very bad game.there i can only make three animal and it s home.and one more problem is that u cant create mor animals but it is very nice game😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Update: changing to 5 stars again bec they fixed the problem with the ads not loading. Really great that the developers of this game really take the time to listen to players' concerns. Keep it up!!
I enjoy the game very much, not happy that I cannot connect to Facebook or Google. The game kicks me off almost everytime also when visiting neighbors. The glitches need to be fixed. I would rate it better if this was fixed.
I couldn't agree more with treespirit. The animals are terrible looking. Not cute or realistic at all. I was really turned of by that. I don't play it anymore for that reason.
It's a great game I do love it but there is one thing that I really dislike it's very hard to earn coins but turn dollars it's very easy all you need to do is complete task and gives customers what they want. And I can't delete anything or I could I just don't know how I would like to have an instruction of how to delete things and easier way to get coins. These things could be fixed thank you when they are. (Edit) I got this stuff worked out exept for coins
A great Zoo simulator. The graphics are crisp and the side tasks are engaging. Land gets very expensive after awhile, forcing you to become very patient or pay out pocket but it's worth the wait.
Very nice but, Too expencive game Yes many ways but too long, and where the list of amazing animals, we wish find it in the curiosity to complete the full list πŸ’™ I got all amazing animals in curiosity already, but there's about 12 animal is missed, why you did not add it yet πŸ˜“ I'm waiting ☹ What is the meaning of "the rest of amazing animals are premium", and if we alwys have one animal frim event, why you don't add it to curiosity like you did Cupipotamus 🀍
At first I was really loving this game, But After playing for 1 month it started crashing, sometimes takes me to the home page. I really love this game but i hated those errors which so users have to face. In the last if we i think of one update that maybe can be useful. When we made the same animal that we don't wanna have or wanna sell any item we don't want. Why we can't just give it to the another zoo or our zookeeper friends in the exchange of another item, money, level stars or Emeralds.
addicted favourite game but I do wish you didn't have to purchase coins to get more land for zoo please can you do something about this please thanks that's the only downside to game as you get lots of animals but no where to put them thanks Recently game KEEPS CRASHING HAVE MEMORY ASWELL BUT CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS as I dont want to loose my game data as I am so far in the game thank you..
I love this game. I had it downloaded but after this last update, I had to delete it because the game would just stop and after I would go to play the game the background animal sounds and music would eventually stop. So, please correct, otherwise I won't re-download it. Also, I can play my game perfectly offline but online it just stops before I can even get in the game real good. Please correct.
I am on zoo status IX and doing assignment to reach next level X for some upgrade. But after 78% completion its down to 68% and it contuniously happen with me for three times. So how would I progress to next status. As you said on my last review, I tried many combination to incubate amazing animal but none of any combination successfully incubate amazing animals. Its impossible to incubate amazing animals. Only option to get it by collecting pieces and it takes too much time.
It is a good app but I needed coins for purchasing more lands I had coins but after buying a few things when I needed more so there is a section in which you can get free coins but it wasn't working at all I had internet connection yet it said that there was no internet connection.
I bet I love you with love to this game but something for the creators to know I keeps crashing Non-Stop and maybe you guys can fix it I had it on my old tablet and now I have a new tablet it's so yeah so maybe you can fix that only works in the car for some reason but you should download this game if it doesn't crash and I bet you would love it and tell me your experience because I don't know what it's like I only have a couple things I should probably just stop typing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
I have been playing this game for a week or so and its really great! Graphics, controls, and gameplay is awesome! You should really get it! My kids love it also! They love watching me play and they play it too. So yeah its a really great game I recomend it to everyone.
1. Cost of land is high 2. Everytime I am unable to take the full reward of free zoo tokens 3.There are about 20 to 25 questions for only 6 to 8 tokens 4. Take so much time in loading 5. No new event and theme 6. Cost of other things like stalls , land etc. Is also high 7. Sometimes it take about 5 to 10 minutes for visiting the other zoo 8. There are about 3 to 4 experiment for only one animal Please solve these problems Thank you ☺️
I like this game. I have been playing it for 2 weeks already but now, there are glitches. Once it said, choose your prize. But there was nothing showing! And the events are difficult to get them all.. my niece gets upset when i cant get the prize that we want. Make it attainable please. Inspite the glitches now, the game is really good! πŸ‘
At first, cool, easy, satisfying... Then you notice that everytime you buy a habitat or land the price gets higher.. Yet the kiosks and challenges do not give you enough, it basically gets to the point where you realise that its F2P if you have patience of a saint, because gathering enough is excruciatingly slow and you're consistently bombarded with sales. They're cheap enough to keep you buying but after a certain point even what you buy with real cash still isn't enough. Pointless to play.
Hi im Genta. Im playing this game for a long time but i have a problem, when i enter the plane adventure i cant play becuase it blocks the game, i would like for you to fix that. I'm in the quest when the game shows me how to buy energy but i cant buy it. That's why I rated 4 stars only becuase of that. P.s i dont know why in laboratory i have to wait for so many hours to get the same animal that i have.
I have been playing for a couple of days now, and I am very impressed with this app. I have been looking for something like it for some time, and really didn't expect to find it in a mobile game. My favourite aspects are the way in which basic maintenance is integrated into the game, and the element of surprise when performing an experiment to create a new species/resident for the zoo. If I could alter anything, it would be the social media integration. I am also less than keen on having to place my stylus very specifically so as to avoid clicking on the cinema guy when collecting money from a concession stand. I am really enjoying the game.
This is very nice game . I play only this game. Iam in 10 level in zoo craft This is very expensive game. I like it very well this is a shooting gallery game.
I love the game . Not very far cause getting coins is a bit tough . Didn't like it in the beginning but now i must say its fun . I just don't really understand everything yet but in time I'm sure ill get there . I'm giving it 4 stars. I would have given it 5 but i think buying more land should be cheaper . 26 coins is a lot .
Having a problem with this game that everytime I go to visitor other zoos a lot of the time its plays up and shuts the game down. But as from today it's starting to refuse to load it half of the time just shut the app down like it does when I visit other zoos. But I can honestly say this is one of the best games I have ever play I love it, just fed up with it at the moment as it doesn't want to load ect but hopefully this can be sorted then I would happily rate it a 5 star game:).
I love everything about this game how fun, easy and creative it is and so unique compared to other games like this. My only issue was and also why I didn't given it 5+ stars is it keep stalling, freezing and then kicking me out of the game every 2sec LITERALLY. Please please please fix it is love to keep playing this game.
I think the results of the experiments are ridiculous with the animals you put up as parents! If you put a turtle and frog up....you in no way should get a mole. I know it's just a game but that I think is just stupid. At least keep it within its species. And I think it's a little ....a lot overboard you have to pay to remove every item on land you buy, at an outrageous price to boot! The only thing I really like about it is being able to decorate your zoo yourself. It's not the worse game
I usually love this game but as others have had lately it keeps freezing everytime I try to play a video I have already cleared the cache. what's going on?
The gameplay is addictive, but the new event's art and gameplay looks more like some kind of virus, not the original gameplay. The artsytle is very different and... Flying flowers? Really? Seems more like something a Chinese publisher would add to the game for no apparent reason rather than something from original publishers
Great game to play, lots of animals to unlock. The only problem keeping it from 5stars is you cant earn enough coins, The buildings that you buy with coins should give you coins back when you collect from them not cash. But it's a problem with most games now as the developers want you to spend real money on it, so like most games it will get uninstalled when I run out of space as cant expand the zoo without loads of coins.
I love this game but I only gave it a 3 because everything cost way to much. It takes forever to get coins, pearls, gems and gold. You never have enough room to add more buildings because it takes way to much money to expand.
I've been playing for a while now and it's gotten really slow and thing get really expensive mostly when you buy things and the rocks are $1,000 to remove.
It's really fun to run my own zoo as well as building food carts and adding decorations. The one problem I have is that the game always runs really slow.
AwesomeπŸ‘ Very relaxed, fun and great graphics. I'm 53 and my wife got me pretty addicted to this really good gameπŸ†
Overall I haven't played it long enough to give an in depth review, but still pretty good. I do wish money would generate quicker and that removing obstacles was cheaper though. I do like it and will give a more in-depth review after I've played it more.
I truly love playing this game however lately I've tried to make 3 different purchases and the game froze up and i didn't receive them i did get refunded but it is kinda frustrating trying to purchase things and not being able to
I am loving the game but it takes so long to get coins and I think you should make it cheaper to use coins to buy land to expand. And you should make it easier to add your actual Facebook friends that are playing the same game. Other than that its a really great game. Thanks πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸΌ
The game is too expensive to play.....rewards are not reachable without ads or money..... Zoocraft says game is free...yes that is why I installed it .. there are too many games available for free but their rewards are attainable...they earn by videos.......but this game has nothing reachable.... without spending real money.....atleast you can make them reachable by videos...but you don't do so....
This is a good game I like it it's the best game that I've ever played it's the only game I ever have on my phone and a plate 2 hours a day and I love it love it to you guys to download on your phone tablet or any else device hopefully this advice is very good for you.
I bought a $10 play pack and didn't receive anything. Its been over the 48hrs and still nothing. Sent them everything they said too, and I get no reply. I guess I have to open a dispute with PayPal now. I will not purchasing anything else. After waiting 4 days to not get what I paid for, I made a PayPal claim. Now that I made a claim the game keeps crashing. So I can't get bonus items. This was a cute game I made purchases monthly. But I guess I'll find a new game to spend my money on.
Love the concept. The currency is obtainable, so worth playing. But you have 4 currencies.. Money, pearls, coins and rubies. It gets demanding. It's not a game you can play for multiple hours straight. More of a go in collect, build and restart timers everywhere and come back later. Which isnt bad at all. But the pearl currency for the decorations is kind of ridiculous. The amount of pearls to build deco, is a little pricey considering its not easy to fill up on.
Over all it is good game and interesting game but the only issue is the gold coins it is not enough to buy purchase land more n more can you please some other task to earn coins plz the firewall to complete quest and earn rewards some offer are not working properly some of them are purchase can you please solve this issue to earn more gold coins to decorate our zoo.
Everything is quite good, but you can't incubate amazing animals. You have forced to pay real money for it. Thats really bad makes me unplayable. No curiosity to get amazing animal after mythic animal. Going to uninstalled it. Damn Bad!!!
Asked the help center sevaral time. Nothing. Quest are not loading. Done eveything told. Nothing and being ignored. About to delete at lvl 42 I have friends playing at higher lvls who still have quests. You cant advance without points from quest. If this is the case it's worse than I stated. there WAS a glitch. You fixed it. Until you admit that I'm not changing anything. The game continues ti have many glitches. You finally just fixed the glitches for extra points from ads
So far, it only crashed one time! Super fun game, I love it ! And when I play it it's pike I'm walking in to a in game jumping party! I have had this before, so I'm already a bit better at it then a newbie but anyway, this game is the best zoo game ever!
This is a great game, I highly recommend it. I first got the game two years ago and I still love it. The only issues I have is lag, I don't have any lag issues with my other games including the ones that take up more space than this game. I hope this can be fixed because it's very frustrating. Other than that it's a great game!
You have a lot of issues to your game. It is so bad that I deleted it. I was kicked out numerous of times just going to other people's zoocraft. I kicked out just for collecting game money, as well as taking care of the animals. It is no longer a fun game.
Great game! So many ways to earn zoo tokens. I would have given 5 stars but after level 30 the game starts to lag. Please fix! I used to be a daily player but it is frustrating when you lose rewards because of the lagging!
It's a decent game but it keeps crashing. I couldn't even get through the tutorial. Unfortunately it's not my connection or that i have multiple apps running. It was the only app open. Sorry, i have to give 2 stars.
Watch out, SO ADDICTING - in a good way! Just earning $ and points to level up to make your zoo better (more decorations and animals available). Easy to learn. Can play offline but can't go to other zoos. Don't like that I'm ALWAYS getting kicked out, and having to go back in the game!!! It makes me want to get rid of the game honestly.. it's annoying! Also I wish it had 360 views. I can't always see that I have empty space.
Do not download kicks you out all the time it is stupid pls fix and I will play it. It kicks me out whenever I try to go in it and when I do get in it kicks me out when I visit a friends zoo and when I go into the market
Its a great game however this morning I can't seem to watch any ads without my game freezing. Fix problem please?
Its a great game and all but takes a long time to download and sometimes takes me to the homescreen when I deleted a lot of games that I didn't need but on the other end its still a great game πŸ‘
Glitches a lot, takes lots of coins for items which r hard to get, cant really place anything anywhere after a while bc of no coins, and events are really hard to complete due to not enough time given
Very upset with this game. Played for ages but lately had nothing but trouble with it. Disconnects from facebook all the time. Videos on the game crash it. Now unable to log in. Thinking of getting rid of it as very stressful. Still not working so uninstalling reluctantly.
This game sucks!!😑 I had playing this game from one month and today this game crashes, my levels all were gone, and this game was restarting
Can you please solve the problem with ' forget me ' button.. please it's very irritating. I want to delete my progress but everytime I press forget me it just takes me to a chat room. Just please look into this matter .
Great game but it takes too long to earn golden coins needed to expand your zoo. Watching adds give you extras but they lock up the game every time so you get nothing! Might be deleting this game if this does not change...
Its a good game but the problem is it says that 'Our beaver chewed up some Wires so the game will be relaunched ' But after relaunching again comes the same so please try to make it correct
This game, somewhat surprisingly, is a LOT of fun for people willing to put time into it. It's not too easy and not too hard, and most of all I think mixing different animals was clever and super fun because you don't know what it'll make.