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Zoo Rescue: Match 3 & Animals

Zoo Rescue: Match 3 & Animals for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by 4Enjoy Game located at 8 The Green, Suite #7269 Dover, DE 19901 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Like matching games because it is 2 in one game. You have to match symbols or fruits in games then get stars to complete the tasks in games. It keeps my brain thinking. At times some of these matching games are hard.
how much longer for new levels been waiting for months thinking of deleting game cant even use stars to complete zoo you said it had been updated but it hasn't,t what ,s taking so long. Would not recommend to anyone still waiting for new levels it's been 4 months. If there are no more levels just say and I will delete, at least let me spend my stars.
I like this app, but there are a lot of repetitive, insignificant "tasks" you waste points on. Also, it sould be great to be able to have a bigger overview of the zoo.
this is the worst game i have ever played. you have to play each level several times because its rigged for you to lose and spend money. not enough moves and no boosters unless you buy buy buy and buy some more. if this is not a free game then this is false advertisement because nothing about this game is free. its not relaxing you work your butt off to win the level and then you have nothing to show for it. uninstalled!
The game is cute but a bit childish. So far, levels are easy to complete. What's driving me crazy is the English. One would think that if a developer were releasing a game in English, s/he might employ a native English-speaking person to write the dialogue. One is apparently wrong.
other game in this category have better and more frequent rewards. your upgrades are poor. jar is worthless and you have no bomb. And when the icon you need to win a level is not even on the board; makes me think this game is all about milking money from the player.
Once you reach level 130 the game adds two more animals to feed...adding 27 more pears to collect for each, but does not give you any more moves to use!!! After trying yet again I am uninstalling!!! Was not able to contact tech support as I do not use Facebook and will not create an account with them! Wish they would fix glitches!!!
easy to earn more lives , and the graphics are easy to get used to. Fun to play and highly addictive. It is well worth *****.
Zoo rescue has cute graphics but this game is very frustrating. 900 coins is a lot for three extra moves. If you don't agree to the 900 coins, couldn't agree because didn't have that many coins, the screen freezes. Too frustrating so uninstalled it .
Really cute graphics, really easy to play unlike other match 3 games were it takes you forever to pass just one level. Whom ever invented this game him or her should get a noble prize for the best game ever.
I loved this game...until that God awful little black bird showed up....it makes the game nearly impossible to beat on the levels where it appears. Deleting this frustration after playing about 670 levels AND spending money on bonuses.
Really enjoy the game but would be nice if we could save the lives we accumulated. Manage to accumulate a couple of hours play o ly to loose them all as you have to go out. Apart from this would have been 5
Cute and Fun game, come have fun I was thinking that no game (yet) has it that if you win a level you get to keep the life you played. How fun would that be 👍🏻😁 that would be a win win ....what do you think ?
I have enjoyed this game. However I have been stuck at level 61 for over a week and can't move on. This is supposed to be fun not some sort of examination. Suspect that I need to buy bonuses before succeeding in completing level. Disappointed
Graphics a bit soft and slow when processing to next stage, a little distracting. I've just started this game and you want me to rate it.
Just started playing..((only on lvl3)).. LOVE that tutorials can be 'skipped' 4 experienced players who don't need them.. LOVE that "credits" at the end of each level can be 'skipped'.. Fast paced.. No glitches.. *will update as my game progresses!
While the gameplay is enjoyable, it takes way too long to get an animal. I was on level 103 when I deleted the game due to excess ads and didn't have a single animal. While I understand that ads is how you make your money, 20 to 30 seconds long ads every 2nd level is ridiculous. Plenty of other games out there with less ads.
A gentle, engaging game with mild challenge and a pass-levels-to-complete- tasks style. The story is based on caring values, determination in the face of discouraging circumstances, and has all the bells and whistles, like a daily reward spin on the prize wheel and extra quest to play aside from the regular ones. Colorful and fun. I would've LOVED this if there was such a thing when I was younger. Definitely a safe and time-passing download for kids.
its fun game to play and taking care of the zoo is fun too altough I wouuld like to pick out the trees and green plants its still somthing to help me get to sleep the music helps with that of course the only thing I would change is the pig holding all my coins and after the bank or pig is full you can buy it with real mony witch is not fair but to each there own I guess.
I love playing matching 3 games so this is great. I just hope this game doesn't get really hard like the other ones did. I got so far into them and then it started taking 3 to 6 weeks just to do one board.
The levels in the game will get harder other then that I love the power ups I would give this game a five but it kept crashing on me
Fun and addictive game. No ads, levels get harder as you progress through the game, relaxing and challenging at the same time. Graphics and colors are eye catching. The only thing i do not like is the smile on the faces of the characters. They are creepy smiles and look like something in a scary movie. I recommend this game to people.
Good gameplay; great graphics, interesting storyline. The reward system is enjoyable....fun game! I play this game each day...love it..thanks developers! Love this game! Love this game thanx developers..absolutely love this game!
Just like all games, eventually it is nearly impossible to complete levels without a purchase of coins. Go pound sand. It is impossible to pass levels without purchasing power ups. Theres no way to eliminate the birds and frogs that ruin the game. Huge waste.
The problem with all of these apps is that you make clearing the puzzle harder as you go but you go too far. I had to use half of the coins I earned on one puzzle. That's crazy. If this keeps going like this I will uninstall the app.
the graphics are ok but that is about the only good thing I can I've played other similar games that give much more opportunity to progress. This game is stingy with powerups. A game should be fun not annoying to many waste quest with no progress..one phone call leading to another REALLY omg and worse yet find the none existant, key to the chest leading to a useless crowbar leading to a phone so far 5 quest to open a chest ...what's next will there be 3 more quest to stand scratching ur head!!
I have loved this game from the beginning even with all the ads. But now the liberal political ads are everywhere. I play this game to get away from politics. I don't mind ads because I know they create revenue but political ads are obnoxious and slimy. They will make 50 percent of players mad. I will not be returning to this game.
Again a match 3 game gone SOUR!! The graohics and story line are good. But by 64 level starts the ENDLESS play it over and over and over!! Sure BUY MORE COINS!! So you can break levels...saw this same as Granny's Farm,(Same maker) gonna be a money pit OR play levels aggrevatingly over and over! NOT FUN AT ALL!! NOT WORTH THE FRUSRATION!!!! WHAT A SHAME 😢😬😡
the power ups before have when you go to play the game, you should be able to use them whenever you need them, not to continuesly go thru them when you pick it to use one time. it should be the players choice. other wise a cute gam.
This is misleading, the ad makes it seam like there are a lot of animals to get but theres not. A lot useless tasks that have nothing to do with a zoo. I personally dis not enjoy this game and unilstalled it quite fast.
I downloaded this game yesterday I was really enjoying it reached a higher level received 4 hours free lives and all of a sudden I couldn't pass a level I spent all that time to only get 20 stars Like I said I was really enjoying the game still deciding whether or not to keep the game or not very disappointing I play these games to relax not to get so frustrated by it. The graphics and control is good but the gameplay sucks. I would rate it five stars but I feel I was being penalized
So far a lot of tasks and very few items we can choose the style/decoration for. I want to like this game as much as your other games but, so far it's losing me. I keep coming back to it hoping I'd like it more but, I feel the game would be more enjoyable with more customization options.
I like the game but I think it takes way too many stars for menial jobs for example the car in the lion enclosure took about 8 stars. Please can we have some more exciting tasks.
This game is wonderful but the jams made in the level takes a lot of time to burst and after finishing the level we have to wait for the loading and the the task comes our time get wasted so I request to update this in loading and jams should burst fast .I also have played mansion blast first but liked that And in mansion blast we can even make the tiles of our choice there are many options but in this game if we wanna repair the tiles then there are no options for us it gets repaireby it own
Cute but some levels are impossible to beat and 900 coins is a bit much to get 3 extra moves and NO WAY am i paying to open a piggy bank to have all the coins sucked up in a matter of minutes.. Cute but needs a lot of work and how about making some levels feesibl to pass.. It's a money hungry game and that's all the developers care about.. They wouldn't know what an honest job was if it slapped them across the face..