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ZombsRoyale.io - 2D Battle Royale for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by End Game located at Lol Analytics,LLC 27780 Novi Rd. #220 Novi, MI 48377. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I don't know why but my hp redmi note 8 will be lag as f.My WiFi is ok but the lag spike can't be helped.I play this game for 2 years feels sad to leave it.
By* and also, there are other things I would like to point out. It's insanely laggy, there isn't any reasonable matchmaking, there isn't anything fun and the fact that it was once #10 on Google play is disgusting. Just play pubg, cod mobile, survive.io or anything else. This is by far the WORST fortnite copycat.
Good on PC, but bad on mobile. Controls take the fun out of the game because of the inability to change them, making the game infinitely harder for mobile players.
Its fun but it kieks me out of the game but its ok but fix it so i can play andmake it a free skinwps game bc i dont like it ( make sure you fix that you bum)
I really enjoy playing this game. Although I would give 5 stars if the lag was less for high quality settings. I do have a couple good suggestions for the next update. You should add a building mechanic so we destroy trees and get wood to build from them. You should also give 5 gems if a player wins a match, no matter what mode it is. Overall, I love all your games. Keep it up, Endgame!
Mobile zombs royals is so impossible it shouldn't exist. It shows u how to shoot targets then it expects u to win a solo match with 100 players.
This game is awesome I just wish that you guys can add some stuff like if your in a game there are two weapons that you want and you don't know with is better I think k it will help there are stats o the gun about how much damage they do that is all I want to change this is a really good game and to all of you guys out there hope you like it to and if you play the game and you don't Like it because it glicths then it's the device not the game that is all I wanted to say hope you enjoy the game
I love it and it gives me free chest every day just wait for 6 hours it give you and make sure to Rate this game
Fix your garbage was servers I have perfect internet and it feels like I'm at 600 ping so fix your garbage servers or just delete the game off the play store
Pretty good game๐Ÿ‘. 5/5 starts!! It's the best game ever. You need to try it ( For those people that not sure if not this needs wify, it douse) the only thing is that I wish that we can see the skins that our teams are wearing, but it's the best. REALLY!!!!
Super awesome Game! But a tiny tiny fix or update is needed I want to be able to choose where on the map we wanna go through the portal. OR Add where the line on the map is where we want to plane to drop us off! Or just practice rounds like where we face bots to get better!
Amazing game although for those that saying bad ur probably on mobile it's much fun in pc but most say mobile need some fixing it's not very comfortable
This Game is the sheeeet tons of fun doesn't get boring . PVP I don't have anything really negative to say about it but some glitches every now and then but for the most part two thumbs up to these guys ZombRoyaleMOBX13
The game is trash way to many people for the small map and the storm moves to fast it is dog water don't waste your time.
It's a good he I gave it 2 stars because it need too much internet please put offline mode of you put all of your players will give it 5stars please put offline mode please
The game has always been fun but they change a lot of things and it isn't as fun as it used to be and their are also a lot of tryhards
I don't really like this game anymore. Used to be enjoyable ngl. But now it's this filled with lag, and teamers. Almost everytime I join a solo match there's a teamer. Plus, the new updates in this game require you to have the best internet, and phone in the entire game this to get 20 fps. I would rate 1 star if I could but I cannot. If your looking for a good battle royal game, DO NOT TRY THIS ONE OUT. Also, coins are worthless, and thats all that chests give, I am uninstalling now goodbye.....
Good game altho there are some updates to make it better have a better map and have a better type of character like in fortnite 3rd person but 3rd person like in fortnite
Deceptively ADDICTIVE. The game should have a cross hair for easier aiming just like the PC version otherwise it's an unfair battle.
Nice game ,but the battle pass is way too expensive ,imagine 180 gems to buy the battle pass but in the free pass you only get below 15 gems in one free pass,so i t will take a few seasons before you buy the battle pass,please make it cheaper๐Ÿ˜ก
Its good and dun but fortnite is still dunner and every tine fortnite updates it updates to but it is a fun choice to play if you get board of fortine for a whlie and if your brother hogs fortnite all the time like mune then this is a good alterintive.
The game is fun action packed but the only problem is once your teammate is dead you cannot revive them so can you add something that can bring your teammate/teammates back alive
A few months ago I found this game on a YouTube video on best battle royale browser games and this pop up so I was like u know what am going to give this one a try and boy oh boy it was fun But at the same time it took a while to get good but it is worth it. But other then that I decided to see if it was on mobile and wouldn't you know it it was and I was like hoollee dam rights, and I played it for u know 5 min and till now right were am making this review. And I give it a five star love it โค๏ธ
The games super duper nice but it is just something annoying because mobile and hard to shoot so but I do really really love the game because it's so easy because you the little guys that you play as you can just sneak up behind somebody and just I don't know like you can just flame throw him and then you just done it so stealthy that's why I really really really love the game
this is a good game in all i like it and play it somtimes with my freinds and we somtimes win but the web-browser version it is slow and this is faster but im on a chrome book and they suck but get rid of the mobile controles and if you have a kebourd in you mobile then just use wasd. good game
Awesome game! It's really fun and you can play with your friends and family plus playing with other people. Every 6 hours you get a free chest and have skins
*I'm a real person* This game is amazing I love it so much but it is quite slow when I'm in a big battle and lots is happening, it's quite annoying when you lag and lose it other this minor detail this game is great and should definitely be installed
I have seen negative reviews on the game and I honestly wish the game was less laggy. The downfall of this game is that they buffed the chance on getting good guns, if you don't drop fast enough you'll end up with bad loot. For mobile users is difficult sense they are mix with PC users. other than that you should try because it's not terrible, takes little space and each game takes less than 10 minutes.
Very good game but laggs a lot on mobile. I strongly recommend to play it on pc its.... Its wayyyy better
This game is great if you are playing on PC and you want to get free coins from ads and free chests every 6 hours then you should 100% play this game, if you love shooting and killing people but your parents say no blood or gore then this i the game for you!
It is a very cool game but I hate the ads after a game sometimes and I hate when it just when I am fight someone or before Like getting loot but overall it it is a replace of fortnite time but it is a good
It's a really good battle royale game used to play it. I also recommend it to people looking for a battle royale game that is low on memory.
I've been playing this game for almost 2 years it's never get so much lag like in the the past 5 days I can't even play the game because of the lag I deleted the game and download her but nothing change ...this is my best game please don't ruin her fix the lag problem man I can't play this game anymore like that
Sometimes when i play solo i land on the ground and other people start fighting at me when i have no threat on them make a time when PvP is not allowed and like 2 minutes PvP is enabled so players can equip some gear on them but love the game i would give it five stars but i would give it 3 cause of the problem above^^^ and maybe add creative mode create your own map and choose what gamemode or create custom gamemode and maybe new maps......
zombs Royal is a great game I am totally addicted I am so happy with it. One recommendation, blur out swear words that's all, and make the battle pass a bit cheaper like 100 gems?๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
i love this game its like im addicted. but this needs better graphics and like 4 hours four the next chest
Its good, very good but you need to make it less laggy! Im on android and i shot a guy and the bullet froze then the guy glitched away and some how killed me pls fix this!!! Oh and add cars so its easy to get to one side of the map to another
Love this game great and nice graphics but the controls are a bit wonky and it's hard to shoot guns also I watch it on youtube
The best battle Royale game I've ever played! The 2-D idea was amazing! The cosmetics are outstanding and the map changes are really cool!
Fun can play with friends we can also add people to play with and we can also choose whatever type of royal you want to play also daylie games also there is battle pass and cool to choose and type of skins you want to use and we get free daylie gifts every five horses and also can you guyes remove ai's Places
It is a great battle royal if you like battle royal games. You will all ways have eynove people to vs.
Best mini game ever I have been playing this for some months and it is the best And I am looking forward to playing it and the only problem I have is the cost of the gems please lower the price other than that download and the last problem is that it lags a lot pls fix the lag ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ๐ŸคŸ
I like this game A lot cuz this games graphics and details and the time they went into this I think I like it a lot while you know it's very interesting that supposed to text to it story
This is great game. But there are some major flaws. Why is it so hard to get gems? There should be easier ways to get them because the free pass only gives you 12 gems per season, and the upgraded pass costs 180. You shouldn't have to pay 100 gems to change your profile name. Maybe every win gets you gems? And fix the darn matchmaking. I get killed by your average pc player only because they have the advantage of custom controls. It makes it a hassle to try and play this on a routine basis
I still play this game quite a bit, but I used to spend all the money I had on this game because it is soo fun.
Bruh what a game free to move easy control. I hope that devlopers make this more better. Keep it up๐Ÿ˜Ž
I love the game. Its awesome and so competitive when playing a tournoment or just a normal match. But you do have to fix the problem that when you go close to someone or just start spamming a p90 or a minigun, the games just start lagging and gives me like 10 frames per seconds but as soon as you stop, it goes back to normal. Also please add jump pads so when you are in the storm you can just glide out of it and get back into battle. Can you also please make that packs less expensive. Thank you.
This is a very fun game. I was inspired to play this by DanTDM who played this game a while back. I've recently found that it was on mobile and have played a few games since the download. It's super fun. Let me just say though that the game seems to be a little laggy but no the less it's still an awesome game. I get a lot of Fortnite vibes of it as well. Really great! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
I like the gameplay and everything is well balanced (but the shotguns are kinda bad) I also like the cosmetics but I've opened about 15 crates and have got nothing but outfits and the odd emote so It is kinda hard to get a glider or pickaxe but except for that I rly like the game :D
Its just unplayable everytime I load into a game I cant move and shoot at the same time but other peoole can and everytime I move it makes me stop moving if im in the middle of a fight it just makes me stop shooting then i die bruh like whats the point of playing.
Great game. Better overall game design than Fortnite in my opinion. It does not require as much skill as Fortnite would, and the controls are surprisingly pretty good. Good FPS game. This is just fun overall. 5/5
I usually play this since season 12 in my PC. And it doesn't change, the game is so good, heart pumping but sometimes it crashes on my phone so usually I play this on my PC. This game is so good, worth to try :>
Good game altho there are some updates to make it better have a better map and have a better type of character like u make your own, skin perhaps and building would be nice cuz if no buildings we lose pretty fast
The game is good but sometimes the game just crashes so that's why I gave is 4 stars over all good game.
This is the worse game I've ever played. I'm playing on an extremely good andorid. And today is my first day playing, and in the first match I'm paired up with people who have been playing for years, and I'm instantly killed. Plus this game is very laggy, I do not recommend this game to anyone. Uninstalling.
It is just a overall great multi player game I recomed this game it doesn't look like much but give a shot and try it out ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
I personally like everything about this game but the one thing I would like the devs to add is an option to change graphics like on PC. Other than that great work!
Not good. The controls are awful, and you can't set up your own. The whole thing feels like a cheap fortnite knock-off. Plus the matchmaking sucks! I started very recently, and I'm going against very long time players. Overall terrible, but the cosmetics are fun. (Also my claim free money after game button doesn't work)
I'm a oh but I think the game is trash now filled with lagged even in mystery modes but I still play its annoying but I still play it
I love this game bot it has some of it's own bugs I could chat and now i cant and i teleport into the storm so i hope other people have better luck
It would be much better like if we got free gifts like we do on phone I just started phone and have more skins then my main computer acount
I love the game but I just can't play normally when i play online, I like it but it doesn't load and my wifi connection is perfectly ok, then I download this and it loads well but doesn't have the controls i like to play with on my computer it makes me use joysticks that I have to drag with my mouse. Could you please make a control setting it the game so you can change what the controls?
Good game, but I lost my account due to the way you log in. I played it before on PC, so I wanted to log into that account. Unfortunately, I pressed the wrong button and now whenever I try to log in with Facebook, it says I've tried to log in before and forces me to log into my my brother's account. If I could log in with the Facebook account I have linked to my zombs account, this would be fixed and I would give it 4 or 5 stars.
It's definitely like fortnite but very different feel to it I like it because it's just something that reminds me of surviv.io to me it's unique because it's not first person or 3rd person it's just overhead 2d and I'm surprised that it successfully worked out keep up the good work
So I'm kinda sad, because the basic chest does not have any rare, purple, and mythic melee weapons. It will be nice if you guys add some in the next update or add them in season 17. Also I really want a thing where you can transfer skins from previous accounts to new accounts please please add this in season 17 please I beg. Also, the skins fromold seasons should be put in the regular cosmetic chest so its fair please read this review me and other players really need this pls. Give Battle pass
Fun game overrall but every time a get an ad my game crashes and it always matches you with sweaty pc players and it is impossible to get gems. Fix your game and it might be enjoyable
Personally, this game was kinda good when I started, but recently I CAN'T DANG MOVE !!! This "glitch" or whatever it is, well it's pretty annoying when it happens every game even when my internet is good ! Here's another reason I rated it one star ( I would've rated it zero stars if I could ) all I get out of my 100 coin chests is stupid outfits , because if you actually want something good you have to pay money . So if you actually want a good Battle Royale game , don't try this one .
I love it and I think zombs royal should add a telloportor gun or a laser gun ๐Ÿ”ซ that would be cool or do the lunar new year chest 2021 or seson 24 when seson 23 is done thanks yang and others ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I love this game bot it has some of it's own bugs I could chat and now i cant and i teleport into the storm so i hope other people have better luck but now I had to reinstall the game so it will work eventually
Ok the battle pass is the best thing you get so many gems if you want to pump money into this game but I'm not doing that.Please fix your loading screen glitch it's so annoying its stuck on this 4 guys one is an astronaut's and the rest I'm not going to describe it's just STUCK ON THIS ANNOYING LOADING SCREEN FIX THIS!
awesome game so many weapons and maps to go to but sometimes there is lag but not often. I reccomend this game
love this game I play itnall the time and sometimes with my friends from discord but if you put pc players with other pc players and mobile players with mobile that would be great because i play both and when I play mobile I will always get PC's sweats so if you fix that I'll love that
I cant bring myself to reccomend this game, however if you find the prospect of losing over and over and over again fun than this is the game for you
Love the game but theres a problem I really hate lag even I have 4G connection it still lags even I play my other games there just find but this one still lags I have to play midnight for no lag fix you're server
Zr is a very fun game with some balanced guns but can you fix the heal gun it's broken and also gems are really hard to get
The servers integrated the mobile and pc players together so mobile players can never win because pc players can insta-shoot shotguns and flick, and also can throw throwables further. Give both platforms separate servers so the game is fair and actually enjoyable to play.
Great game!!! Amazing battle style, fun graphics, and cute skins! The only reason this is 4 stars is I wish there was an option for different maps and you could choose which one you wanted to playul on. Otherwise great game. Would highly recommend it ๐Ÿ˜ธโ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ธ
This app is amazing but the next update needs a lot. They need to fix the amount of lag. Also the gems gets on my nerves. When there is a special skin for a limited time, the people who don't buy gems can not get it because they can only get gems throughout the pass. The other thing that needed fixed was the daily missions, just add some more for people with the free Battle Pass and not the 180 gem Battle Pass.
I would normally have a five star on there, but I have been noticing a new bug where the melee and some parachutes are so tiny you don't even notice them. If you could please fix this I would make this a five star. But other than that I love the game soooo much thank you for making it. :)
I very much like this game. It's a silly and fun game. I like that you don't have to spend money to get skins. This includes mythic skins (rarest) I'm having a little bit of trouble updating it but other than that it's really fun and a great way to pass time.๐Ÿ‘
This is seriously one of the best free mobile games I have ever played. It does not take much space even if it looks like it should considering it is so great.
Its really good might even be the best!The best thing about this game is that the suprise event changes like every 2 or 3 days and a lot of modes to play in.and it good to troll and stoem heal but i hope the heal gun gets unnerfed
It's a good game but your internet has to be good or you lag alot and I have encountered some hackers but didn't report them because I was to dumb to figure out of it was a hacker but all I have to say is get use to losing or you'll rage hard but an great game when you get the hang of it
An excellent game along with non pay-win gameplay.love it but the browser version has a massive delay to any commands given.....5 out of 5
This game doesn't even have matchmaking, it this fills you in a lobby with random people mostly people who have been playing for months, or years. i this started like a few hours ago and I'm already gonna uninstall the game for a few reasons. 1. The lag is is to much. i have a pretty good device and still lag a lot 2. In every lobby there's like 10-15 bots inside.
It's really hard to play this game but it's so much fun I can literally be playing it for hours and not even realize that hours ago by it's kind of like Roblox this is definitely harder than fortnite for me cuz well the gameplay mechanics are really different plus the fact that well it's a to degrade so also
This is a great game u can change your outfit,u can play games,theres solos,duos,and squads,theres so meany outfits backpacks and melees and emotes alsoparachutes,this game is a little like fortnight,the only bad thing about this game is that some people uh cuss,anyways i think u have to be 13 to play,hope this helped.
I have an idea for this game... Could you add a training mode. You can pick any weapon and train by fighting dummies. (You can also change rarity)
the general game is good just impossible to get a win on mobile since the people you are going up against are on pc. i understand it would be difficult to make it so that mobile people go against mobile people and pc against pc, but its just impossible for me to get a win on mobile. probably becase im bad but besides this good game i would recommend.
The game is great but the updates are too big :/ The game is not bad it's good but seriously the updates are too big.. For example 2 gbs 700 mbs 400 mbs
The game is great I've been playing it since summer 2019 and I recently came back to it my only complaint is somthi me between when I started playing and now there has been alot of updates to keep the game good and fresh wich they have done any way to the point one of these updates has damaged the performance of the game and some how it runs slower then it did 3 years ago I will give a 5 if this gets fixed also pls make it so that match making puts you against players with the same k/D as you
Here's some tips to improve try and combo enemys from a distance just to get extra crit try and strafe left and right just to take less hits from enemys and third you don't need to wear skins to look good and also try to not ingage in combat that much just to be safe and install its great hope you find these tips useful and im done with my rev so thanks devs awesome game.
Love the game Dont get me wrong i even made a Twitch Account to stream the game "DOMI3_" But recently my game kept freezing So i Uninstalled Zombs and installed it back to see if the freezing will stop (this started when the new update came out btw) so i clicked on zombs and it didn't let me get in so i clicked it again and it wasn't working so i was just spamming it then it said "app keeps crashing close app or feed back so i sent a feed back about this problem but nothing has changed miss zr
The game is fun but the controls could use some work. I like the way the bolt action is used I would prefer for it to be used that way aswell with the pump action shotgun. Also u should be able to just tap ur screen and shoot in that direction instead of using joystick to shoot this would also clear up the space on ur screen. Another problem with the fixed joystick is it aims ur gun to the right no matter where u tap it so u have to turn ur self to the enemy which wastes bullets in the process.
All +'s except for a 3 small things that is there nothing to do except for cosmetics and emotes when you aren't in a match , it is pretty laggy & and the fan base is toxic toward mobile players
I play this game since 2 season (now it's 20) and I still love this game. Ping is sometimes very huge but it doesn't matter. I have one big suggestion. Please add ranks System (like a csgo). It will make this game MORE fun. 5 stars!
This game is very good but I think they should add trios and I think that it should give everyone 100 gems at least because special items come out and I can't buy them or chest
I love the games more than any other game in the world I bought 7 passes..one thing yang well tbh a couple things.add a shop for coins add gifting and add playground mode thx....
I love the game alot but I hate the pc players who spam shift to dodge shots please remove shift lock its to op and I'm just a mobile player misses my shots because of it. But I still love the game overall it's very fun other than pc players spamming shift.
Invested alot in the game. Super fun, if could make the skins have different super powers that would be so cool. Love the game!! Just recently used s google play card. Or if not super powers make the skins have affects like how it is in super power mode with the shield and speed that would awesome!!!! I would buy every skin
Love, this game, so fun, like how it is kinda like fortnite, but more skins and legendary guns, the only bad thing is that i hate how the zombies bunch up in like a pack of 1000,000, zombies, it sucks i alot and i haye it when that happens, can u please decrease tje amount of zombies spawning in, thanks, but, its my favorite game
This game may be like a copy of fortnite but its much better. Considering the fact fortnites on the play store any more this is the best next option . But fortnite dosent have things that this game does like impulses vss i like it much better because of 2d style too its way easier to run than other shooters.
It's a good but but need to add where people can use CONTROLLER cause people on computer got it easy and there are to many updates
Its a fun gun game not too violent not too gentle it's just fun u want to play it lots and it never gets boring + there's a lot of ads
Awesome as always, But REMOVED THE STUPID VECTOR!!! It so ANNOYING๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก......other then that the game is lovely๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜€
Super awesome Game! But a tiny tiny fix or update is needed I want to be able to choose where on the map we wanna go through the portal. OR Add where the line on the map is where we want to plane to drop us off! Or just practice rounds like where we face bots to get better! Thank you for this game :3
I have come to the conclusion that this is not a game meant for mobile devices. This game as a mobile app basically has no playability whatsoever, because of its lag on mobile devices (at least for some android users, but maybe not apple users). The only factor that prevented this app from getting 1 star is that you can get a chest free of ads + free in-game currency from the app by watching ads, which you cannot do in the PC version. Overall, the lag is the only problem with the app. FIX THIS!
Top class. Easy to play with friends fun and captivating. It's a bit harder than PC but still enjoyable.
A very great game but in my opinion the weaponry needs to be more balanced, an exame can be the Goo Gun, very long range and way to high damage, or a better example in the Minigun where you don't even need to aim and does lots of damage.
This game is really fun I have been pl a ting with like 4 accounts for 3 years and this is so fun good updates they give the people who play what they need like like of like if something like if something is two weak or someone complains they try their best to fix and do what you want as much as they can over Al 10 of 10
This ZR game is really fun and I have great experience with the game but it need a little more to it.
PC and Mobile players are matched up together and so it wont be fair, the pc guy will win against a mobile player.
Please anyone. When i join a game after 20 sec. It disconnet from the game. Why? Please fix this bug.
the game lags a lot and it makes me rage and the when i die or win aometimes it shows that my time alive is zero and everything else. PLEASE FIXXXX AND THE GAME KICKS ME OUTT WHICH BOTHERS ME ALOT. Please fix it.
Very fun game... There are no cheaters or anything.. But there is one thing the ads tho when i amd my friends gonna play and im about to start the game there were a ad so yea its really ruining my game play sometimes to times
Awesome there are a few things that need work like how many sticky bombs people throw all in all pretty fun
I've been playing this game for a year almost maybe more and it's a really good game people say its laggy it only lags if your internet is bad
The thing is i do love this game but theres so much lagging but still i found a secret warehouse that the creators did. Its close to space base. Anyways wen i was playing ยกยกยกยกยกยกยกยกยกTHE GAME GAVED ME A FREE LARGE CHEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't really like this game anymore. Used to be enjoyable ngl. But now it's this filled with lag, and teamers. Almost everytime I join a solo match there's a teamer. Plus, the new updates in this game require you to have the best internet, and phone in the entire game this to get 20 fps. I would rate 0 star if I could but I cannot. If your looking for a good battle royal game, DO NOT TRY THIS ONE OUT. Also, coins are worthless, and thats all that chests give, I am uninstalling now goodbye.....
Its a good game but the damage and the fact that there is no bullet falloff so for noobs it will be hard at first but then you'll learn to be a pro at the game. The game is good because first its a battle royal its really fun and the controls are really easy.
The game is cool , but dont buy anything in it , i was gonna buy no ads for 1,99 then it said i was paying 7,99 they are stealing money from people, dont buy anything unless they fix this problem
I think this a very fun game and all but there's just one problem. You need to fix mobile controllers so it doesn't keep you walking in one direction, I literally gave someone an automatic win for walking into the storm like an idiot just because you controllers thought I was walking in the opposite direction of the storm. This made my gameplay unpleasant and hope you can look into this problem as soon as possible. Thank you
It's really good the type and everything and not copied games that look 1st person but u should add better sensitivity and the speed is good and it's REALLY hard to shoot you'll should add something to make it better shoot the. Make more colors.
It sucked nuts. The controlrs were bad the servers sucked and the game lagged like hell holy hell do not download!
Can you please fix the game. I cant play it its stuck on the loading screen forever.pls fix it I've been playing this game in pc,i want to play it on mobile too. Pls fix it
It's a AWESOME game keep it up developers, and the new raid shotgun only problem for me it takes soooo long to update and i thank God I have a phone and tablet aslo Its not 3D I also love it because there is NO LAG AT ALL and this is the best battle royale so I recommend you get now
In my opinion this game is awsome but i want yall to star adding a new weapon not daily but just more hybrids and more cool skins and make a way to get skins we cant get anymore like create a shop to buy skins bc i have 4.800 coins and 52 gems and i would like to spend my coins on something better so if you add a skin shop with cool thing like weapon raps skins and new cool emotes like even put skins from back then like the fuzzy troll it would definetly be more awsome and also add more hybrids.
My last review was deleted by devs. So im critizing the game worse. Lag. Thats almost all i have to say to describe this game. You lag almost every time you breathe. Pc players will spam you to the point that the game crashes, and the matchmaking is THE MOST unbalanced thing i have played on phone. Don't play this game, its for 30yr old men who live in their moms basement. Just play cod mobile or pubg, there are infintely more better games than this.
Played 3 matches, hated every one. People shooting through walls in the buildings, people lagging all over the place, aiming with fixed joystick that can't be changed is atrocious. Same for movement. All buttons crowd the right side of the screen, so you can't see your actions while you move. Seems like a game ported from console or PC and not a lot of effort put in to fine tuning it.
hey I found a glitch.. I have been stuck at the starting screen for like 20 mins now, its stuck on 20 per cent and says "Connecting to Game Services..." I can't play tho with this glitch and this makes me more sad
On pc it would be five stars. On mobile I only have a few problems. The controls make it a little weird and I fell slower and its harder to aim. But the frames are good for mobile and it plays normally. Would recommend.
Really good game .. can we get two options for a shooting button one where we can move it and one that stays in place
I like the game a LOT, but can you add a chat for the lobby/ custimise, friends and ready up, i hope that you do, OR I WILL GIVE A 1 STAR REVUE jk jk. I know your working very hard to make us players entertaned =v) 5 stars.
Great such a good game! I'm not a review paid to day this it's just such a good game idk what to say so much to do and have fun with!
I love this game becouse there is alot of diffrent places, wepons, skins and more. It might be more better than fortnite!
I love it but mabye on the pc version you could make it a bit easier to take a look at the free pass oh and mabye add like 1 or 2 weekly challenges just so you know people with no money and still have the free pass like myself could have something to do but other than that great game guys 10/10
Because its good but too many sweats and pls add kicking people from lobbies and add a creative mode and more people in lobbies
This game is awesome. Once I started I played so much. Plus there is hardly any ads I recommend anyone to play this game
Great game. I play it nearly every day. I've been playing since the start and it's still interesting. Just wondering why there is no frozen lucky lake or a change to tinker, I updated the game and it said that would happen. Anyway great game, keep up the good work.
So this is the best 2d battle royal I have ever played it would be even better with ai matches and shooting range of some sorts thanks for taking your time to read this review!
Hello.the game is good love the gameplay but i have an problem when i play sometimes the game stops and kicks me out so please fix this problem and i will rate it 5 stars
It's a great game and I've seen peeps complain about lagging and PC players lag is a real issue but get good enough and PC players aren't all that difficult to beat plus PC players are pretty dumb not gonna lie
0 stars. The waste game i had seen ever. PC players spam in game.Too much lagging and too much ads. This game is all about teaming in solo. Don't waste your time. Try others like cod, etc.
Its is a bit like fortnite and pubg mixed very good quality but if you want the best quality change to server US West or East!!!
It's a good game overall but I'm wondering if the starter pack is a scam. I put the bank details in and nothing happened. Does anyone have an answer
LOL BEST GAME EVER.. 1 problem tho, communication with teammates. Voice chat?. Other place for chat messages in lobby or matches. Some more sprays?. That's all. It's the best Game I've ever played/seen. Probably deserves 100M+ downloads
I play on pc, because it is way to laggy on my phone. I love the game so much. It's my favorite. I think you delayed season 21 though, and shouldn't we get a free chest now? I would also love it if you were able to transfer skins. Love the game!!!!!
This is a very likable game however it does include violence so it's definitely not for younger kids, otherwise it's awesome!
This game is trash . It lags all the time it's unplayable I wanted to put 0 stars because how bad this game is But I can't so I will put 1 star And this game wants to hack your Google account please don't trust this game They might sell your Google account to hackers and you don't know what bad things the hackers will do with your Google account And the police will catch you if the hacker did some bad things in your Google account This is a big deal. So PLEASE DONT TRUST THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pls pls pls lower stuff the coins are fine but everything that cost so much pls lower stuff like battle pass and other, other than that it is fine and a great game.
Hmmm this games is good, perfect also cute but you need a high signal to make it work and to have a nice gameplay but its okay for me but can you pls add offline mode with bots because some people dont have a good signal to their places
Very fun and fasted pased but if you added gifting,auto-mobiles,easier way to get gems or you can use coins for medium chests this game would deserve 10 stars
The game is addictive and stuff. But, the downside of this game is that it is super laggy and slow for people with bad and slow connection. It is always in a slowmotion, making the gameplay or fight extremely difficult. I wish there was an option to use extra internet connection or sharing both Mobile Data and WiFi for faster connection, ehem ehem, Mobile Legends. Overall, this is great and fun to play.
I like it but tou need to add building and you should have it to where you can get at least 5 gems a win because some people can aford to get gems like me
This game is very fun! I would totally get this game but if you are not allowed to play game with guns and stuff like that i would not get the game.
Now i have technical problems over the past four months of playing. 1.the game malfunctions. Most weapons in this game drops my fps to 20. 2.it disconnects any type of internet connections and cignal towers. Pls fix this im having thoughts about devs tries to access acounts by making people register accounts to save progress. Still its a great game just fix it pls.:(
Getting that intense feeling when you're down to the end of the game, what a rush!! Simple classic game that is used to spend aome free time.
The controls are wonky, players move to fast, And otherwise, the Guns are difficult to Figure out if you Like them or Not because they all Fire the same. The ARs fire all exactly the same, so do the shotguns, SMGs, etc. Otherwise it's okay.
First of all this game takes really long to download it took like 3 hours to download and when I finally downloaded the game, I saw that is was for mobile. At least say what its for because I wasted 3 hours of my time downloading this to see that it was only for mobile which I don't play on mobile. So all I'm saying is at least say what this app is for like mobile, P.C etc.
it good but our character can't do more. damage rifles sould do 30 damage, sniper sould do 100 damage, smgs sould do 19 damages. and they could add new maps every season
Wonder full game love it and mabey add places less often or more often sometimes so we can have a good look and find all little areas in there but other wise good game :)
It's such a fun game and I LOVE IT sooooo much I could play it for 5 hours but think only 20 minutes have gone by I LOVE IT!!
Its honestly a very fun good game it's kinda weird in the beginning but you have to get used to it I like it a lot if i were u i would suggest you get it
This is an amazing game and it is always really fun. You can NEVER get bored playing this and u can play with your friends too. :)
The reason that I give this a 2 is because controls are terrible, laggy, and matchmaking. I played for 2 hours while the game puts me in with people who played for months
So i just downloaded this game because i used to play it and it was very fun. But when i open the game to play it, it shows the endgame company screen, then crashes immediately, and takes me to my tablets home screen... please fix, i would really like to play.
its a great game but can you make a better control layout also have an option for cross platform because I don't wanna play against PC players but great game I love it
It is fun with friends but without friends the people on your team won't listen to you but it's still fun game and I gave it a four because it's really fun and you can do it basically anywhere
This game is amazing, the community is amazing and the game is to,it always has updates and plays very well, I would recommend this game to anyone ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚
This is a four low five star game but the lag Is awful lag will kill you literally if you dont have top of the line internet this game will not be good. Fix the lag and the aweful matchups you will get brand new players vs people who have been playing for years.