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Zombieville USA

Zombieville USA for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Mika Mobile located at 2100 4th Street Suite C #356 San Rafael, CA 94901. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
U destroyed the later part of this game. On the first part you need to use and choice your gun wisely, and use melee attack to save ammo. But in later part, the only useful weapon is rocket launcher and lasergun, other weapon is useless since enemy zombie get overpowered. In later part u just need to spam attack to enemy and keep going, no risk of losing ammo because you always get enough gold to buy some ammo. In the first time i really like this game, but in later part, the gameplay is broken.
Not as bad as I thought it was going to be I remember playing the second one and this doesnt cost money so thank you and very fun when im bored or when the internet goes down
Good but when you die you lose money and guns and I was trying to get in a truck but I couldn't do so please fix this game but other then that is amazing
Basically a zombie adaptation of one of my favourite game of all time, Alien Invasion by itreegamer (discontinued for some weird reason), the game seems good, especially the character selection option. The gameplay somehow lacks a crispness compared to that of Alien Invasion and the control buttons being just coloured dots don't seem very appealing. And vehicles?? I personally didn't like em. And i would prefer a 'shop' backdrop to buy weapons and health from and not soome roadside stalls. Peace.
i love this game because when you enter a house you get a chance to get a survivor and it will follow the player
Never Knew What "Having FUN Playing an Android Game" WAS till I Played This!!!!! Never knew Whut Being ADDICTED to a Game WAS till I Played This!!! THE QUADRUPPLE Icing-on-the-Cake, Factors Are - 1) FREE to Play Baby, YEAAA!!! 2) OFFLINE Baby, YEAAA!!! 3) ZOMBIES n GUNS Baby, YEAAA!!! 4) BLOOD & GORE to the MAX Baby, YEAAA!!!
It's a very fun game but after a while it gets kind of boring because the weapons dont get more powerful after a while.
I play it since I was 6 and I redownload this game and still same and the same fun i really like the gameplay not the best graphic but still the best so 5/5 And I hide houses when there is a lot of zombie that's 1 of the pro tips 😎😎😎
oh, the nostalgia. i've been there since it was just called zombieville, when you could buy lives, and there was only one character. i remember how there used to be hospitals and military bases. the game has aged well, only getting better with time. the mechanics are still the same, simple yet hard to master, and the graphics have changed dramaticaly, but i find that i like the more defined cartoon look over the old pixelated look. this game is very fun... for about 2 hours. wish i cld wrt more.
I will always love this game. It force closes though and send a message saying this game was meant for an older version of Android. If you can please fix that, that would be great
I only gave it 5 stars because I loved it as a kid(nostalgia), now that I'm playing it again it's a bit repetitive
Simple graphics, simple controls, simple fun, will always be a childhood favorite and top teir time killer
Like most people here remembers the nostalgia from playing this when you were younger. I remember when i was 8 playing this game on my dads phone forever and never got old of it and this is like my 3rd time coming back to play it and it always feels.just as good. To all the new people coming and hating on this game just know that youll never know how we felt when playing this in our childhood. I could go on about how good this is but i have only 500 letters. I had to come and write a good rating
Best game for mobile.doesn't consume much battery,good graphics nd lot fun. My 6yr old brother plays it on my mobile a lot. Can u add more characters like Lego Batman, Superman with V rays..pls
I literally cant play it because its not optimized for my phone (S20 FE) and I cant tap anything, all the buttons are scattered all over the place
Love it it's not to easy not to hard and I noticed that they updated a little bit and that there is different kinds of zombies the more you move up.
i love this game because when you enter a house you get a chance to a survivor it will follow the player
This is fact,I played alien invasion from like 10 years ago on my old phone and got to level 63,and then came and searched for this cause I remembered it also ,and back then it was hard and I complained ,but truthfully I just played this with ease it setup up just right to just get by threw the game ,it's a great game .and all the weapons and things are priced correctly and people for some reason alway get stuck first time
It was pretty good! There's weapons, zombies, and guys you could collect through out the game! I'd have to give this a five stars!
It's a good game, I like how all the characters you pick have different ablities. If you want a better experience though I would recommend the second game.
This game was the best years ago and you somehow ruined it all those dark zombies with the red eyes are literally immortal the guns don't work at all I run out of amo so quick and my melee sucks all the zombies take 20 bullets to kill you ruined the game😑
I've loved this game for years. Fun way to pass the time when you have nothing else to do. Doesn't take up a lot of space and easy controls. Definently try it out before judging it.
It would be 5 stars but it needs more weapons and zombies maybe maps too 😰 but it gets boring after lvl 30
I love this game the only reason why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars was because you can't buy a ammo refill. That needs to change
I played this game when I was 6 now I'm ten I been playing this for 4 years still fun no ads amazing game keep it up
I remember playing this on my very first iPod Touch seemingly a decade ago and I completely forgot about it until just now. I don't know how long this has been here but I don't care. If you need me I'll be killing zombies in a nostalgia trip
Its an ok game overall, however the gameplay is not the best. I reccommend this game for people who have nothing else to do in their life. Good overall.
A good bi skills needed time waiting game. But it's offensive to real gamers because it cheats overtl. Might would have been a good paid app if free volition choosing of the weapons given in certain safe houses
Great game. No ads. Difficulty settings. Great controls. Hours of game play and replay. I remember playing this 10 years ago and it still plays well today. This game aged so well.
I love it it's great when your bored its so exciting and makes you think alot I also like how there's so many other characters with different traits. plsssssss add more weapons just 1
I feel the action that I'm doing in this game, and the sound of death on the zombies or even on the human died was so satisfying
This game is very fun and there is no adds but the reason that it got 4 stars is because the graphics are pretty bad but there is a lot of gore every time you Kill a zombie
The game was good but I need more guns and zombie and good luck with adding I hope you dont angry feel happy about and I love your games .
Playing is simple and without skill. Gameplay and visuals are repetitive. The whole game is just shooting the nearest zombies as you walk right. Nothing feels fun or varied.
This game is good graphics and good gameplay nice controls and I've played this for almost 4 years I still playing this because of the performances and could you please update and add more characters and I know there zombieville two but still want you to update this
Really love another game by this developer, but sadly this game I really dislike. Uninstalled very quickly due to how boring it is and seems you get nothing from passing a level. I dont count getting a small amount of money to refil ammo as a benefit. Thats crazy dumb.
I love this game, I love the extreme simplicity of this game. This game is really entertaining and fun to hop on when im bored. Since my phone isnt activated by any carrier, its great to have something to do while riding in the car.
Loved this game back in the day. Perfect recreation. Perfect time waster πŸ‘ It may seem overwhelming at higher levels but that's when strategy and not brute force works best.
Its still fun but a little harder please lower the health the the dark zombies πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ they seem really hard to kill. ,Thank you
Been playing this game for about a day and a half, pretty fun, I like how there's different zombies that can attack you at the same time. Also the way that random cars or people spawn in middle of the game is cool, the guns are a good upgrade to work too making it difficult to play with out them. I wish I was able to move button layouts but not a bad game
I remember playing this as a kid, it's basically my childhood game. I grind it every single day that time, no stopping, no excuses, and it was fun. I came back to grind it again and reunite!
A simple game, a lil frustrating, and grindy but I've not played much of it, been hoping to hear about a 3rd zombieville game, but nothing oh well, not not a bad game, just not great either
Very simple game and I like that.Its just that there should be at least 5 new maps.The only map your in is in a neighbourhood which is pretty dumb and stupid.But other then that the game is fun and cool weapons and simple GamePlay.Nice game
I finally found it!, i've been playing this game since i was like 4 years old and at that time i've been playing it 5years and now when i found it, it really brings back memories
Looked fun, but I couldn't even start the game. Picked new game and then everything failed. I could barely pick a character and when I finally did, the "Go" button was completely unresponsive. My touchscreen is fine as I'm using it right now to leave this review. Will gladly update this review if I ever get to play this.
Very stupid. You don't get enough money to kill the zombies. The weapons effectiveness is meager compared to zombie respawn rate, your ammo doesn't automatically refills at the beginning of every level, and every upgrade is pretty expensive! All in all very bad experience!
Love it. Loved it. If you updated the game and add more content to it, which you probably won't, it could honestly pass up fortnite as a mobile game.
Love the improvements! I remember you have to spend 1 dollar to get this game. I also remember there was NO survivors and NO vehicles. Game is SO MUCH BETTER with survivors and vehicles. Use to hate this game and thought it was impossible. Now this game is beatable. Thanks for the improvements!
I love this game but can you add a mode that I can play with my friend because I kinda felt bored when I play this game for like 5minute.
A good mobile game that's not following the "glorious religion" of EA this is how mobile games are meant to be and how they should be made this is perfect you must play this game
A lot of fun, packed for mobile. Would suggest adding story milestones maybe in similar future games. Thank you dev..
Its a really fun game and you can get skins ans lots of wepons and the graphics are really good looking when you kill the zombies. I love how they put effort into the game. I also like every level has a new zombie. Pretty dope.
This game is so cool.The Animation is great and please update it. And add more guns,zombies, and characters please and ty
Superb game I love it And I will say If i have more ratings I'm the first person to rate superb easy zombie game😝🀟🀩
I love your guys games. The art style is great and your games run with no problem absolutely on my laggy tablet. Usually other games lag really really hard or have glitches and stuff but your guys games dont. Although id love more weapon options and the gameplay bores after a while, its a great game!
This has the makings of a perfect mobile game. It just needs to be developed further into something more that saves gameplay progress/data.
Played this game some years ago when it first came out. It's still fun to play with easy basic controls.
What have you done to this lovely game?????. I have played this game for years and years. The points are not calculating as they used to. Not so many zombies anymore? Now I'm getting killed before I even get to level 20? Why have you ruined such a woderful game? Even the laser gun doesn't work like it used to do, you laser the little green zombies and you have to back and forth to try and kill them. I used to love this game? Now the thrill and passion for the game has gone. # Upset now. Sob Sob