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Zombie Watch - Free 3D Survival

Zombie Watch - Free 3D Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Wildlak located at Benica 4. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence, Horror) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ill make 5 star if you guys do fix the swamp more playable. It always crush every time I go there to collect some iron. And also the food and water. Can you guys make it can be bring anywhere. Most the problem is the water. Coz where can kill some cows on the way. But water don't. I have a good base in the starting place. Anyways the game is cool for those who love survival games offline. Please do updates. And assure you I'll changes it in 5star
if your looking for a game with 0 story, 0 building, useless loot, ads, crashing, and a waste of your time. this is the perfect game. the only thing you can do is walk around(not far because you'll reach the end of the map) and fight(only a few zombies then your dead since theres rarely loot that works).
It won't even start it just turns into a black screen it's boring I waited an hour and it wouldn't turn on
Very buggy and can't even start the game for the first time without 2 ads popping up. I get into the game and its laggy, you try and kill the zombies and they don't die. This game is stupid. Don't waste your time. The game is boring, and very poorly laid out. Haven't even had the app a full day. I played 3 min of it and was disgusted. It's a Last day on earth knockoff. The developers are posers.
Not bad, however the character choice doesn't work I don't like the stupid fat bald miner type guy...walking around sounds like high heels on tiled floor...the start is bad tho, sticks are problem to find...😕
Game is garbage. Dropped me from level 4 to level 0 twice now, i can't build the stuff i need because I'm no longer high enough. Energy system is terrible. Once it's gone you are stuck at your location and it appears to only regenerate while on the map screen. Enter a map and I have 13 energy with 3 minutes until I gain another point. Run around for 10 minutes collecting and killing and when you go back to map screen 13 energy 3 minutes until another point. 10 hours later when i open game guess what, 13 energy. And then zombie waves destroy your base and you can't even see or defend against them. One second you have everything built next second everything destroyed. They tear through stone walls like they aren't even there.
Haven't played multiplayer. I can't summon the lizard pet. My level resets to 0 Everytime I travel to a new place. And to bad you can't build saddles and mount horses. And the cost to build stuff is stupid for the drops. And I'm fine with energy but why use 30 per travel? I'd be chill with 20. Also I'm cool with adverts, but tone it down a bit. And I loose all progress even if I saved. I don't have any lag which is good as well as the game does seem to be nice if it weren't if those little things. And is there a way to have a different pet then a lizard? That'd be cool if I could tame different animals like wild dogs, and what not. And I can see y'all being a bit more creative. And is there a way to turn off the ads for good? If not y'all should add that in the in app store for the game. The controls are simple, the graphics are nice and I can see things clearly. Which is good.
Great game love it but I have a problem is it really local multiplayer I can't find it fix it and I will change my review
The game doesnt start, and if the game requires storage premission then a notice should be coded into startup like every other game out there, as it is i will update after i play it
Holy ads Batman! Immediately shoved into two ads within a couple minutes of playing. First ad before I even started the game. Horrible controls and graphics. Dont waste your time.
Abandoned! I'm pretty sure the devs have forgot about this game. People are complaining about not being able to even start the game. The game has not been updated since December of 2017 that's over six months.
The memory of game is too big, yeah its only 100mb but can you update this in local multiplayer please fix bugs and lags hahahaha❤️
For some reason this game just doesn't work freezes if I try change my character and if I try play survival I get the infinite loading screen looked like fun but guess it just not right for mobile
It's a ripoff of Last Day on Earth, just with sluggish gameplay, terrible controls, and bad graphics. Avoid this game at all costs!!!
I played for an hour but ask i could do was walk around and hit things, be it a zombie or a tree. I cannot figure putt how to place anything I've crafted or to really interact with anything aside from hitting with my axe or pickaxe
There is no game, and if there is, it's nearly impossible to get trough all the ads to play it, just don't waste your time downloading this.
The game play is great but one thing that make me feels weird is i only walk a little bit from the spawn point and i found the edge of the map i think the map is too small for an open survival world like that But thats not the part thats make me feel weird the part that make me feel weird is the ground graphics are good but I found a bridge that connected to other place and its looks like some kind of beach, the ground shape tho is a little bit too shrap and that place were too small and I can't find stone I didn't find the village like in the picture,its hard to find iron too,and there are no server online.I hope you will fix this, anyway I can't enter the house that I find,anyway great gameplay I enjoy it at least I hope you will fix all the problem thank you for reading
Just tell me how to play multiplayer. There are some bugs to join or host a server .i want to play multiplayer but i cant.
It's far from good, It's great but I can't find the Co-op Multiplayer Feature. Things that needs to be improved : • Combat System • World/Land Limits But overall great game.. But I still can't find the Co-op Multiplayer Feature.. Please Guide me!
Doesnt tell you how to do anything. A lot of the buttons dont work. All you can do is battle and chop down trees. Bummer cause it looked cool at first.
Should be called ad survival you click to load into a world and that's an instant ad, exit world another ad. Hell even to unlock the chest in the start requires an ad
With every update getting worst, full of ads unplayable, developers gone crazy from the money he's making from the ads and doesn't care about quality
guys I love this game and please dont you ever surrender to this game make some effort and add some stuff, content like the coop multi-player wifi/bluetooth.Guys I encourage you to make this ge better. I hope you guys will read this. Dont give up!!!!! 😊😊😊
This is awesome game please do this game like last day on earth. When im run in the game theres varey bad sound of her foot please remove this sound and i hate the old man player you can do boy or man its good thing and remove old man
The game would be great if it didn't lag so bad on my phone that and its heating my phone up way too much don't think I'll get the game back either
Thank you developers for updating and fixing the issue with the black screen problem and optimizing the game a bit. I ended up buying the paid version of this game about a month ago in hopes that it'll work (and it did work).
When i try to go into multiplayer there are never any servers available. Also i get an ad every 10 seconds, and yes i do have the latest version