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Zombie Shooter - Survive the undead outbreak

Zombie Shooter - Survive the undead outbreak for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Sigma Team located at P.O. Box 191 630117, Novosibirsk Russian Federation. The game is suitable for Mature 17+ (Violence, Blood and Gore) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Havent played something like this sense I was young.But found this rescently&just gave it a try&I gotta say,this games straight A Legit!Already completly hooked&loving it,so if your tired of searching for games.Download this.Its like old school fun&graphics,mixed with all of todays games kind of options,with an extra bit of blood&gore thrown in!Im diggin it๐Ÿ‘...
Love this game, always have. Only issue is I don't like having limited playes. I mean your drone can shoot explosive barrels too so death happens too fast sometimes. Sucks when your on your last gas can.
Controller not registering properly on nvidia shield. No movement possible. Is there a patch or does it just not work on shield?
Your game is good,like in pc, but in android you only have 15 maps.. this sad and all clear very fast, maybe i will uninstal this game, because no challange anymore... i dont know what must ido.0 to get fast leveling, u just stay behind/inside room, let ur drone shoot them all for one or two hours and more,no players,no ads and no money,
I started playing this game on pc and now I have installed it in my phone. This game is amazing, the sound the graphics and the controls are awesome 5/5
Good game. Not as good as on the computer obviously, but still good. Zombie Shooter 2 would be great on mobile too. I've always loved Sigma Teams games. This is a good port to mobile and is great as always.
everytime i try to regenerate or get bonus by watching video. It tell adverts are not available for regeneration and bonus. So sad to see this.
It is a good 2d game I ever played. But I actually want the real full pc version of this game to be played in android. I am waiting for the update. Thanks for making this kind of game sigma team. I want more games like this.
This is an exceptionally well built game! As you progress through the game, it just keeps getting better! This reminds me of Reloaded and Overkill on PSX! There's some zombie killing Mayhem on this game! Hey! It looks great! Feels great! Plays great! Sounds great! Nuff said! This game rocks! Thanks Guys! Ikari Warriors LIVE!
One of the best developed, shoot everything you see move, games. Easy controls, map is ez to read, awesome armor and guns that all can be upgraded. SIGMA makes other games that are similar to this one except it's you against aliens. They are pretty fun as well, check them out. BEST GAME EVER!!!
The first time and for a bit it's fun. However, after a bit, you will see that you need to buy something to win. It's definitely a pay to win game. It's a shame as the first games where great!
your auto aim is op as f$#k.(edit) what I meant was your auto aim is overpowered all I had to do is acquire the strongest weapon, stand and press fire. I'm not even challenge anymore
This game is a total throwback I was playing the pc version since I was 6 years old this mobile version brought me back to the old times all I can say is Thank You for giving me a memorable experience <3
this game is easy and hard atvthe same time if that makes sense. controls are easy, plays simply, and is rewarding. sometimes you need to grind but at least when you grind you're making zombies explode. nothing wrong with that.
Nice arcade game play. 4 stars because the statistics lack description. Edit: ty for the reply and clarification about the heart for items; =durability. Hope to see transparent descriptionbox, when touching stat. Also I think it would be much appreciated to be able to see the level requirement for items at all times. Now you will not see it anymore, when you meet it. You can not see in an Instant what item of its class is potentially stronger since stats of consecutive items of class can overlap
Average game for killing time. Played this game 2 year back on iOS and decided to play it again but the game have changed for the worse. And bugs not fixed. Items and equipment. No longer can be purchased as desired. Only have random supply crate and hopefully get the weapon you wanted. Unless you want to spend some cash to get power generators and get weapon at black market. Black market items have no confirmation on purchase like repair items. Once you click means power generators spent. Need to have confirmation to prevent accidental purchase. I touch on purchase by accident and 100 plus power generators gone on a useless weapon. Armour maintenance is expensive. Sometimes the money used to maintain the armour is half the amount of earning. Especially if die half way and watch ads to revive which will means zero armour at end of game. Ads. Full of it. After every mission will have video. Buggy control and maps. Always got trapped by some furnishing on the map and got killed. Control sometimes change direction to where I don't want to travel. Unless you want a game for mindless shooting and kill some time or feeling rich to pay to play, best to find some other game.
This game is the best! it might be old but this is the best! it has elimination missions,gather missions,boss missions, and cool armor and guns too!
Not at all good like the pc version but u can experience the same. The problem is with the 1) ui they tried it to look like very much futureristic but that even makes it worse the menu of the pc game was preety decent and user friendly. 2) Next is health system in pc game u can gain health bar sometimes by killing zombies but u have to buy it here. 3) The buying of wepons should be like the pc version. Though it reminded me of olden days and forced me to download it again.
add more campaign, and please make sure the freeze, toxic, and incendiary effects are working, because it is all working just for the drones, make them as they used to be pls
Awesome format. Precise and very detailed backgrounds. Impressive and very fun for any zombie slayer fans.
Minor glitching when caught in around objects, and there is definitely an issue with the contrast of the doorways and walls. The 3-d could see some improving and the zombies try to follow you through walls getting trapped in the process. Overall 2 thumbs up for over all entertainment. Fun, easy and a enjoyment to play.
Wonderful game great music, and it is almost exactly like the pc version the only problem is the graphics
This is a very good game, it's better than the PC version with it's large number of weapons, infected types, and amazing locations. However, you guys should atleast add an almanac guide containing the names of the zombie types I killed so that we can identify them. Also, where in the world is the Magma Mini Gun.
I really love this game! After I found out that there was an Android app for this, I downloaded it directly. Great app for making me entertained, after bringing back my childhood game. I just hope that you can at least create the 2 part of this game (which was zombie shooter 2 on pc before). That would be awesome!
fun gameplay that switches up objectives, not just kill the thing. not stingy with in game rewards and you dont have to pay to win
Fun game....love the level up features....the only thing I don't like is the player gets caught up on corners and other small things but other than that......fun game
So good. It is similar to Alien Shooter - Isometric Alien Invansion but has different enemies. The graphics, controls and gameplay are also good.
Pretty good game, but the conrols to move are a bit... non-forgiving. If my thumb isnt perfectly centered on the movement pad, my character goes nowhere or in the wrong direction, which is extremely frustrating. The game Xenowerks has perfect controls, maybe make it more like that? Fix it and i will give 5 stars!
love every second. Sigma is second to none. make more games not just for phones and computers. make a console game as well.
I have played alien shooter.some error are there. but it's looking better than alien shooter. thank you
I can really appreciate a gritty, old school PC game, & this is one of 'em. It's as though Fallout, Diablo, & Doom had a highly medicated child. Being a port, there seems to be enough content to keep me giddy for countless hours. Great game.
Great game and just same as the PC version and the graphics are very pixel-y which is very much look like the first game in the 90's and I need the 2nd one of this game while I play in this current one please and it's very much fun to play.
Love the game. You have total control over your character at all times. No glitches so far. Alien shooter #1 & #2 are my favorites also. Thanknyou dev's
Hey SIGMA TEAM. Can Make More Maps in this game? Too bad It's too few Of Stages here. And By the way can you more power generators obtain during taking mini-quest either. like in Easy mode will obtain 3. In Normal will obtain 6. And in Hard Will Obtain 9. Because I'm Suffering of earning Power Generators. I Love This Game. I hope you do it my suggestions.
This game is broken Downloaded this game on my Shield Tv and the controls don't work or respond at all. I tried my Xbox one controller and my shield controller no joy. This game needs to be patched and fixed. It looks like a good game but I can't do anything because it's unplayable with controllers. How do you come from pc and move to Android and lose all controller inputs.
The game is okay with the supplies of guns and money to purchase items make it interesting to play. Keep it up.
One of the best isometric games on here sigma, well done. One thing i find dissapointing is that my subscription to the unlimited fuel source is just that, a monthly subscription. You guys do you though, if you have the money it's well worth it. Unfortunately, i uninstalled the app when i got bored one day, unsubscribed with 2 weeks left and forgot about it. Regretted it later and realized i would have loved to have had those next 2 weeks, especially with the OP build and gun i had. Thank you sig
I'll give this a five for the nostalgia :3. This is the first zombie shooting game I've ever played and it still holds a special place in my heart. The fact that the devs did a great job keeping the game alive and playable till this day is impressive.
The game is excellent but my only problem is the game save won't transfer from my old device to another.. Please fix this.. After that I will change my rate to full 5 stars.. Thank you..
What's wrong with the Zombie Shooter game? Something is cheating on my app game. It is restarting the game system by itself all over again, as I tried few times.
Really nice to play...I enjoy this game so much..but this game is easy to me ...it will be more hard I think
A great game and works well on mobile devices since it's a PC game, a lot like Team 17's Alien Breed game's on the Amiga but not as stupid hard, I would like to maybe see a dinosaur version, it only really needs some new enemy models and skin's.
So far its has been good for a fill in between game I haven't played long enough to truly judge the game
This game about graphic is good but a few level more to go to next level.This game work to level up so we can play then happy
Great time killer, easy to play. I learned real quick that you need to pay attention! I fragged myself in stage two! Silly me, ha!
this game is amazing especially their alien games. I bought them on steam and have been playing sigma games since then. all I got to say is give the game a chance and you won't be disappointed.
A great zombie shooter game for android. I was finding this type of games for a long time and at last I got it.
Amazing work I actually hope you make another zombie style game like this, but less is more, like the other reviewers said, like the old days.
the game isnot working properly right now. sometimes it doesnot load and when it does open up it shows a downloading endless loop. un playable. I cleared cache and forced stop the app but no luck. I fixed it by re installing. if this happens to anyone else just re install it and you keep your progress too. it's a very fun game when I want something to do!
I love this game! I loved it a coupla years ago too...so much so, i forgot its name and had been looking for ever since..of course the app icon changed but...hey, better late than....never goin....
Game is good but the inventory needs some works. The scrolling is very slow, I swipe the whole screen only to move 1 item up. Guns & armor should be categorised more, like I want to check & compare helmets no need to scroll through other types
love the game so much been playing this since i was 13 (edit) please add more maps for more adventure i love this game and i don't want to uninstall it. hope this will be noticed, thank you!
This game is super fun! But you could've atleast give us the option to buy our equipmeant because these hords are attrocious!! Good game tho
this game is dope and all games that you make is really cool and the people reading this try the game it's really cool the graphics and the quality they are magnificent!
It is a good game. I lame it and it reminds me of some old school shooters. I have never ever played the pc version, but I'm glad I found it on mobile.
this game is awesome runing around the zombie infested world shooting every thing in your path a lot of up grades for you men meny guns to choose from i think most people shoud enjoy this game runing & shooting cant get much better then this.
The game is better than other zombie games I have played before,but I admit I'm new to this kind of shooting games and I feel awkward becos the hero and the zombies are likewise small ,cannot see where to go when cornered .Anyway I like this because no need to look where the enemy is coming.so I will try to learn this game if you can bear with me , I' m sort of a little slower on this.
Some people say this is a SAS4 copy. Wrong. Sas4 was made after zombie shooter. The first zombie shooter is available on PC and it was made a long time ago, almost 10 years ago, maybe even more. But this version, the mobile version, was made after SAS4, but the original Zombie shooter was made before.
The game is amazing but He's not helping any level after level 10, 10 stages Then there is no longer any stages
I would have gave it at 5 but for some reason after the ads plays it flips the game so the precious seconds that it takes to flip your phone enemies swarm you and sometimes the controls glitch but other than that the game is awesome
I would give this game four stars but im not. The gas feature (throttles how often you can play) is an absolute crock. It's only purpose is to gate you to spend money. It is totally useless except for that purpose. Personally, id rather play a zombie shooter than an alien one....looks like im going to play Sigmas older alien shooters (dont have that bogus feature). Oh yeah, the watch ad for a bonus doesnt work either. Devs must've abandoned this work.
I been playing for this in 2 years the pc is good because they got the full story but the android or not really complete story
Everything is fine in this game except that I can't get full three stars in each level even if I finish a level without getting any damage. Please fix it if it is a bug or else tell me how I get all three stars in each level.
First real mobile game I've played in a while, and it works great on my Galaxy Tab A. Will definitely continue to play.
This is a complete childhood nostalgia. And android version is as cool as the PC one. I have been playing this for some time now and I must say this game calms my mind and is a stress buster (because all zombies were looking like my office colleagues lol). Thank you Sigma.
I kept running into these glitches! Very frustrating. Always getting hung up on seemingly invisible objects. Having to quit the stage and replay hoping the glitches have resolved themselves. *Holding breath*
A very nice game. It reminds how painful and fun to entirely clear the game( In PC, it reminds me,it took me 1 day to cleared hard mode)..now it's come to mobile...
I love the game,it's challenging & has a decent reward system.thanks devs been looking for this kind of game for sometime now.
Never played original, but the port is pretty good. Feels diablo-ish. Controls can feel clunky at times. Game soft locks on cloud saves a lot. Can take multiple tries to start. Either than that, pretty solid stuff.
Hey Sigma Team. I have a suggestion: Make a 3D, 1st Person Shooter version of Zombie Shooter. I think that will be awesome.
Amazing work I actually hope you make another zombie style game like this, but less is more like the other reviewers said, like the old days.
Its enjoyable and we can play it anytime and anywhere we want. I love zombie shooter because of it challenging mission. So, as we know each mission had 3 stars to completed its easy,normal, and hard. I had completed all of it all mission 3 stars. So this is my suggestion, why don't you guys create another 2 stars for us to play. Each mission plus 2 more stars. Thats mean each mission have 5 stars now its Easy,Normal,Hard,EXTREME and IMPOSSIBLE. Tht its for my suggestion. Hope you guys see this๐Ÿ˜†
Awesome graphics realistic views, and the increase of complexity with each level just increases the curiosity to next level and u can get easily addicted to the game. Just love this was for this game to come on Google play store๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
This game is good and I love it. I rated it 3 star cause sigma team should work with zombie shooter 2 instead of alien shooter.
so far so good, enjoying the lvl up and inventory build and gun lvls. will update as i play, b.a. in the gore department. enjoy the story line. like one said like one rebiew about old school rpg ea diablo. yeah but been into xenowerk and eternium.. SO LET'S PLAY!!
Be positive. Make sure you point out what is positive about someone's work before focusing on what needs improvement. ... Stick to the facts. Focus on specific, observable behaviors rather than criticizing the person's attitude. ... Decide what you really want. ...
I've always searched for this game in any device incarnation. Never fails to up my ante for zombie mayhem. Kudos to Sigma. Nice to see the developments done for this version.
wonderfull game. Better than pc version. Great graphics and many more. And there is no such thing like a headshot in the game as shown in screen shot (- _ -)
Wow, i mean I really enjoying this game. The graphics makes you remember the old games before, the customization of skills are really cool too. Good game guys!
hello this is a nice game,dont listen to the bad reviews they just dont know how much effort it takes to make this game.have a great day๐Ÿ˜Š
At the end of stage 4, right when I reach finish point my character gets stuck in a glitch against a fence. What a waste of my time spent completing a long stage to get stuck in and can't finish.
Nice graphics, hard levels (took me 1 week to finish level 7), powerful guns. But my only problem is the ads, I don't wanna buy that thing that removes it. Please remove that ads and remove that thing that removes it. I know that apps that isn't popular has ads but this app is popular and it has ads. Nice game though... I hope you make an update for this Add also more zombies like the crawler Please add also the "Zombie Gamepedia" and I will know how many zombies I encounter. Thanks Sigma!
unskippable ads...choppy garbage version of sas responding...who would be stupid enough to pay any amount of money for anything in this DOS quality "game" you just copied SAS4 and made a worse version...lol I hope your $17 a month for ad impressions was worth the 10 minutes it took you to make this game lol...
Wow. I'm playing this like a lifetime. From alien shooter to zombie shooter just on my PC. It get even better. I never yet played sigma games in Androids or any Cellphone cause its always on PC. I'M GETTING A CHANCE. the only problems is that I accidentally walk out of the map because of to much enemies pushing me. I though it was lucky but I end restarting. Also, because I'm curious I need info everything in the game starting from guns, places, and aliens๐Ÿค”. but overall it the greatest game ๐Ÿ˜
This game is so awesome! I have finished this game on my pc, but then my pc got broken and i searched this game on google play store and my heart leapt when i saw this game here. I didn't hesitate to download this on my phone. Great job Sigma Team ๐Ÿ˜
Its good for killing time hope the Devs can Change its UI and motif because the vibs it feel like a 100percent Alien Shooter not Zombie Shooter i know it have same ip its more like a mod than a seperate game make it a Real Zombie feel Genre not just a Copy paste of Alien Shooter just Change the Design like the Whole Mission Screen Skill tree Weapons and Even Color its a Good game but make it Feel Defferent its more enjoyable to play if that is fix.
Loved this game, At least until the latest update!?! Since then this game no longer responds to analog (control stick) input. Nvidia Shield Portable is/was great for this game and old skool emulator games too. I tried many solutions to no avail. I purchased a Stratus Duo and still no Analog control input works in the game. It does allow me however to shoot a grenade, ingest a first aid kit and shoot a gun. It does not respond to direction and I can not walk anywhere!?! So what's up Sigma?!?
Great game. Excellent graphics. Kill em all!! It's a blast. Try it. You won't be disappointed. Try all their games like this. So much fun. If your bored and looking for that 1 game that gets you a little excited....This is it. Serious give it a shot.
we have tried on 3 tablets and 2 phones to download any sigma games and they wont. however,we have downloaded many,many other zombie games with no problems,wonder why this is? now i tried on this brand new samsung tablet,with nothing at all on it,and still cannot download any sigma games.
The stock will not work a lot of the time takes a way from geme i give this less then 1 if it let me other then the stiick failing to work it barly ok game but with stick i cant realy play so i cant say its 0 lag even on mass zombies if stick worked mass kills would be epic
Good game but freezes after every level, every time I complete a level the game crashes and I have to shut down the game and start it again, takes you right out of any form of immersion. The game itself is good but ruined heavily by the constant crashing for every completion of level. I uninstalled the game for this reason which is a real shame because I would have enjoyed this profusely too. Oh well, can't win them all I guess :/
Dame!! I love this game,the zombies are crazy they gat weapons en they wanna feed you ,,this game gat deadly weapons so worry out you can survive and it has no many ads,, don't leave this awesome game take it....
Game won't sync with my google play account. Logs-in but doesn't save my data. I uninstalled the app to save space and after reinstalling I lost everything. Don't expect much from this game aside from wasting time.
I love zombie games, they kind of remind me of resident evil especially this one. Thanks Sigma Team for all your creepy games, Love em. To all the other complainers saying wwah, wwah, to many ads, quit yer bitchin'. If you don't want thier be any ads, pay real funds to have them removed. When your watching your favorite show on t.v. and a commercial comes on do you whine about it? The ads are basically the same thing for a free game, so quit acting like toddlers and grow up!!!!
One of the better open world shooter games here in the store. I recommend all of Sigma's shooter games.
thx for recovering my data developers btw i have some questions. have you released a new game? i think its alien shooter : the legend? maybe (BUT REMIND ME IF YOU GOT THE POINT)
So far, this game is good (1hr of Play Time). Some levels have you going from A to C. B being zombies in your way. Upgrades are a bit pricey, but thankfully, there's repeatable missions. Unfortunately there's energy required for every mission, each refuelling every 16 minutes. Why so long? Unless you have 5$ to spare every month for VIP, then the energy won't be in your way. I'll update more after a day.
a game which made me play for a whole day but now you guys mixed 1 and 2 versions of the game. very nice concept for mobile (how do you get the last weapon in zs2 pc? i cant earn much)
Ah really this game is my fabourite game I like it very much i want to play more but there is no level yet zombie shooter i want to play more level please help me out please and thanks for making this game
Old time favourites, original on pc, here on play store alot more fun, sounds, details, all smooth, level up your players, save the human race from the undead, glad the team back in action.
Completed this game on pc before now gonna speedrun on my phone thanks for putting it here on Android I can't believe you actually put it on mobile thanks so much