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Zombie Objective

Zombie Objective for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Killer Bean Studios located at Killer Bean Studios LLC 3141 Stevens Creek Blvd #40373 San Jose, CA 95117 United States. The game is suitable for Rated for 18+ (Extreme Violence) and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i only gave 4 stars cause it wont run on newer android systems....just throws you right off soon as you try and move. samsung galaxy s10. can you fix this...
I love it because things are a lot cheaper and you get a good gun and stuff is a lot lower cost and I just got a sniper for 15,00 I want everybody to download this just download it it will just be a blast unless it doesn't download but anyways the game is really really fun and I would play it and it's amazing I really want somebody to play Keep It Up Developers I love you game don't stop I have a problem I had I had to things that would recover my health but it didn't go to my and I died
Its awesome because of its graphics and sound effect and since it is a offline game so it makes it a best game to play when you are bored
Well the game use to be really good but now you can't turn and walk at the Same time or the game will close out automatically.
Fun I found this game when I was 6 my old phone broke and I just reinstalled this game still as fun as I remember still wish it was on a pc or console.
I want it to be the old one I liked the last version where you can put stuff on the roof but you changed it please change it back to the old version
Enough because hit zombie very low money and very difficult buy costly weapons haid pain game everything ok but you missing rader show how far zombie rader very need for this game mostly zombie come behind and hit player discussed....
It is the best game ever made it makes me feel rellext and look's realistic from the game .Dead in the box thanks have a great Christmas thank you
Amazing😍😍😍the graphics spot on..the control are so simple to use..the zombie are crazy scary.. I just have one request please make an update available for the gameπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
I really like this game!!! Its awesome!! That's why i rate 5star. But its so difficult when you are in high level. you need to buy a powerful weapon. But its nice i enjoy to play this game
I well play agains in zombie objective from long time a go.we have a many mission from more protect for place in city.it is a nice only this game and amazing in 3d zombie and action animation was a greate best hunting zombie and olso dammage gun in the store i hope more unlimited gold only cash money.
I love this game it's fun and attractive but the problem is the guns and equipment. The guns are to high and it takes a long time to get. I suppose you Lower the price or we could get more money on each mission. But great game.
The first time that l download this game that was five years ago,thru the years I still playing this game,even i found defficulties in the high level, I keep on fighting those zombies.thnx for this game.
This is a nice game but it would be alot better if it's possible to switch weapons while playing the game or in missions also there should be a higher pay for the missions because getting money it's really really difficult...hope all these are resolved in the next update therefore I rate 4 stars hope
Great Good game. It's has a lot of bug though. Sometimes mine just disappear rather than being planted.. also sometimes second equipment won't open. Need update on latest O.S
U should bring some more new weapons More dangerous zombies and new levels But game is really good πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Keep goingπŸ‘πŸ‘
It just kicks me out during the tutorial. When the guy says if I can move and shows me how, my game just crashes.
Graphics aren't ground breaking but they are good for a mobile game its fun if you don't have wifi good to keep yourself entertained
why i couldn't play any boss attack mission? I wait so long for the boss to come but nothing except a normal zombie only. I love the game so much. I hope you can fix it
This game is awesome! I love this game. Because of all the action,all the zombies .This is totally an editor's choice,like when i play it i actualy get scaredπŸ’€πŸ‘Ώ.The game is great.Like i totally think this game is the best game ever!
Excellent game nice graphics, gameplay, weapons, variations of zombies.. but easy from the starting levels can kill them with a melee weapon knife, machete etc... later levels gets pretty hard but entertaining highly recommend!
Its the best offline zombie game ...I play it for weeks and it never start boring ...but improve the game where one can switch weapons in the game
It's a very good game and has very good controls and graphics...I want you to make one more game which should be as good as zombie objective...
It's good game. And I really love it. I even recommend it. But the problem is the cash in each mission are not being enough to buy guns. I need then to improve that
Wow the looks of the zombies look so realistic and I played other zombie games it doesn't really look good like this one i love it
This game is addictive and fun the zombies have pretty good variety and I think graphics for a mobile game are great and its nostalgic if you haven't played it in a long time.
I Love The Game, but there are times the zombies come too many at once, add a target practice, add More Places And More Zombies To Compete Against, and a Multiplayer bcuz i know some friends who would love to play with me. Plz add these changes and i will give a 5 star rating.
I love this game it's easy and satisfying I know u probably won't read my comment but I really love this game and their is 1 particular bug on sniper missions when running on the edges u can slip off a bit I think it's patched but thanks ❀ I love this game keep making games like this ur all amazing and lovely people thanks
Needs upgrade it's jumping like every 15 seconds don't download without update are available and I'm really not seeing an update
the graphics ,,the guns,,the zombies and everything about the game is nice plus its damnnnn scarry ,,βœŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œthe only thing is that ,that some guns i have use my gold ,,,that's all for now
I'm playing the game for a week by now and I'm having a blast... I love the gameplay but theres a lot of problem. First is the gun's firepower, its either useless or decent. Second is the zombies health, theyre ridicolous! I literally unloaded a 1000 rounds of Heavy machine gun just to kill a small group of black zombies... Third is the Protect, Defend and Sniper missions, its impossible to beat it even especially on difficult and hard. Could you please do something about it.
very good game new zombies harder to kill, specially if we get some kind of new weapon and new mission place, it will be great. And need many new zombies😈😈
I give 5 stars because it got fair levels and weapons so please update this games for more weapons and armour. I played this game 3 years ago
The items are so expensive so icant kill zombies i spend time and money in the game just to defeat those zombies but the upgrade and ammo is so expensive i hate this!!!!
Nice game but when i want to play it, it says the game was built for an older version it really needs to be updated
The only thing that is a problem is the stairs.i tried avioding the zombies and I got cought by the stairs and then I died.
This game seems good but when it says something about degree I couldn't make out what the guy was saying then my game crashed at that part please fix it.
Great solid game. I normally play it offline sometimes online. The music is kinda scary to be honest, and I like it. this game gives me vibes
It's good but everytime I load into the game it said that this the old version and your phone can play can you add more weapon and gear can we have a multiplayer
nice game...simple control but weapons are soo expensive for the gold given...need multi players update ASAP...otherwise is a nice game
Good Amazing game But zombies stop to appear in gather missions Not fun If they don't stop then it'll be great
The game is good but it would be better if it has an aim assist when the player starts shooting zombies because most people play this on mobile phones
Dame this game is so good everything is good the guns, missions n the way it's keeps on getting good when you reach another level.... I wish there was 2 coz it's my favorite game
I like this game a lot. But it can't be saved in Google play games. So until they add that my review will be 4 stars. They probably gave up on this game a long time ago. But I hope they'll some day make it better.
This is the best game I ever play but please add some multiple online and offline and also add some new weapon
There's one weird thing when I start mission it's like everytime I play missions my character changes the gun himself even though I was holding RustySub Machine Gun/Full Level And the crowbar I hold the RustySubmachine gun then my character himself just change to the crowbar I don't know why if it's a bug or a glitch please fix it cuz it's annoying
the developer must include new female bodybuilder zombies with no clothes and weapons must be cheaper otherwise it is almost impossible to match with zombies and grafix should be a little better and severed head of zombies must be shown. when i the cut their heads ,the heads are vanished, but I want to see their heads rolling , tumbling on the grounds! please include almost nude female bodybuilder zombies!
I found the glitch if i use melee weapons do not work press the firing button it won't swing? Same for when i use guns don't shoot for some reason?
I've been waiting for an update that has an option to save your progress. It doesnt happen on your previous update yesterday. when will u fix it?
This game is nice but I think you should make the melee weapons safer because when you get close to the zombies they hit you and your goes
Yeah, my 1st complaint is having to by ammo. I just ran out of cash during a mission and died cuz i couldn't buy more ammo. So having to buy is pure bullsh-t. 2nd the recoil on some weapons makes good aim impossible. Yall fix these 2 things and it's gucchi.
I Love This Game! I Love The Way The Zombies Come At Me, But..... There are times the zombies come too many at once. That needs to change, especially on protect and defend missions. Then i believe i need to practice to get better in the game like a target practice. Plz add That. Also There NEEDS To Be More Places And More Zombies To Compete Against. Also It Needs A Multiplayer bcuz i know some friends who would love to play with me. Plz add these changes and i will give a 5 star rating.
I'll give it five stars because i love the game so much the graphic is awesome and it so challenging even though the guns is to high amount to buy still i enjoy it
I like this game but I have given 1 star because I can't play it my mobile keeps showing me that this game has built for older version of Android check for latest updates first I played it 5 to 6 years earlier today suddenly it came into my mind and I downloaded it but it didn't work.I hope that you will solve this problem.
pretty very good game keep it up because the gameplay is amazing and graphic when i got in the hardest level i always die beacause the zombie hp is so long.
I totaly love this game i recommend this game to everyone in my suggestion could you add some features like online multiplayer like infection mode survival mode pvp mode and add a controls like crouch and jump and add some achivement section where we could get some reward gold that we could use for buying items like health kit grenade etc. This game would be totaly great good luck dev team i hope youl improve this game more this game has lot of pottentials thats all.