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ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS located at 182 Le Dai Hanh, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I get an ad after almost every mission want it or not. I understand that's how you make money but forcing it like that is just greedy and irritating. As far as I've seen this game is a BLATANT copy of Left to Survive. You guys should be sued for that $#@!, 0 originality. Edit:Supporting this? Ok let me put it in a way you can understand. Both you and your reply bot can go f themselves.
Game play is enjoyable. Only, I don't like all the complications of gold and other aspects of the game. Why can't it just be all out zombie shooting and advancement. What I mean is that I feel you're ruining the game with too much complications. Simple all out fun that's the key. Other than that, fantastic game.
Too expensive to play and it will not let me download region 2 says connection is bad but I know it is not cause I have good signal just spent 20.00 and still not impressed I have about 25.00 in the game so far but I think I will uninstall it in a couple of days if I don't hear from someone
Fun shooting game! Easy to pick up and learn. English translation is a little off in the story in places, but nothing major. Edit: Issue regarding sluggishness seems to have been fixed (my supposed fix regarding clearing data wouldn't 'take' once the app was closed - the problem came back). May have been due to an update just days after my initial review - good and prompt service! Received helpful email too, around the same time - thank you!
I like it ,it is fun but, the game needs to start letting you use you money to buy main guns and upgrade and things. Need to have the option of ...for example, instead of just 218 gold to upgrade it could be , 218 or 10k in cash. All I'm saying is stop giving out the cash if there isn't a way to use it, you need to incorporate it in with the game. Thank you!
This game is developed by greedy people. I have lots of cash but can't buy no guns only gold does that. I guess what money they make off adds is not enough. 15 bucks for my piggy bank really Greedy Greedy
This is one of the best mobile games out there. The graphics and game play are incredible. Well done βœ…
Can you please fix this game because there are many times during gameplay or trying to watch ads that the game either suddenly restart itself or close by itself and brings you to your handphone homepage.
Really liked the game till I seen you can't change sensitivity for controls on settings ,to bad I'll keep playing left to survive ,if you can fix this then I'll be glad to play it,.Thank you for getting back to me, found the sensitivity control so I changed my rating . Thank you love the game
Good fun,easy to play,simple controlls,no ad interuptions, you can get weapons by completing missions and getting resourses to build things and earning more money for things to further the game.lots of missions and.plays smoothly with decent graphics.one of the better games,worth a download.i would even pay for some things as the game is worth it
Everything in this game is designed to make you spend money to get anywhere. Even events that should be based on skill.
So i was having a blast with this game, and yes, spent roughly $100 on gold, and didnt feel bad about it for one second...that is, until i reached region 4 and it will not load. And no its not a connection issue as i can go back to the previous ones and yes, i reached the required builds (level 9) also. So my previous score goes to zero stars now:(
Ive been playing this game for more than a month and im barely level 14. The money you earn and gun level up is so stingey it feels like you dont want your players to progress in the game. Im not a lazy gamer and I binge when I have the time, but you might want to reward a bit more generously. Ive never even had a drone or evolve the same gun or character let alone get a new one. Definitely a bad review on my vlog.
This game is so good.... Update makes even more better! Playing this game!! Graphics n gameplay awesome! When u feel bore this game will make you feel good! Play this wonderful game! Guys! Waiting for next update.. thumbs to the developer πŸ‘πŸ‘ when new region 7 will come?? I have completed all region.. waiting for region 7
I've been playing it for a long time. It's kind of fun. I'm on like the 7th set of missions. I believe there are 2 sets of missions left! The 6th and 7th set have been really hard!! They take a long time because I have to level up my guns to have a chance. I haven't spent any money in this app, tho; I guess that if I spent money the game would go smoother/faster.
Great game so far.. will up to 5 stars if it lasts... edit needs to do somthing about the loading screen in special event.. you clear 4/5 missions then game resets and you lose one of only 2 tickets to play again from start. Stupid
Just discovered this game , and, I must admit I'm quite impressed. I've been left pretty disappointed by most other FPS mobiles out there but this one is a keeper. And this is coming from a PlayStation Diehard from day one. Excellent graphics, zero ads, unless you choose to watch for rewards. And good usable rewards, too. Haven't put it down since install. Good work guys !
I had to do a new review on this game. It's only been a couple weeks and this game is starting to get boring. The graphics are nice but there are glitches. Not getting awarded items for doing task and then there is the insane mode. You will not complete Insane mode unless you are willing to use your gold and I don't mean just a few coins. This is one of them greedy games and you best have some money to spend otherwise you will not advance and you will get frustrated. I am uninstalling this one
Game looks great but as soon as I leveled up the first time, it just froze. Turned device on and off. Uninstalled and reinstalled, but the game wouldnt go any further than the first level every time I tried. There was no indication of this, but do you have to pay to contimue past Level 1 ?
Controls are not too bad. Had the "look around" stick not respond a few times, as well as the reload button. Solid graphics and fairly smooth mapping. I had a "Defend" bounty glitch out and not end after I killed all Z's and saved the survivor. I ended up having to forfeit the round and restart. Also, storyline thus far is pretty good. Some of the wording/translations are askew or incorrect. All in all, definitely a good time killer. Cost of some in-app purchases are way 2highπŸ˜’, but not all.
Love the game the game play is great just wish it was a little bit easier to get gold went offline great RPG no complaints
Promising game, but the "200 multikill" event challange is extremely unfair, very hard to complete and can take several days, you are basically stuck with this horrible challange while others outrank you. Multikill challange is NOT FUN Forcing me to watch ads even after a failed level is just a cheap move!
Game not playing. Loading should be 100%. It does not move beyond 1%. What is the reason for this please help me
This is the worst game that ever been created plus it keeps shutting down,I'm glad to say that I would never spend a penny on this game and it's a waste of time playing it
Great game but another pay to play. What is the point of having so many expensive weapons? You basically get stuck on a level without any opportunity (except for spending real cash) to buy a better weapon. At least make some weapons more accessible.
I really liked this game but the guns & items are very expensive πŸ‘Ž. I bought 100 gold bar for β‚Ή450/-, too pricey. I also bought event pass for β‚Ή890/- but the event items are very meagre. i understand that money is required to cop with gaming development expenses, but don't put items at so exorbitant price that people like me who are willing to pay for play hesitates to open their wallet. keep your items at an reasonable price, then see the inflow of cash. I bet there are many who will pay.
This game is fine... however it is R E A L L Y frustrating that the game decides which weapons you can use... I detest this in a game... I have a brain, I can make decisions I do not need these made for me... I guess its a ploy for the gamer to part with cash to upgrade weapons... Even then the upgrades do not seem to make any significant dfference to the game play...
Great game! Shame the DEVELOPERS had too go and RUIN it,by RIPPING OFF their fans by charging extremely over the top prices!!! NO CLASS
This game here has always been my favorite! Dont get me wrong, theres others out there that will give this one a run,considering the same type of game.everything is working like its suppose to.especially on this brand new lg tablet! Thnx guys! Good job.
I was having a lot of fun, until I got what is basically an unbeatable level. It's a protect mission on the streets, and I protect one guy completely, then someone that isn't visible can be heard being attacked. Two spitters can be seen, I can kill them, but the I seen person is still being attacked. Look like he's behind a huge overpass pillar, and there's absolutely nothing that can be done to save him. I've lost the mission at least 20 times. Has seriously taken all the fun out of the game.
PROBLEM SOLVED. **This is a good game. I played their special event endlessly to get rewards but in the end I got notification that I got rewards but in Actually there were no rewards/crates for me. To way to claim it. What the hell?** My problem has been solved. I contacted their support and they issued me with great rewards which I did not received somehow. Thank you. I really love this game.
All vng games are same . Just kill zombies by standing stillπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜• by the way my feedback is that this game should have ranks or trophies to push and also add leaderboards I bet this would be the best mobile game
Good game but it would be good if had add a thing to play with people it's good that all I had to say
Excellent graphics and best game play so far out of a ton of zombie games I've played so far. No lag. Love it.
I'm just now learning to switch between weapons and extend my life with medical kits and throw hand grenades so it doesn't feel like I'm backed in such a corner. This game exercises my recall and hand-eye coordination . I appreciate your Devotion to your trade.
EXCELLENT GAME ! Just wish missions were longer and didn't take so long to upgrade things.Maybe instead of standing in one spot shooting let your avatar move around !!please add this option,love this game though !!great job
Not a bad game, but iam shore there are some copy right laws you have broken here this is just a copy of LEFT TO SURVIVE ,it's lacking the grafics but everything down to building base,meel weapons, etc are the same as left to survive,enjoyable game but if you like this type of game go get the the original version LEFT TO SURVIVE
Anyone giving this game 1 or 2 stars is just wrong and unfair. This game is just kinda young, though has awesome potential. The graphics are awesome and the sound effects are amazing and unique for a mobile app. I'd like to see more development with competitions and game modes, including pvp, however I am happy to wait. Excellent game in the marketplace right now!
You need to make it so you can move around and not be stationary plus alot of the levels are too hard to beat without buying gold to get better weapons, As Always, Pay to Win Game.
Crashes during video rewards, game time stops when app closes so in game updates were paused until app was opened again, no variety, cannot get all weapons without spending money - you only have 2 guns to start and will stay there without cash or grinding the repetitive levels. About to uninstall.
Too much upgradation in game such as Factory, farm, Storages etc. And you can update one at a time...and this took days...Less Play and too much upgradation
All thought the game play is is good until it get read to up load the second stage and stop. No, it not a contect issue. I have wifi and my phone bill is up to par. I just glad I didn't spend and money it?! And it still want let download region 2? Saying I need wifi or internet when both of those are available, whats up with that?!
Bit slow to get going not bad overall only complaint is heal an grenade icons to close to movement control keep catching them ! An town to slow to level up ! Changed my mind an gave it 4 stars the global outbreak is great not put my phone down since ! πŸ‘
If you want to pay out dollars every few losses then its the game for you. Would have given it better rate in not for the excessive paywall
It would be a decent game if aim control worked correctly and you could move your weapon and shoot but controls are unable to be used like that because both same side of screen and too close together. Has potential but needs too much work to keep.
Good graphics TPS with a simple strategic RPG type build-up. Story line is good. I'd give 5 stars but this is what it lacks - 1. Extreme difficulty to buy weapons and gear of higher grade 2. TPS gameplay timeframe needs to be extended. Overall the game is pretty amazing and chews up almost 4.5 hrs of my gametime every day.
This game has potential. Polished graphics and gameplay. One big issue is the controls. Im hitting the enemy but sometimes no damage. Add gyro for additional controls please. Btw this game is very hard because zombies are good at evasion and UI controls are not that great
Addictive, but once you start playing you are forced to spend money if you want to make it farther in the game
A good game but since the update its started freezing and not load when the missions screens come up. Anyone else had trouble? But otherwise a challenge and time filling game!
I was confused on the events and they do end quickly for the price. I deleted my last review due to the confusion. However it's still showing on reviews. My apologies. Im still playing. πŸ‘πŸ»
Great game. Graphics are awesome controls are simple. The best part is you don't have to pay to advance just conserve gold and upgrade buildings first. Thanks for creating this awesome game
Was very enjoyable until you want to get anymore gold without paying, the ingame money which says is used for buying and upgrading weapons is a lie as you need to find parts which are ridiculously rare, evolving weapons is extremely hard as you need parts for, again which is nigh on impossible unless you spend serious money. Could of been excellent but falls short.
You can't finish the bounty unless spending money to get pointsπŸ‘Ž. I regret spending money to buy bounty pass for the event. Harder stage just make horde of zombie charging at you while you just standing there stupidly.πŸ‘Ž Some deadly enemies even show up off screen while the game doesn't tell you where are they coming from making your death looks cheap.πŸ‘Ž
It's Fantastic!!! Great game play and graphics!!! Controls need work though!!! While in campaign mode, controls are hard to use. Also if you click to go back to the game, after an ad, it goes back to the start of the game! Other than that, it's a great game!
I wasn't sure what to expect, but It's an amazing game! great mix of resource management, shooter,and role-playing mechanics,the controls and haptic feedback are PRECISE, and the graphics are great! Just like everyone else says, you have a choice between spending money..or not, this game is NOT "pay to win" AT ALL.There are so MANY ways to earn gold/items for free that it doesn't even feel like grinding, Id give a 10/10 if possible! Runs great on cheapo phones! will spend money on the game soon!
As a gamer widely known in the Xbox world... I can truly say to all Shinobi across the world of ninja in the Naruto Shippuden -- GET THIS GAME ITS GREAT!!!! Blow off steam by killing zombies is fun while waiting for next ninja mission.
Ok here is my game review after reaching Town Center level 18: Game graphic are really good and definitely console level. Regular seasons allows you to access epic guns. Currently I've Sakura, Golden Ox, Venomincer and Springfield, without spending a single penny and two of them are best available in game. Difficulty level is totally acceptable as you progress. I've never faced any kind of trouble while playing offline or online. Town center upgrade duration is my only concern. 5 star
Great game play if every chance I can love this game keep up the good work .... the app will restart for no reason been doing this for days now and ever since last update my phone has completely froze to wer I had to force restart and never had to do that until I updated this game last for the hunting challenge could u please fix this issue
Great so far,the movement could be a bit better with the thumb,should be more of a joystick type control
Love the game ....but cost to much to level up to move forward ....and i think once u buy into the game that oughta be it ....no monthly subscription ...just one and done ...and the fact that u gotta spend so much money to get a good gun ...way to much money for a game that aint on console ...its just a game on ur phone ...hook people up guys and im sure youll get they same kinda love back ....have a good one ..later
Can't seems to get game on apple devices but lot better than left to survive, also each update seems to improve the performance of the game . Well done to the development team and all who made this game possible, l am loving the game play and can't wait for what comes next in the next update. Good job.
Good game, but now im confuse with the event, the first drone they give is different. Now even if you finish the milestone you will only get 20 frags for other drone and 30 for other.so its useless. Yesterday they give me 20 red bull drone, now i check they change to pink koi drone. How can i complete the 50 frags?Please check this one. Tnx.
As the game progresses it's becoming obvious that it is a P2W app. Upgrades takes forever that you need to pay cash to upgrade weapons to kill lots of zombies attacking at once because you can't run or move away from your position. I will uninstall it when I get bored.
Ad heavy & heavy pay to win obstacles to fully enjoy what could be a great game, character levels are locked behind keeping your base up to date, resource accumulation is slow, time to level up a structure is intense without succumbing to ads to speed it up hence unless your base is up to date you're wasting character exp, guns locked behind gold, gold= real $ unless you slow grind, consumables like speed clock, medkits, or melee etc should NOT cost precious gold, cash rewards needs increase.
The best zombie game I played. You don't have to spend money here, you just have to have a long patience to upgrade your town center. I did not encounter problems so far. It's enjoyableπŸ‘
The game was really great, but the problem is, when you upgrade the said levels,, it's to long to wait to buy materials you needed for upgrade like, town center or etc... And the other guns are so expensive to buy using a gold... Really bad. What if, I don't have money to buy? I will wait for to long before I can play this game again... So so so sad!!! I hope this game is change, or lower the prize of the item we needed... Thank you..!!!
Great game for kiddos.. but what's this? I've purchased your event pass but you just took may payment? I didn't get the pass but I paid for it..so what's happening here?
I original gave a two even though I like game a little gave low rating to many actives then your character doesn't move waiting to play then if you don't follow order of things makes things even slower like I said I like game but with all the dislikes above and pay to play is not my thing when I'm just trying to kick back and blow off some steam I'll play as long as I can ran out of ads lol
I love this game, good graphic and interference is very good, waiting for 7th level, bit repetitive.overall good game
Love the game I play it alot but upgrading the things on the maptakesway to long and doesn't make sencefor as slow as ur resources are produced like example. Days to get done upgrade something and only able to collect small amounts of resources in a day. Steel is ridiculous sory to complain. It really is a great game play.
No one wants a pay to play offline game. At first this game was great. Now you can only unlock new gear and characters by paying money. I am very disappointed and will be uninstalling this app.
Been playing for a while and a fun game though a bit repetitive at times. Still good to pass the time. Used to be able to get by without watching adverts unless you want to get rewards. However, just recently, whether you like it or not, video adverts keeps popping up after every 3 missions or so and no rewards for that! I understand the need to make money for the developers but that spoils the mood and fun of playing. If it goes on then i'm sad to say you have just lost another player.
A few 'features' like base building but done in the most rudimentary way. Only a few buildings and upgrades do nothing but incease numbers. Very grindy, buggy and just poorly done (I don't think this was beta tested at all). The 3rd person aiming is bugged so that where the aimer is and where the bullets hit aren't always the same (Misses a lot up close and enemies can hit you from the left while obscured by the character). Most of the game is pay locked. Have to buy sniper and LMG for missions.
I haven't got glued to a good zombie shooter game for the phone in a very long time, but then moment I downloaded this game. I haven't been able to put it down. Very good game. The controls are easy to use an learn, the story is fun to follow. Graphics are great as well as the sound quality. All in all πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». Throwing number on it.. 10/10 Recommend to everyone I know who plays games as such.
Like an Alfa Romeo, great when it works. Sometimes just freezes, takes literally a few minutes to reload and then sometimes freezes again. And sometimes doesn't. Sometimes locks the whole tablet up. Also don't load adverts from certain pages as sometimes it freezes everything. And sometimes doesn't. Extremely irritating.
Seems I'm gonna have to take back my previous review.. been playing the game for MONTHS & seems you guys have WAY to many glitches & have to "update " entirely to many times! I lose weapons that I've bought CASH & seems if without cash one cannot progress in the game. Not enough rewards but sure as hell wont be able to move forward in advancement...
Good game. Extremely difficult to get 'Superior Weapons' & the game keeps on HANGING. Your cellphone is totally Unfunctional / Dead for some time because of Cache Junk / Viruses. Please take care. I'm not going to write to your support team. Will Delete The Game.
Great game love it people you should try this game it's awesome lots of action shooting is great moves with you easy flow weapons great gets a ten out of ten
7/10 the sensitivity is to slack and the campaign is only one way pass, I suggest it should be atleast open but has a very low rewards since you can goback if you wanted(story wise)
This is solid, fun game. Ads are only voluntary (so far) . It's fun to upgrade your town and inch your way through it bit by bit. One of the best zombie fps games I've seen in awhile! The ads though are terrible and dont load if you want to watch them to speed up your upgrades
Decent graphics and precise controls. The game is also really fun. Ads are never intrusive and only play when you chose to see them (++A devs). Compared to "other games" that are very similar to this, the progression here is much better (a little slow). Save your gold early on and you'll have a much easier time. So why 4 stars? Missions are not replayable. Eventually you will run out of campaign content and the infinite mission payouts are negligible. 5 stars if this changes in the future.
Pay to play and thats all...one purchase is not gonna help you..it demands continual purchases or you will go nowhere...kinda like life, no money and you dont matter
Fun thru middle of lev 4. Then level 4-6 gun too weak to prog. You will luv this game if you like waiting 2 or 3 days to upgrade town center to get better guns. Then 2-4 days to upgrade again. Need level 6-8 gun to progress thru level 4. Need town level 12 for that. Takes over a week to upgrade town from 10 to 11. Then another week colecting resorces to upgrade to 12 then wait 2 days for that to happen. $99 for large gold that wouldnt get you far! Shoot 3 missions WAIT....3 more Wait. Deleting
Not enough weapon access after you reach a certain level. In the time of the pandemic nobody has money to spend on video games to reach the next level and spend some more money for you to make sure that you spend some more money. That's really obsurd and rediculous.
Would be cooler with more interaction or something. Reminds me of an arcade game that you shot those plastic guns at. I mean it is fun, dont get me wrong. Make MORE maps. Also, it takes so long to sync data from a new installation. Can you work on that?
game is incredible, weapons are just the right ones for zombies even the ones with less damage to target can be put to good use to achieve one's aim
This app is good but it's so flicking expensive even you buy cost 15 gold bars for least expensive gun you buy for 800bgold bars is good for 2 plays then you have upgrade it its 5 different upgrades each for 35 gold bars I bought gold for 36 dollars it was hone in 45 mins they are looting people.
I really enjoy this gaming app so far so good. This is the first game I've download over a ZTE Android πŸ“± & I'm really addicted to the game. Love how they give you the opportunity to collect free gifts that you need in order to operate the game. 3 🌟
Fix it! App closes everytime and quite frankly it's getting f'n annoying when I have to go back and reopen the app. Do something to fix the goddamn problem. Unhappy and fed up with the bs.
At first this game is good don't need spending money but more effort is needed to level up. However after through my first update it begin to make the game less fun for example easter event are just putting some easter egg here and there nothing more and developer call that an update 🀣then we force us to watch commercial even worst in difficult Level event virtually nothing new about it and still u have to make big data update 🀣 each Level cost over 200mb for nothing. Glad I not spending
dont bother.. un installed . this game needs a graphic reduce setting. . its very laggy and freezes on all regions 5 stages you can never pass them. . the reason is the huge number of zombies attacking at once. so if the explosion and blood effect of zombies death can be cancelled,issue will be solved. but for now its not possible for me to pass them even i have the best weapons in the game
I enjoyed this game like others who download it ,but like same feeling they had upgrade and buyed new weapon was cost much than we expected. it's now so frustrating to pass another level or map without upgrading new weapon yeah sure your "game"was free to download, but buying gold pack was totally a robbed out rip off cost πŸ™„.
You've changed the attributes of the Jungle Stalker sniper rifle! It used to be 1 kill = 10 extra bullets in the mag. This is no longer the case. I'd like to know why the change?
Really Good Game But need improvement in Controls and graphics Need FPS Shooting Game Need Free Money to Buy New Weapons
Good game, good graphics. Lot of fun. Waiting patiently for region 7. Only drawbacks are it takes way to long to update your town. (2+ days) Additionally, I used to get plus 10 ammo for every kill with my sniper rifle. Now, after the update, you get 3 rounds and that's it.
Not bad , but pay per proceed with the story is not great. Otherwise the waiting time to get money or resources becomes too long.
The graphics are op but there should be a option of changing shooting angle as it is difficult when the levels up
Excellent game but after recent update phone getting very hott now playing this game!! Just look at other reviews it's shutting down randomly and sends you to your homepage..!!Needs to be fixed.....Never had a problem before with this game and I'm playing on a Galaxy S21 ultra ! So it's not my phone..
I love this game. It's very addicting. I honestly didn't think I'd still be playing this game but here I am! I just wish I could win the very exclusive weapons during the tournaments πŸ₯Ί or I could buy one but no $ so I try the regular way. Overall. Love it.
This game is good enough to play but the issue which had to be fix is the movement the should be a joystick for better movement
So far so good enjoying the gameplay and the guns and its really good graphics so I can't complain only thing I can say is that the gun packs are too expensive I used to be able to win the guns throughout the game and unlock them as you go