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Zombie High: Choices Game RPG

Zombie High: Choices Game RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Delight Games located at 16015 179th Ave SE Monroe, WA 98272. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's the best story I've ever read and if you decide to go to a paper back book or something I will buy them all those of you that took the time to rite this choice story have done a very good job πŸ‘ thanks I hope you continue to make games. Like this please πŸ™ there awesome.
Awesome game(for me)!!! Addictive too. Played everyday until I finished, lol. Love that you have the different choices for your next move/plan, the interaction, and it keeps you wanting more. I don't mind the ads, just too often during gameplay. More games like this please! Thank you.
Its really awesome and amazing πŸ’―. but I really don't like de idea of how many coins you earn from a volume because you don't get enough to buy the next volume so u really need to decrease the amount of coins used to buy volume.but aside that it's definitely the best choice game ever
I realllly like the game but this recent choice I came on like no matter what I do I die I restart to checkpoint literally 15 times and chose another choice but it still doesn't work and I die anyway and I have stopped playing it bc of this plz tell me what to do???
Absolutely amazing! I loved every single second of the story, I couldn't stop reading it! It was so well written, the storyline was fabulous and different to other zombie apocalypse stories I have read. I like how interactive the app was- with so many choices to pick from in each chapter- and I also liked how by picking certain choices you would earn a different amount of points. Possibly my favourite zombie apocalypse story yet! I'm sad to have finished it. Would make a great TV series!
Game Info Good if you like zombie fights and want a few options when choosing routes in game. Amazing if you like to read. The only thing is that you have to play as a high school girl who has a crush on a couple idiots (theu focus more on that than zombie survival) I'd take out romance completely, but it is Juvenilale Fiction.
The best choices game ever! I LOVE the way the plot is written, but sadly sometimes when I want to watch an ad, it's said to try again:( Ah and please add the amount of the coins that we got from watching ad, 2 coins isn't enough, I think. Thank you for the amazing game!
It's rated 12+, not just for horror. It's mature at times. But, the reason I uninstalled is because every hero is borderline stupid.
Hi, this game is just absolutely boring, all you do is read and scroll and tap. Like, what's the point, I thought this would give us good cutscenes and stuff like that. I recommend that you don't install this unless you don't like reading. So yeah have a great day guys, bye
I'm not usually one for the 'high school'atmosphere reads, but the story was good & i actually enjoyed it a lot.
Omg I LOVE this app! SPOILER ALERT, In chapter 3 or 4 (it's been a couple of months since I've read this) I HATE IT when Chase dies. I had gotten Soo attached to him as well as other characters in this story! It's really good and I recommend it. You can read it offline too! And no I'm not being paid to say this! I really do recommend this and you won't regret downloading this app! Also stay safe everyone! 😊😘
I like he little achievements, choices, and consequences! Also, the way you choose the story impacts alot of the story, so it makes it more fun! Thank you for making his wonderful game!
Now I rarely rate anything, but this is one of those rare occasions. I loved the story, it honestly and truly appealed to me and introduced a new world of the ideas of zombies and choice games. I got attached to the characters and the plot was phenomenal. The only complaints I would address are the fact that when you reset a chapter or go back to a checkpoint, the menu stays there and messes with the scrolling and choosing, however on a lesser note there were just a few spelling errors.
i like this kind of games. 3 stars because i want some pictures, so hard for me imagining their looks but story is good so far, and maybe adding something on the start where you can choose whether you be a boy or a girl, cause im a boy and i want to be a boy on a game. but so far so good. i like the dark theme also.
This app is very interesting and I really like it 😊. It's not bad if you ask me. I like apps like this and I love to read so I think it's helpful to play this when your bored . πŸ˜‰
I loved this app so much. I played it on my tablet a while ago and just downloaded it onto my phone. I got really into the story and became attached to the characters. I cried so much after what happened to Chase (not trying to spoil) and was all torn up about the fact that nomatter how many times I replayed the chapter, I couldn't change what was going to happen.. ;w; TeT I would definitely recommend it!!
This game is so entertaining and so much fun! Even if you mess up and pick the wrong choice the game takes a turn that you didnt expect and I wanna know how their phones never seem to die. I wish I had that kind of phone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ really good game though I cant wait to see what happens next!
Very good read. Interesting storyline with characters u can really relate to. I look forward to reading more chapters. It gives great character background and with the choices option u really feel involved in the story!!! Highly recommend
It's awesome game. The storyline is pretty cool. Their are lots of twists and turns in story, which makes it even more awesome.
So I tried it, it's descent, but I wanted more of a realistic kind of roleplay, not where you start off with weapons but like living a normal life until some running zombies come out without an idea why and how. If there is something like I described then I'd love to try it. 4 stars for the work out into this.
Love this. I wish there were more stories like this, with a strong female character. Hope there are more to come finished this one. Would love to do an other one.
I Love It, This Is My Favourite Game On The Choice Games Series. Hope You Keep Making More Games :D But (Spoiler Alert) I Got Sad When Chase Died :c
Used to be free now there's an AD every 90 seconds. And you need to buy coins to move on. They're already getting paid for the ADs now they want us to buy coins. Shame
Love this story game! The whole idea of it is remarkable and a new, fresh ontake of the zombie apocalypse. I like how i feel im interactively changing the storys outcome even when you still end up with the same outcome at the end of each volume, however the enjoyability of it makes up for it. The needing of coins to unlock books is alittle annoying but not too much of a wait or struggle. Def reccommend though, one of my favorite apps ever played!
It's well written, to a point.I find it an interesting story, with a neat twist by adding intelligent zombies.But, I feel like the choices I make aren't really validated most of the time.For example, you have the choice to either kill, release, or do nothing to one of your enemies who is currently tied up.I didn't want to release the bastard in fear of being attacked, but I didn't want to straight up kill them.So I decided to leave them be only to see that it didn't matter, they still die.
This is a nice game, with a really nice story and choices.....but the problem is.....we have to get coins to unlock the next volume....and we have to watch ads for it....which is okay....but we have to watch a long ad for just one coin....it takes me days to unlock the next volume.....can you pleeeaase fix this?.....
Amazing is the only word to discribe this game... I seriously enjoyed it alot it didn't take me long to finish the story just 2 months ( hehe) but the thing is that maybe you guys should keep the chapters hidden it will be a big surprise for those who start recently (welp as much as i know they will be surprised).. but if your imagination is good then this game will pretty much feel like a teleporter to a whole new world i even started crushing on sven (hehe) overall i love it alot!!!!
I definitely wish there was more. I actually downloaded this by accident and thought it would be stupid and immediately got sucked into it. It was very well thought out and executed. I think it's a pretty big world and there could be alot more to this story mutations of the virus they havent seen other types of cures just so many more possibilities.
The story is the most amazing story i have ever read. Download this app now, i did not expect i would get addicted to it so quickly. Highly recommend to everyone type of gamer but only if you can read basic English.
The paragraphs are very long it's very difficult to read that paragraphs.Try to make paragraphs shorter overall it's a good app.
So this game blew my expectations. I honestly can say this is a good reading roleplaying game that i love. If you don't love to read then this game would a have been boring. I got a issue with coins for the books am not always connected to the internet or have a visa card to purchase coins so buy the next book. Would like to see if something could be done
Its like the best choose ur own adventure ever! Exciting story and i love how they give us 3 coins and 2 luck(theyre rlly good) for free as long as we promise to share the game! Thx for making such a great game! Stay safe!
I used this app about 12/18 months ago, back then it was free, these days though it's got a price to play, the story is good and the multiple choices are interesting. I get watching adverts for coins but hitting me with adds at a rate of 5 in as many minutes is a bit strong arm isn't it, I thought the idea of watching said apps was for you to earn ££/$$ ect, but hitting me with more is over the top ?
Addictive. Finished the ten volumes in a week. I enjoyed the storyline with the many twists and turns in trying to survive including some mysteries to lift. I liked the options of redoing a chapter to reach different achievements as wells as score highest, if not done so on the first try. I also enjoyed the lack of images. That way I was able to use my own imagination more :)
This was Amazing! I loved Everything about!! This is now my most favorite Game AND Book. Im sure From everything ive read nothing could be Better than this! I espically loved Jane, she was So Amazing espically after going to the Surface up their i could see her full potential! Her personality was wonderful i was Happy to play as Her, i was sad when Chase died Later i felt and knew it was important to the Story. Author you did a Amazing job with this!! I hope to never forget this Story/Game!!
Great game for the blind. But i have only 1 problem. Rewarded videos are almost never available when you need coins. I endet volume 3 off the game with 14 coins. Now i need 16 coins beforr i can unlock the next volume of the game. But there are no videos to watch. Please fix this. But i realy will recommend this great game to other blind people to play. Keep up the good worke. Thank you.
An awesome game. I highly recommend it. I have just started playing this game but I can already tell that this will be worth my time. You guys can make the game even better by adding some music and maybe some pictures to truly grasp the attention of your audience. Keep the great work up.
Based on my experience from this game, they are truly great and excellent for the gameplay and the storyline though I have noticed some typographical errors but I understand since these great stories are hard to find. If the developers may accept my request, I would like them to continue these series where they find more of the human civilization hiding and surviving at their very best. Perhaps they can add a military tank surviving from 13-16 years of dormancy and add some side stories.Thanks!πŸ˜€
I use to read this when there was only chapter 5, I come back to rediscover that it's doubled in story, which is great and all, but now you can't progress the story unless you have enough coins? Seriously? Then you have the option to buy it for just as much as a book 3 times as long? Don't get me wrong, it's a great story, but turning it into a micro transaction cash grab doesn't sit right with me
Great one. Inspired by how realistically you consider the story and happenings. Just if you could decrease the coins earning a bit, as well as the length of passages, because it is too long to read sometimes. In chapter 5, when Kenny is on stage, we must have good life because he will attack for sure, and you die. So add some flexibility there because I had to replay the checkpoints several times, and then from start of chapter to save some more life, and that was pretty annoying. Just superb!
I used this app about 12/18 months ago, back then it was free, these days though it's got a price to play, the story is good and the multiple choices are interesting. I kinda enjoy this app but I do lose interest in it after a while, it'll be a good time waster until such time it becomes boring then I'll just uninstall the app. It's coming closer to the uninstall, come on folks please stop hassling me to either upgrade or watch another advert that you strongly recommend, it's a damn book
Just got to the first checkpoint and so far really enjoying. Has some nice cheesy nostalgia and great twists on a futuristic apocalyptic zombie world. Looking forward to continuing it.
Well.. It's good. I'm into this kind of game and I play the detective choice like this. Well I guess it's still lacking a little. Maybe you should add many other choices you know? So it will make the game pretty hard. Because some of the choices is so obvious. Add 2 choices that looks like the right choice so the players will think harder and imagine themselves what will they do if they're there. That's all. Overall it's good that's why I love it.
Story is nice and engaging, I'm currently on volume 2 out of a dozen I think. You have the option to either pay to unlock next volume or watch a couple ads to unlock it (I was trying to watch an ads every 10 min or so and had enough to unlock volume 2 when I finiahed the first one. **Just finished the last volume, took me about 40h to read through all of them which is very fair. I did purchase the premium version for 7$, very good deal for the 40h of enjoyment.
This is a good game, but i gave it a four only because while scrolling/reading an ad just suddenly pops out of nowhere. Sometimes my phone lags because of the sudden ads. I hope that this would be fixed Because i really love this game
Too much words to read! Don't get me wrong here because the story is alright, but I can get bored easily and somehow I want to finish the story at the same time! I read light novels online and most of them have some form of audible which gives my eyes some freedom to look around while listening to the story so I'd suggest that they add an option for that! Audible version pushes the story forward and helps you get into the characters mindset without tiring your eyes but stimulating your brain!
great game!!! great story!! great everything!!! except, of course, the a fact that all my coins get converted to luck when i was to save my progress on the cloud but i cant convert them back to coins once loaded, got to struggle for more coins and all thatπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯. aside that i totally recommend this for you when your bored, a lover of booksor looking for some fun and role play. played this over and over, still the bomb!!
I found this game when I first found interest into text based games... I was reading this story for weeks. Litterly weeks and I could never anticipate or guess what was going to happen next... This game showed me my love for stories even though I do not read.. I wish I could experience this game again because nothing. Nothing has came close to the story of this game .. I don't have money to buy anything so I have to stick with the free ones... Honestly.. just give this story a try.
The game is amazing, it's a combination of two things that I love; reading stories and playing games, it's awesome😊. Anyway you might try to improve it by maybe adding some pictures to make it more lively & also lessen the length of each page,it tires the mind to read long passages while you are actually waiting for the choosing partπŸ™„. Otherwise the game is spectacular πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―.
I forgot all about this game..... It's been a few years since I played this..... Well, I'm not reinstalling it because I have so many games right now, however I can say that this was a great game, great story, plot, characters, etc. If you like text based games, then you'll most likely love this game.
don't get me wrong, i love these games and this one has sucked me in. however i don't like that the in game currency (bullets), your infection level, your popularity, and your humanity are reset to 0 when the next volume starts. they should definitely carry over into the next volume. THAT BEING SAID This whole series was absolutely amazing and i hope to see a sequel. zombie high 2 lets see it!
A few minutes to this and I'm already hooked to the story, I like how specific and expressive the characters are. And the protagonist gets to be a badass!