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Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS

Zombie Frontier 3: Sniper FPS for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by FT Games located at RM 1701(228) 17/F HENAN BLDG NO 90 JAFFE RD WANCHAI HongKong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence, Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love this game story line are great and graphics are great but only problem is the weapons are expensive and you need to upgrade weapons after 1 or 2 missions pls fix and I will give 5 stars thanks๐Ÿ˜Š
the game is good but it's little hard to gain money and I have a problem when I press quest appears a message ( this feature is not available for your account )
Graphics are awesome. I dont rate often but i really enjoy this game and im not sure if you guys even respond or fix things. So here goes. I spent equivilant 60.00 or so on gems for better weapons. Used few times before having to upgrade. Your stuff is so expensive, and i have very very limited budget. I really enjoy this game i just cant afford the upkeep. I play to unwind while i still can play...im losing my sight. So if you can make upkeep affordable for everyone, that would be great
It's a good game, graphics are awesome. It could load a little faster and the guns should be more attainable other than that the game is superb
This game is ok,super ,great, extraordinary. In this game super thinking of gameplay,different types of zombies,areas,graphics.. But one thing is PAY(upgrade) to play,it's boring&lost interest on game...plz remove this type of gameplay... also in Dead islands mode from(39-50/50) controls can't work properly STRUCK..๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ก. But .. Game is super..
game could be fun but every level requires all your guns to be outrageously upgraded to the point where you might as well just dump cash into it.
You advertise free gems, when someone follows you on Facebook but that doesn't work. Please fix it. It's very annoying when you advertise stuff and not deliver
The Free Gems feature does not work. Tried the Survey that promised 490+ Gems but did not grant a single one. Data mining, could be dangerous to users. Google should verify for the safety of users. Feedback feature also does not work. Controls especially panning the olayer view is so clumsy and gets your player killed.
Fun game but must purchase in-game items to advance. Also you won't always receive your in game purchases, good luck getting help or refund.
switched from iPhone to Samsung. lost all progress made, filled out stupid ads to get gems and havent received them, filed a claim and still cant get the claims resolved, wont be spending any money on this game any time soon! horrible customer service!!!!!
I love the game but when I triy to eclip one of my guns it shows it bein eclip but when I go to play the game I only have one of those guns please fix this problem please I'm very very happy about the game I think it's the best zombie game ever made and played please read
free gems suck don't waist and I mean don't waist 45 minutes in 1 free gem app you will get robbed without a gun.
I've uninstalled this game after realizing only the first few levels are free. Its advertised as being a free game to play but in reality that's a false statement. You're FORCED to buy outrageously priced firearms to advance in the game. Its impossible to earn your way to victory over time. Which should be implemented into the game. They get paid for downloads and this game has a ton of them and they still chose to rip people off.
High weapons prices and take to much space for weak phones i played it on a weaker phone but the game didn't have lags it's good for weak phones
First,the gameplay, graphics, control,story was awesome very good no other games like this But the problem is guns and items are way too expensive. I played the game in first chapter i used uzi and when i completed the first chapter the reward was too less that i can only buy pistols and 2to3 low guns that do not have enought firepower required for the second chapter so i uninstalled it coz players need to pay to complete the game and most player (like me) cannot easily buy gems and other stuff
Love the game only problem is it gets stuck loading all wont stop. I have to exit out and come back in only to have to do it 6 7 more times before it finally works. This is every single time
While the gameplay was okay. DO NOT ATTEMPT THE GEMS OFFERS. They give you the run around about recieving your prizes. I strongly recommend that you find a different game to play.
Review For version 2.36. The full auto sounds are a bit out of rhythm. You need to fine tune the full auto sound. It feels like fire rate is going up and coming down back and forth. Which in reality doesn't happen. And that hampers gameplay experience. And firearm upgrades should be removable . this is my favorite zombie game so far, but it has flaws...
I give him 5 stars but I give it 4 stars because of ads . Many people say this game is hard but I thought that this game help you when you are assaulting in pubg and free fire
Ads game. Too much commercial.Keep on watching ads to play game. It's all depends on gems and coins you need to pay for it
It was fantastic, I like this game too much and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in killing zombies. It really feels real. I appreciate it. Thanks.
I enjoy this game. Lots of levels that get harder as you move along. I would have given it 5 stars if the money you need to spend on this game wasn't so high. I've spent probably $150 so far. I was supposed to have the best gun but when i got it it had to be upgraded. If you don't continually upgrade then you wont advance in the levels. The price is ridiculously high. Way more than any other game i have played.
Addictive. Good graphics the very kind I like. But the player does not control his movement. You just budge into blood sucking beasts instead of taking easy steps and be a real soldier.
Good grafix but too much costly and if you are free user so sure it's vary hard and you have to watch many add to complete missions of game it's very disturbing and of you delete one time this app that clear all your access data even you login !! So, keep away from it in my suggestion!!
Good game but definitely a money pit. Not worth it. I only spent like 10 bucks to defeat a level and right after I didn't have the power to win the level after. You would think after having made this game 3 times around the makers would know what they are doing.
this game are great but please can't you add some joystick that you can control him and add some big place that he can't adventure there and he have his own village and please if you are moving to anothere side of map please can't you do not download the it before playing
Nice game but they dont give you the gems promised when completing other offers from different games. Disappointed Update: It seems that somehow the feature worked, i remember clicking again in the offer and i guess it went through this time. Got more than 2 thousand gems
1000% PAY-TO-WIN This is a marginal time killer with ok graphics. Is it entirely "free" to play? You could spend $100-$200 in real cash and you still wouldn't be able to fully "upgrade" the weapons you need to win, so you tell me? Make no mistake that this game has been designed to steal your money. In-game purchases, third-party ads, third-party bait click offers, and impossible to achieve weapon upgrades. Overall, my opinion is that this game is a pay-to-win nightmare.
good funny game need to give more gems an gold then it's a 5 star waiting to see up grade Santa's hat's need to go plus Christmas setting please want to give 5 star need so changes!!!
I am really pissed off because i am on the last level .. I have probably paid like 60 bucks for gold and jewels and i completed an offer on the offerwall which would have given me 2000 jewels but .. Unfortunately it was for NEW USERS ONLY!! I think that is pretty messed up because i cant afford to put any more money into the game and i am stuck on the fifth level with no way to advance any further.... Thanks guys..
Everything in this game is Need bundle maybe to play is Free รŸut Guns, Chapters, etc.. Is need bundle. So guys please try to make it everything is free. Whatever this game is So good condition, graphic, gun sound its really ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Too much ads. Ads within ads. I'm fine watching them to get energy and double rewards but force ads after watching one disrupts the game. Sometimes the music of the previous ad keeps playing in the background unless i exit the game and open it again. Plus you need to watch 30 sec of forced ads. You cant even skip it. What's with the effin ads. This stops me from supporting the game and buying diamonds. The ads are annoying.
The game is great, it's just extremely exspensive. The biggest gun is the m60, and you have to have it upgraded all the way to beat the final boss. Costs 100 bucks in real money to buy it, and then about 600 bucks in real money to upgrade it. If you're ready to spend 700 in real money, or farm one mission for 4 weeks, this game is for you!
Except for the daily rewards that changes as soon as you are supposed to receive cool guns....so you have to end up buying it....dumb move..... could be a great game i guess
I gave it a 5 star it's good but. I hated when there's ads in every 2-3 seconds I hated its annoying but I still give it a 5 stars
Ally Mgawe.lot fun ๐Ÿค”.most active duty service to be winter. It's not easy to get ๐Ÿ‘† level. ๐Ÿ˜˜wonderful and amazing but ๐Ÿ˜ something when you fail ๐Ÿ˜ปIf you healing sounds of coin ๐Ÿ‘›
In the last boss level the screen going dark so we can't win please fix this problem but this game graphics are fantastic and level are also very nice si please add new boss level
You know i love and hate this game. Graphjcs are great. But upgrades are so expensive. And i think rating goes no where unless you get a presponse. I cant even uninstall because i have to much money invested.i just purchaSed a tommy gun and can barely kill a zombie dog with it. If you read these can you please make upgrades not so damn costly. By the way, whatever happened to the supposed tournaments? I have the most powerful guns and can not kill zombie dogs with them. Do you read these FT?
Game is fun and all but I did one of the ads for free gems and finished it, logged into the game got the free gems then almost immediately after the game force quit and when i logged back in all my gems were gone. Very upsetting ๐Ÿคฌ
The game could be one of the best if you didn't have to pay so much to upgrade weapons and the money you make from missions IS SOO LITTLE...that's what made me uninstall the game
Great game but the money you have to spend is outrageous to get anywhere. Love the game but have to put bad stars. I'm stuck, spent my money well and only played for a few days. Cant get anywhere without spending $20. I'm good at the game but $$ is where it's at on this one, disappointing.
It needs updation and some events too.... with ....mulitple new missions as like survival ..and new iteams too...and also there is no event date fixed??? It must be in description
best zombie game ever. i know, alot of people complaining about ads, turn off wifi. thats so easy. if you complain about having to spend money, actually you dont have to spend any single nickle. so calm down. its a good game. the developers have to get money so they put ads. the developers have to get money, so they put ingame purchases. so what?
I think I like this game.... I'm not a big fan of a zombie games but this one is good... the graphics... the game plan...it really is a time killer.... but it has some difficulties like when you encounter the zombies you are a dead stick coz you can't move and it is too hard to earn other guns...likewise earning gems.... it is forcing players really to buy it with cash...this game is not like other games that can earn items just by watching adds... it could have been 5 stars.....
A very nice game with high quality graphics.. But most of the best thing is its '' free to play'' to those who are a good gamer with good patience and not a single penny will be spent .. There are farm site within the game just discover it with enjoyment of the game 5 stars..
Dont download this game. Its good at first but gets so hard you run out of upgrades. Dont know why i played this game for so long. Sucks!!! Impossible to complete
This game is good and has good graphics it gets scary when u don't get to move yourself around when the zombies starts coming towards u and that's one bad thing. U guy's should really fix that
Well i put up a review in Dec of 19 and after that i uninstalled the game until last week 4 - 2021 and this game still needs MAJOR updata it is not worth the time still dont waste your time until they fix it if ever
This game is more expensive than owning a PS5. The fast pace at which an upgrade is needed after purchasing a new gun and barely using it for 2 levels is ridiculous! ๐Ÿ™„ The developers of this game should calm down, we all need money.
kind of fun but its missing a biggest feature of a game. You cant edit the button layout. Never understood why game companies do this.
Everytime I try to open the game to play it freezes and I can't even open the game I have uninstalled the game the re-download the game and still nothing works developers for this fix this already make the game work because it's starting to become very annoying I would give it 5 stars but I can't even open the damn game
Good game, good graphics. For those complaining about spending money with no progress, well all I can say is that i reached level 77 within 2 months without spending a dime. I m 20 sniper missions away for completing the whole thing . If you r a real gamer, u r gonna love it.
Pay to play. This is the worst offender in this category that I've ever downloaded. Maybe you can play one or two 30 second levels. But it would take months, if not years, of daily play to save up enough to advance through the first map without cash purchases or signing up for other promotions. You also can only pay a few ~30 second rounds at a time before it asks you to pay to continue. Or wait 6 minute PER game.
Love this game but I downloaded one of the games for you can get more gems on the game called Coin deezer and get passed level 8 on it and I'm past level 8 and I didn't get the 914 gems like it said I would
I will not write alot,but this game is wonderful and awesome,good graphic but i dont understand this.First,i dont know how to buy a gun and secondly,i think in some levels you have to fix the game in such a way that the player can move its body,good work.Thank you
The game is great, only problem is that it ends with level 5 which is unfair because I've spent a lot for this game. Please update!/upgrade so that there's other levels. Thank you.
It's great and everything but if you would have added more movement to the character it would've been awesome
Good game just there something wrong with the free diamonds I did the task and I didn't get my diamonds plz fix this
Game is awesome but short levels.anyway love this game .But please add character control moving button.Thanks๐Ÿ™‚
Started off great, then you run into a wall. Only way to progress is to spend money. I deleted the game
Its too hard, same round but very dificult and the game is cheated, its not desame the zombies are different numbers and others zombie is hard to kill, even its a regular zombie. This game is not fair!!!
is the best game ever but can you get me free coins plssss because i need them to buy more guns or uprage guns plss is not i will put it 1 star ohhh no 0 stars plss do it or else......theres concequences.....
Very good game the graphic design is too good ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ I love this game ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ the zombie is coming to fast and I love this game the firing sound is soo good and the sound of zombie scared me ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜˜
Briefly overall game play is fun but not when you invest time and indulge with (real money) and the upgrade in your arsenal the next day or so is no longer there, as with UTS15 shotgun. I've reached out to developers but no response from them at all. This left a bad taste in my mouth like rotten flesh.
Very fun game until you get to the higher levels, in which you have to spend $100 a day if you want have a good enough gun to continue playing. Very expensive game.
The fact that after a 10 mins of playing you are forced to pay only to be able to beat the next levels ( the beginning levels ) makes me reconsider spending time with this game. @developers: you are too greedy, and you are willing to loose players in favor of few dolars. And the fact that the commercials can't be closed, and are popping themselves ... that's not even annoying, it's spamming. In fewer words, there are better zombie games. Thanks. Bye.
(I want a refund please and thank you) I do love the game im not a video gamer at all but this game got me im not here to bash or downplay this game great graphics but the upgrades are to much the free gems are not worth the effort to get them my only problems are i paid for upgrades and packages and they were took back but i was not refunded and the developer and support takes forever to reach back out to you (HINTS TO THE FACT THAT I AM STILL WAITING TO GET THIS ISSUE RESOLVED) @ZF3Dsupport
This game would be AWESOME if the damned prices for new guns were not so high. That problem alone makes the game unenjoyable to play. Either drop the prices of each of the weapons or give higher rewards for finishing quests or missions.
Its worst game i have ever seen. They need only your money. Full of rubbish ads Sometimes lag in snapdragon 865
This game ain't an offline, why to fool us huh๐Ÿค—, just mention about it truthfully thought the game is somehow nice in its own way but with much data we simply waste our times so upgrade it and notify me and I am ready to download for the last time and play untill I get bored alright๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ‘. Thanks
It's fantastic i would have gave 5 stars but after completing 10 or 15 levels it's just impossible to complete the level means just 2 - 3 zombies coming from here and then a number of zombie dogs come and starts to bite then from the down the zombies come cruthing then the dogs go away and the time i am taking to kill the zombies from the back more zombies are coming we can kill them by upgrading guns but when killing one boss zombie comes and then the situation you can think of it just get im
Can't accept any weekly slaughter quest. It says "Network Error" "Can't accept request. Please try again later." is this feature bugged?
Got all the way to the last boss and it is glitching so can not complete the game witch is very frustrating, have emailed several times and no reply? FIX YOUR GAME
Do not install the game, full of ads and every ad leads you to either wasts of time or is just a fraud to get ur account details. Beaware of the ads in the game
Within 10 minutes you realise you can't do any levels without paying quite a substantial amount of money to complete. Not a case of it is hard to complete them, it's actually impossible. Unless you want to spend money on in game I wouldn't bother with this one.
I just spent money on this game and it hasn't been opening every since! This is straight BS! I WANT MY MONEY BACK OR FIX THE PROBLEM!
Every thing is ok in this game ๐Ÿคฉ I have only one suggestions add mission mode like me and my team Mets are in military base๐Ÿฐ some survivors are out in the zombie so find them and take them into military base๐Ÿฐ make this mode so like more then 500 hundred mission like open world ๐Ÿ• give us we us weapons and bike, car , truck, jeep,more please update this๐Ÿ‘
Hello, FT games. wow! I very like this game. Very much! Thanks so much, but i still at that level. But, thank you. New cool weapon, and more, more level, more weapon and more item.
My biggest issue is that even if you decline to watch an ad for a reward of some kind, it still makes you watch a full length ad anyways, just no reward.. kinda scammy if your asking me.
Great game. But it loses two stars because it escalates to "extremely difficult" much too quickly to social engineer you into spending $$.
While playing zombie frontier 3 since the last update the game stays stuck trying to refresh to continue I have to close it and restart all over, it's frustrating, I have been playing this game since 2014 and I don't want to uninstall the game after all this time playing, Can you help?
I enjoyed this game up until I had to spend money jus to upgrade my weapons and advance through the levels it's not even possible to play a level without necessary weapon levels if it was up to me I'd give the player the chance to fight through the whole game fair and square
why i am always getting this feature is not available for this account? i can't play achievements like kill 500 or 2000 or 5000 kills.
I'm giving 3 stars cause I've tried getting free gems by down loading other games and going by the directions to get free gems and on the trip peaks solitaire I've played it all the way to level 10 and I have not received the free gems.
I would rate this game as a 0. I paid for 1 of their recommended packages but it never showed in the game. I emailed the feedback team twice but the problem has not yet been rectified. Please avoid downloading this game. Save your money.
the amount of money that the game gives is not enough to buy new weapons and upgrade them!!! u should pay for gold in the game and its not fair at all!!!!
Why is everyone saying unless you pay real money you cant win? I haven't paid a dime and have made it to the very end, currently working on finishing the DLC portion of the game. Great graphics and never got bored of playing. 5 stars
I like the challenging new levels but. THERE ARE TOO MANY GLITCHES. In the second and last boss fight the boss doesn't chase you. In lvl 73 of sniper missions, the level doesn't end. Once the girl gets to the other end of the roof nothing happens. PLEASE FIX THESE GLITCHES.
It's a very nice I even just downloaded it again after playing it 2years ago.i rated it 4 because of how expensive are grenades and guns even if you have played for so long
No problems but 2 no contact with the developers nor have they listened to my complaints on using the extra gems options to play another game for free gems an when I completed the game an was awarded the gems I bought the things I wanted an it literally kicked me.outta the game an took the gems an the items I bought an the upgrades I did so very dissapointing to have that issue I've used it a second time an was awarded my games an was able to keep my bought items
Great zombie game. Nice graphics even tho it can look more better than it looks but still I like the game. very challenging and so much more you can do. this is a must download shooting first-person game to have on your phone. u want regret it.
Game was good untill a level where my guns were powerfull than zombies but zombies became invincible !! I hade gun power more than mission but single zombie takes 3 to 4 gun clips to die !! So in short the game is money minded and not for good content minded !!
The reason ill not gave this game a 4-5 star because we need a walk button and wee need jump button and the new update this game so suck becoyse the graphics like pixelite update a new texture of this game ill gave this a4-5 star ๐Ÿ˜Š
I really love the game but its kind of hard to buy powerful guns. Please make it a little bit easy to get guns and also increase on the rewards. Thank you so much for such a great game.
It's a great game. But, I can't do more than 1 or 2 missions without it freezing. And every time I have to start the game over. I'm ready to uninstall it.
Good game with nice graphics...but the problem is that everything is overpriced...you have to play several missions just to earn enough money for weapon upgrades...thats what makes this game suck...
the game making company is either too poor or they are too greedy. After every stage / gameplay you are asked to update your weapon also rewards are given is too low with respect to upgrade. for every upgards they are asking to spent real money so inshort this game is big time sucks. you cant even enjoy the game completely.
Great game once you get the hang of it. Too many ads though and if you get right to the end, there is a glitch. Your screen goes dark and you can't see anything and you get killed within seconds. FIX this issue and you have a very good game. There is even a glitch in the game where you can get 12000 pieces of gold with ease, but that I will keep to myself until the end glitch is sorted ;)
Love the game but I got a new phone and none of my progress transferred I had a bunch of supplies and weapons and even paid money to buy one of their packages emailed the email address they supply and got no response
One of the best zombie games I have played on Android! Only thing is, when I tap on the app, it exits out on its own sometimes. But other than that, its good.
hard to play without spending ยฃhundreds. done some difficult registrations to get free gems but never happened. waste of time with this useless game.
app is good enough but the things are too expensive to upgrade . you r really forcing to purchase the coins and gems it could be 5 star.. and i played all the levels .. pls add some new content with lesser weapon ugrade cost
1.I can't open the "quest"..it says "this feature is not available for your acount"๐Ÿค”โ˜น๏ธ 2. I already bought the strongest riffle but still can't kill the boss on the last stage๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ˜ก
Don't expect to get far in this game without spending serious money. Game itself is great, however the makers only had profit in mind. Even watching ads every chance you get is useless.
The best game I ever played.it had no problems and no errors and I think that the people who are saying that this game is not good they actually have to change there device. (Or if they don't have a problem in there devices I think that they are mad.It is just a joke.But if they really don't have a problem with there device they are seriously mad.)One of the best thing of this game is that this game is offline . Because most of the best zombie games are online.So I gave this game 5 stars.
Unlimited apps come along with this game. And the fact that i need to spend money just to clear a level is not how a game works. This is complete trash developed by greedy idiots who are trying to steal from pathetic rich idiots.
Pretty standard game in terms of gameplay and graphics. Nothing special, ads aren't very encumbersome, though the menus feel a bit cramped. It would also be a lot better with controller support so I can actually see what I'm doing as I'm doing it.
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Thank you developers,This is almost one of the best android fps shooting game i have ever come upon but can you please ease up things in there i mean you can hardly move on to next stages without using some real funds.
Amazing zombie shooting game with wonderful graphics.Probably one of the best zombie shooting games available on my new device. Just the screen needs a little more optimization for my brand new Redmi Note 7 Pro with notch display and screen of 6.3 inches width.The only problem I that the arrow button and severel buttons to select missions is hard to touch within the screen.EDIT:Thanks for optimising the game for my device.Your game deserves 5 stars๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ, nothing less than that.Love it๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–.
I saved my old game to my google play account but I did't get back my progress. What's the problem? Does not support google play games? Then why there's still a play game sign in button if it does not actually save the progres?
game it self is cool. but when u complete the task on the wall to earn gems they dont like to pay when u earn high amount ask me to send in proof. you see I completely did it or wouldn't be at this point. another game in the trash
Too many ads. Its almost impossible to play. I was enjoying so much at the beginning but now i had to delete it because it is so irritating constant ads..i hate ads...And most of all, the coins and gems are ridiculously costly who will be stupid enough to buy..., BYE BYE
I am uninstalling because this game tries to go around Google Play app protections and do known updates that should be ran through the Play Store on the back end instead. One of the latest updates kept flagging to be updated in the store, but would never complete. Scam or malware.
I'm Big fan of this game. Graphics are also very good. But you cannot buy gems gun because they are very exclusive.
I really like to play the game the game is making my time to go very well and I can't understand that how my timing is passing so therefore I love it so much..........................................................
I played this game several times but this time I actually paid cash for 100 gems and the gyms just disappeared. I've reached out to an email going to wait and see if I hear from them if not I will never play this game again beware paying actual money. Pretty upset that I wasted cash to get nothing.
no need to buy gems or gold. I have completed the main and boss all levels without buying any gems. for sniper mission and special missions you have to play with gems.no choice better not to pay any money.
i wont last long with this game. need heaps of gems and stuff to get other guns and other stuff. bit difficult to get . and just by reading the reviews dont spend money for upgrades. don't spend money at all. phew lucky I didn't. must be time to delete this good game. bye bye lol
In my game, in the sniper mission 73 (protect the girl), the game just does not show the last zombie. (As seen in this video it's a nurse zombie in the far left side of the map)... If I wait for the girl to move, she gets stuck at the edge of a roof. And the game never ends. (That is at the left of where she starts walking). She doesn't gets down and the last zombie don't show up What can I do? Came a long way to download the game again. Please help.
You know what I'll take back for what I say about this game this game is really not that bad it's pretty good so far but I really like this game it's pretty fun sorry for what I said the price can be really expensive in this game but you can find ways to get more money by playing one the missions and for guns in this game there's some that are used for money and same thing as gems like some of them but if you want to get more gems you have to watch an app video to get a free gems or level up
Terrible. Definitely pay to play. And even when I broke down and bought 200 gems. They charged me twice and I never received the gems. Emailed them a couple times with no response. Zero customer support.
I like it but I have to remark that I have been to military servise - there is no powerful weapon as ak47 - it is reticiolous to set low caliber weapons as more damage causes. The game is perfect
Amazing zombie shooting game with wonderful graphics.Probably one of the best zombie shooting games available on android.Just the screen needs a little more optimization for my brand new Redmi Note 7 Pro having screen of 6.3 inches width.The only problem I that the arrow button and several buttons to select missions is hard to touch within the screen.EDIT:Thanks for optimising the game for my device.Your game deserves 5 stars๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ, nothing less than that.Love it๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–.
This game consists of good controls and better missions. I have problems in this game not only for ads, but also for the amount of coins we get for completing a mission. The weapons are costly, and missions give so less coins to buy heavy weapon. This is not good
Great game very nice i liked it.. Good graphics and good controls and lots of weapon thank you to this game..
Hello I am sure i will enjoy playing Zombie Fontier.What I'm writing you about is.the continued interuptions over,over again. iunderstand the reason putting adds in app savings on addvertisment.but its making me reluctant to play anymore of the games out of your game store.whrn it seems thats where the viruss are coming from.
Suddenly character runs out of bullets. Trying to make people spend money to complete game. Not free enough
tyvm dear developer/s I was able to collect 13m of coins for over a year, and by spending six items of adrenalins to complete sniper missi0n 85, my interest to play is refreshed, a lot of happy hours spent by killing zombies to overcome stress, my most powerful weapon, the elune, is now underdog of the zombies powering over 2000 in each support missions but its just ok I will be gladly waiting for some re-enforcement resources coming ASAP..
I like this game but here some problem that I give it one star . The loading is too Long 3 minutes and my weapons are Reset all powers are gone Please solve these problem
EXTREMELY Pay to win. This game gives you no chance to be skillful, instead it encourages you to break out your wallet.
Could have given it a better review but there are too many ads and its becoming annoying ๐Ÿ˜ก and anytime I don't play the game in 2 days It tells me to download the missions again
i love it when a plan comes together and she ran away to like last time she was literally keeping me in the loop for real y'all have a great weekend and see you soon I hope u enjoy your day with him he sounds like he is going to have a lot of time to get some more information about the job opportunity in your life and she ran out of that just
Horrible game there isn't a chance in hell to win the beginning levels without buying guns I wouldn't mind if I at least got through half the game before time to upgrade better luck next time on trying to get rich the easy way
Great game, you don't have to pay to play, but it helps. However, I am using a Samsung s10+ and since the last update the game doesn't want to load anymore. So only a 2 star.
Totally unplayable without paying. Weapon strength is too weak and payouts are way too low. I uninstalled. Good luck to anyone that likes zombie shooters.
This reminds me of some fps arcade games i used to play. Love it! What i don't like, the reason i give 3 stars, you have to pay to win. Requires too much time and effort in regular play to advance.
It's a nice game...but honestly everything is over priced...you don't even make enough money in mission to come close to upgrading...it's a pay to play...it will take years for you to save enough money to buy new weapons..and I'm not even exaggerating๐Ÿคฆ
First the missions are too short. Its an interesting game but the missions. Second, its asking me for an update yet i see no update. Just why?? Third, am giving only one star just for that. Fourth. Please increase on the mission length. They are too short
The least you could do if you're going to flood a game with ads is give people the choice to pay to stop the ads. I mean, if you want people to have incentive to buy imaginary game currency, at least make it worth while to support your game to remove ads too. Also, it's not fair to make all the best guns cost gems. But that's pretty typical for a phone game these days.
It's a very good game. I've been playing this for years. I had just completed the T5 for the 2nd time. It said new update available but for some reason I had to uninstall it to get latest update. Unfortunately I have lost all my progress and there is nothing new in this update ๐Ÿ˜ญ
The only reson im giving it a two star is becaus it is a good game but to get money is super hard and they give you a lil money and they whant you to spened money on a game if you are like a youtuber you can do it because you probley have a lot of money and the dveluber is super gredey!!!!
Too many ads. Like any other game, purchasing is expected to upgrade weapons. Why not give us unlimited ammo? That would be worth the purchasing to upgrade weapons. Deleted game after 3rd mission.
First , the free gems offer isn't very specific at all , when are you trying to complete an offer to receive free gems for example one of the offers said Download and open the app , after you complete those steps the offer is incomplete , after you report that they send you an email with another 2-3 steps wich you have to do it.Just because you guys are not fair enough me i'm not gonna spend 1 penny for this game. You don't deserve it , simple as that !
100% pay to win game. You can not advance levels if your not willing to pay cold hard cash to get there. And a lot of it ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”.
The game is fun if you want spend a ton of money if you dont good luck. Also if you do the free offers good luck getting your gems I will never download another game by this developer or do another free gem advertisement by fyber been arguing with them for 3 weeks and spent money on the game I downloaded to complete the offer and no gems. I keep getting the same run around generic emails from fyber customer service if you want to call them that. Bottom line is dont bother wasting your time
I recieved my rewards and suddenly the game restarted there were 20k+ coins but after restart it became 7k Please check this glitch or bug Device: samsung SM-A805F OS Version: 10 Language: en Country: GB Version: 2.36
This game is decent looking and pretty fun to play. However, it is designed so you very quickly reach a point where it makes you grind so hard that you either give up and Uninstall the game/ break down and spend real money, or grind to the point that the game is no longer fun. All of the money you try to save up for a better gun will have to be spent on upgrades just so you can play the next level, rinse and repeat.
I like the game but the bosses are very hard to kill with the regular guns and the good guns are hard to get unless you pay for them
DLG military camp, 9/40 kill all zombies in the room. There is a zombi running upstairs and not coming to the stairs, so I can't kill it and finish the mission. I've tried for few times
Went for free gems, downloaddd said game and performed several action like requested and never recieved the gems. This game is a joke all they want is money.
I love this game ๐Ÿ˜€ walayi......however the missions are very hard and guns so expensive ๐Ÿ˜ข..graphics good ๐Ÿ‘
I love this game. Alot of guns, cool zombies, cool bosses, kind of hard, but that's what makes it fun. Try it out.
Good idea about d game but the cost of running it is much. You have to spend money to be able to go far in the game. The ads are excessive, the free gems will always redirect you to another game. It needs some fixing.
It would be a ton times better if they were not out for money. U literally can not buy any guns because they are too expensive. Then the upgrades alone is expensive. The only way you can play is to buy the high powerful guns that's it. Then u can not get any free gems although they force you to tap them bc that is the only free attempt.
Its super fun and great graphics but you wont get far before your forced into spending money, and your pockets better be deep!! After you buy weapons it says an additional purchase is necesscary, nothing you spend turns out for squat !! Dont give this game a penny !!!!!
Survive the zombie apocalypse as a sniper: Shoot your way out in this war! A dangerous vaccine has developed a powerful virus that mutates humans into zombies. This lethal virus spread out causing a zombie invasion and people are in immediate danger of a gory death. Human survivors must fight in a war to the death... Turn yourself into a zombie shooter, make the streets your battlefield and make your way through numerous challenging levels in this Google Playโ€™s recommended shooting game! Challe
you need to keep updating this game it's a major Goods is going on his gaming you haven't fixed them yet like Bromley shooting the bad guy the boss I should say
Kind a wish someone would have had the Stones to friendly warn me about the INCREDIBLY MIND ALTERING ADDICTIVE QUALITIES that this particular app possesses and will not hesitate 2 to consume our after hour of time that could probably could probably be spent performing performing 4 more important task such as catorgerizieng my toenail and pre-pubesent reading material..๐Ÿค“
That was amazing game I like the background and the characters but the zombies face my God that was Soo scary
worse game. the only way even advance in this game you have to buy gem and all that stuff you could have fair chance not only that you finish a mission and they give 200 coins and then the upgrades are 300 coins and the guns or ammo 8000 or coins and 4 missions later i was at a boss figth. not a fair chance. dont waste your time at all people. so freaking many add. just think youtube every vidoes one add. then 5 more adds in the game and then at the end another add. yeah no thanks 2 weeks done
wow the best game ever if you're looking for shooting kicking ass this a game to download,it may look easy when you start but as you go far the harder it get the more interesting it gets i have to warn you it is damn addictive.
Good game. But i give it 3 stars becuase the guns and items are too expensive. And it's hard to get gems thats so unfair, and the gold rewards are so small. Please fix that problem.