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Zombie Faction - Battle Games for a New World

Zombie Faction - Battle Games for a New World for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was a fun game until it's stuck on the end of season page. Could not open the chest and can't go back to the main page. Nothing works. Please fix this otherwise im going to delete the game.
Really enjoying it, normally I buy the first offer in a game to support it normally around the £5 mark but this came up at £20.99p far to expensive to start with sadly :(
It is a Better Zombie Gmae than any Of the same games.. But You have to increase zombie fight which is only in some special events...And The Graphics is cool.. Awesome Game..👍🏻⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The games great and all but whenever I finish a match the game tells me that i have to sychronize with the server even though i have good internet and the rewards in the match that i just finished i dont recieve them pls fix this bug and maybe ill give a five star rating on the game.
Great game, drones are fine, building is fine, but whenever I win/loose a battle at the end ot gives me "You need to syncronize with the server". It would be fine IF it didnt force me to and make me loose the reward because of the reset.
All the time when I Complete a mission Exacly when I must open the crates it says: You must Synchronize. AnD I lose EVRYTHING, CRAATES MONEY AND TIME WASTED. THE GAME I WHILL DELETE IT.
I wouldnt recommend installing this game or any game for that matter that wants access you your google account. If you have download i recomend going to your account settings and removing its access permision. Uninstalling it does not remove its access to your google account.
cant move the room to the area that i want!! its really annoying me. thats the reason i stop playing this game unless you fix it. LOL. thanks.
The game could use a lot better graphic and the you could fix some of the bugs i know things from our heroes and other places to explore
not a good game and not a bad game. the bad thing is i have to synchronize with the server when i win and rarely i get my reward. so many bugs. the good thing is that its has own story unlike any other game.
It's a fine game, a mix between fallout shelter and a survival game with online pvp. The only issues I have is how little you can do to interact with other players, how small the variety of rooms are, and how I can't minimize any icons around the screen, while trying to optimize my base. Plus, the repetitive server synchronizations after I raid another base, making me lose any rewards I could've got. This game is good, but it needs improvement.
i was loving this game so much but then i got to a error when ever i went to attack every single time it would say i need to synchronize and i had to restart losing everything so it got to where i cant play.
only giving this a review because i enjoyed the game play, way to many glitches doesn't keep synchronized. I win pvp matches but keep losing progress and chests cause of this problem, would love to keep playing but its frustrating trying to play when you taking 2 steps back when your only making 1 step forward.
At first, the game was good, then as I progressed I noticed a lack of variety, they just allowed your to make more of the same building over and over, and in the higher leagues, the time that you have to raid bases isn't even enough to win, and I have been attacked by the number one player in the world multiple times in the same day
enjoyed it for a day or two even though it crashed after most battles. today however i cant complete a single action without it saying i need to syncronise with server. ive spent the last 20 mims trying to move a room but it crashes every single time and the changes are never saved. good game, awful awful servers.
This game has few flaws that I personally hate...for example I can't move turret that is placed inside the room. Stairs can't be combined to go straight down when placed underneath each other. There is no hint for new survivors arriving near base, they just stand there and you can't view them on what skills they have. Tutorial MUST be longer and more about your own shelter system. You are GIVEN TIME to attack and loot other players base, mission ends if you kill leader and loot 1 warehouse, ftw
It's a great game and has pretty good graphics. It's kinda like walking dead in the sense your main enemy is other players which is pretty cool.
The Devs are non existent. Updates are extinct. So no more updates which is a shame. This game would have been much bigger and more wholesome. Still, fun for a time passer. No use in being in a clan which is a shame. Clan chat is also bugged. Terrible really as it had so much more potential.
So apparantly if you replace the leader with a guard that is in another room, then you check the room that had that guard boom you have a glitch that won't replace that one single guard from that room. Not only that , I have trouble syncing into the server so I can't play it.
Every PvP battle I win it keeps saying I need to sync with the server ripping me off from chest rewards. So far it's happening to me 10+ times . This games needs a little more work. I enjoy the theme and shelter playstyle with PvP. But between getting ripped off on chests and battles where people are constructing something completely blocks you off causing an automatic loss. It's really making it tough to play.
Buggy REALLY buggy! In the first 2 minutes I've had to restart the entire game over again in using the intro.
It's an overly simplified base builder with no story, and crashes after nearly every battle. No zombies. Made it to about lv 10 so who knows after. It's a cash grab plain and simple. Could be fun, but I doubt it will be. Fun fact, half the time you can x the ads and still get the rewards.
I like this game because most zombie games are more bloody and gory, but this is more to the chill side and you attack player most of the time, not zombies
This title is completely pay2win. Progress is capped without purchase. Would be a decent game if it wasnt for human greed. Leave this title for the noobs.
Love the game and the gameplay. It's addictive. But there are some things which needs to be corrected. 1) There's no way to know how much resources I can store in the warehouse. 2) Resources required nto upgrade the HQ is humongous compared to what you get after raiding someone. 3) Progress is very slow which makes the gameplay slow.
This is game has so fun. In the beginning your motor will die and find new survivor and make your warehouse. Make a gun rooms and fight your opponent or opponents . Still I rate this game. And still in middle fight and zombies and the warehouse is yours.
Game's obviously still in beta stage (working out the visual and gameplay bugs) but it's still good as long as you can look past that bit.
I paid for the 5.99 survivor pack and I got my email confirming the payment but I never received it. No survivors, no gems, nothing. Said there was an error. If I could get what I paid for I'd give it a 5 star
The game is fairly okay at the start,but the repetitive aspect shows up fairly early in the game. There is also a major headache in that everytime I win a fight, I get a message that I must sync with the server, the game restarts and I lose any prizes I won. Please fix, and maybe try adding a storyline, or perhaps more zombies. You literally titled the game zombies, but I can almost on one hand the number of zombies I've fought. Nice graphics and music, poor follow through.
Lots of combat bugs. Survivors sometimes just stand still when you tell them to move into a room. Sometimes survivors get stuck between rooms and just float up and down. Sometimes they remain on fire and take damage until they are dead even when not in combat. The room defense bonus is too high making it impossible to beat a level just because they spend too much time shooting doors, not really a challenge, there is no strategy, it's just run through until time ruins out.
Game keeps attempting to synchronize after playing an attack. This happens only after I complete a mission. Everytime! You will loose the attack because of this and you only get 1 every couple hours. I've had the game freeze and I loose an attack. I'll will likely delete this app of that continues to be an issue.
The matchmaking sucks ..you always get matched with a higher HQ than yours.. constantly desynching you out of the game while raiding which is really frustrating .. lastly its more on pay-to-win than f2p
The developer of this game seriously buullshit,game server not synchronize,you will never get legendary heroes,you need to top up and watch ads to get everything,never update the game ,lot off bugs ,that what thus game about ,SERIOUSLY DON'T DOWNLOAD IT
(Abandoned but) cool game with lots of potential, however it hasn't been updated in almost a year. Too bad, it could've made money. Don't download, it's a road to nowhere.
This game has a few big glitches. First is when moving guards around, you end up having to reload the game to see the change. Second, when moving the rooms, guards are stuck where they were, again the game needs to be reloaded. Third turrets are fixed, I really wanted to rotate one after I had placed it because I moved the room it was in.
have enjoyed the game, but the server that's being used keeps kicking me off the very same time I have finished beating the level so I lose all my gains. I have uninstalled this game once in frustration so I've reinstalled it and I have superfast broadband so I know the problem is at your end so please sort it out or I will be giving this game a miss.
Okay starting this off I'm gonna say this is a dead, it's boring and uneventful. Not to mention the store in the game had items that isn't worth it. 😂 The most recent buyable character is 199.99 US dollars. Ridiculously over priced for a game that isn't even worth spending 5 bucks on. I'm sorry I know you are trying to save this game and earn yourself some money but if anyone willing to spend $200 on this game you have way too much money to spend and should just donate charity.
The game itself is good but has a lot of problems. Here are just some of the problems; Bugs: Sometimes the game needs to be restarted in order to upgrade characters or even close event or sale screens. Game Mechanics: The game should have an alternative map to gain workers or fragments. Having to face other players within the first few minutes of playing causes the game to be too challenging for players that are still too weak to fight making it near to impossible to keep playing.
great time wasting game, takes a little long to earn items but that's not the bad part. I would have given this game a 4 had it not been for the constant need to synchronize server every time you'd win a match then lose the Loot Crate that you earned.
Just started playing today so far it's okay, will see as I progress. Would be better if it had a story line, maps an some kind of strategy behind it with bonuses. Could become a epic game . But for now is ok. Will let you know more after a few days
the game seems fun and I like what it where it is leading but I cant even get past the tutorial. the button on the attack I did didn't even let me leave.
The game has been synchronising after every PvP mission ever sinve i beat the first area. i have played 5 levels and won but im still at 0 stars and i don't get the create because thats when it starts to say it needs to resyncronize. This game has also made me quit the game so i van relog in just to get the new characters to show up in my team and be able to use them. other than that the game is good but can be better if they added a story board instead of just pvp.
The game is boring! There is absolutely NOTHING to do. The whole game is online. Theres no campaign and the only thing you can do is attack players. I'm only level 5 and I get put against level 10+ players everytime.! You get a todo list and tells you to upgrade NON EXISTING BUILDINGS. Says "ZOMBIE" on the title but dont be fooled guys. theres NO zombies on this! other than the first few you defeat in the tutorial.... DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.
i think this game is very great but why??? after i download this game and open the game and it just loading................................ and loading is stopped and just loading ......... why the loading is stopped???? my handphone RAM is 3GB!!!!! i think this is game problems that The LOADING IS STOPPED AND NEVER RUNNING!!!!!!!!! WORST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!
On certain attacks i see that there are flame throwers or grenade launcher being building and kept and the starting point and my characters cannot go through it by breaking the doors they get stuck and i lose my victory stars and it happened with me several times
Why do I Disconnect when I play the Online modes like PVP and Weekly event? And also the character's abilities can't be activated in Weekly event! Fix it plz! This game has a lot of potential to become global or even popular! Just needs bug fixes and also need more Characters, Buildings and modes! I hope it come in the future! P.S. make the PVP attacker ,attack the same level as the attacker and has almost identical Rank. Thank you.