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Zombie Diary 2: Evolution

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Mountain Lion located at RM 1701(228) 17/F HENAN BLDG NO 90 JAFFE RD WANCHAI HongKong . The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Used to love wasting time playing this game. But of course you lose your progress every time you need to install it and now the ads are getting ridiculous. Even when you turn the wifi off there are still ads. Unreal.
It's a fun game but gets boring soon.After playing for a while it gives you the feeling of not getting any real progress at all. 1)Even the highest grade of weapon becomes useless against strong zombies.Even if you upgrade them 2)Giant robots and battleships are likewise 3)It's pretty much pay to win game but even if you spend money it's still no good. 4)It should be stage based or chapter based.Where you start easy but gradually becomes harder.
It's very nice . I played it since 2016 . Can you make a update for the game please please please !!! Because it will be boring .
It is good but why did they had to take it or the app store I played all day and night But now I need to use Android
Great game, but sometimes the hlbuttons don't respond. Also, after playing for a little while it wont even let me open the game anymore
much better since the first release, easy controls, easy gameplay, not a pay-to-win game but the app is crashing in day 35 when too much zombie is comin' after you, anyway this is masterpiece and im hopin' you always update this game for bug fixes and improvements thats all thanks developer....
I think this is the best zombie games that I've discovered in my life 'coz its graphics and contents are awesome
omg I can hack the game so for my advice make the game more protective to be fair than other player and I hack it just to see how protective the game is and shocked that it was not enough protected by the creator of the game hopefully the game will be fair and I wilk wait for the update soon and a year of a year until my life end in death xD
No saved data. there's no option to save your progress, once you change your phone. You got to restart I mean start the game from Zero, cause all your progress goes away. too bad. such a waste of time. So long spent on this app and all for nothing.
The game is too difficult,earning money is too hard,the zombies spawn too quick making it hard for me to kill every single one,the upgrades are too expensive aswell,pls fix this
in the not update is so cheated! promise i buy first a 4 guns and the money is 20m and the diamond is 20m. now not cheated! pls cheat it again! pls!!!!!!!!!😁😁
this game is fun and all but can you not force the ads atleast let's us exit the ad and not see all of it and I don't like how there is ads everytime you done a misson just pls don't force ads but the game is great it's just the ads!!!!
This game is very good and fun what I have learned about the add problem is I just turn of my data and boom no more ads and I can still do my recording for YouTube and when I'm done I turn on data again and post my contents so jah I have no problem except one you can't save so each time I get a new phone I had to start all over
the game is nit that good under the mission it said what was reccomended and is said the colt i went and bought the colt fully upgraded it and i did worse than what i was doing with the p90 im rating a one star for cheating people out of their gold and having ads like after every other mission very disappointed as i played ZD1 and i loved yet i come here and this is what the game has come to
Needs more side missions.. more challenges to aquire diamonds etc...other than that the gameplay the story the action the time spent playing is worth it
iLove it, because is better than that first version,and really hard game and have a lot of level for player, thank you
The ads are horrible this game use to be fun till there was an ad after every single challenge more time spent on ads than game play now
I love it....... when will part 3 is coming out 2019 cuz many new pc game are also coming out.. So this year may be a good year to release part 3..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž
I like the game but it gets so hard the levels become impossible to beat without paying for diamond guns I will rate 5 stars if it's improved.
No one cant win in this is game not even hacker how can you release a impossible game in front of people how people get anger that this game is none'easy i mean when the player are in day 20 or 40 only god player can win in that days in the game THIS JUST LIKE A SUPER EXETREMELY GOD IMPOSSIBLE GAMEPLAY WHEN IM IN DAY 45!!!!!this is a little bit fun when I where 5 or 10.but now it turn into god mode
Man this is a heck of a game.but i should say ,doesnt it get alittle bit of reallllyyyy hard after some time and some guns for reloading we need to buy bullets with our money and thats really annoyying.due to this it gets boring after sometime and we stop it.
I play th game regularly and it sometimes freezes and It makes me buy things I dont want and there are time when I get all my money back and the missions are just amazing and cool and so are the graphics πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
good game but...if there would be more stuff added to it like online or more missons.that would be great!
Super awsome game cannot posibly wait for new updates.This game is very chalenging and im also a chalenging person.Just wanted to say keep up the good work
I played when i was younger and i rediscovered it and now i can't stop playing this game p.s. get chainsaw it is op.
I used to love love this game. It's just now that i'm using a chromebook, it's hard to use the controls, so please make it so that we can use arrow keys or A and D to move and space bar to shoot. Also could you please add an option to switch weapons using 1,2,3, and 4, and have the R key to instantlly buy 1 magazine of ammo for yur equiped weapon. Thans if you can do this!
This game is actually fun and very addictive but once you get most of the powerful weapons and characters it starts to get boring. Each and every day seems to be just similar but gets more difficult overtime. No online feature, no adventure, nothing much that is interesting. This game has a lot of potential and there are a lot features that may be added to make this game a lot better. I do wish you listen to some suggestions from your users. Will give only 3 stars for this
I love this game because of the beutyful graphics and the powerful character,but its verry hard to me maybe its rime to install guide
I give a 5star because its amazing i love zombie to kill and i hate zombies because they scare but i downloan train to busan and lether face in my u tube so now im little bit scary to zombie now if you see zombie hide to safe place or run as you fast as you can but if you not fast to run the zombie eat you that my rate thanyou😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
nice game play yeah........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ......................
I played it plenty awhile back and it was a lot of fun for me, vibrant colors, kool glitches, challenging game play but I didn't have time to get as far as I'd like and overall it's EXCELLENT!
Don't get me wrong.this game has great gameplay but its really hard.i have to get good guns to win and the only way to get lots of money is by real payment.and the spin only give you from 700 to 1200 gold and 1 to 8 diamonds.its show that you can get up to 1000000 gold or more and up to 500 diamonds but thats a lie i tried so many times,spent about 30000 gold and 100 diamond on it for nothing,i even spent daimonds on the guitar melee weapon that was totally weak,anyway i uninstalled this game.
It's fun but just replaced my phone and cant transfer my old game, it took a long time and had almost everything unlocked
This Zombie Game Is So Fun! It Makes Me Wanted To Play This Game All Day!πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ And Also I Recognized There's A Jason Zombie In There! But... It's So Weird That Mine Have No Ads But You Guys Have Ads?
Don't download this app. Don't waste your time. I should uninstall this app. No adventure...😟😞😞
My favorite zombie game. I think that it is awesome, and the app is a good time killer for anyone. I would really like to see this back on the Apple Store, but either way, this game is great. One thing I would want in this game is another game mode, like playing as a zombie or going to a different planet, stuff you see in games like PvZ. I think that would be super cool!
Would be a 5 star if you could transfer your old game files to new phones or tablets when you upgraded... I've spent quite a bit of money on this game and am not pleased to find that I have to start over completely now just because I got a new phone...
Half a star. Problem? Finish a mission, forced to watch a 40 second advertisement...no reward for watching it either. Spend more time watching ads for horrible games than you do playing. Get rid of the forced ads after every god damn mission. Enough people watch the ad for 1000 coin over and over. Also the ads steal game play photage of other games and say hey this is our game....no...no it's not. Copy right infringement and false advertising lolz.
Its very amazing. Thankyou for creating this lovely game. Also love the zombies, i hope you can create more zombies to kill, its hard though.
It's a fun game but everytime I exit the game and play the game again the game restart it starts at square one! I don't know if is it just my phone or it's the game! please help!
I can play this game all time for some reason it will kick but its fine 5 stars hip hip? Hooray! Hip hip? Hooray!
it is very Entertaining.more like it keeps u from .falling asleep jue know it's fun for everybody.k....?
it will not let me play why did u do this to me mountain lion why did u make a game that i can not play come on now u say some bugs have been fixed why did u lie too bad
you are way too pushy with the ads. tone it down please. the game is good on its own, just leave the ads outta the game.
i love this game but when you get to the higher levels you can't pad then UNLESS you spend lots of money, so I'm stuck. please come up with better ways to recieve points/coins.
Used to be among my favorite apps ever but I came across the issue of no data transfer too many times now and I cant imagine why they wouldnt allow you to transfer data given how long it takes to get back to the same place each time. Also the ads are kind of obnoxious. Still very fun to play, just far less enjoyable after not being able to grind my way up to my previous files quickly without paying and then being battered with ads :(
I like how simple and fun the game is. I don't have to over think everything. One thing please fix the videos or ads they hang I have to log off several times to continue the game. More power
This is my game since 2014 and this game made my day every day and my favorite weapon since 2014 and for now is the level 3 chainsaw, why? Because zombies cannot hurt you while attacking so my missions are finish on time hehe and for those who want to download this, I have a tip, always play practice mode and earn money for the chainsaw.
This game is a very fun game but my main problem is that there is no way to retrieve your lost progress. This is the only down fall to this game. I just wish there was an ID to retrieve/transfer the data you worked hard for or even paid for in the game so it won't get lost.
Pzz fix the issue this game they so much lagging problem in this game pzz resovle this problem immediately
i really like the characters of this game and its really exicting n cool game to play some chabby stuff n i alredy unlock all the guns and characters but i cant save the progree if u update it ,is there any chances that my progreas will save or not ?
Guys its been a few months since i played this and its getting boring because theres nothing new..i hope you guys are gonna add something in the future
More powerfull weapon design and more aggressive, because I like it, make many characters and some gift free
The game has great graphics and controls and has potential but then at a certain part of the game you have to pay up otherwise you are just crowded with zombies and have no other option but to buy your way to victory which is not fun and it sucks how after awhile you are at that one mission and are forced to finish it or that's it. It would've been better if there weren't forced ads and timeless survival modes instead of repeative missions. Lost potential wasted.
To be honest with you I'd give this game 20 plus stars but every time you beat a mission or lose a mission you get slapped with an ad right away it be cool if you could play like 2 missions and then in a add I don't mind but every freakin time the 1st one is way better by far only because of the heads if this is fixed I'll give the best rating
Great game, but too many ads. Ill be alright with "watch ad for coins", but it forces you to watch them. At least it pays, i guess
Great game but I have had to restart to the begining so many times when i get a new phone becuase i cannot save progress. That and an ad after every mission gets so annoying. Other than that, can be very fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8=D
Too much ads. And there is also a bug where the title of the game blocks the top of the screen. Make it so if we lose, we get a pop up ad and youll have more positive reviews.
simple addictive game. some level are hard (which can be beaten using expensive diamond weaponry), but with good weaponry and lots and lots and lots of patient. it still hard, near impossible
the game is awsome.. but you finish a one mission he gave only one diamond i purchase 1 million of diamond she cant purchase and so hard to buy a guns and filling moneys on this and glicth in the game the i kill two handed macheti and he head missing and three macheti i see 😱😨😰🀯
Your usual shoot em side scrolling post apocalyptic game with HEAVY emphasis on guns, lots of guns! The whole game loop revolves around killing and buying guns. It offers a few mods, survival, kill em all, run some distance and protect. However only the survival is fun as the others are nothing but an endless repetitive move forward, shoot.
Low in speed, but high IH in entertainment. Seems like it needs some modifications to run it freely by the players.
Are you kidding me???? I get a new phone and i lose everything... I logged into my google account and progress is reset to zero... Uninstalled
Keep up the great work! This game has mad potential and has come a long way! Need to add some BOSS mission's Like some big bad Zombie Monsters!
Too often, I give a deserving app a 5 star and I included this game for having a vivid and sufficient graphics, Keep it up! I suggest that there must be variety of maps along the way,and also, different game-modes must be added, Otherwise, it'll be more addictive.
really fun game but being forced to watch an ad after every level with no gem reward is boring.. and at about day 20 the level progression almost stops.... soooo delete the ads, or add in a reward for watching them
I Like the game,...except, what is up with it not updating the, "days" part of the game? I have had the game on my phone now for a few weeks,...more then the 16 days it says I'm on. I play it every day without fail , yet it's been on "Day 16" for a week now. Zip'wit'dat homies? I am IN serious need for a better weapon,... but it won't unlock till day 25! I'z needs to be freeds! πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
There comes a point where you have to buy your way to win. Cheap money-grabbing game, if you ask me. Also I get that you need ads to get paid, but do you need a full 30 second ad that you can't skip every time you push a button? I don't think so.
wheb the adds come, i need to restart the game cause there is no 'X' button on the advertisment, thats my problem
Immediately uninstalled! Hit detection sucks! We'd be able to hit the zombies even if their finger is visible on the screen (when a new zombie approaches you from either side of the screen - yes, it's a 2D game). Also, while moving forward - our character isn't placed in the center of the screen. It's placed forward! Which sucks too - as we don't get enough time to kill them. Even at the first stage.
this game is so cool,thanks for creating this game cause this is a bomb!i think all of the people play this will amaze because of the game.also the bugs fixes then i like the music and the guns.this game is more beautiful than my psp^_^.thank you!
Its awesome overall... Yet the lags and sometimes it kicks u out the game FIX THAT ASAP!!! Besides that 2 thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘
Zombie Diary 2 has a nice concept and design but like most people I agree buying weapons and obtaining diamonds is kinda absurd. Unlike the first game during levels enemies will drop brains, eyes or hearts which is a cool addition to earn more diamonds. If you're not prepared to grind in training mode, this game is not for you. The difficulty spike from one day to another is insane. To get to lvl 60 and beyond. Buy Chainsaw, save for Bane, buy Laser Gun. Use power ups. Grind in Training Mode.
Good game....moderately addictive!! It's quite good as it is, but I'm hoping it gets better with the coming update!
i really enjoy playing this game. i took away a star because i would love to be able to log on Facebook or google so that when i decide to switch my phone, my progress is saved.. Please Please add that feature.
One of the fun times I e had una while it's amazing but I wish you could make a little more money because everything is very expensive but yes it is a very fun game you should install it
Nice game, I played it for a long time few years ago. And now that my maybe favorite game this type... Yes
What happened to this game? I downloaded the 2 series before and the frame rate were pretty good, but why is the game running on like 30 fps when im using a high end mobile
the game keeps freezing .I have sent many reports with no response. and after like stage 30 you have to buy diamonds. not recommended even though the first stages are fun
like the game, & as soon as i start to play regularly, it freezes constantly & glitches. Idky, the game freezes and zombies r still attacking u w/ ur health going down? Especially, when you're playing a level and use extra items that u purchased and it freezes up. Then says, u can keep going for 5 gems, and puts you right back in the middle of over 20 zombies, and 4 bosses? so you die and say 5 more gems, just a money pit & so many ads! plz fix!