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Zombie Craft Survival

Zombie Craft Survival for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by πŸ”₯ Pix Games located at CJ Medeiros Neto III, 131 MaceiΓ³ - AL Brasil. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like this game more if you add npc that are killing zombies too you can make them as your friend they follow you and will do anything you want like building houses pleaseeee update this one i will never delete this app if you update this pleaseeeeee update this😊😊😊
i dont know wth is happening to this game,i used to loved this but then it just kicking me out of the game when i pressed something,pls fix this thing *i still love the old version of this*
I love the game please fix the game so it doesn't froze or something so i can keep liking it and also fix the game so players can join!
it had goo graphics and great control. But the only flaw is the zombies. When u kill one zombie every zombie in the whole world hears u and comes attck you. When u sneak around then still hear you. The zombies suck. It would be great if the zombie issue was fixed.
I know this is a good game, i played it before but when I click play, it has no characters am I supposed to do something else before I press the play button? I can't play this without selecting a character.
I like the old one i hate this one if my wifi or data it lag for years if its off it kicks me out the game a bit 😭😭😭😭😭 pls fix it
This game is fun. But add less zombie spawns because my game spawned alot and they crowded me. also add more characters in more guns and also take the sheep's out or make them non-hostile cuz they are so annoying. Also add a bed because it would be nice to escape the night. And add more guns that you can unlock. And maybe a couple companions like a dog to help you. also if you could add more water bottles and french fry food stuff in the houses because I can't find any anywhere. Thanks
Had to rate everything 1 star because it won't let me in the actual game, and it still has the audacity to ask me to rate it, c'mon guys, fix your game
Ok this used to be a fun game but when I just join it just freezes I will give it 5 stars but now two cuz it keeps freezing
This update is TRAAASSHHH!!! Pls fix it when I join a server my screen turn into black and then it kick me out from the game pls fix it and I will rate it 5stars
I used to love this game and now I cant get rid of the "rate please sign" its sooo annoying. Pls take it away or fix it
I love this game. But please bring back sandbox mode and all the maps that were in the previous version! I will rate 5 star sonn if you do that.
It's a good game but some things need to be fixed- wrong spellings, the crawl glitch, the glitch when you die lying down and end up paralyzed, also the aiming could be better, there could be more variety to the zombies, and they probably shouldn't spawn so much I can't fight them, plus there could be more player skins. please don't ignore this, thanks, because this game has potential if you fix these. Also it doesn't let me craft, and where is the city mode??? I do not have it...
I dont love this update because there's only trainig mod and island whyyy. It was my best game πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™
Ahh... I can hear the ragdoll glitch I laugh so hard to it i love it! But wheres the multiplayer and local multiplayer? I want it back
I hate this game . This game always lag alot . I just went in a good start and sudenly the game crash . I know that this game is fun but still it aways crash . The other game ,they update to make the game better so please do the same ,can you please.
for quite some time, I have been looking for a survival zombie game where it goes through day and night cycles and I can forge items,campfires,etc. I really enjoyed this game. the only thing is,,its not multiplayer. if there was player interaction as I was exploring that would add a whole new level of gameplay.
I am sick and tired of games like this. Can you change the soundtrack to something more suiting and change the progression system please
Remove the : rate please: it's annoying it freezes because of that I love the game but I lost all of my progress and add more weapons and people to unlock and guns to unlock a add more maps and zombies and add bosses like mutants stupid game it installs sooooooo slow and loads slower
This game sucks because you're just kicking me out every time I try playing it so please update this game 😑😑😑
I like the game it just the problem is you should not need Wi-Fi connection Thor to play this game that's just pathetic is not like if I don't got no connection is just dumb to play by yourself do you need Wi-Fi connection if people actually jump into that server it would be different I'm not saying this just to sake for myself but for everybody to read this what's the last time you start making games you need Wi-Fi connections just to order the plane by yourself
You cant craft and the updates made this game a pice of garbage. And zombies can see you realy far away. I hope that you fix it meanwhile it will still be a pice of garbage
I used to love this game but when I joined it turned my screen black and it kicked me out in the old version I loved it but now I hate it's fix it and I will give it a 5 star so fix it
I hate this game so much cause it always stop the i cant press anything in the start cause ots lag so this is why I rate ONE star cause of the game. First. It always lag, Second I cant do anything, And the last is i cant control properly in this game so this is why I rate only ONE star because of the game
its fun to play but why my chests and campfires disappering and also some wall are unbreakable and some are easy to destroy this also happens at foundations and your is also very laggy
This game is awesome , but there are a gloch that if i play in 1hr or 2hr and if i dont play and play again it stop everything and it will go back in home in my phone and , its still good but can u fix it pls thank u (^-^)
One of the shittiest games I've ever played I can tell the developer put no effort into developing this game and when you die it literally says "YOU DEDEDED"
Why I gave 1 star its is because its the stupid game I always kick me out when I start the game in the menu screen and pls remove the kick I really hate it
it's an alright game but there's a few bugs that have to be fixed like chests in sandbox etc but if all the bug are fixed and new things come to the game I think this game will have some potential ps go to the village in the game and use platform to get around
Yo first off ignore that icy dude... Now i played it but...eh.....it wasnt no good...i had easier time in training then the actual survival map mainly cause minute aft minute i got attacked this game really is messy and tbh u should add companions or npc survivors and use english american speach
Man I will say this game so fun like you craft a house found food and drinks and found gun just to kill all the zombies
Pros:it gives you training and you can use adds to your addvantage ike any other mobile game.cons:there are no settings witch is bad because for me the looking around sensitivity is way to high,when you hit pause it does not stop and even then no settings,i also hate that because i use pause for prossess what the hecks going on and to access settings
This game is awesome but there is some I have a lot of not much coins but I am pretty bad at the game but it's still good game
If it could get a update where zombies don't continually spawn to the point where I've wasted all my ammo to check one house that'd be great. Also I can't even use a melee weapon on one because it immediately damages me before I can attack and that got old real quick. It's a fun game but the aiming is terrible, the zombies spawn constantly, the melee combat is just to far sided to the point where you get hit no matter what and I can't find any water no matter how hard I search.
im a fan of these type of games like all of these kind of games like this is my fav i played amost all of these type of games with the blocky Characters and I love it!!!!
The old version was perfect but now if i click one thing everything stops.sometimes when i get in the game stops and kicks me out.the old one was amazing and the new one is trash. Plz get an update
there is a lot of things that need to be fixed like when sniping and zooming in on the scope the cross hair doesn't go away but this game has a lot of potential all you need to do is make the aiming on weapons better make the character actually look down the sights of the gun and also fix the zombies ai but other than that the game is almost perfect also remove old gun models and only use the new detailed models. polishing is important so you guys can delay the multiplayer update if needed.
I love this if you update this please don't remove the crawl glitch because if you crawl the zombies can't attack you..And then pls fix the 3rd person and the joystick,add a multilayer now and add some many skins and mode so many players will rate 5star. If the next update add HotSpot Multiplayer about 6-10 players
Idk what happened to this game is was soooo good but know it sucks pls change it back to normal it's just trees now
the game was so cool!,surviving at day and night well actually I don't like To be alone surviving, actually one problem why is it the multi-player,will be coming soon/Closed?