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zombie comando shooting:offline fps military-games

zombie comando shooting:offline fps military-games for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by FREE SHOOTING FPS GAME DEV located at 8/F OCEAN CENTRE, HARBOUR CITY, 5 CANTON ROAD, TST KOWLOON, HONG KONG. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
its good app.. but i have some problem about the reward, it required access network to get the reward...but still very good app..
More exciting... but i cant play it without signal, i cant claim money if im win.needed data connection to claim .... Not totally an offline games, stil i love it... please fix some...
Great game love the feedback and short ads Edit 6.16.20 After playing for a few weeks: - game is glitchy and freezes - game does not calculate money earned correctly ( it undercounts) - it's almost impossible to advance beyond level 13 without paying for super weapons. I now have 19 guns which are impossible to change during the game given the speed of attack at higher levels. Its still a good game for passing the time.... uninstalled. Seems like I was targeted for a bad review
I wish to give 5 star but to claim reward after every match internet connection is needed which you said its offline and too many ads. Too many useless gun and difficult to get money and gold without internet connection. πŸ™„πŸ™„. Sorry on my side dear developers.
It is a wonderful game to play but sensitivity is lightly strucking so plz adjust to correct position ttqq
The game is nice but why is that after each stage when it's time to collect your reward you will be required to connect to the internet when it's saying offline?
There is a lot to do for improvements, there is no smooth aiming, gyroscope would help a lot, option for changing layout would be great
I think it was suppose to be an offline games rite? Though the gameplay is nice, and might be fine as the levels goes high but an offline game's should be offline coz I play offline and to get my rewards I have to turn on my dataπŸ€” it's nonsense so I gave it just 3* and that's all I got for it and if you do care about it you should have response our feedback or review coz only the dear ones gave rating and reply alrightπŸ€—. Thanks
The Game is great . vibrating on impact and firing along with accurate distance shooting makes it worth this rating. Loads of fun !😍😍😍😍😍
It's nice and simple and so simple made it took just 20 to 30 seconds to finished the game's over and one thing though it has a lots of weapons and need upgrade and I upgraded the the one I like to used like, Scar Auto, AK 47, but theirs no option how to chose or maybe I'm missing something but it always give me the same gun though it easy shotting games and only if the guns are equipped with 3Γ—, 5Γ— and 6Γ— scope so that, the zombies could be more visible for headshot, anyway it's 4 from me,
Totally wrost,you can't play until you rate this game 5star. It's a online game with wrost graphic and game play.
It is awesome game because it is a relaxing our mind and playing continuous this game relax our mind and after kill Zombie many weeks in this game is not a difficult game but is a simple game and this game graphic is so awesome and playing continue with this game thanks for making this game play this game and make our happy life
Good time killer, good looking weapons, not too easy, not too hard. While some missions may feel repetitive, the many ways to kill zombies makes up for it. You just need a little creativity!
Really good can tell you guys put alot of effort into the game even the zombies look good and the weapons, the controls are super good aswell
A fair game that you can easily get through F2P. Sure there's ads you get after a match but you can usually skip thru them after 5 or 10 Secs. In a solid days playing & watching ads, I've managed to get to mission 83 😎
Hey first of all this is nice game, nice graphics but the problem is you can't collect the money without internet even you can't back the game please change that
Easy enough for an old dinosaur like me, plenty of prizes and rewards. Game has an excellent selection of upgradable weapons. The only thing this game lacks is BOOBIES!!!
Fun as **** and super addictive. If you want a fast paced game that satisies your need to level up then consider your thirst quenched and your needs quelled!
Same as another one I downloaded a while back. Nothing really special about it. Takes a long time to get any new weapons or gold. You guys have got to talk to the developers about that.
Extremely amazing offline game ever,a genius developers is amazing but this offline game is anoying bc when i completing the game you cannot get out or back to menu without internet connection, it say's "sorry! Please connect to the network."..not Amazing,,,Extremely Amaaaaaaaaaaaazing ideas,πŸ™ƒπŸ€­πŸ˜πŸ€ͺπŸ˜œπŸ˜‡πŸ’©πŸ‘½
LOVE!!❀❀❀ This game its very addictive...love that it's easy to play..love the graphics..the audio is great also...10's across the board...
This game is cool and good but I have one big problem it's when you play offline and try to take the reward and its says NO INTERNET Connection and its sucks because I have to close the game again and re click it and you can't even back out of it and that's the only problem I have with the game
Good Job Developers!! Hopefully Future Improvements In Visual Graphics, 60FPS & Overall Better Optimization Etc!! [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] β˜†β˜† January 27th 2021 -> Thank You For The Free 1000 Gold Bars!! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ β˜†β˜†
This game is actually pretty fun upgrading wepons is cheap with is cool most games are really expensive so πŸ˜„
Not bad at all overall (graphics/menu options) compare to Xbox games but im not saying which 1s just my opinion the only down side is your stuck in 1 position this game would be awesome if you could walk around and shoot still good though
I've been playing not too long but the game is very good! I can play for hours and not get bored. One thing though, the TIME REWARDS stop working. T'was working before , please fix. Thanks
Some times I rate a game then it stops raining or working. I hope this is not one of them .Ok it's not a bad game and plus.its free I am a beginner at these games so far me it's a great game πŸ˜†I am enjoy it because it's simple and easy . Thanks again I hope this game still working after this
Great game lots of action , my advice go in bear bones you and the weapon you were givin ,for the first few rounds, acoplishment is always a good idea ,by then you be putting brass on the ground before their dead cold cheeks hit the hard cold asphalt. Have fun and shoot some zombies, peace to the living.... great game guys thanks,
I can't complete stage 160 even after upgrading my weapons and skills. I did purchased many bundles for upgrades but all in vain. Enemy AI does not work accordingly I've lost all of my gold.. also there is nothing like gun selection or guns sorting low level weapons and upgraded weapons all are mixed up.
I like that this one is money but you can kill everything Zombies then Humans can die and you can add no friends?
Its a fun fps game for begginers. I been playing it bow for 2 days and im really liking it. Deffinately check this game out. Graphics are ok...could be better...but all in all a very cool addicting game!!!
This game is just too good, i thought it was the normal boring zombie games i have played before. It's just tooooo cool mehn!
Fast , simple smooth control and wonderful graphics is what I truly love enjoying this game . So I finally feel liking FPS zombie shooting games. This is a must for all FPS zombie shooting games lovers . The entire team who have truly designed this wonderful game deserves five star ratings , keep it up guys . - Sidharth Mahapatra , India
Just another stand n shoot zombie game,there 2 a penny,nothing particularly good about this one. Don't know how this got gr8 reviews?
I've just started but so far I haven't had any problems, it's easy for a real gamer but a great starter game or time killer.
Excellent game play and graphics. Highly recommend to download. Very accurate controls and sound effects.
Just few days i download this game i found very interesting,Very nice game. Lots of guns to select. Thanks developers, good job. Suggestion! Add some places where we can run or top of the building..
Changing 5 stars to 2 stars due to of having problems on mission 26 & above. It won't let me play. 😟.
My experience About this game is very fabulous and the i am talking about the controllers is amazing very smooth and is not be hard it a easy controller provide us. And the best part is graphics is very real .
The game is ok but it won't load or let me play region 2, it stops loading at 20% and does nothing after that so I need close the app and open it again just to play the other levels in the game, so I might just uninstall the game because there's no point in keeping it if I can't play the game properly
It is a great game. I wish I could get my progress and weapons back from when I had to Uninstall then reinstall. Sadly it started me back to the beginning. Oh well I am still playing it and having fun.
It's a good game!😊 Hoping for the next update there will be an endless mission. The mission seems too boring and only has a short time. but overall it soo soo okay!😊
Interesting game decent graphics, no lock ups, good frame rate Still learning about all the kind and outs
It's pretty good but I rated it 3 star because I got clickaited and it's getting pretty boring to play since it's too easy
This game is an exceptional zombie shooting game looks exactly like cod but against zombies . But the problem I have is that when you finish a mission without network you cannot collect your reward I think something should be done to that
The game was good and graphics are also good but i cant give you more than 3 star because of the zombies over power, and because of it Im stuck in the same level and one more reason is that I cant claim my rewards after a mission without any conection that is why everytime i play this game my phone are always conected in wifi so that i can claim my reward please fix this issue.
Ripoff You put ads up with gameplay of three different games 1. dead trigger 2 2. Sniper elite and 3. Contract killer and none of them are yours
I just want to complaint,if I want to complete level 13 box number 4 it's always stop mean lagging.This is my third time play this game.Why?
It is a good game it is easy to play it is easy to get money and gold it get hard a little bit but it is easy to beat and I can play this game all day
I'm at scene 496 and the game is frozen 😳 need updates it won't play anymore stage 62 mission 496 it no longer plays just shows the screen but will not play
I have played many of this various zombie games but this one is different from others,,you're holding a position which is in youre own control of zombie attacts..Controls and graphics are very good ya"should try this one ..I put 5* on this one,,,nice app,,good work,,good job though..
Not bad in the beginning but soon you will realize the upgrade of weapon is not able to cope. You pay, you play, you win.
Very user friendly ten second ads is great..fantastic controls.....GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!plus i just got more money
Well it is the best game you can have on mobile the game is so good. Controls are pretty good and the gameplay is amazing but I really wish there was a Sniper mode and a team mode where we can kill Zombies and complete mission with NPCs or players. But the game is quite itself now is good but I really thought the gun's price are very high but after Playing two mission we get gold so easily and we can buy everything in the game with out paying.
Good Job Developers!! Hopefully Future Improvements In Visual Graphics, 60FPS & Overall Better Optimization Etc!! [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐]
Just started playing and its awsome. The good thing is the developers of the game didn'nt make it hard for you to gef upgrades.
I play a lot of zombie fps shooters etc this is good although I'd like to be moving around picking my spots etc apart from that all good πŸ‘
'Offline', its title suggests, but the game didn't live up to that notion. After the first mission(w/o internet connection), an option to 'collect' my reward, or to watch a video to 'double' the reward. Ironically, it denied my act to 'collect' - needless to perform the latter! Have uninstalled since.
This is an ONLINE GAME. Because I can't collect the game cash after I won the level while offline. It is not an offline game. Saddened because I like playing this.
Game is fun to play...easy to collect incomes and even ads gives u an extra boost. The only problems is there no account to save your progress which is sucks. Be nice to add the account be more easier.
Very good game good graphics easy control easy to kill zombie easy to make money so i don't have any problem with this just install this game it's Fun This is a perfect game keep up the good work developers
A good game for dealing with boredom but if looking for real action then this is not a game for you gave it one star coz wen ever I exit the game if I come bark to it, it takes me back to stage one
Pretty good but super easy as to bore. Kept playing until mission 17 then the 30 second ads kicked in. UNINSTALLED.
I love having immediate access to powerful guns not other zombi fights where i was killed too fast because of it. The only thing i suggest is more zombies im not feeling pressured enough by them all you guys zombies does is come to the fence and hit it but its still early in game maybe as i move up to other levels it will change i sure hope it does cause its starting to bore me. Bnice
I like this game. the sound and graphics were good.From couples of days i will be playing this very much.So at last I thanks to all developer who develop this game if he saw this i will appreciate your work
At least for now..cuz some games hard to progress without purchase...I'm poor I got now problem with commercials to earn money or stuff...sofa so good
It's a fun game and one of the top in its class, Hopefully you guys get the rag doll effect with the zombies adds to the action and maybe double the regular award money because its hard to level attributes with what you make for sure.
Played through about 5 or 6 levels and have seen the same things in other game and there's no tutorial or anything. And why does this game have operator smoke from rainbow six siege as the picture. Aka it is a knockoff to other games.
Worst game in my entire life bad graphics bad controls don't get fooled with the pic because its just stand to shot style game with many fake reviews.
I love this game graphics and style I say to developers that make this game more more realistic and add some new weapons😚
what good is an offline game, when you can't go the next level without connecting to the network. so frustrating.
Really good game great graphics. Has alot of detail. Alot of different zombies. Really Cool weapons. I recemend this game
Just started playing will update when I play longer than 5 minutes, but so far game is pretty good. Would be a little better if you could move around but still fun.
This is a great game to use to pass your time or when you have rough day just play this I gave it 5 star . I like the art work and everything about the game
I really love the game, i only wish that you could make it move around and add more guns BTW thanks for the awesome game keep it up
Been playing for a few days. I love this game.i like the weapons and the sound effects. I give it 5 stars. Fun game if you like weapons.
I enjoy the game only that my phone freezes between the shooting I can't turn to aim while the zombies are getting on me. I don't know if it's on the game or my phone can't handle it.
I give it a five star its awesome!! And to finish the stage is asap look. guns too are easy to acquire a good time spent while indoors.
The Game Is Great It has Good Graphics and Lots if weapons. You could add some Ragdoll effects and Red blood When shooting Zombies. You can add more maps And Levels. Overall its A Great time Passer and Has potential. It just need some Little Improvements But overall Its Nice and Addictive πŸ’•
Love this game But i can't collect my rewards when i am offline please give me rewards when offline😍
Its my all time favorite game because this game was very easy 😎😎😎you can play anywhere so give 5 star
Fun shooting game easy to get all the weapons like the graphics very 3D and it's a good time waster and I like how you can get the bottom guns without using money because you get the gold bricks faster to me that money it's pretty cool I would recommend it to my cousins and little nieces and nephews but then you started getting bored a little bit because you're not really moving around like he was actually playing the video game you just said one spot waiting for the zombies to come kind of suck
This game pretty good. I will give 5 star so keep up the good work. But the problem emerge. I can't have the ad reward. It's keep loading and somewhat stuck. Fix this please.
Fun game...everyone likes a challenge...but you can win..not a gamer..so don't have their equipment...good game
I like this game because the graphic. It fell like playing in ps4. But i think if move to anywhere we want.. It will make much batter
Good.. Excellent. Graphics. All over anyone who likes zombie shooting game. Then this is the one. Keep up
Good... if it would made as mission ... then it would be more fun. Standing in one place and shoot is kind of boring.
This is nice game good graphics and even more tons of guns im really hate those other zombie games i will play thos forever is amazing!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
As for now the game is perfect for me. I already have more weapons that I won rather than buying then I just won them. And that is another good thing about this game. The zombies are easy to kill as for now, I'm not so sure about the next levels maybe they'll be more challenging.
Ok because when i play one round and complete it i cant collect the coins it makes me start the game over but it looks really fun to play hopfully you guys can fix it
It is a very good game and controls is easy to use . I like it and the game is according to my choice ...... And I m playing this game everyday .......... And I am enjoying this game .
Good game well done developers but you know u could do a part 2 on this game then maybe try to make the topic of the game minimized like ZOMBIE ORIGIN shooting.
There should be enough zombies... There are just few and I don't like it that way.I wish you guys could make it more brutal. the game also needs free movement. you need to be free to move around
The graphics are terrible but I like the game so much it's so much fun so I give it a five star just because it's so much fun I recommend you downloading this game it can be glitchy but you should turn down the Good genius you'll find it in the systems I mean settings okay
It's perfect for just pure escape. Easy. Addicting. Not much controls, which is good for time Killin, and awesomely quick! Thank you. Oh!!! And it's OFFLINE!!! MANY PROPS!!!
Lovely, the game is so enjoyable that u just don't want to stop playing even if at first I thought it was an offline game but to be honest I think it's worth it. Keep it up
"Watch Ads" buttons do NOT work!!!! Kinda cheesy, I'm sure advertisers would not appreciate that. Same story...you SUCK you CHICKENS**T!!!
I just downloaded the game and so far i like it. Trying to find a zombie shooting game that is cool and you can move up different levels without it costing an arm or a leg
It is a fun game,and very simple to play. The controls are pretty smooth and so if you like killing zombies ...this is for you.
This is a very good game but if i could move around i would have liked it im just at a point shooting, but everyother thing good u can think of this game has it i mean it 😚
This is just an all around good game, its alot a fun an time passes so fast that you might play longer than you should or expected too.
Really awesome game if it's you're type of game . The weapons are all accessable and winnable all around game play is smooth and the graphics are even and proportional . I enjoy playing this game. If you enjoy these types of games you'll not be disappointed . Give it a try what you got to lose by trying it for a bit , you'll not be dissatisfied .
...an enjoyable time-killer...easy to play...varied weapons...enough asset management to keep you interested...well done devs, a good effort...