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Zombie City : Shooting Game

Zombie City : Shooting Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by JoyMore GAME located at No. 99, Tianhua 1st Road, Chengdu High-tech Zone, China (Sichuan) Pilot Free Trade Zone. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Neat idea but its all ads and me spending money. Well you aint gettin any of my money, but you can go pound sand.
Good Game ,Nice Guns But fixing bugs , Add PvP Mode and improve Texture, Graphic......Plz.......Upgrade.......πŸ˜πŸ˜―πŸ˜•πŸ˜”πŸ˜žπŸ˜¦πŸ˜©πŸ˜³πŸ˜’πŸ€”
Always stuck at the same level, my friends hate it and I do.. so we never downloading anything from JoyMore GAMES again...
I love the offline games. Game is very ,control very good and easy ,so smoothly working. But texture are low why. plz fixed hight quality texture. I love the game. Thank for making
Very glitchy but I like the idea. Just the fact that the one mission has an objective to headshot 5 nonexistent zombies. And that the "protagonist" sometimes just doesn't shoot, he just runs towards them. And the sniper, come on who uses a sniper if the enemy is already in your face?! Especially considering he has the other options available.
Add some better gore effects, should be able to blow limbs, and heads off like contract zombie origins that is no longer playable. What's with all these mediocre, lousy graphic, effortless made games???
Initially all was well until my last update completely made the game unplayable, could not understand why there was no forward progression despite have everything that was needed to tackle chapter 6, and so was forced to reinstall.
I bought the daily assault rifle gift pack, and didn't receive anything. Game also seems to have way more ads now.
Cons: automatic shooting, zombies follow a strict line instead of following the player directly, can't change to secondary weapon. Pros: nice music, nice graphics (except of some textures)
It'sagoodgame but I see a potencial cash grab here. U cant get past chapt 3 bc u dont hv enough blueprints to get guns that r required to get to the next chapter. Its funny u've finished a lot of missions, dont forget to mention the other tasks from daily challenges & all that the blueprints r none. I got to chapt 3 bc I logged in daily for daily rewards for T2 & T3 guns. After dat well nope. There's no way without buying guns. I <3 dis game bc it reminds me of tlofu a lil & damn like deadtrig2
A very poor and annoying game ever. Don't waste your data to download... Never recommended to anyone.
Like this game. Has great potential but has glitches that stops you from advansing in game please fix. It's in second level half way through. Gives u unlimited gold boxes but won't allow u to go forward in game play
The game is awesomeπŸ‘βœŠπŸ‘πŸ‘βœŠπŸ‘ but we cannot play 4th stage why how to play the gan is not updating how to update please
Nice game,but why can't i be given for free or buy gun that's compatible with level 6 ? All the guns I've can't be use to continue,I'm still waiting for over 2 weeks to get a gun i can use to play level 6,pls enlighten me more
The game has a story cool. Just add more weapons and it will be outstanding and the textures also. Give us a texture quality selection like low, medium and high texture mode
Very superb game . But all guns wants dollars if it could be given on the match earned coins it would have taken over pubg for me .hope for everyone plays this game . Good update
The game is fun but I'm out of stamina/energy after loosing several times two days ago and still remains zero until now.... How can I gain stamina/enery? I can't play the game without it.
Good game, graphic nice but low quality texture ,control OK . add more arena . add new boss's ,add more players customize . add more mode like dead match,team match, flag mode, bomb mode , plz....! upgrade
Just if you please add some more controls like aiming,sitting,turn off the auto aim,and upgrade the graphics more better so if you do them i will rate it 5 stars
I am only giving it 2 stars because since I first downloaded the game I had to uninstall it 2 because every time you open the game it doesn't want to load
I stucked at stage 5 level 7 and cant able to proceed further...whatever gun i have is not fulfilling the combat demand...either i have higher guns which cant be used before stage 6 those i bought through gold or i have lesser levels of guns where the combat demand is higher...i need to buy new guns but there is no option that i could buy it through my earned gold or diamonds but to purchased by cash...where is the updated weapon materials which i earned...pls help me i cant find any way out
I am giving it just a star simply because after playing and reaching upper levels, I had to upgrade my guns but all guns had reached maximum upgrade and no upgrade could work on them anymore. So that made it to be complete on my side because it could no longer upgrade guns yet to continue it asked for gun upgrade. So it's better this game doesn't waste your time playing.
It's cool bro..I hope in next update the graphics is so realistic and super 3d. I hope that bro...GOOD JOB ITS SO COOL
Mhh, now you steal my mega bites!!😑😑 I just install the app in three times but at the end when i open it it doesn't work and when i open zarchiver in obb file it looks it's empty why
I can't save the game why? Please help me! It says I should give permission (in order to save the game). I did all , nothing seems to be working. Phone model Y5 Huawei. Thank you πŸ™!
I would love to give this game 5 stars would have easily earned them however this is what stopped me when I get to chapter 3 stage 2 BP requirement and that would not be a problem except I fully upgraded the shotgun and assault rifle and sub machine gun's I have no way to get another gun because of your developers having blue print drawings rather than a normal weapon drawing and we only at most if lucky get 1 drawing at most cash grab kills potential for this.
The game have some challenges and gun customize is nice. and the game is even to me but it is a grind to get money though but its a good game. There's no yes on the tell us more part just say no and not sure.
This game someting to fix chapters 6 mission 5 way to open on back to export to attack zombie. I hate this game this not to this to play store.
Very nice and smooth game... Much satisfied with this game, game controls, game graphics... Excellent overall...πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ I suggest everyone, should download this game... Its very interesting... After the new update, game becomes more interesting...πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Game started out great! Game is fun but now there are ads between every single section. Main menu to weapon menu, ad. Weapon menu to main menu, ad. Main to mission, ad. Also have to spend money to get further than level 5. I have almost a million collected coins but can't buy new weapons without real money (must have more powerful gun to advance). I want to continue playing this game but the ads and lack of being able to get further without money sucks.
5mins and deleted. Too many ads, everything is way too expensive, not just what they want you to buy to upgrade, but the in game upgrades without paying is exhausting and a joke at best. Neat concept ruined by greedy people without wanting to make a good game. I tried even thou there was a low rating. I see why first hand
Good Game but graphic is very. Low quality ,textures low, some time game is Lag's . I play high quality dead targger 1,2 never Lag's (Fix it)
Everytime i start a mission now tgere no zombies and i get stuck were i have to end mission and restart and it does the same thing. This has been going for a week now. I am now deleting game
Hii bro update this game full bugs this game. I collect the gun drawing but some gun drawing missing please bro update this game return my guns drawing
it's a good game,the thing I like most about this game is that it's a fps game with good graphics, only problem I have so far are the gun's are so difficult to get without spending real money but am ok with the ones I have just work on chapter 3 final level then I will give a 5 🌟
Would've been a great game. Great graphics and gameplay. But they are always forcing you to buy their expensive online items on shop using the real money and will not proceed to the game if ur not going to purchase anything which makes me feel very disappointed on this game. And now im deleting it
Would have given 4 stars, but experiencing problems with getting add on packs which I need to progress further, apart from that ,the game is good, a rare 3rd person game, graffics are good, no problems with aiming etc, tip, shoot the legs, the zombies die quicker.
This game only took me so far to a couple stages an does not work. I have contacted support multiple times for assistance including the developer with this with no help. C- I got the update the game is working. However still doesn't work. Plus I contacted the support an still no help. Get a D rating.
Its A Good Game For Low-End Mobile Users But Getting A Gun Is Very Hard From Boxes Low Blueprints Im Playing Half Of A Month Now Not Getting A Gun Iam Using That UMP Now Not Getting Any Gun If Iam Topup in The Game The Prices Are Too Much I Have Not An Idea How To Play This Game. Thank You Mading Game Like This
I like the game, but now I can't play because it would not download, all my other games play ok,or maybe I need wifi
Loaded with ads. Bad English. Bad game play. 3 ads per level. Even moving around in menu is loaded with ads.
Game is pretty good. I love it But characters are kind of hard to control. Awesome graphics. Story is kinda dull. But in all a good game. You guys should try making an open world game . Will be mind-blowing
Game is good but it is stuck on clean up all zombies the first mission of reduce the girl. What to do next? Also I cannot pick up the supplies
I'll give this game 3 stars for now, due to somethings that other users had already pointed out. But if you were to make any more improvements. I'd say this. 1. Reduce the amount of ad's that play. 2. I'd be better if there was a bit more exploration in each level. 3.optimization for lower end models.
UPDATE-I AM JUST GOING TO UNINSTALL IT.I would have given this game four stars because of being stuck on a level that needs a certain gun that can only be obtained with blueprints,but now it gets one (really zero).It no longer loads.AT ALL.I really don't want to uninstall it,but I will if it isn't fixed soon.
Good game but, needs some work. For some reason, when I get to the "gather supplies", I can open the boxes, etc, but can't pick up the supplies. The "pick up" icon doesn't come up. It did on one item but wouldn't collect it. Would love to play it all the way, once the problems are fixed.
Good game except the upgrades are always constant. You'll go bankrupt in the early levels because of spending them on upgrades.
Amazing Game!But realy needs to be able to upgrade wepons faster!I got to chapter 4-2 and cant go on untill my gun is more powerfull!Thats unfair man!The game its self is killer and cant wait untill i can go on to the next levels,want to fight that beast in the previue!Thank you for all the great Zombie games!Keep up the great work.
I thought you said you have made it easy to acquire weapons but I have not seen it yet. Your game is a great game but if you are so interested in your money, it won't get high rating cos it will be a game you can never beat without paying money for weapons. After stage 2 , every mission needs upgrade and if you don't you can't play the next mission. CAN'T YOU INTRODUCE A " PLAY ANYWAYS" OPTION EVEN WHEN WEAPONS ARE NOT UPGRADED. LET THE UPGRADES BE THE DECISION OF PLAYERS NOT THE GAME.
Y five stars, becaise if ur new to all games it helps alot to have the idea to help players.... How to play,, Understand and use helped me!!! Am still not good but even a crippel like me can get lityel or alot of enjoyment,, so i THANK ALL WHOM HELP MAKE THIS GAME... STEVIE,,,
Not a bad game, but gold and gem costs are way too high and much of the game including all sniper rifles (and all other powerful weapons) and associated missions/rewards must be bought with real money. The game is also heavily bugged (After some cutscenes you lose all aim control and usually die) and aiming feels sluggish and unresponsive.
can't go futher until i have to purchase cash for new weapon. I choose uninstall. Wasting my internet data for download this game..
Been playing this game few weeks but now there alot glitches that poped up where cant play anymore you all need fix this
I Ilike this game's very much butπŸ€—( why don't you make a games that no review will be written without "buts" alright so here everything are fine except it won't start or I'll rate it without 'buts' and won't delete butπŸ€—if you upgrade and fix it I'll be the one to download it again and you must have a little concern about my feedback about you and you may think if I delete itnothing harms to you but you know that,"a little drops of water's makes a mighty ocean riteπŸ€”πŸ€—,. Thanks
I really enjoy playing this Game I like the fact that I can move around and the graphics isn't that bad either.
It is a good game πŸ‘ But,yesterday I updated the game after the update the game is a little laggy and before update I was on chapter 5 after update I was on chapter 6 level 4. You guys should improve the movement of zombies and Hero. Ohh! I just forgot about that buying a gun is very difficult can't find parts. By the way keep it up
I hate the game after update 😑 everything was going well before my update. Im going to uninstall the game.
Game is great. Graphics good but need improve the textures to be look good, realistic. Gameplay is good but need some improvements. And make some voice actors to the characters. And don't make it to difficult if you want many players play this game don't make it pay to win. You devs should make players having fun. Also some other guns need real money to buy it and some are too expensive but. I give it 4 stars i like the game please don't make this game worse its a good game and good potential.
Great graphics but needs improvment... β€’Controls, not able to move and face to a direction sometimes β€’Difficult to buy required T level guns, because of this, I am stuck on chapter 5.
I enjoy this game too much I reached chapter 4 now. But I gave only 1 star to this game because this game is always force you to buy thier expensive things by real money and One more thing is that this game need too much upgrade of guns when i clear a level after that game need upgrade gun or wait for hours and hours
Absolutely love this game. It really needs more dark and eerie areas. Too many day light missions. Needs dark corridors too and a flashlight. Graphics are great, money currency and weapons are great along with upgrades. Ps. Please make gamepad compatible