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ZOMBIE Beyond Terror: FPS Survival Shooting Games

ZOMBIE Beyond Terror: FPS Survival Shooting Games for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by T-Bull located at Szczesliwa 33/6.B.14, 53-445 Wroclaw, Poland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very good...the zombies are relentless...you had better watch your coins...the zombies don't slow down just because you are low on ammo...
I give you five stars for the game is fun but it goes so fast and it have you buying stuff that you can only get so much and the money that you get you can only get what you can afford and that not going to be good effort so you lose a lot more so it takes you so long that you start to get board and want to uninstall the app but for now i will keep playing and see if I can win and level up.
Don't like the way the graphics have zombies just appear in front of you instead of coming from a distance ?!!!!!
Pretty cool zombie killing game. Different missions, not boring. Short videos to watch for replenishing weapons. Totally into it!
Really a different type of Zombie shooter game~~~ graphics average, weapons good i think, good control,easy 2 play though challenging___ i just have started playing some level ...... But my XP,this is a easy 2 play, but good & enjoyable,., thanks,/////Dr.s.kabir.
Perfect.... Great graphics and really awesome for a lot of reasons... Its just that i expected a lot better that all
the game is interesting and enjoyable but the guns are pretty expensive but graphics and controls are pretty good
A little early in the game to give an accurate review...so far so good...I'm probably not going to last long.
So much fun way better than I thought. Game play is smooth and fx are on point. Download it and give it a shot you won't be able to put it down
😀💓👍 can you add something new?this game really fun and best but need an updates more maps.5 million playwrs aroun the world waiting for new!!!
I watch ads,use my data,bought and paid for.then the boosts i buy with my data gold disappear,5 times now!Thats thieft!!Im talking HOURS spent useing data for gold for boosts.Just today its done it 4 times!!Get it together people!
Yeah the game is the best and i will recommend the game for other people to play it and you will surely love the game because is very fantastics
Fluid control scheme on aim need to be noted butt other than that it awesome thanks and God bless you.
You know guys this game has a potential 😉😉... the controls and the graphics are somehow well enough... it can run even on low end devices... but the problems are the character cant move freely...zombies throws you and attack you in a group...the reward system is so not good...plus there are no storyline and makes the whole game a pay to win...😊😊 not recommendable to all except for those player who uses a real money in the game...
Generic. You can't walk anywhere only move where you aim and that's it. Really repetitive and just like all other bad mobile zombie games.
I'm just rating it 5 stars for a reward but I'd normally give it 4. It's a good game but I don't like the fact that there is no movement. And the fact that I have to keep buying bullets
Good fun but gets tricky very quickly. Graphics an sound OK an gameplay is a bit samey but fun nevertheless. Worth a punt.
This game ain't so bad or so good either. I am writting down my personal opinion. Turret is helpful, 5 points each headshot is the only way you got plenty cash to getting an upgrade for armor(repairing only it seem), weapon, turret etc. Bosses only have different skins. They jump left and right, throwing a rock at you, jumping right to your face and turns red when they're vulnurable is a good concept. But, it's kinda boring to face every bosses with same behavior. That's all for now, nice work..
Pretty bad graphics. Average controls I guess. You just stand there and shoot zombies that pop spawn in. Lots of ads. Entertaining enough for like 2 minutes.
Its actually pretty fun, funnier than you think. And it pretty challenging too. Overall I liked it... 😀
This is the best zombie game i have ever played 👌....the graphics are awesome...😑but the cost of the guns are high .
This games good as its your choice if you want to watch videos or not & I probably like a load of other people don't like any game that bombards me adds while trying to kill zombies am I right but weapons aren't to expensive & graphics are good also so yeah 5stars keep up the good work
what were you thinking when making this dum game mabay if you allow the player to MOVE it would be a great game
A bit dark. Will be more enjoyable if can move instead of just stand and shoot. Anyway quite an enjoyable game to kill time
Pretty good game I would like to move around a little bit not just look up and down but all in all it's a good game
Nice,this is what I was looking for. Nice game to play.It fun,good camera and cheap weapons.I will give you five stars
Pretty fun game. I won't spend money on any of them. I'm still playing and advancing. I do watch a lot of ads but I don't mind as long as I get my stuff for doing so.
Love the game! I say this is the best zombie game on mobile. Lots of new zombies after a round, grenades, other guns, etc! It's super fun! I deleted the game though, but I will definitely get it back! Downloading...
decent time killer dont like the immediate use gold to buy extra gun slots but other than pretty good
Very lovely game wish they couldn upgrade the graphics 😎 and make more 🔫 gun's but non the less I love it soo much
Simple but confusing, I've not played long enough to rate it better, I do uninstall most games anyway so I just have to wait and see.
Could be you could move around? Seems pretty repetitive so far,,graphics and gameplay are easy enough. Hope theirs more to it than what ive seen so far.
I was enjoying myself at first, but the surge in difficulty and the new enemies are just recoloured versions of previous enemies make it all the more obvious it's just a cash grab
Would give 5 stars if not for the cheesy graphics.. Other than that its a.good zombie fps.. The best is Unkilled but this one is a close runner up.
Who is much better than before the controls and much better to shooting is perfect you guys keep up the good work this game is really have turned to round keep up the good work once again.
This game is as good as it gets! Zombie action abounds! You better have your act ready to perform! There is much to do if you want to Keep up with the different kinds of strange Zombies! They are all deadly!
Hi since update, the game has improved dramacticaly the controls are easy to use,it would be nice to sort some dramatic mood music and lighting.developers keep this up maybe 5stars next time.ace game though worth a download!😀
Really good game but it could use some better graphics and the power to move around in future updates.
It's a decent game. Not the greatest graphics and the controls are a bit sketchy! Leaves a lot to be desired!
Pretty good so far everything can be collected without purchase free download free inventory thankyou
It is an amazing game but the cost of buying weapon is very cost I think you should reduce it and the cost of upgrading also needs the same thing but apart from that the game is okay and has good graphics and control
To get this review out the way , it's not the game I was looking for to begin with.1* for the Rnking system ,2* offline saves battery 3* customization of gun are a great but not if you can't use it to the best ability sight aim or button customizing is great for joystick lovers. 4* design ...... You can help R.E. franchise out lol ( reviewed by Raided )
A little early in the game to give an accurate review...so far so good...I'm probably not going to last long. Still asking a little too early...be patient.
I love this game so far i am enjoing it it is the best shooting game i b have ever played in my life i gave it 5 cos i want my friends out there will no how intresting this game is i will.Thank u for this app it keep buzy this.I love it so much.
It's been a lot of fun this time around I really enjoyed it I'm going to do a lot more zombies to kill I like it very fast paced and it just a lot of fun, don't like how many kids does that give you enough ammo, but I thought it
good at times..many ads to earn money for game but zombies come at u kinda quick..fun at the beggining..
Just started playing, great game play, but graphics need improvements. And zombies would be better wise spread instead of lined up, would make the game more challenging
OK game. Can't move around. Zombie throws something at the shooter and the shooter can not move to dodge the object.
Love it!Need to come out with a New and Updated Zombie Terror!Like Zombie Terror Beyond The Terror!With new missons and a campain story mode.Please take this in to mind!Havent seen new stuff from T-Bull in forever!Thanks.
this game is almost perfect! graphics are half decent for a mobile game and the stationary shooter style is excellent. the only problem I can see is that the game is stingy with ammo. 👍👍👍👍
controls are very good. intresting game i respect your hard work for food good job guys well done. one suggestion make zombies more attractive and beautiful not only that graphics are very poor make it like realistic one