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Zombeast: Zombie Shooter

Zombeast: Zombie Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by AKPublish pty ltd located at 118 A Kitchener road, Alfred Cove, Western Australia, 6154. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 7.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ok. So 5 stars on the game in general. I love it. Here's the problem. It won't open on my phone. I've restarted my phone several times, powered it off etc. What is going on? Why won't it work anymore? That's my question. Is this a hacked game or is it solid? I've paid good money on it already and now it won't even start up.
I'm completely addicted to this game. There are occasional glitches with watching videos to get free gems and coins but other than that the game is awesome. I do have one major issue though. I recently got a new phone and I can't figure out how to transfer my profile to the the new device. I do love this game but I can't imagine startng over and losing all of my guns and progress. If there is a way to resolve this please let me know.
This game is good to play, but there are some errors. Such as the movement joystick getting stuck and the player just forever moving forward and getting killed quickly. Then there's another with the shotguns. They're powerful to use but once a mag is depleted and the player is reloading, every one reload the shotgun fires. Then repeats. This just makes the game unfun when you just have to use the SMGs or the other weaker weapons.
Such a waste of time. So easy to play that an infant can play this game not for adult. First you have to spend your internet package then also money to play further.
This game is easy, fun, enjoyable to play. has good graphics, simple objectives Overall it's a good game with mix ratings and reviews honestly. It's simple just download it and see first hand if you're gonna like it or not.
I keep playing and win a "view video to receive blue diamonds" . Then I get a "no video available in your area notice. Try later". Only the next day same thing. I've played other games but they still award the prize without the video. I played for my part it's not my problem they don't have a video available.
This is a very strange game. Entertaining for maybe 4 levels. The menu just feels off. The difficulty is beyond easy. No talent whatsoever needed. Too much "winnings".. Just have fewer with higher cash-price Upgrades doesnt feel worth it.. Since you dont really see any difference When you pick up a weapon there is no buttons to go back to ordinary pistol or auto-swap when you run out of ammo.. Super strange and point less game
zombeast is a great game to play. A couple of things I like is the controls they are simple to handle and the graphics are great too. The weapons are easily controllable and you get ammo on your missions. Don't have to buy anything if you don't want to. Great game. Keep up the good work.
WARNING Dont download this. This game lures you in for first 10 levels then you have to watch ads to level up and claim the quest rewards for things you have already done. You have to pay for endless mode. You have to spend premium currency to upgrade skills instead of a standard approach that other games take. Skills leveled up with experience nope pay gems..... Last but not least the "levels" that are free to play last less than 60 seconds each. Garbage game greedy devs scum
Fun game but you got to update needs more levels.... Update more levels more, I will move to ads free... But you have to have more updates 200 is not enough, last chance or I will delete and let everybody know why
It's a great game, it has potential, however I don't like the fact that aims automatically. Some people like it, but it becomes very easy. You guys should add 2 different settings. One of them to auto aim and other one no. Thanks
So far the best shooting game, I have play multiple games and they usually get me bored half the game but this game has done the opposite specifically by the story line, that's one of the reasons why I'm playing this game. I just hit level 101 and it says Stort mode in progress:( hopefully you guys come out with the story mode soon because I want to continue playing but so far best game for sure.
It's an early game and if i judge it by itself it is a very good game and fairly simple. The control is a bit off for me might need some times to adjust but it's fine. However, they are many incredible zombie game out there tht is out of its league if i was to compare. My 5 🌟 rating is without comparing better z games out there. Mayb future update will make this game better. It has lots of potential. For now uninstall but will comeback in the future.
Definetly serves the purpose for those of us that just want to shoot zombies without having to build alliances, forts and what not. I've spent about 10 bucks so far. Was considering buying the infinite energy pack, but will hold off until you can get infinite energy and no ads. Also, still has annoying glitches during game play where your player gets stuck and unable to move. Also, despite being in the guns sites, can't kill certain zombies. Will pay when and if they fix glitches.
Great game but did the creators give up on it? No updates, story line just ended, only 200 levels. It could be a really awesome game if it had updates and more effort in its life. And why is the Baseball bat the only premium weapon? It's the only level I didn't get. Great job on the game tho, I can't stop playing it and I've gone through it 5x!!!
Awesome so far. Gives you insane pleasure killing the undead. Decent graphics and simple gameplay makes this a stress buster as well. The rewards are great and are not too far out of reach. Even in-game purchases do not pinch your pockets too much. Your rate of progress in the game is fairly decent and that probably gets you to replay missions with different weapons. I think you should try this if you're bored with other FPS games. It doesn't have adrenaline rush but it sure makes you feel good.
Game is fun and i like it for the most part. The one star is because I still need to watch ads even though I bought the VIP pack which clearly states no ads. If I pay for something that says "no ads", I'm expecting to have no ads no matter what i do, including the bonus gems for each rank and doubling cash rewards at the end of a level. That's a privilege anyone who pays for something should have by default because they supported the devs.
one of my favorite games right now I had to change phones and download it to this phone start over from the first missions but I don't mind I already know a lot of the game technique. it's a good game. I'm 69 years old and I love killing zombies good job! I didn't start playing games until I retired about 6 years ago I got a mCP 20 years ago relatively new to computers. network administrator on a network with a hundred computers. no time for games then. now I know what the craze is about.
Easy to control zombie FPS, what's not to like! Good graphics and sounds upgrades not too steep, not keen on having to watch an ad before it allows you to level up though
Update... I had some device issues and had to un-install then re-install several games including this one. All IAPs and in game progress were restored without a problem. 5 more * to the devs. Original post... Very cool game. Great graphics. Smooth controls. Not horribly difficult to upgrade. Even IAPs aren't wallet busters.
i like it i guess im short on the definition of yall charging me $5.99 for no ads but i wind up watching 2 ads thats a bit of bait & switch there & why $1.99 4 us older ppl a lil bit of a tutorial would be nice i cant get dbl kills to save my life the game is simple enuff but reload times if that was real life id be dead ill try ya out but those ads annoying & then i see a premium option i thought i was since it was $5.99 i cant afford those upgrades so i get basic bang 4my buck-
Everything is great, it doesn't lag, there are rarely ads, and it's very well made. The game is genuinely enjoyable A few suggestions I could give is letting you know what and how many of each enemy are in a level, give a faster reloading skill, and maybe make the regular dogs just slightly slower, I've died a lot to them. Other than that the game's perfect, it's solid and the "cut scenes" are nice to read. I think everyone into zombie games should at least try it out, I'm sure they'd enjoy it
Purchased the price less pack in offer. Amount got debited from my bank account and still didn't received the pack benefits. After the entire transaction done it was showing as if I haven't availed the offer till yet and was asking me to redeem it again.
it might look like a good game but you can't really move did you get stuck on trees and crates and loading the gun is too slow if you can Notch it up more first person view kind of sucks too sorry that's how I see fit good day.
Level 37 requires you to have the 'batt' -- which is a premium subscription weapon -- to get 3 stars. Also, the real money prices for weapons and stuff are ridiculously high. Like 20 bucks for a weapon. This is obviously designed to squeeze so called whales.
I Dont know what game Jackson Millien is playing but its not this one. Dont get me wrong it could have been a really great game but if you cant pick up your rewards because the ads dont work you get nothing and cannot proceed. I have just gone 64 levels and cannot collect any bonus, money or gems as your ads dont work so I cannot proceed further. No one can. For that you get 1 star and removal from my phone. You really have to sort this out developers as your game is basically unplayable..
The Game PLAY, if thats what you call this? GAME PLAY Is Way Way Way Too Short. The Add Times, Upgrades and All the Annoying COLLECTIONS is LONGER THAN THE GAME PLAY. You do all your upgrades then you do all your collections with Adds, Then when it comes time to play a level. You only get to use your weapons for about a minute. I couldn't take sitting in my chair anymore waiting to play this game for only one minute at a time. This Needs loner game play and ALOT LESS COLLECTIONS AND ADDS.
Should be ranked #1 all time zombie shooting game,i think. You can acquire new weapon's and armor all the time. Which in return you can customize and enhance everything. Also your not stationed in the same spot shooting. You'll have to complete task and search the area,for bullet's to progress in the game. Another great aspect is the game's graphics. The creator's did one hell of a job making this game. I had not realize I'd finally found the best killing zombie game,untill i started to play.
Best zombie game i have played till now... But after 100th level, no storyline man, yet there is another 100 levels to play with blank storytelling... 1st 100 levels is so engaging... And the last 100 level you just go and shoot, go and shoot and the game is finished! If the storyline was there, i would give it a 5... No tricks inside game to make me buy anything, everything i could earn there... Thats the most lovely thing... ❤️👍
Really incredible and very addictive, I love the graphics, sound, weapons, its just great. However what I don't like is that in the middle of a trip, a sign in pop up appears and keeps pausing and the coffee thing isn't fair at all.
This is a really good game, graphics are amazing and really good fun to play. The only reason I have not given it 5 stars as certain parts of the game can be quite annoying. You want to play a game and an add comes up to buy an energy drink, which you cannot buy if your not in the right region and you just cant get rid of this add. Developers please get rid of this add and just let us play the levels we want. But as I say actually playing the game is great fun.
While I was playing the game that I reach 195 level and it just froze up on me? Knowing that there was 200 levels! And my is one of the best phones out there. Im a hard core gamer. And just to bad it ended in such disgrace. But cool game!
Once you get Winchester and a machine gun, your life is much easier, you can zoom in and kill the zombies that's always jump out of nowhere. And you cover more ground that's way, without having to pay for extra shield. Just get a gas mask, few bombs, extra clip and you good. Love the game. Im on level 120 and no glitch at all. My only request is you should make it more difficult if we can play as team, get a few friends to join and just go to battle
The control to move forward, backwards, left and right are not working properly most of the time. There is a circle on the left side to let me know that I can control the movements if forward, backwards, left or right. But most of the time regardless of how many times I move my left thumb to move my avatar the circle on the left is not showing up on the screen. Reason why I am always eaten by the Zombie. Has anyone experience this as well?
A lot of times certain weapons won't hit the enemies, this is frustrating. You can only play 4 missions at a time since it costs 10 cups of coffee to play 1 mission. Some missions require certain weapon to pass, problem is you need diamonds to buy that weapon and you pretty much have to spend real money to aquire that high number of diamonds, otherwise I'll take forever to acquire those diamonds for free, don't forget you can play very few missions at a time so I'll take forever to gather diamon
Have been playing this game since 3 months, nice game.. But today had a problem regarding the offers I have paid 24/- for the offer pack the money has been debited but I haven't got anything, So now I have paid for nothing now.. Didn't expected it to be like this..
I would give this a 5* but to be honest having to watch an ad to level up is a no no - 1*. Having to pay real money to play endless part of the game big no no -2*. I don't mind having to watch an ad for double rewards but to level up too afterwards it makes the game slow, maybe a 5 second ad for the lvl up part (hint HINT) after doing about 3-4 levels you get bored with having to watch ads. You have a great game, brill graphics, sort the endless game out!!! Having to pay hurts the game!!
This FPS zombie game is the epitome of what a game should be in 2021. Note: after I determined this game was a keeper I paid a small amount for the no-ads option. This game is a hoot to play. Graphics are superb, gameplay is super fun, and the audio is guaranteed to make you jump. Tip: wear head or earphones. Mo money: If you want to play in endless mode you have to buy something. I bought infinite energy. WARNING: EVEN THIS COMBAT VETERAN HAS AT TIMES BEEN TERRORIZED WHEN PLAYING THIS GAME!
This's pretty cool! I do wish it were less linear as far as just only one way to go to get through the level. The supposed take cover behind stuff needs better translation because your character doesn't look like they "duck behind" anything that can be. Other than that, this's pretty cool.
Initially the games alright but becomes incredibly repetitive. Same types of zombies, even the same few environments. The game is also full of glitches and has cost me to lose actual real money. The game has/had potential, but I've become more and more irritated with the game as time has went on.