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Zipline Valley - Physics Puzzle Game

Zipline Valley - Physics Puzzle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Narcade located at NARCADE TEKNOLOJI LTD STI Asmalı Mescit Mahallesi Kallavi Sokak No:1 Daire:1 Beyoğlu / İstanbul. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game has a really cool idea and I like that I can loop one block infinite amount of times. The issue is the insane amount of ads. Start a level, ad. Restart, ad. Fail, ad. Plus boosts with micro transactions. Too many ads for amount of game play. Bit of a money grab
Ridiculous number of ads. The levels take a few seconds to solve, and then, there are TWO ads between EVERY LEVEL!! You spend more time watching ads in this game, even dismissing them after a few seconds, than you do playing the game. I'm not usually compelled to actually rate games, but this is just horrible.
Ads are horrible. After every level there is an ad. It takes less time to beat a level than it does to watch the ads. I could understand it if they were to show an ad after ever 5 levels, but every level its awful. Sometimes the app will play 2 ads before you can go back to the game. I gave it a chance but after 50 levels I just can not do it anymore. I had to uninstall the game. The game itself is decent. I enjoy the puzzle aspect of it. Just way too many ads.
Good game but to many ads and u see the same add over and over again and I hate it thank u for reading and plz fix the problems
It will not even let em get the game and once I got it it was so slow and there was an ad every second
I read all of the reviews and thought this game would be bad and wanted to try the game but actually when I played it there was no ads at all and there is nothing wrong with it. It is a great game
Good game, but lacking updates. I've been waiting for at least this year for new levels, but nothing at all. Getting ready to uninstall it simply because I gain no entertainment in replaying the same levels over and over.
It was an okay-ish game, albeit RIDDLED with ads - which piled up, since the levels were easy enough. My problem with the game comes from the fact there's a level early on where your tiny people are replaced with cats. Which would be cute! If they didn't SPRAY BLOOD AND BLEED OUT ON THE SCREEN FOR FIVE SECONDS IF THEY'RE HIT??? Left a bad taste in my mouth, and was ultimately why I uninstalled. Fun concept otherwise.
Firstly let me say, great game! It's a fun game and a great time killer! Well done! Unfortunately there are so many ads that the game is nearly ruined and impossible to enjoy. Finished a level? Ad. Want to restart? Ad. How about a free gift? Watch this ad! No? Ok, watch this ad. I get that the ads help developers to fund these free games and I am in no way opposed to having them in your game. But seriously? Every action has to have an ad accompanying it? No, reduce ads and I'll update my review.
Game could ha e been enjoyable. I have no idea why develops don't realize the simplest concept. 95% of people who download their games would be more inclined to keep playing if there wasn't an ad after EVERY level. In this case.. TWO ADS. Honesty? My God. I had some fun playing.. But after 3 levels I uninstalled it. I get that it's free and ads are how revenue is generated. But if you want a player base and to keep them from losing interest quickly..Then tone it down a little with the ads.
Its not a bad game. It takes awhile to hit the more difficult levels, and even then its 1 difficult level followed by 10 easy ones. I havent used a single power up since the first 3 the game forces you to use and im near lvl 200. I like that the game implements new challenges and requirements as you progress. I turned my data off so i could give a decent review, but you and other game developers ought to listen to these other reviews. Cut back on the ads.
I would give the game what it deserves when they stop playing that many ads. 2 ads between each level along with every reset. I say two ads because it makes you watch a game ad then after the game ad it's another ad asking if you want to download that game and of course all of the ads aren't skippable until so much of each ad is watched. This may sound like a petty thing to complain about but when each level is about 5 seconds long that means every 5 seconds your watching 20 seconds of ads.
Don't bother. 1. Gives option to boost score w/an ad, but then plays TWO anyways, in between each 10-second level. Money grubbing game. 2. You know those games that make you say "Wow! The level designer must have been a genius!" This is not one of those. Arbitrary & obvious pathing that just gets you to the next ad as fast as possible. Wish they'd learn from candy crush and those guys. If you make something hard then you WANT to pay or watch ads for boosts. They're a benefit, not inconvenience
So this game is no about killing but not bad i like it its about 30 people and try not to kill them but its not easy on a hard level like 90 or something idk
Pretty good i play it like 3 hours leave ummmm ot doesnt have as many ads i might aswell give it 4 stars but the fact people die maybe make the people turn into food or something
I finally got to lv 72 and the next day it bounced me back to level 1!!! This game is a serious glitch and should be fixed ASAP. I'm even thinking about deleting the game !!!! Would not recommend to anyone that would get stressed out by this . I hope this review gets recognised by the game . If my level gets restored then I will give this game 5 stars .
Love the game. Unfortunately completed all levels so went back to do them again to earn more coins. Except this doesn't happen. I go from 15-18 when the level is done then when I complete the next, it still only says 15-18. Was told to update my game which it already is. Not happy
This game is actually really cool! I love it and would play it through....BUT.....the amount of ads on it are absolutely ludicrous!!!! To do ANYTHING on it you have to watch a video ad. It takes half a minute to play through a level. I played 10 levels and ended up watching a freaking long video ad every 30 seconds!! This is absolutely absurd!! Uninstalled....which is such a shame🙁
I might rate it higher, were it not for having to see an ad after every frikkin level.... A lot of time wasted.
Nice time waster. The only reason its not getting 5 stars is that there are way to many ads. I get ads i really do. But why must there be an ad after every single level? Why must there be an ad if i mess up and restart a level?? The ads in these games are getting way out of hand. Limit the ads already. Maybe 1 every 3 levels or something.
I love this game but it takes so long to load. And it could be a little bit harder and easier so all age groups could do it! but other than that just came is amazing😎😎😎
The game has potential to be fun, and after four levels it's good for what it is. But after every level and almost every sub-level there is an ad. At the end of the day I understand as help make the devs money but there are far to many ads. Plus when it gives you the option to double your reward with an ad and you say no, but it shows an ad anyways... well that seems a bit redundant and pointless at that juncture.
I get suspicious when a game asks me to rate after the first level. They do that so you (hopefully) rate before you realize there's an ad after every level, in addition to the banner ad that's always there.
If you ever feel like dropping a bunch of people into dangerous traps to relieve stress, this is the game for you.
Could be an OK game but 4 ads in the first 2 levels is enough for me to delete - edit - the sheer number of ads shows greed... i didn't get a chance to see if the app was fun due to the number of ads packed into a VERY short time of playing!
Its pretty fun. They keep it interesting. So far most too challenging but I'm hopeful it gets more challenging
I've only played it once. Whether or not I like it or uninstall it depends on how many of those darn ads are in it.
Must I even say it? Ya know what, I will. The sheer AMOUNT of ADS is stupid. I mean, one between levels, one when restarting a level, one when skipping a level. Plus, the ads show more crappy games like this. You cannot, under ANY circumstances, expect to get by with stuff like this. You are just like almost every "off-brand" app developer. If it is a free app, you get greedy with all these ads. Like, can developers just care a little less about themselves for a change? Seriously. Stop. Now.
The game was good. It was just a matter of time before you get disgusted with the fact that you are forced to watch an ad after every single turn successful or not. Each turn takes about 15 sec. Followed by an at least 30 sec. ad. No game is worth spending more time watching ads then enjoying the game. Should have named it."Tons of ads" and in the description had "contains game play". Obviously the makers care more about money then the games they put out. Sabotage your own product. Genius lol
It's a fun enough game I guess, but the thing that really frustrates me about it is at the end of each level it gives you three options: 1) Watch an ad to get a chest, 2) Watch an ad to double your money, or 3) Continue. The ad picture is by the 1st 2, but not the Continue option, so most ppl would assume that you wouldn't have to watch an ad to continue to the next level. NOT THE CASE. You literally have to watch an ad in between each level. It's frustrating when you just want to relax/game.
Hi! When I download your game while I'm playing music on my headphones and within 3.4 seconds of me playing your game I'm forced to watch a 30 second ad (mid game play!!!) That I can't skip or even mute the sound on? You get a 1 star rating and reported to google. Hope your game gets pulled or you seriously fix this immediately. All the best in your future app development. Try better. Cause this is bad.
I really want to love this game, but the ads are TOO MUCH! Having ads every 30 seconds made me delete the app. If you had an ad every 5 minutes you'd probably be getting impressions from me for years.
I love this game. It's a lot of fun, and easy as well. There aren't as many ads as people say there are. Idk if that's bc of my device, or my internet, but there's only an ad every time you complete a level. I recommend it.
Really fun, some of the later levels are challenging but there is a way to get past them. Only problem is that there are ads after every level, you can pay for no ads (I think it's around £1.70)
This would be such an AMAZING game if the ads didn't make it unplayable!!! I'm actually quite upset that it's such trash. End of level, want to watch ad to double coins? No? Here's an unskippable ad anyway! Fail a level, no problem! Here's an ad! Spend coins on a power up, wait don't forget your ad! You can't get into the game at all because it's constant ads. I want to play the Zipline game, not "Ad Simulation Game" that you've put up here. Super unfortunate. Would be such a good game. Oh well.
When are devs going to understand the number one complaint with Apps these days is WAY WAY TO MANY ADS. If you have a good App, people will pay for it. You may have the smarts to develop Apps like this, but, beyond that you haven't got a clue. EG. You play 2 levels full of Ads then you want us to rate the App. OMFG YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS. If people don't want to pay for it then they can't play it. FYI people always want what they can't have.
The game itself is cool, but I deleted it after just 3 levels because of the ridiculous amount of Advertisements. There were ads after all 3 levels and then after that initial ad another ad screen was after it. It's sad when games have potential but are ruined by too many ads, I understand they need ads to operate but you are pushing potential customers away by shoving ads in our faces with everything we do
It's fun but you play a 10-15 second round and are forced to watch at LEAST one 30 second ad to move on to the next one. You can watch up to two ads voluntarily and get power-ups for the game, which is cool, but...having the ads be mandatory between rounds is a bad choice because it ends up being 1/3 gameplay 2/3 watching ads. If you hit "continue" after a level you should just proceed straight to the next level. Ridiculous.
Very fun game, lots of ads like it's ridiculous how many ads, so i turned off my internet connection (alot of games don't actually require internet access, it's surprising how many people don't know this) and boom complete gameplay no issues at all and no ads anywhere in sight. If the developers read this it would be nice to know when your adding more levels as I have done all 200 levels. Lots of fun and great OFFLINE time killer.
Really fun game. I don't worry about ads because I turn on air plane mode so I get no ads. The game is one of the best games to keep me entertained. I play this game for hours. It's definitely one of the best games I've ever played. It kinda warms you up for the hard levels by slowly making it harder the farther you play the game. If you haven't already tried to play then you should. It's so fun. And maybe you will find it as fun as I do.
It's annoying that every time I come pleaded a level it's a ad yes yes but it's fun and easy it's a nice game Thanks for the game developmers for macking this game 4 🌟's
Pretty fun, but... Too many ads. There needs to be a balance when it comes to ads. When I'm spending more time watching/skipping video ads than playing the game, that's not balanced. Uninstalling.
The best game ever really cool and exciting and really easy I really like this game I love it love love love love love love love love love love it. The best game ever.
There are quite a lot of ads, but the main thing for me is that the levels seem unusually simple, which isn't what the ad for the game depicted, and some obstacles are in unnecessarily accessible spots on the board, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It isn't as horrible as some of these reviews say, but it certainly isn't worth more than ten, maybe fifteen minutes of your time each day.
It asked for a review so I'm leaving one. I don't normally care about ads but they are just ridiculous in this game. Playthrough is pretty juvenile and I would recommend for anyone that enjoys strategy. if you are extremely patient and don't mind waiting for all the advertising to play through this is a game for you. I understand dads are necessary to keep the app free, but this amount is just ridiculous. Deleted and never playing again. 😁
This is a very good game, if your bored in the car, you should play this game. It eases bordem and its fun to play.
I try to get more power or coins and nothing happens. It just freezes. This is my 2nd time installing this game and It didn't ever happen last time. This is the one time I want ads for a game. Fix this please I'll change to 5 stars when its fixed Add more levels..
This game was fun, sure. I'll give them that. But what is the deal with the ads every single time you either lose or beat a game. Heck even when you exit the level. Literally can't do anything in between without getting ANOTHER ad. I get it, this is how you guys get your money, but here's a tip, DON'T PUT ONE AFTER EVERY SINGLE FLIPPING LEVEL!!!!!!!
If I could I would give this stupid game a minus 100 Star rate!! This game is terrible at first the game took like three to four hours to download and then after I finally started playing the actual game, it would bring on the adds!!! After every single level!! Adds! Adds! Adds!!! And sometimes while playing a level an add will just pop up!! I do not recommend this game for anyone, even people who like adds!!
Despite being advertised as a physics-based game, there's no physics at all: people just run through the line at fixed speed, with no friction or gravity to make it somewhat difficult. The game has some sort of potential, but it's not challenging at all, thus becoming boring after very few levels. A level requires 10-20 seconds to be completed and there's an annoying forced ad after each level, which means that you literally have to spend more time watching ads than actually playing.
I understand that Ads are your revenue source here but the fact they show up immediately after the first level and the "rate or game" shows up as well. "That's a no from me, dawg". Constant and immediate ads, asking for rating immediately, asking to remove ads after the sixth level. Ads for everything. Good luck with annoying your users!
Game sucks. You play 2 levels without ads and then asked to rate it. You then are immediately meet with your first forced ad. You get constant nonclosing ads you don't ask for without any reward for them. Immediately followed by your out of energy ( I didn't get a level perfect and went to replay it. ) didn't have enough coins to buy energy or any obvious way to regain it. Uninstalling after 10 minutes 6 fullscreen 30 second ads, and the inability to keep playing the game for now.
The game reminds me of Lemmings, in a cute way. However, when doing a big puzzle, fairly early on the levels, it was broken into tons of mini-levels that only take about 15 seconds, with ads between each mini-level. I try to be tolerant of ads in free games, but when it works out to more ad time than play time, that's a hard nope.
It is a fun game, for sure. But the ads are so f annoying! You complete a level a d they ask, "watch an add to get a chest?" You go nah and continue to the next level. The game just goes "Well, too bad! You're gonna watch an ad anyways!" For these sort of games, I prefer paying for them from the store, maybe a buck or two to play the whole game, not going with ads that just...ugh
I don't mind ads. The developer has to make money somehow and they get money from those ads. What I do mind is 15 to 20 second ads that are after every damn level of a game. Literally when you download and play this game you're downloading TV station that plays ads as it's main job, with short moments of interactive fun inbetween. The only reason I gave 2 stars instead of one is that the concept of the game is pretty fun...otherwise it deserves a 1 (or less).
When your phone is in Airplane mode, this games is a blast. Tons of levels, good simple fun gameplay. But the levels are quick, and each level has two ads between them for about a minute delay each time. Way, way too many unskippable ads for things I don't care about, don't waste my time. Put your phone in Airplane mode if you play this game and it will disable the ads between stages, making it a 5 star game.
I think this is a very fun game however there Is something that is very annoying. Every time after I die, and receive my ad, the power up screen shows ap and it won't let me click off it until I but the power up ot points to. So even If I wanted to buy a different power up I couldn't. This is highly annoying and a waste of my coins. I don't know if this has happened to multiply people or not but please fix this. Thank you.
Beautiful calming music, smooth graphics, and no bugs so far. This is definitely higher quality than others of it's genre and it's quite addictive to play. I have a lot of fun with it and don't see anything bad.