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ZIC: Survivor

ZIC: Survivor for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by IO Games Ltd. located at Россия, Иркутск, Юрия Тена, 21. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game and the story line is realy good but i have this issue where the drop and delete button is covered by my hopbar so when i want to delete an item i end up eating all the food i have to have some space to pick up an item, also can you add more character customization add new weapon and some new crafting system have a chance to encounter NPC and hire them to form a clan equip them weapons,armors, and tools to collect raw materials and transportation horses,jeep and bike would be cool peace
I loved this game when i was 10 i played this game with my friends because it looked like Minecraft but im rating it 3 stars cause the devs abandoned the game
so many bug(actually i like it so much and i have spend 1 dollar after dowload and play this game like a few hour but that is a bug like i burning my iron before i quit the game , and when i re-open my game , my iron inside the furnace have all disappear, hope you can fix it
add more weapon(riffle, guns, sword design) and also add more costume, something like fully customize your character outfit, and more walling design for your shelter(unbreakable😋😋) ,, and could you slow down the day and night cycle so you can add sleep option,,yup! something like that😊😊 #👍👍
I love it at the first time of playing its awesome but i think there is not much space in our inventory and the chest space is very small and if u want to make large chest it needs higher lvl soo that sucks..... And i think if theres more land to explore maybe it will be more exciting besides that the game is very very fun and all
I love the concept used in this game. i know it's not the first to use this concept. But the way you deliver the game, wotj multiple short term storyline, survival aspect, the control, i just love it. I would to see update on this game, there're lot of bugs. Rain collector not working properly, items in furnace sometime just disapeare, and all of the tool block (rain collector, fireplace, furnace) only work when there is player around it.
I hope that there will be a multiplayer mode on this game soon... It's great I'm having fun . But I hope you will make offline multiplayer so that we could have much more fun. Thanks for this game
All right game, could be better but the devs haven't made this game too bad. The only major problem is that this game is sadly abandoned and has potential. And I doubt that they will come back to update this game.
Food didn't cooked properly. When I put all item in cooking pot and it starts cooking but when I go around to look for resources. And then I came to collect cooked food. the food are not get cooked but it used fuel properly it is also happen to fish net and water collector and purifier
This game would be enjoyable if it weren't for constant crashes everytime it autosave or when i manually save it. It happens every single time without fail and its frustrating! Please fix this. This looks fun and i would very much like to play it. Please fix this problem.
you can add backpack for more space , iron wall and iron doors ,more quests ,lantern of lights instead of fire torch and allowed to use coal as a fuel with woods for fuel,taming room for taming dog and dog free of cost atleast one , more defence building like turrent or tesla which can be fueled by coal and wood ,add car or add quest to repair car which r broken near bunker, allow us to placed item in the quest which are there in bunker and other areas
Hmm actually this game is fun! But there a thing that I really dont like, like tools were easy to break yup but the game is cool, yiu need to accomplish quests and build some house, BUT ONE THING this would be fun IF THIS GAME CAN BE MULTIPLAYER hey can you add some multiplayer thingy here XD
Yeah, it's a good game but i play this game until the missions in desert where I have to unlock that missions with a picklock. But when I try to unlock the missions the game always quit. please developers fix this
i like the game but still need more improvements:add more weapons specially Ak-47 and yeah also snipers,grenades,rockets and please make the rifle duriation a little bit long i hate being broke in a short time:-/ and add more NPC that will take you to zombie invasion like endless waves and please add more quests in next update than i will give you 5stars,thanks you.
This game is good and progressing just for bug fixes like 1.when u put iron ore and wood on the furnace if u leave and go to other island or inside the bunker it disappears. 2 Some zombies only show their shadows. 3. Water collector doesn't work properly 4. Repairing weapon doesn't really repair it and can be destroyed on 1 hit but the item required does not consume. Well for now thats the bugs still need to fix :) still a good game
The three world play options are not much of a difference. No data save for transfer onto other device. If you make any purchase, like 99 cents worth for some animal hats. That purchase will not transfer/load in your other device. Also, needs more fake zombies, or maybe some more racist zombies, like the ones on the tenth floor.
This game is awesome i have been waiting for a game like this and here it is if only it could go on lan multiplayer and it some times bugs a little but other than that it's a good game. I would recommend anyone who like RPG and SURVIVAL game to play this one good work guys 😉👍
(PLEASE READ THE RATE COMMENT) Do not play this game because its boring and frustrating first of all I can't even explore to much because there are just 2 islands and the lights hats can be annoying because it can't last long like the miner hat and it waste your data please do not waste your time playing this game and other bug some of the quest doesn't show up and the follow girl left bottom of the bunker is bugging
As a survival game it's pretty good but if there's a future update there's some things I kinda want to have added if possible Especially to the survival mode. An option to for perma death, An option to not have the exp boost at the start it makes the early game way too easy because you can craft immediately , and I kinda wish the bunker wasn't a thing in survival because it's basically a free shelter that zombies can't attack you in at night its so easily exploited. It's also a perma revival
Why we paying creative mode? ( i didnt install but i saw 1 raters) do u know minecraft then? Minecraft has free creative mode and then buying the creating mode on zic?! Btw should u add Soldier skins immediatly
First of all, the game is overall good but can you update it? It needs more missions and maps plus there is one mission when i tried to get a bunch of yellow flowers in the bunker dude but it wont let me complete it. Please fix it.
the game is great the control for it take some time to get used to.but i have a problem herbert who gives healing flower mission but when i check my quest log it did not even show up and over his head is a question mark that did not finish the mission and when i tried to give him the healing flowers it did not even register that i have the flowers or it being in my quest log but the question mark over his head remained
This game is cool.but it is cooler to add something like playing with friends offline add some more cool tools and add some people that give quest,coins that can be used to buy tools,pets and other equipment.pls make this game fair..my tools are made out of hard materials but it quickly worn out.anyway the game is great but I am hoping that this game will be updated soon.pls reply me.thankyou
Its good game easy to play and graphics is good too...Im stock in the mission that about the pine tree where I could find this island...good game thankss...
Hey I like the concept and the actual game, and I want to suggest that can you please some upgrade in shelter like from simple wood to stony wall like, A strong shelter. Thanks for making this fun game. X>
fix the bug... i always craft on the furnace to make a iron ingot every time i put a iron and wood 36pcs each of them then i closed the furnace to finish my other quest 3mins or 2mins back on my building and click the furnace building after i open the furnace building my two items gone but the cooldown timer (guide indicator) on the top still processing.. then i wait that CD until finish to see if my items is return coz i tough my crafted items i hidden but nothings happen gone loadlastsave same
This app is excellent for Playing.it Expands the world by using the memory as it keeps being awesome,adventurous,and fun.but this app does have a lot of potentials.please add More Guns for Range attack and Melee attacks,add more crafting recipes and building houses materials like walls,door and more,put some clothes slot like the leggings and shoes,and put some more ore like copper,bronze,sulfur,silver,gold and more so it can crafts dozens of crafting items and more in the future updates.Thanks
IT HAS A VERY HIGH POTENTIAL, I like offline survival games like this. Please focus more on the controls first, try playing the game first before you release it. In the inventory, remove the quick slots being shown on the screen. And try setting your engine for the game to be compatible in all devices. Thanks
okay, minor problem. combat is terrible. close quarters combat gets you injured almost no matter what. wolves keep spawning at the bunker for no reason, hunger and thirst drain too fast, too difficult to get water, no bullet system for guns, and pretty difficult to get experience. other than that, outstanding game. i really do enjoy it beleive it or not, and it turns out i was wrong about the pausing situation (there is none). my apologies to the developer for mistaking that.
The whole objective of the game is very interesting but but if you die you have to do and complete the objectives you just read before die the graphics average but the pics should not be for money that we could be able to tame them without giving real money you get really mad when you just do the same things over and over again very hard to find water for purchase in the game
every cool game I just don't like, how hard it is too make and surviving because you have to eat every 30 sec or so...And food is hard to find and making items and tools needed is hard wen you die every few minutes or so because, the controls and so bed for hitting. Fun game wen there will not be a struggle to die after you have no food and no water.
Can you please give some time to update this, Its awesome but needs some improvement. Update: Thanks, for the reply: - Adding additional options to use as a character, like Girl Characters - Bugs regarding * missing items when you put them in a container, furnace or water purifier *Some zombies & wolfs suddenly became invisible, left only their shadows. -A divider between the fuel/seed and the product in operational things like the furnace, water purifier or farm to avoid confusion. :)
Its good butttt... i have a idea to make the game better just all i want is just multiplayer cause if you die the other player can heal you and you can also team work soo can you pls try to put this to the game it will make the game better so pls put it :)
The game is awsome, though it has some unity assets. Please reply My problems so far are that food and water goes down too fast and there is no easy way to get water starting out. Also there was a review asking for NPCs that can help or work for you and i like this idea of making someone farm for you while having to manage their stats. Also please change some animations (like the punch animation) Also add things like working cars. Im hoping you make it so if you add cars, you can modify it to do things like harvest bushes, grass, mine ore and remove trees.
I love this game if i die i will be in a bunker!sweet so i can go to the bunker and use the map to mark the location of the bunker also if i die my stuff is still there i think was ok thx for that but there traders is rare to find zombie in the bunker map but they only spawn at night im scared of night btw Thx of the game
this is one of the best survival game I ever played but the only thing I hated is the bugs.I recommend to the developer of this game to add some features like more quest,multiplayer using wifihotspot,more tools, more foods,tents,free creative mode,and also a switch in creative mode . if undying or not. and that's all .I hope you add some of my recommendations for the game😊
Bought a package to open creative mode. But whenever I load the save from creative.. it's not creative mode anymore and I do not have the resources to build. Another problem is when I want to build...the camera seems to go towards upper left. And when I want to move the item to build it beside me...when i touch the screen...that's where the item is built.
The game needs a little bit of improvement need more design on the surrounding and the weapons ang tools break so easily and you can die very quickly if you ran out of food.And wood can't be picked up so if you ran out of wood no more crafting you need to make some wood resource lying on the ground that the avatar can aquire in order to craft some axe because its one of the most basic resource in the game and if you fix this i will rate you 5 stars but until then the game sucks
The whole concept is great my only problem is just the same with other players. You can die easily in the game. I understand that you just want to make the game more challenging but if that's the case, it will end very difficult for us. I can hardly survive in the classic and survival mode. P.S. Sorry for the misconception of my review. More power thanks!
This is an awesome game but could you tell me where to place water purifier & fish trap plz? And please make us able to back up / copy / move saved files so we dont lose progress when something happens with the app & needs to uninstall & reinstall plz
I see that this game hasnt been updated in a few years which is a real real shame. This game is awesome. The only issue is that I cant delete or drop items out of my inventory because the buttons are not accessible. I see them but I cant click them because the inventory boxes are in the way
The game is very nice but there are several problems. 1st, buildings like cooking pot and furnaces stops progressing whenever I leave them, this makes iron ingots very hard to farm that I still rely on wooden sword and makeshift pistol even if I'm lvl 18. 2nd, irons on furnaces randomly disappears. 3rd, invisible zombies. 4th, the wolves are OP, they are worse than any zombies and the black one with huge HP barely drops any meat. 5th, I think the time for shifting day and night are very short. 6th, repairing weapons needs the same amount of materials for crafting, making repairing almost pointless. 7th, I think buildings for water resources should be learned on lower levels. 8th, tools breaks easily. I think there should be more low lvl craftable weapons that doesn't need iron ingots, like wooden bow and arrows, Wooden spears. I think bamboo blow darts is gonna be a good utility weapon, deals low dmg but you can coat the darts with poison and tranqualizer. Also add whetstones, for the purpose of repairing swords that needs iron.