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Zeld@ Ocarina   Quest of Time

[email protected] Ocarina Quest of Time for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Saturno Systems located at Colonia Azteca C.P. 78394 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Moderate Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is unplayable, everytime you try to do anything an advert appears and you have to wait over 30 seconds before you can continue,dont install Not even worth one star, but wont let you post without it
I mean I play this game on an iPad so the movement and attacking is kind of hard and I kind of feel like this is a Legend of Zelda rip off so I read this the three stars so I can move again like the movements and controls feel pretty smooth
This game cured my depression. Seriously. Like playing it made me forget about my dad leaving , dead mom and all the trolls on discord tearing me down. But no. [email protected] Ocarina Quest of Time helped me from killing myself. Absolute masterpiece.
Too many ads you go in and out a door you got a 30 second ad way too much,the ads play more then the game
Its so bad its funny, like, going by some of the other reviews, its possibly an OOT rip-off, which, I wouldn't be surprised if it is because the game is popular. But seriously, did you guys even try with this? And the adds, oh the adds. THEY LITERALLY POP UP EVERY SECOND I SWEAR!
Glitchy! Castlevania 64, for example, has similar stop-motion but played smoother I think. I get stuck in this a lot, and have to restart the app because I don't see an option to get out of it. I CLIMB ON A CHAIR OR OTHER OBJECT OR SOMETIMES IN A CORNER AND THEN CAN'T MOVE. please add some options/settings, maybe smoothin the gameplay out a little somehow and Is day it's a great game!
It's a bad game, bad graphics, a little hard to play. But it was an interesting experience. My expectations for this game was met
If you are lookin for garbage han you have found it is a rip off of a great game franchise except if everythinf was garbage the graphics are garnage and the gameplay is garbage
Terrible!!! First they're a ripoff of my favorite game of all time then they put it in terrible graphics with a stupid story
If this were just a regular game, it would be fine. But they had to state that it's supposedly OoT. Garbage.
I love the Legend of Zelda . I have been a fan .My first ever Zelda game was Ocarina of Time .But this is a horrific rip-off.Not only did you copy the Zelda title.But an amazing game title.But terrible rip-offs aside this game no this mess is just bad. Graphics worse than garbage. Story you tried to copy the story. But you kinda sorta REALLY messed up. This game gives Legend of Zelda a bad name. Do NOT play this game. It's a bad rip-off. The devs are just trying to get money from popular Game.
Terrible game, the controls are stupid... The game is a big rip - off not exactly like the zelda games... And I'm a big Zelda fan, The creator who made this game sucks :)
You know, I was hopeful, but you guys disappointed me, when you enter the game its perfectly normal, but when you actually get to where you play the game it starts to totally bug out, JUST FIX IT!!
The game, despite being an obvious bootleg gives quite a challenge to players when it comes to its dungeons. I don't know why, but unlike other people I enjoy this game. It's not perfect, but games aren't cheap to create. The rewards make the dungeons feel worth it. Bosses and traps are difficult to bypass, and it is overall enjoyable for me. Just please fix that minigame at the bar and the bow. The bow is basically unusable. There has to be an easier way to make it work. Keep up the good work.
Only played for 15 seconds. Advert came on for 30 seconds. Clicked uninstall as soon as advert came on.
This game is terrible! It ripped off my favorite game in the whole world! The name is fake! The title is "Magic Quest"!? Who came up with these things?! Also, [email protected] Ocarina!? The controls are terrible! Ok, whoever made this game, is obviously trying to rip off one of the most revolutionary games of all time! Whatever you do, avoid this game!
I will be unninstalling this app. This app has far too many ads in it for free version everytime you enter or leave a room you are forced to watch an ad. Everytime you die in the game you are forcrd to watch an ad. Also movement of charactor and targeting suck badly. This game needs serious work aside from Swordigo this it one of the poorest designed games. Its only redeeming factor is the 3D graphics. Other tnen that it sucks. Finaly even if there a paid version with no ads, I won't buy it
Sucks from the first second opening it. Doesn't load. Just like an old scratched up PlayStation disc.
Absolutely terrible controls, camera is appalling in this, can't see where you're going mostly, ever time you go through a door - 30secs video, EVERY TIME. This app is a waste of time, do NOT download!!!
Omg absolutely phenomenal ocarina of time.should be scared of this beast of a game the story is amazing and they definitely ripped the graphics off Xbox Series 360 S E One but other than that it is the best game of all time Nintendo hire this persons
Tried this game because it was similar to Zelda. Constantly got stuck and had to close the game to reboot and get unstuck. Maybe I'll try again sometime if they get the glitches fixed.
Really bad cuz there is literally no detail at all also if u attack and jump there is no jumping animation so it is bad
I don't understand this game. It didn't even have enough "NPC" to talk to which makes it a terrible app.
If you read their policy, it says they can sell your personal information and data from your phone and sell it to whoever they want and they're not responsible for what the other person does with your data
Meh, it would be better if you didn't try to rip off zelda and it could also use some gameplay improvements
I like the game you just got to expand your land a bit more so that we find everything and there's going to be more to explore
I still awake with sweat. It is so bad, that my nightmares are always about this game. It's just a horrible ripoff!
Too many ads! First two minutes of playing went through two doors for a total one of the two minutes I've been being ads, unplayable! Take them away and I'll will try the game again.