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Zaptiye: Open world action adventure

Zaptiye: Open world action adventure for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pilav Prodüksiyon located at Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Bilgisayar Mühendisliği binası 34342 Bebek/İstanbul. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game. Superrrr... All graphics are cool. But for. May best play is story mission.. I hope. You should continue the story mission. Its to short. I don.t know what happen in next More update. I wish. Continued. In story mission🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. I give 5 star. 😊😊😊
Amazing game... Please extend the game by adding vast ottoman empire maps, missions, open world features.... We will get rid of pubg, GTA,red dead redemption or other popular games... We will pay it....
wow this is reall good, just a great time killer, good story and good mini games. love that you can play this offline, and including prayer in the game music it really special.
I suggest more missions and chapters be added to make the game more fun. Only two chapters ain't really enough. The game kinda becomes boring after completing all missions in the two chapters. Kindly work on an update with more chapters and missions. Asap. Ty
Ok so first of all, m rating this game 2 star. I've my reasons. This game is interesting nd all but y'all need to add new missions, a different backgrounds too, more weapons, and I dunno if its possible for us to be able to interact with the people. I've played all the levels, still waiting for the new mission for months now. It's disappointing 😔. M a gamer myself, and I feel y'all are not even doing anything to upgrade this game, with that much data to download this game... I expected better
I love this game. This is kind of game I've been looking for. I request that could you please put some mission on it. Even he got his revenge. The only mission i been playing is fighting a gang and hostage rescue and exaction case
Wow games....!!. I like it verry much. Thanks to the game operator.it would be more enjoyable if be added more regular mission like tower defend, sooting on riding in rami road, farm defend and special missin if become regular it will be great.
The game is really amazing. It's controls are very fantastic, and the graphics is wow! Big up to the developer.
It is good🙂 but l have been stuck on a really hard mission for age's☹️☹️ l think they should make it a little bit hard and a little bit easy😔😔l love this game so much🙂🙂l give this game a 4 stars
This game is really better than I had expected it has good graphics top notch controls and yes it is offline so u can say it's a ten in ten for me . IT A MUST DOWNLOAD
Nice game but improve the experience fixiation because when you complete one mission it gave only I experience please improve it by the way game is great good graphic you should have to keep update it on
its a great game, please add some boss or something like that coz there are lots of good things youll buy in game, the weapons but kinda suck that you're going to earn money by repeating side missions and then, after you bought the strong weapons you want your just gonna use it for some guess what... side missions, please add more, aside from that the game is great, it has cool parts, you guys should try this
Marvelous game. The story is also brilliant. Graphics, gameplay, all very good. I am surprised to know such a game is available for mobile. Wondering why is game not an Editor's Choice.
Yes it's awesome,but no person takes action in the game like reacting when pushed by the player,the player does not enter any house and also the player is not allowed to explore the open world we were assured the game is,the only permission you are given is to roam around the town only .please grant this permissions i have complained about and you game will be now super open world game.
Maaaannn!!,one of the best games i played....its a very good game to pass time the missions are simple but needs patience...i had it installed for a long time but after the update i miss the fun factor...there used to be a fun glitch that allowed me to pass through the building walls and become undetected and i would take my time to complete the mission....i request the devs to bring back the glitch its just fun to have it and now there isnt.....all i feel is tension while doing a mission.
This is a really solid and professional open world game. The graphics are good and the environments and atmosphere are alive. It reminds me a little of assassins creed but with less stealth and more shooting. The items available in the shop don't cost much and the prices are totally acceptable. You don't need to spend money but the developers deserve the support. It has massive potential to be expanded which I hope to see in the future. Great game A+
Good game that I can't believe it is in the phone,I like to beg the owners of this game that I will be more happy if they start a new game like this or better than this,Thank you
I've played this game for 5 mins and I think it's a good game.I liked the physics and animations.Those are almost flawless.And I can climb walls like GTA sa and double jump on walls,these really amazed me.My complains are ,the textures aren't very realistic and so are the models.And there's no sun in the sky.Fix them.And pls make more open world story based games.
It is full of adventurous game and it is copy of red dead redemption 2. It is a very good choice of open world game and it is also offline.
Good game, game of the year if you ask me, but whenever i finish a mission it closes the app and delete my progress, please fix this 🙏 🙏
Wow!!, the missions are nice, the controls are nice, the graphics are nice, All are nice, excellent in other games if yoi shoot a peoples in a gun the peoples will not died by one bullet, but here the peoples died in one bullet, not only this, the game is very nice, THANKS VERY MATCH FOR THE CREATORS OF THIS GAME. Thank you
It is a good and fantastic game.if you update the game that it if we kill any enemy so its blood comes out and there should be a map.Thank you.i like this game very much
A very very small open world and not a bit real. Bad graphics even the people of city don't mind who you are and the traitor even left the people unnoticed in fight and people also in masti when there is a scene .
this game has a lot of potential..good graphics, controls are good..decent story line as well..good job dev't.
Although the game is not hard but very hard such that I haven't experienced such like a hard game like this one ever before in the application gaming history, the game is sweet and very intresting to play but now the only problem is the game is hard. Please improve on that
The game is goood but once you complete all levels and unlock all items (which will be soon done) you have nothing to do other than roaming around here and there just doing tge same tasks...
Very addictive game.Superb graphics,storyline and missions.Places are realistic.The amazing experience.pls add some extra missions in next update.Best open world game over.it gives me experience of 'red dead redemption 2'👍👍
it is very nice and interesting game..i love it.. But i have a suggestion for the game to get more famous.. i think the game should be add more desinged.. Large Town adventure attack graphics map should be added the game and more fabolus weapon and gun should be added for fight... if these done i think this game get more and more famous like free fire and pubg..
I didn't like the game anymore because when I have downloaded the game it works fantastic and later on it becomes very much waste because when I am opening the game it shows that "grant the storge permission " and after when I have granted it shows that only and it is not opening . Very waste game 😪
I suggest the game be more like aralon, like pickpocketing, jail systems etc. And also, creatures like goblins, trolls, dragons and more.
Wow the gameplay is really awesome easy controls parkour and challanges pls create part 2 and maybe add multiplayer on next version like endless coop race parkour and local via hotspot something like that hope this game will have a part 2 :3
The game is good but the missions are so hard and the physics of the game is not that good.....I can see the graphics are improved......add more features to this game,maybe one day it could be like red dead redemption clone....
Amazing open world game... Good controls... Please admin should get it serious and add more maps,more missions of vast ottoman Turkey maps... It can easily cross maximum open world games including red dead redemption and etc...
This is the best open world game. I love it, but you have to add the customize the settings becoz everytime I play the parkour I can't move forward camera control is automatically turned .You have to change the settings ......
Ok hear me out on this. 1. Clearly this game has been made on unity and default physics has been used, and it sucks but 10/10 for the developers, its probably their first game and they did good job. 2. This is first game where an "peaceful" religion is pushed down our throat. Wet dream of religious fanatic come true. 3. Parkour is one of center point of this game. And you will do "ajans" to break your phone during that. The most rewarding part of game sucks hard. 4. Side missions are repetitive
A solid single player experience for mobile at least, although it does lack in the replayability area.
I think this is the best game on the play store. It's based on a historic setting, which is perfect because I am a history buff. The game doesn't force you to watch ads for better rewards. It's a very satisfying assassin game. I think I completed the game, since I think the mission where you kill the traitor army general is the last one. I'd love to see this developer make similar games. A big thank you to the developer and thanks for reading :)
this game isn't a waste of time at all, it got good graphics and it does not lag nice one there dev i fell like rating it a million star if possible.
For now I give it four stars owing to the fact that I haven't reached to were I can get to know this game very much.Its a nice looking game and graphics as well.Only hope it's not that much slow and it doesn't freeze at some point.Thanks.
I love this game too too much because it's very good story and I don't know this game which country made by but GAME is really too good good job keep it up
Best thing I love about the game apart from the other good stuff is the story, you did a good job you game developers.
The game is pretty great. At first I had complaints about the graphics, but if you put the graphics to the highest setting they look good. The physics can in some situations get a bit wonky, but for the most part that just makes it more fun.
What a wonderful game as it implemented islamic lifestyle such as wudu and solah. Graphic also vivid and the background music take me back old classic ottoman empire.
I love this game soo much and give 5 star but the reason is that I complete this game. Please give updates and more features and hundred mission.
Its an interesting game that i do enjoy, but i am at chapter where i killed the traitor cop after which its like i cant get any other mission other than jumping from roof to roof, exactions, figting gangs and aiding the poor. Where is the police station and out of two missions?
Really nice game but you should add more missions as I think it was a short story. Glad to play; good graphic but should be long story. I hope adding more missions for story line can make Zaptiye to be more perfect
Its a good game and it has amazing graphics and very interesting storyline. There is absolutely nothing wrong with. I advise u download for the fun of it.
Mind blowing game. I have no words to explain this beautiful game. Add mor levels. Add levels in moving trains. Add more animals and cities in this game. Swimming in Samatya ocean. Driving boats and riding in train. Add these things to make this game more interesting
There no more new place or suitation ... new levels can u update the new cities more. I don't find any new cities ..only 2 cities are there in this game..hello Add new cities in the game . And new chapters
The game is fun but please work on adjusting the sizes of the control icons..fingers miss them especially when you focus is on the character
Suprisingly good, good story and gameplay really sucked me in. Open world is kinda cool and the setting is very unique. Poggers game
Two words- Great Game, would love to see an update with a whole bunch of different features and a slight improvement in the graphics. I haven't played such a awesome game in a long time and it was worth every minute I spent playing it. Just wanna say thanks for this really cool app
I have played before and DO NOT BE FOOLED! It isnt open world game for the fact because you can't travel where you like and all you do is shoot AI and then it goes to next level. Also its slow and the graphics aren't that good. You can't travel open world. Its just a scam to get you to open their game. I learned the hard way :(
This is a good example of an open world game, it has side quests that give you good xp and money, parkour, tons of guns and armor, upgradable skills and has good combat mechanics but the game gets hard at points and I was trying to do a no death flawless run but the game is very hard and that the enemies hit hard like bricks so I would ask to lower the difficulty.
So far I love the storyline. There isnt much direction on using the map though...but its intriguing and fun!
Its quite a good game..but few missions...only after killing the traitor ant boom the game is over....update more mission..otherwise..its one of my best mobile games...second to "PAYBACK 2...members try that game also
So first of all their should be ending screen after completing the game missions. So the joystick troobled me and the game felt repeated although the game was good and well made. Need improvement in story and i think voice if you could include. Well i tried to as much ads i could i know making offline game which are free to play don't pay much so yeah😅😉
A beautiful adventurous game.But lack some features like crawl,late position ,hide and more chapters and missions.
Very good but no more missions after words since clearing City from criminals I have been clearing City since days and no new missions
I like this game but i hate it number one i always walk itself and stand always number two develope easy missions the reeve mission is hard number three increase the health i always die number four can you add and go inside the tekke,Houses,in the zaptiye station rooms and etc number five can you add faces the eyes is always black and no nose number six add to travel in wild west number seven add an swimming skill number eight there is a restricted area add it thats it its all develope it now
Very fun game that I can't believe is on a phone. It's so fun and the controls are easy to use. I bought the ad free one so I wouldn't keep getting ads during the game and its well worth it.
I have no words to explain this mind blowing game, stunning, beautiful game. Good grapphics, good gameplay. But only few things that our group of (50 boys) needed in this mind blowing games is - 1) Swimming in Samatya Ocean. 2) Drive boats. 3) Entering in houses. 4) Add more missions. 5) Add mission in the moving train. 6) Train riding between City to city. 7) There is only two places ( Rami& Samatya) in this games. Please add 2&3 more cities to play this game.Add more weapons like sword, bow
It's a fun game it gets a little repetitive after while doing the same missions over ..the jumping mechanic needs work sometimes it works great and sometimes it doesn't want to work at all ..especially while trying to do a roof missions where you have to jump from building to building to collect the red dots
I want to some more improvement in this game. And should be fix unlimited levels and then it will look more beautiful.
Great Game! Amazing Graphics and Realistic Open World. I feel I"m in Turkey As Spy. Its Good To Recomend. The Best Delevoper So Far.
wow this is really good, just a great time killer, good story and good mini games. love that you can play this offline, and including prayer in the game music it really special.
Loved the fact that it is a story based semiopen world RGP and not a lying advertisement. Loved the details... Prayer, Ablution etc... Need more chapters... Need more missions.... Hope to hear from you soon....
On playing this one. Really a nice red dead redemption like game. Though please on the next update, add duels. Like West gunfighter has but it's a bit tricky. But with the concentration time, like dead eye in rdr, this will really be an awesome game. Download now and skip the other West games. Ignore the language and start your download. But no cop rampage.
There is 2 things I hate. 1. It does not save progress very well. You need to do an whole mission at the same time. Or you just lose what you spend the last 30 minutes doing. 2. When I complete a mission it well say good job. But then put me to the first loading screen. Not giving me a reward or anything making it impossible to make progress. Please fix these I really like the game. (If you fixed them it would no doubt be a 5 star.