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Yulgang Global

Yulgang Global for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Longtu Game located at HONGKONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So lag, high battery consumption, the graphics aren't good, not smooth, boring gameplay. I waited for this game because I thought this game will be good but It's just a dissapointed. Uninstall :))
actually, this one has all goodness in gaming. but I alwys hate a game that limited by STAMINA or ENERGY or bla bla bla.. this one has 2 limitation in the dungeon system: 1. Energy. it consume 30E per chance. n u must wait ur energy to full again. 2. Chances. liminted max 2CHANCES ONLY. so.. i uninstall this. sorry..
The download part always failed and keep asking to exit the app or retry.. i retry so many times but its just still the same.. i took about 10+ mins for 5M file? I have 2.0mbps speed and i have to keep press retry because every 1 or 3 minute the download process will failed
cant log in to servers. please fix this. i already made charges on its first day so please make us satisfied. thank you.
I like it , it's not like pc world , if creator can make it similar like pc , it's will be wonderful , because i see alot game now they can do that , and i see in pc it just 3-4GB , make SOF Classic .
I thought it would be like Yulgang on PC, turns out to be a mainstream mobile mmorpg like "age of wu***" and the other similar games with different titles. The good thing is there is no VIP system.
This game is exciting because you can level up even with few or no recharges. But they ban players from chatting without valid reasons. An event called enigmatic is dominated by players using dummies to be at top rank to get more rewards. Customer service in messenger used to reply in no time, but they ignore us now. The game is slowly getting annoying.
Cute game, I love the game's scenes, variety of hero's classes & skills but I decided to uninstall this game because of the lag experience in the servers esp when together with other players. At first the suggested server is stable esp when your new in the game but few days later the server your playing is suddenly's full! For that, you cannot enjoy the whole game because of the lag experience.
Ignore all of those low stars rating. Just play the game, and experience it. Yulgang Global is full of features! Nice GvG & PvP mechanism. Homestead, Item Trading, etc. The game's still competitive if we compare to those guys with a bunch of money.
Hi im concerned player in yulgang i have a problem in the game after the latest update. What happen to sign in reward its gone now? And why yulgang automatic force close? Plss fixx this and i wish you see this msg thx. By the way i already contacted your email about this situation.
Cannot delete character. Usually i always using 1 name in every game, but accidentally i pick wrong job, i am trying to change job or delete character so i can still use the name i always use. But i didn't found it.
Good God, this game is an abomination compared to what i played once back then around 2008+, avoid at all cost, dialogues are far worse than google translated translations out there, its like they didnt even try
Just like any other auto game. Even if I manual, everything is just too repetitive. The story is typical and it resembles so many other games out there
This game is not worth your time when i installed it i was really looking forward to playing it but when it was checking for an update it said update failed i retried it again and again but it did not work and i checked to see if it was compatible with my phone and it was so i dont recommend to play this game
Hi GM... It was so difficult to contact you, because there wasn't any instruction how to bind Longtu Game account with this game user ID (25548126). I've try many times and desperate to try it more, so I mention it here... My problem is i've already spent money to buy 1280 ingot around 00.44 GMT, but the ingot didn't show up until now. I have already re-login many times but still nothing happen. Please fix it ASAP. Thank you.
It took more than two hours to prepare the resources. After i installed i wanted to try it immediately but i waited too long to actually play it. Please fix this.
U wanted players to stay online afk kill monsters to level up yet u allow others to kill afk farming players who spent money to support the game. Truly a waste of time, effort and money.
No star for me wasting load always say that my connection is low ... I tried to download 3 times and waiting for how many time so this time i surrender.
Had a game breaking bug, was doing way lesser damage then other same classes which lower gears martial arts qigong, etc.. reported to the official facebook page. But was given generic answer to ask other players for advice.. Horrible service from a game full of bugs and unbalances... don bother trying..
I love this game. But i recharge and dont recieve any gift or notification. Please fix this. I need to buy an item and also need the gift item it is so usefull. Fix this faster.
Nice & great game but if u looking for decent type games.. This is not the one.. Coz this P2W game.. So for F2P types.. Well you guys know how the game goes.. 😅
Much that I want to support the game the payment method sucks, my network can't directly pay and take note you need to go to seagm. Com to register and then register again to your network and then it keeps on failing. , it really sucks it can't be paid directly, unlike other games that I played before.. Fix it.. Crazy payment method.. The game is absolutely good.
Another auto game that needs money a lot.. How? Once the server 1 reached dollar quota, They will make another server for the first topup promo, and then server 2 3 4 5 6 and etc will come out and server 1 will die cuz lack of people.. All mobile released MMORPG are all the same business and greedy games. So i'd stay on Battle Royal games..
Stuck at the first launched, it says my connection is not smooth even though my connection is fine I mean I can play other games and watch YouTube in 2k resolution. And then ask me to exit or retry so I choose exit to uninstalled right aways to save some storage from useless app that can't be open or play
Been playing this game for 2 months. The Archer class is too OP. They have a lot of crowd control skills that works even if my character has Drunken Master buff (it says that i am 100% immune to control for 5 secs). Hope that it will be nerfed in the next update. So many players chooses Archer class cause it is so OP.
Wrong translations leads to wrong char build. Promotion from sword expert to divine sword preview says the skill indefinite sword increase atk and crit. But the reality is the skill increases atk and hit. Now theres no way to switch to the other job.. How disappointing. A good game trashed by crappy staff.
im really excited about this game but im just stucked in the very first loading screen and says i have connection problem but my connection is fine and it keeps on repeating the same even if i restart the game. pls fix
Base on the comments, i think this will be fun for those free to play players. I hope the developers will improve the graphics and more animation. We will more like this game if the game will not require too much data consumption
I don't know how will I rate this game. During the download process of the resources I got more that 5 error, I kept on tapping retry and download error still shows up again and again. There's no problem woth my network, my phone still has a lot of space. Will change this review if I manage to pass thru the download process. If not then I'll just uninstall it.
The game is good, but the stamina system is not good hahahaha. Sorry to say that but it brings a lot of problem to me, keep the good work
Great game just one thing can you add something that hides pets and something to lower the graphics so it would be less laggy the lag is the only problem for me
Needs more fix on the translation! The skill description seems to be stack on top of others description. Skill Preset should be placed on battle screen to make it easier changing Skill Set.
The download always fail. It says I need a smooth connection. I'm connected to a wifi. So it's impossible I that I don't have smooth connection
This game is pay to win. Players can buy dungeon (exp,equip,materials) runs using ingots. F2P's will be gap by a lot. Better stay out of it.
This game sucks, i got stable internet connection and still server wont load because my internet is not smooth? I got 25mbs internet connection and downloaded the game for only 5 minutes. Do not download this game its a waste of time.
Nothing like the pc version but still good. Some items are super hard to find. Also the arena, i kept on losing to players 30k less power than mine. And its not even a contest.
nice and addictive game you deserve 5 stars 100% not a Pay to win game BUT if you can add options to show or hide mobs, pets, npcs' name would be better. so irritating lots of names seen on screen.. anyway you still deserve 5 stars.
1) The archer is too over power. Archers have stun, fear, slow and beast haha. I no longer know how to fight them with this weak sword. I really ask when will u guys balance this game? On my server, many people don't play anymore. 2) I have waited for almost 2 months and in Martial Art Store has never brought up the Qigong that I need even after I refreshed more than 7 times. You must be kidding me. In the Guild shop too. I have to refresh 1-4 times. This game rate is 3.1 right now. Fix it
The preparation to play the game can make your patience gone.This game is kind of confusing. And if ever you'll play this, it is as if you were a bot following instructions all the time.
Very beautiful and amazing game i've been played. The only problem is all about the Stamina. Please update the Stamina system or even remove that feautures. And also i recommend to add Trading system.