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Yong Heroes

Yong Heroes for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by 4399en game located at RM 19C,LOCKHART CTR. 301-307 LOCKHART RD.WAN CHAI HK. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game over all.. Just needs more to do thats not limited. There should be things to do to get more xp and equipment. Shouldnt push pepole to spend real money. Make it so you can grind to get stronger or pay if you want it right away. Just my thoughts. But it is a fun game.
i invited couple of friends to play this game because its a good one - but they cant join me on the same server. it always say server is full. wish there's some changes in the future
It's awesome game... Here's main important things it's play auto..... I like it very much.... But i need more time to know it. Anyway thanks to gimme a good game.🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍
Don't play this if you don't want to be heartbroken. I came back after 1 month and my acc gone I WAS FRIKIN LVL 119 OR SOMETHING if you play this game get prepared for a heartbreak if you get so good and it happens it's prob gonna hurt more so devs get rid of something signing us out and signing in again what if we can't remember our pass or name?!
Cant Upload customized portrait in game, like if the game doesnt want to open my phone camera to add.
Almost 100 levels into the game and still no horizontal or functional manual gameplay ....fake advertisement? :(
Fun game to play, but boss drops are horrible you can farm forever n not get good drops. Even with vip levels. Also even you daily grinding for bosses require gold to do so its huge on pay to win. It just eats your money for everything. I played till im almost level 400 but it so annoying now since I don't want to spend more money my progress is almost ceased. I get no drops or tickets for bosses.
Started your game fell inlove with it instantly ... But i am having some serious issues that need to be fixed... Such as lagging & i keep getting disconnected...
You say you can play this in horizontal mode, no you cannot. I've looked everywhere and can't find out how. Too many system notifications as well, can't focus on the game play without a lot of texts on the screen.1 star for those issues alone.
Deceptive strategy where they lie in ads that the game can be switched from vertical to horizontal view,it works only on vertical view. Not to mention the rest of the story: generic game, same autoplay as other games, nothing innovative except new ways to ask your money, extremely pay2win and quite predatory...as usual, avoid 4399 games...
Could be better if the landscape view was better. What is going in with the boss fights ? It takes 8 days to get one down. Ain't got no time fo that.....
So the game is you tap on the same place for over 30 mins while a cartoon thing runs around you have no control boring is not the word
Visually appealing and nice ambience. However it doesn't feel much like a game since I'm basically just watching.
Any game with a VIP system is definely a Pay-to-Win. Code in the AD does not work definely, therefore, going to uninstall.
To do anything in this game and it be fun, you need to have money. No way around it. You can absolutely not F2P this game. So you have so many times a day you can do events, no biggie. You also have to have tickets for the same events. So you have a chance but no ticket, spend money. Yeah they give you BOUND ingots, but you gotta keep what you get for free to handle all the times you don't have regents you need. There is just no way to really play this game for free, and have fun.
the problem is wherever I go, there is always a bunch of annoying Vietnamese kids using their weird language to communicate. Cant you just make a game where everyone speak the same language?
EDIT: tried again 1 yr later and still same. Only advance by buying things with real money. (note to self: do t bother) CASH GRAB All bosses are set to spawn at different times so of course all the stronger players run from one to the next and take them all 24/7. New players have no chance as there is no limit in peace boas floor. I tried 3 servers and was the only one who spoke English. Those who can chose not to and refused to help me. Therefore I've uninstalled.
Game keeps failing to load even after using the "client fix". I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. 1 star cause I can't post with no stars.
Everything is nice but the vip systems but that is to be expected in this money grab game. Graphics are a solid 10/10 runs smooth no glitching easy grinding. Let's you lock your phone to save power very fun and so addicting.
Been playing a while now , great level system and awesome rewards. Absolutely love this game . Minus the cap for buying from market of course lol. Grest job to the developers !!!
Cast of the ad look cool but I got into the game is really glitchy because I think it's a new game and I got disconnected like 20 to 30 dimes before even gotten to a server
This game uses fake ads and is nothing like the ads suggest. It plays itself so no point even playing it. They try to get you to buy stuff almost straight away with popups and constant "discounts"
Have to wait so long hour to updated and after finis updated the server change take forever zzz.. and can't play or log in to my acc so sad
DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! Updated earlier today, now I cant log in. Ive tried so many ways. Still cant log in, this game basically stole my money then lost my account. ITS BEEN MONTHS NOW AND NO WORD FROM THE DEVELOPERS.
I really don't know how the admin merge the guild. Server 643 is extremely powerful, but don't know why is still merge with server 673. Server 673 should be merge with server 642. Please remerge the server based on the ranking of the game!
Love the game but since the most recent update it works good for 5 minutes and than it doesnt respond to anything i do. Than i have to close app wait a bit get on for it to just work for 5 more minutes... please fix
It is a grant game but I have one issue with it I make a avatar I get to a really high level and and I have to make a new one it deletes my other one other then that I like the game and think it can be a great game
It seemed like a good game...I even enjoyed playing the new assassin class until the game suddenly booted me off in the middle of a quest. Tried logging back in, and POOOF!! My character I made disappeared. Spent some money too...not a big loss, just won't be playing this game anymore..glad I stopped before I invested more in the game...
Its fun and all, but youll shortly realize that they dont allow you to use ignots which is a big part of the game. Could cost ya a good bit to as their pricing is awful. Id choose a different game until they allow you to use the stuff you earn.
hello.. im load big sum here and already top one on my server but what make i feel disappoint was my rate drop item on boss and any event i participate is very low than free player/non-vip player even with my +20% rare drop.. what the point im recharger if they can catching up my power without any recharge..i love this game.. but only that what make me disappointed and one more thing my item also most of them is buying from market.. let me know if u think its fair for me.. thank you
Pretty good game nice way to spend some time. The only thing I'd like to see is a way to earn vip ranks in game
no filter country like asia/europe/america i playing with people cant understand their language. i really enjoy and i give 5 star when it have a filter country
Game is rather boring and you have no time to read all the dialogue because they skip it all in just 5 seconds, also it makes you caracter run around automaticaly without me having the slightest clue about what is going on. I also looked in the settings to look if I could stop the automatic functions but I couldn't, so to the devs stop the auto stuff and I might reconsider playing the game again.
I haven't found anyone who has spoken English yet and it's hard to make friends for me. The game play is okay and the classes are very typical. I hope to see more in the future.
I opened the game and in those first moments the character that I created start's moving by itself I was so shocked that I literally froze for a moment, when my senses came back to me I'm watching this movie (Honestly people keep calling this a game but that's not true this is an animated movie)so I let this movie play for about 4 minutes while only watching and bam I'm level 20.Now if you want to watch a movie calling itself a game just in name and wastes your battery more than an actual movie
This game will be fun is not for when you're battling bosses people can just come out and kill you Non-Stop and take your boss from you it gets so annoying
I was enjoying this game all the way up untill the low level world bosses i then proccednro quit after seeing a loot drop determiner for damage that is the most retarted system ever. Do you knwo what it allows it allows ninja stealing if you can hit for more damage then the person who started and then they get no loot... thats stupid
I hate it, the app is just a ripoff of Perfect World. And it doesnt let u tilt the screen. AND it doesnt even let you change the players avatar a lot, it only lets u change the hair. If there was a 0 stars, thats what i would rate it...
Played 4 hours last night. Had a blast. The game deleted my character. I made another character and grinding offline while I was at work all day. Get on to find out I need to make another character
I honestly don't know what any of these other people are talking about. I love this game i started off not paying and actually got fairly high up. The only reason I p2w now is because I don't have the time to devote to this game as I used too. Stay away from this game if you have no patience or can't stand some pvp, because we all get pk'd, we all struggled at first. It's part of the gameWe just respected the grind. There is more than enough to do in this game and it's really fun.
Forget the commercials you have seen about this game. You are told that you do not need to invest money. Yet the game revolves around spending money on an auto play game. The game is highly limited outside of being auto play. This game at the end just simply sucks.
The most predatory pay to win experience ive ever seen, a huge scam, literally cost thousands just to complete one event and even the player marketplace costs real money currency, the game forces you to mmm pay in a heavily pvp focused game where if your not paying thousands a week your getting killed by someone who does. This game is a money scam and noone should play it. Devs are also super lazy as they have bots copy paste replies to every single review
Unbalance_ they will keep merging new Server with Old server. You will eventually merge with old super strong sv. Everyone going to quit and waste of money. It is fun at the beginning when they take ur money, but with the merge of of ur teammates will quit. You been warn this is a PAY to WIN game.
Pay to win game. Gets boring when you run out of attempts to gain xp and you get stuck. However for the VIP people they are able to keep going further. Quests only go so far before you have to grind days before you can get to the next set. 2 attempts a day isn't enough for an xp dungeon. Make the game so you can do more to level up. Also add more ways to use the extra resources you have instead of requiring people to pay to use them.
This game is good but I have a problem that I can't go in the game it loding got stuck I would not even give 1 star
Game is great until you decide to do an in-game purchase. I had part of the items missing after I bought a pack or didn't receive it at all. Got Google to refund it for me. Later on my account gets banned and I am told by the game team that refunds are not allowed. Don't waste your time guys. Plenty of other good games to choose from.
This is not a game. Why people play this and think it's a game is beyond me. This thing plays on it's own.i don't understand why someone would willingly put money into this garbage
So boring. Everything is auto. You just have to tap the screen to get/put on items and go through the dialogue. If you like a game where you just watch and tap your screen a few times, play it... If you want more control... don't install.
The gameplay is boring and the story doesn't make sense. The dialogue is timed and I don't know if you can turn that feature off, but either way it's annoying. The game deals with 0 skills or strategy on the users side, it's just me watching my character play the game. Hey game devs, It doesn't matter if I level up quickly if I'm not the one playing. Overall, not a fun game.
A 100% pay to win game. Droprates for needed upgrade items are very scarce and you need a lot of those rare items. Some of those items look like purchase only since I don't see them in the drop tables. This game had promise but this overwhelming pay to win ideology has ruined it.
Every complaint in on other reviews are dead on. Not enough to do ,drops are not helpful unless you spend money . Graphics are good. Story line is ok . The last couple of days seem we can't log on . Tried Uninstalling couple times seemed to work yesterday but not today. Everyone only plays a couple of days then leaves the game.
If you hate MONEY$$$ THIS GAME IS FOR YOU! You will need to spend hundreds daily to keep up and you will be pitted with players 10+ millions power above you for you to be 1shot killed fun right? Every week new content to spend more $$$ gets released. Your enemies will be even stronger and any rational you had to be strong will fly out the window. So if you HATE $$$ this game is for you!!! Oh did I mention support doesnt give a $%#@ About you no matter how much $$$ you spend?
The ads made it seem like the gameplay was manual but just another auto cash grab game. I picked my character went to the bathroom and was lv 26 before i even "played" if u can call it that
Solid game. Alot of game play is done automatically. Its very similar to mobile lineage but with a anime spin with it. A little heavy on the pay to win but what game isn't these days.
Horrible game 1st thing is even if you have good service it will still disconnect you from the game, and you'll constantly get "sending" or "connecting" they honestly need to refresh all servers and delete all the inactive people to give others a chance to join different servers.
Spent the last 5 months playing. Lots of money and time invested.... now all day today, i cant log in. Error 1009. Tried force closing, clearing cache, restoring client, data and wifi, restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled.... still can't log in.
Most of this game is a P2W. Recently the game took my money from paypal which has nothing in it and tried to take from my linked bank acc and just tripled the amount I have to pay up but I did not request it in the first place. I dont know if this game is actually a scam 'cuz then no wonder it got plenty of bugs. Noo support whatsoever. Edit: Their supporting is just a copy & paste go to FB, yeah no. I dont trust the app n so acc dlt. THEY ARE FAKE TYSM for wasting my time...
Been playing for awhile, lvl320 did a purchase to VIP, and let me say that this game is the worst game I ever played. 1st: Literally every 2 days a new event to buy stuff to exchange, and costs alot. And the tokens are just usless after the event finishes. 2nd: drop rate is HORRIBLE. U fight 100 times to get 1 item 3rd: no explanation at all! 4th not user friendly,plenty of stuff, cramped and lots of items, crystals to get to upgrade and lvl.. it just one of the WORST games I ever played.
I gave it a 5 star its a good game to play with its easy and fun but I wish thay would give us an option to not let the words on screen ago away every 5 seconds but overall its a good game but I see that 1 thing really bad and it makes me not whant to play :(
Love the game details and graphic but sadly I can't use my own profile pic. Kept insisting that I download latest data when it's already up to date
The game is great, i had an issue for about an hour but i managed to fix it somehow, I think it may of been my phone being odd. Overall it is a great game
In my opinion, this is one of the most enjoyable mobile games out there. I understand that it is not for everyone, so if you do not lime this game then don't play it. If you tell people that it is a bad game then they won't want to play it, when in actuality, they might enjoy it.
Good but servers shouldn't be released every day/every other day but instead should be released once every half a month to a month because as it stands, people who are spending are being left with dead servers because of this stupidity. It's because people who haven't spent can move to another server. I think you all should allow people who has spent to move for free up to 2 servers with their gears in order to prevent them having a dead server or else look at server merges every week....
Good and very nice game but you need to horizontal position.. I will give 5 star if you fix to horizontal.
The pvp is terrible. People grief constantly . If you're not on a team, higher levels attack you. Can barely use the cross server because people just kill you. They don't even attack the boss, just being mean. Everything is literally a competition and very one sided. Please fix because this isn't a bad game. Add a report function .
Was a good game.....then I logged out and when logging back in through Google games. The account is not the same. This is after I spend cash like a dummy. As far as customer service goes. I guess there isn't any unless you have facebook
This isnt a game. It's an auto-run movie on par with neil green. There is NO customization options for your character except avatar items. There is no option to turn off auto-run, the buttons for your "skills" are insanely small (no option to change that either) and "class change" is a one way street where you cant at all choose which class to ascend to. Don't download this.
You can find your self doing nothing you get to a point where its not fun anymore. By that point you are just going to sit and kill the same bosses over and over just to get a peace of gear that its slightly better than your. Is also worth mentioning that lvl up means just to unlock more of the story. And last but not least its not even worth reading, it goes so fast you might as well not do it. Also there are no such thing as 100 free draws i waited and looked around but found nothing.
Was level 115 and went to log on to find out my account is just gone. Was a fun game until that. Deleting though, because that's not happening again. Waste of time I even ignored the pay to win on higher levels. But once again thanks for wasting my time.
3 Stars for now only because I always get disconnected which is obnoxiously weird coincidentally my wifi is great so no reason why I should remotely be booted out perhaps it is the overwhelming population this app has gained over the years. At least it's slightly better than land of Doran because that game is glitch as hell.
another p2w auto play rpg. it has somewhat good graphics, it was fun for the first two days, until i hit that p2w wall. spent $$ to get vip 4 to try to keep up but it is impossible to keep up if you dont spend cash every day. wouldnt recommend this game unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on it, and even then youll probably fall behind. because of how money hungry this game is, they gate a 1 star. Note to devs: think about the long run.
Love the game but would love to get my characters back. After the update made me lost my 3 characters.
i wish this game will shut down sooner. Fuvking Ads liar i thought u can rotate the screen..vertical is sucks unless if its Clash Royale i dont mind but this stupid game with fake ADS ....Pubg,ML,COC,Clash royale much better than this.
This is bad, real bad. Lies from the beginning about how you can play the game vertical or horizontal. It's only vertical. Already an untrustworthy dev I wouldn't play their game and definitely not give them money.
I played to lvl 40 on the first day, the second day i tried to log to the old account, and all the data went lost. It's very confusing for those with bad memory about their account.