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YOLO? for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by CacaCat located at Level 5, HSBC Main building, 1 Queen's Road Central. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ads central ads if you win, ads if you lose, ads for skins and ads for loot boxes which are rigged against you and if you want those two extra prizes watch 2 more ads also you struggling on a puzzle don't worry pay them for hints or watch an ad for one hint which makes this game P2W!! Its kinda amazing how greedy they are and it isn't even offline FFS.
Decent game the graphics are what to be expected from the type of animation style they were going for , it's fun easy progression , probably the closest thing you'll get to a final destination game but I would say it's more "inspired by" then anything else yeah there is ads but you get rewards for the ads so who cares it's a fun time killer
Love the artwork & different skins, the puzzles are pretty creative along with the concept itself. Would have liked to see a little story mode/narrative, but the puzzles are varied enough that it keeps me from getting bored with it. Edit: I've also noticed that some of the touch points aren't that accurate, for example lvl 84 the poster on the wall. You have to try hard to get it to swipe off. Another issue: when you use a hint the game tends to get stuck, I'm not able to move anything.
Game is nice overall but i don't like how pixel perfect some actions need to be. I struggle clicking some items that should activate because I'm not at the exact pixel location. I would have more fun if I didn't have to click and reclick the same things 5 times to make them work. Other than that frustrating experience, the game is graphically appealing and the puzzles are nice.
It's not a game it's an forced add viewer. If you finis a level add, if you restart a level add, if you collect something add. 50-80% of the time you forced to watch advaricement. The game itself not bad, but it's childis , easy puzzel game, not need to prepare a chainreaction and fire it, but just loseen one bolt and you win. I think its not worth the time to download it.
It's impossible to play not because it's hard but because of the ads. This could have been a great game but is ruined with ads. We get that you want to profit but it's ruining the experience of your game hence making people not play it.
Alot of fun the levels are a good amount of challenge but not too challenging and the characters you can unlock are cute and cool. I love the references to other movies and such with in the new characters but the only thing I don't like is that there's way too many adds.
The game seriously needs some massive attention toward the actual control interface. A lot of the tap and drag keeps bugging out and the cannon on lvl 90 is making me want to burn a building to the ground. Change up the tap and drag to a different form of interface like pop up buttons or a slider that controls the angles or something. I like the game, but the anxiety i get from it never working how it should is enough to drive me insane
Brilliant game overall. 10/10 The levels are challenging and gameplay is excellent. We'll thought out puzzles. Only issue is the Advertisements. Everything you select, an ad pops up. Playing each level is fine, but between levels, collecting ideas as a side generator, etc, brings up an Ad. The amount of advertisement is the only disappointment to an otherwise amazing game. Use an AdBlocker on your phone to play..
Pretty great game, thrilling puzzles and controls, creative death ways etc.. but i have a minor issue, I tried getting light bulbs through watching adds but I coudnt get the light bulbs even after the ad, I tried over for a few minutes but the bulbs never came. Its a pretty great game even with this minor bug, keep working on it 👍💯💯💯
Pros: It's a fun game. Reminds me a little of a series of Japanese games I played in college where you had to figure out how to die. This has the same sense of humor. Good time-killer - nothing too deep or thought-provoking. Cons: LOTS of advertisements. If that bugs you, avoid this game. But it's free, and this is how they make their money. Overall: Fun for what it's worth. Four stars.
Too many ads. You see this would be a fun little puzzle game. I can't recommend it at all unless you want constant ads pushed at you worse than any game I've played. You want a skin you unlocked? Ad. You buy a room with currency you earned well to get it upgraded you need to watch 2 ads to get it to it's full potential. I bought the remove ads and they remove ads that was pestering you between levels. But they have another ad if you want a proper gold reward. Ad removal should remove ads.
I like this game and it kills time. But there are 2 problems that annoy me so much I was even thinking of disinstalling it. 1 The ads. The ads in this game are INSANE. I didn't mind at first but when I was trying to get light bulbs for hints it wouldn't show me a video but a picture, which means I don't get them. 2 sensitivity. As levels progress the sensitivity becomes annoying and even if you're doing everything right nothing will happen.
The game is a pretty good time killer but the ads are so very annoying. When I go to collect the hints from the workshop every second one will give me an ad which is very annoying and unnecessary. And the sensitivity is also very temperamental especially when trying to use a lever where once I had to spend like 5 minutes swiping to use it. It's an alright game but it is very frustrating and annoying and sometimes isn't worth the wait to watch the ads for a 30 second level.
I will say this game is spot on, kudos to the creators. The art work is amazing and the gameplay is actually really fun, I meam what do you expect when hour killing peopl. Of course every game isn't "perfect" there are ads after pretty much each level. BUT i would say this game is pretty solid, updates are always happening which means you'll never not have levels to play, and you also do really need hints to solve every level. But its a little to easy for me but over all 5/5!
I really enjoy the game, the theme is very creative and simple, and great for those of us who can be easily distracted. I readed this game a 4-star simply because of the amount of ads, although I do appreciate that you can earn something for each one. If I was able to play without needing to watch so many ads, I would rate this game a 5-star.
I actually started off liking this game. The ads were everywhere so I paid for them to go. No problem. But as the game progresses, the sensitivity on the screen changes, so that even if you are pressing the right object nothing happens. You will get stuck on nearly every level after 30 unless you use help points to show you what to do, even though you have already done it before and are getting frustrated. From a development point of view it's a brilliant way to make money.
The game is great and i'm on level 77 already but it has way too many advertisement. At first i can handle the advertisement but on the long run you will loose your patience on these advertisement. After you complete each stage you will surely have an advertisement. When you collect lightbulbs in your workshop you will also have an advertisement. And the advertisement is not only 1 but 3 consecutive advertisement when playing. Sorry but I'm going to uninstall it.
Okay, huge kudos to the developer(s)! I've had this game for awhile now and every time I run out of levels, an update comes a couple days later with new puzzels. They are on it! I love it! And the game itself? Addicting. Challenging enough to make you think but totally solvable without having to use hints all the time.
The ads in this game... too many. Complete a level? Ads. Finish getting reward? Ads. Click on idea from punishing people? Ads. I'm aware there is an ad free option... but it basically forces you to go this way... ok game but I expected like one or two ads every so often. I've watched about 20 within a half an hour play.
everytime I play the game it glitches and you won't even be able to realize it until you ise hint and won't be able to do what the hint says, to make the matters worse the lost hints cannot be gained. and the ads there's already a banner in the workshop but i still have to watch ads after getting two hints. it's getting irritating.
The game is constantly crashing and ruins the fun alot, and there are also so many ads. The gameplay is pretty good though but just until it crashes and then I get back into the game and it crashes like 5 minutes later...(Edit) The game also has like millions of ads within like five levels I deleted the game.
Honestly it's a really fun experience the only problem I have with it is there's a lot of ads you pretty much have to watch an ad after every single level and every single time you fail but for some reason I'm not really annoyed by it because it's really fun I'm assuming there's a way to pay to remove the ads but I I am Uber cheap so there's no way I'm paying that unless I make enough through the Google survey but all in all really fun
The levels are great fun except that the puzzle solving is terrible, in other puzzle games you at least get some hint to find a solution, in this you basically tap and swipe everywhere to try and find the items you can interact with but even worse unless you tap or swipe a specific small spot to interact with nothing will happen so it's more frustrating than anything, at least you can use hints for free but because there so hard to farm in game you end up playing 1 or 2 levels a day then leaving
Cause death to harvest souls. Puzzles are unclear and mostly illogical and exaggerated. Can be played offline and has some sort of gold earning dungeons. You MUST kill everyone in the levels, finding the one and only chain of events is a pain in the backside. Trial and error instead of logic and deduction.
The game is fun but the developers are very greedy and put a frick ton of ads every level plays a 5 sec ad you'd think this is ok but its very annoying. Also skins for this game are a thing and that's very weird just more things to make you watch more ads. And after a level you can also pick one reward out of 3 and you have a low chance to get the best so after you pick it lest you pick another for watching a 30sec un skipible ad pretty lo level really 😠
Game is alright and seems to have potential to be better but the music was so annoying and repetitive. Also too many ads. Each level takes maybe a minute or less and at the end of every one, whether you fail or pass, you have to watch an ad. Gameplay itself is cool.
I normally/rarely rate games. Although I felt this needed to be addressed. This is the most ads I've ever experienced in a game. You literally can't do anything without watching an ad. Won the game. ADs. Lost the game. ADs. Leveling up. ADs. New skin. ADs. Pause the game. ADs. Main menu. ADs. Watched an ad. ADs! I get that free games make money this way but damn it's difficult to enjoy some free time when you're being bombarded with garbage apps.
it looks like this game contains some invisible ad to generate click revenue. Every few ads, after closing it the normal way, the first click on the game play generate a quick black overlay that show up and disappear. This is an indication of invisible ad with click event. The game itself is fun, but the number of ads along with the shady ads practice is questionable.
Love the game and can't wait for the update. The challenge levels are a bit harder and therefore awesome. I also like how no matter who has to die, the cats and dogs stay alive. The skins are also really cute. Edit: I regret installing the update. The actions are so... cringy!! And let's not talk about the insane amount of ads. Went from 5 to 3 stars immediately.
The game is good and I loved it but something ruined my whole experience and that something is the ads.The ads are very long and u can't skip it???!!!Sometime the ads are so irritating that I have to turn my Wi-Fi off but have to turn it on again to get hints and sometimes I want to delete the game because of its ads🤕🤕😠😠😡😡
It is a pretty unique puzzler. There is some game logic at work but it looks great and the whole experience is adorable. The aggressiveness of the ads is slightly obnoxious. Ads for failing level, going up a level, and collecting workshop bonus will jump on you involuntarily. I am pretty sure the experience would be much better if you pay for the no-ad experience.
Great game but has some parts that keep the stars low. 1. WAY to many ads 2. Once you master the controls you can blaze through the lvls without hints.(5 new lvls isnt many when you do know what to look for) 3. Already finished the new lvls. Updated game....check New content......check More annoying ads........check Just when you think they cant ruin the game more.
It's a very creative game! You need good observation and thinking in order to kill the targets, I'm starting to like this game! The images are cute, not scary, so younger child's can play this game too! The skeleton is cute too, it gave me a brand new inspiration on making a new Gacha Club character! I really recommend this game to game lovers! Keep the good work, author!
One of the best games i have ever played. The gameplay is awesome and the story is very creative. It has a few ads, but you can get to of those by turning off your Wi-Fi connection. Would definitely recommend as it is a very fun game and I could play this for hours at a time!
Too many ads! Wanna collect stuff from things you've already unlocked, watch an ad. Advancing to the next lvl after completing the last, watch an ad. Wanna unlock stuff, watch an ad, restart a lvl, watch an ad. Unlock an animation you'll never see your character do, you guessed it... watch an ad. 75% of the time you spend in game is spent watching an ad. I get it's the #1 way you're making money on this product but come on... You don't need to be a millionaire over night from ads.
It could be a really nice game but the amount of adds is overwhelming. If you don't pick the highest amount of money to proceed because you just don't want to watch another add... It will make you watch one anyway and without giving you the reward. That's just plain stupid!
The items you interact with are so specific, sometimes you just keep on trying for 10 times, you won't get anything. But once you see the hint, it was the same place. It's frustrating. Won't recommend.
I love this game so much, but a few updates ago, is started glitching constantly. Everytime I use a hint, it freezes, but still takes my hints away, I have to click or swipe things at least 15 or 20 times to get them to collect or move, it has made solving the levels virtually impossible, because I don't know if I'm clicking the wrong spot or if I just haven't clicked the right spot enough times. It has ruined the whole game.
The game is fun but the glitches are so frustrating. I'll click on something that's supposed to react & nothing happens. Sometimes I have to close the app & reopen it multiple times just to finish one level. Other times I just have to keep clicking over & over. Also, other reviews have talked about this but there are a ridiculous amount of ads on this game. There's not a moment before or after a level that's free of an ad. If you want the skins or extra hints & coins, ads for that too 😒