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yioStrategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Yiotro located at Київ-222, а/c 215. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very tight strategy game! The A.I. is strong but you can perform the very same moves and "easily" reach a stalemate. The shield mechanic is Brilliant, since it punishes the player that pushes too agressively. Overall, a very good game. A big improvememt could be some more different mechanics so it is possible to make new levels. MANY levels have the 2 players have 1 neighbor; the same planet! -and whoever wins that planet wins the level. What if every node could attack every other node? What if there was a max range of attack, which could be a 3rd upgrade? A few new mechanics would make this a straight 5 Star game! Now, it is a very solid 4, doing its things excellently
There is no strategy involved in the game. Just act fast especially in the first 20 seconds, upgrade to faster generating cells and do not move to enemy's adjacent neutral cells unless you have a lot more power. Keep all power close to the enemy. If the enemy conquers the cell next to yours then attack immediately. If the enemy upgrades cell next to yours attack immediately. I beat all levels in campaign in one day, most levels took around 30 seconds to win, including the very last super duper level
Basic connected cell strategy game with a few bells and whistles added. Semi randomly generated skirmishes are nice but are usually a mirrored field. This makes skirmishes matches close at best. Sadly there is a glitch that every once in a while causes a player fleet to vanish for no reason. In these close skirmishes this is usually (for me) fatal. Sort of a deal breaker for me. 😟 Otherwise a decent game.
At first very enjoyable but then you realise there is exactly one way of winning and that brought my excitement to a halt.
Has anybody beaten level 100 in the campaign? Seems to me as AI can do simultaneously several actions which humans cannot. So it seems that I am stuck with no prospect of proceeding :( but until this level all was going well. Simple and entertaining game.
The AI has one decent strategy. It waits for the player to break up barriers and leave an opening. But it doesn't plan for changing cell types, which is how you win. The tutorial doesn't tell you how to do that though.
Game is way to bland ans while it does offer two new things to help differ it from any other typical game that does the same thing it's not muxh at all. The samw strategy works much to often on almost every single map and the AI is much to hard early on. Didn't even make it to level 10 without rage quitting a few times.
Yiotro does some good work. Really want to get Antiyoy going on my phone. Hopefully this make and model of phone gets unblocked soon since earlier versions of antiyoy work alright on it.
This game is incredibly amazing. It's a quick version of many zone control type games I've played and makes we want to implement this in SC UMS. It also reminds me of a quicker and real time version of warlight net. So all in all, this is a great strategy game.
It controls as intended. The AI is really easy, though. The AI has no difficulty progression, and appears to have a very simple, but ultimately, effective strategy. This can make the AI seem hard, but the delay the AI has before acting can let you beat every level with, at most, moderate difficulty of you act faster. The game could be a lot better by having an AI that can use other strategies than the default and plan ahead.
İ addict to this game.. i played untill i finish it.. play it at my waiting time,. Before sleep... its simple and powerful
This game is like a version of Aurulux or Starlink. Capture stars, upgrade, conquer enemy. Unfortunately, both of those games mechanics work better for me. That said, 5* just for the fact there's no advertising or paywall, and I'm sure I could make a small donation to his pocket, if only he asked!
There doesn't seem to be much strategy in the game, the AI almost always has the best counter to each move you make
Overall A fun little puzzle game , but it could use a few new mechanics like maybe 3 teams fighting at a time or more planet interaction :D
Unfair. the CPU makes makes the perfect move every time. Very simple, boring. there are at least half a dozen other similiar genre games like this that are much much better.
Rotates (often by only a few degrees) layout and calls it a new map. If restart level, most likely will bug out (causing loss of game, by thinking red owns planet from previous game's numbers). Could use some more planet layouts. But definitely entertaining overall. At least for a few days.
It is a good game until about level 150 or so at which point the game is simply who can make there move quicker. I have also found zero reason for the defensive structure.
There's no point in actually playing this game. You can't ever do anything that'll beat the AI. You can maybe beat some of the levels in campaign, but it will reach a point that the AI will just beat you constantly.
Game is well done, AI is smarter than most of these type of games, but after about 10 levels you figure out how it reacts and then it's really easy. You're done at that point, it's dead boring from there.
It's hard to control: tap can both attack & select planes, swipe can either attack & move view. It would be better if single gesture was responsible for single action. If your planet is captured - auto-attack setting are lost... AI is dumb (sorry, no offense). Compaign level are similar. Only one device rotation is supported. No sound. In general I'd get rid of "planets & spaceships" concept and rewrite it in a way like Achipato is done - you know, planets are meant to turn around stars, change positions...
I don't see the motivation to trick people into loading a blank screen. Shame on you. It isn't funny.
the whole game is literally just a stand off with the computer until you make a move and because any move requires points the computer then has more points and can start taking you over. so stand off for forever or lose are your options.
This game suffers from one serious problem, which is that many levels can be beaten with the same strategy. This makes the game a bit repetitive and lacking in actual strategy. That being said, it is quite fun and rather challenging at times. It's a decent game that you very well might enjoy.
this game sucks. unoriginal trash. asshat developer thinks making the cpu overpowered is the same as making a challenging game. waste of space sont bother