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Yet Another Pixel Dungeon

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by ConsideredHamster located at -. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The Goo fight is kinda insane,but that is fair with the content the game has. Many weapons,many enemies,etc....but I need more lairs!I've beaten almost every PD games,and usually they have 5-6 lairs!(except for RPD....but I've completed that,too....) Perhaps a new interesting class like bomber which starts with only bombs and no weapon,but can dissamble items into scraps which can be crafted as a bomb. That would be awesome!
Best remake of PD I found so far. Its more balanced and you don't need luck to win. Maybe you could add an item that sets you back to a previous time on a floor but it can only be used once. Like a save but extremely restricted and one use per run. It could be a 3rd boss reward cuz all I get is gold and it's annoying. Response to dev: It's ok. It would be cool but it would probably be hard to add. Thx for at least considering it.
This one of a rare breed: a mobile game with no ads, no data use, that's 100% free, and it's actually good. It's addictive, with a good deal of strategy, and many secrets to discover. If you're willing to be patient with the difficulty curve, you will discover the care put into balancing this game. This game is a labor of love, and it shows.
it's a great game and it doesn't get old. a tiny bit annoyed at how I had to reset my level 24 wizard on floor 20 with the recent update, but nonetheless, 'tis a good game. I like this more than the original since there's more monsters (I think), more challenge and more variety. but, most importantly, more loot! One suggestion though, the 25 floors or however many it is, could do with being increased. quite a lot, since it gets done quickly, considering the type of game it is
This is honestly one of my most played games on my phone. The mechanics are well thought out and it is made so that you can't just rely on lucky drops to complete the game. Even though I have only completed a run on normal once I always come back. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for something that keep you entertained for a while.
In my opinion, Yet Another is the best Pixel Dungeon game out there. The main reason this game gets criticism because people cannot understand that this game is different from other Pixel Dungeon because that you need to approach situations with skill rather than run into the battlefield and hope luck is on your side. The only thing I would tweak is making bosses like Tengu, DM-300, and Yog-Dzewa more balanced for the majority of classes. Other than that the balancing of the game is perfection.
In short, this game is wicked. The mechanics are fun to learn and utilize, the randomization of level layouts and loot offers a new experience every playthrough, and the overall challenging nature make this a great game. Of course there's times it'll frustrate me, like when I get blasted to bits from over half my health from some warlock I can't even see, but with the chemical romance of this games features, scenarios like that are bound to happen, can't win every time right?
It's gotten better, but the mobs still have this glitch to where the damage they deal doubles itself as a second attack every now and then. It looks as though they hit you once, but my HP drops as if I were hit twice for the same damage. Edit: When the attack is made by an enemy, the number representating the damage dealt may sometimes glitch to show 2 numbers at the same time and though only a single attack is registered, I suffer double damage. I only use fast weapons, so they only hit once.
My initial reason for downloaded was the communication the developer has with his reviews, etc., giving tips and encouragement, and just being a decent human. But after playing it a few times (the furtherest I've gotten so far was level 12), I've got to say I love this game! I'm definitely a newbie (hence lv 12), and so I have a lot to learn with regards to these sorts of games. But the tips and instructions along the way are super helpful! Plus, it doesn't make me motion sick. Thank you!!!
Can u make a game where you are free to do what u want like a Random world with dungeons like this and some random Villages,cities, etc and then like base building and you know some skills like farming,mining,Etc.. you know hehe.. i am demanding alot im sorry for that but i just want to express my thought for the game but anyway the game is Super Freakin awesome bro 😉 but it would make me Happy if theres alot more updates coming.. 😂😂 more power and god bless dev
Balancing is really bad, even on normal level it is merely impossible to advance beyond level 10 caused by the randomness how loot drops etc. So frustrating to be killed by gnoll hunter just because you have no chance to heal or run away. I get it, it's part of the experience, doesn't mean it is a good one. EDIT: After some awesome help from the dev I managed. Read the wiki as well. Still some balancing issues, but I am pretty confident they will be addressed.
By far my favorite version of pixel dungeon I have played so far. It doesn't resemble the original game so much that you might as well just not waste the space but it also doesn't stray so far from the original game that it feels like your playing a totally diffrent game. The diffrent difficulty levels are awesome. It adds more to the game. If you finish it on normal then you still need to defeat it on hard, and once you do that you get to do it on impossible mode. Id say more but cant fit more
I would rate this game 4.5 but it wouldnt let me. But i think this game is fantastic. (This might just be me) but i never feel like the deaths in this game were unfare and i always want to keep trying. One thing is it would be cool if there was new charictors (sorry i spelled it wrong) in the game but i dont think it needs it. Anyways would recomend to anyone. Keep up the good work:)
The difficulty for the first level is rediculous. Being level 11 with 4 bombs a level +1 enchanted sword and over 8 potions wasn't enough to beat the first boss. Tried with all four characters, it's just too unbalanced. Easy is way to easy and deosnt pose any challenge. Moving on to another game to
i love the game but make a way to cut the grass to find more food and rings and health potions. and please make defeating the goo boss easier i am so tired of dying because the goo boss kills me every time. please add health potions instead of seeds. one reason i keep getting killed by the goo. and make super easy mod please
I absolutely love this game!! Everything is perfect, I love traveling through the dungeons and discovering the secret doors only to be gleefully surprised at the amount of chests within it. It was great how spooked I would get seeing a new enemy, only to completely annihilate them in the end. The only thing that really bums me out is the fact that there is no mercy or bounce back when you die; but since there are items to help with that, and the fact that its a discovery game, I understand.
pretty decent game, only played this version and a little bit of the original but this one is way better from my experience. as much as i understand that most games have a learning curve, i cant say im a fan of this games take on that. Dark souls is notorious for being one of the hardest games on console and thats what i loved about those games, its punishing, this game takes that to a whole new level with the rng and perma death. It hurts my pride as a gamer to have to put this game down.
Rad gameplay my dude. I've played these games since the first, then the second, then took a break and found this one, I assume it's the third? Dunno. Anyhoo, the one thing I would like would be a character creation aspect, maybe you just choose a class, race, and some equipment, even if it was unranked? Otherwise, totally rad, keep up the good work
I liked it, but for casual play, it is not the best, a save feature would make the game much more enjoyable for everyone, it does not have to be a set in stone feature, it could be a feature that you can turn on and off depending on how hard you want the game, but other than that i did enjoy the game up untill i died very far into it and had to reset
hi, i have been playing pd for about a year now. most of the mods (apart from shattered) were dull and dry with nothing new (and the devs being inactive) but this mod i just discovered is rally good! i think you should put an ad in the top of the page so you can get money for further development. you should put a village in sort of like remixed dungeon. as soon as i get the money, ill donate!
This is the best mod ever especially for someone like me who don't like the element of randomness in roguelike game. Pros:- Easy mode Tutorial Waterskin Cons:- Too many broken animation.For example,when you pick up an item the animation your character do is like using it. Second,the grass didn't gone when you step on it like in the original Third,changing class' name like scholar,acolyte and brigand and their position when selecting character and warrior's skin. That is all.I hope u fix imme
nice like the old one, but i have a question. when i play the game, it freezes sometimes but when i play other games its normal. second, when i open the game, my phone made a sound, it was like a car beeping non-stop. even after i close the game it still beep!, after i reboot the phone it finaly stopped.could you explain? or could you update the software system to be somewhat better, like unity maybe?
Never played a pixel dungeon game before and I LOVE this game. The classes are unique enough for variation in play. The game seems very hard. My first time it seemed like the first boss was way too strong but now it seems super simple. Still no idea how to beat the robot boss though. I love that there are no ads but you can optionally donate to the devs, which I did because I like this business model as opposed to sitting through ads just to find out I don't like the game that much. Great game
Great game, if your having trouble or don't know how to win, heres a few tips- Rest often, when your well fed you gain 4x hp sleep. Wizord is le bestest because of spells Bosses 1st- fire 2nd- scroll of darkness + mindvision + ranged weapons 3rd- bombs, avoid its rage. Its a super soaker for damage 4th- 2 pots of webbing, 1 or 2 raise dead, 2-3 bundle bomb, and ranges damage. Webbing stops it from healing 5th- use everything you can to kill it. Melee class has an advantage for this boss. Gl!
Love Pixel Dungeon, and I even like this mod except for one thing. They've added this wraith that shoots shadowbolts, and whenever I encounter it regardless of level or gear, I invariably die. I have no idea how I'm meant to handle it.
Awesome and addicting. The random dungeons, random scrolls, even small things like the lantern giving off a visible light circle and looking different when you put on armor. Perfect for anybody, from 6 to 60, gamer to non-gamer. Install this game, you won't regret it.
Really nice game with good balance, good progression and goon replayability, my only problem is that you have only one life maybe add an option to save your game or when you die you respawn I know this isn't a problem for other people but I would really appreciate it if you could add this as a feature
I really like this game! I played the original, and it was good...But then I played this and it was actually more fun! I do feel it's a bit over-advanced, but that's just me. It's about the perfect level of hardness and fun. I do have a note - I don't know if it's just me, but in your original game and this one it's hard to set off the hidden doors. But anyway, love it! You made the fighting more fun and reasonable in this version as well. Oh, and...it makes me sad to kill the rats! I have a pet rat. And the pixels make the rats look so adorable! D: Oh well.
I love this game.The only issue I have is that there's no way yo save your data,so when you die you have to restart.I do think this is an interesting game mechanic and it reminds me of when games didn't have saving slots.However,this makes me not want to play at times in fear that I'll get to a place where I'm completely satisfied and then die.I'm not saying remove the feature but perhaps you could make it optional.
Decent, but annoying. Way too many classes & subclasses of weapons & armour, with completely unrealistic degradation rates. Clunky controls that cause undesired player movement. Entirely too many treasure items.
One of the best pd mod i hv played. My suggestion is to improve on replayability a bit more, like adding more feafures, more secret rooms, more equipment (this is crucial), more items, skill system and even subclasses. Because although the game is nice, i don't really feel the drive to keep on going after dying tho. And it would be nice if the graphic can be improved a bit (i personally like shattered's graphic a lot)
I love this game so much! Everything is turn based making the game super creative based on your move! The only thing that could be changed is maybe giving the warning of low health a little bit sooner. If you miss click, you might die before you realize you have low health. Otherwise, this game is fantastic! The only other thing I could ask for is a second game to continue off of the first!
Was a great game until rules were tweaked. Only play this game if you like losing because your charcter misses half the time. A theif should not miss ever other hit against an similar leveled opponent, especially rats. A good battle system should not rely on nerffing characters. Also the lag before an item appears from under another item you've picked up is long that if you pick up treasure and then move to another space the new item appears after, very frustrating.
Hey! I'm a 4 year old veteran PD player and I really like your game. I've spent hours on end playing and made it to the final boss 6 times and died. I had 3 ankhs for 2 of my games. I've come to the conclusion that the final boss is too hard. The rotting fist has too much HP and it's damage is too high. The flame fist however is ok but I believe it should also have less HP. To get to the end takes approximately 1.5 hours and I don't enjoy spending that much time playing a game knowing I'm going to die at the end. Keep in mind those games ive played are on normal. Thank you for your consideration!
This is a great Rogue-like game. Good balance of skill and luck; rewards smart tactics developed through experience. Challenging and fun. One issue: How can I transfer my results to a new phone? I won the game at Normal and Hardcore difficulties, and was working on Impossible when my phone died. I'd rather not start over at Normal again. Please advise. Thanks, and great work!
It's generally okay, but you need to remember many things throughout the game mainly because there isn't a map you can see the areas you've been, also the stairs for up/down aren't marked to know which one is for up or down. I also don't like the hunger system: instead of focusing on beating enemies and exploring, you need to focus on not to starve your character. All in all, terrible UX.
Great game, just give it a chance before rage quitting. Once you learn the ins and outs the difficulty becomes more reasonable.
It could be one of the better iterations of PD (perhaps even the best), as the balance between mobs, items, level size and health recovery options are superior to most other versions. However, there are some glaring issues that kill it for me. Wand misfires that apply to a mage is a horrible idea. Last time I got to goo, while standing on dry tile, and range him (it?),with a +3 wand of lightening and full health, and it misfires and one shots me dead right there. Seriously? Yea. Nexxxtt.
What a great game. At first I thought its impossible to beat but more you play more you learn and overcome things you thought impossible to beat. Very noice would love to see more of it. : )
I, personally, on my old phone had every single pixel dungeon game on it. It's a great game that works well with mods, and this one was one of the three that I played the most.
They game is challenging to the point it's fun and addictive and you can spend hours just trying to beat it with one of the characters presented to you. However, there are moments were you feel like it's impossible to beat even, in the lower modes and your frustration gets to high that you have to put it down and grab a soda.
So antagonizingly enjoyable. I'ts challenging and fun, and it's given me so many hours of enjoyment. The mod is much better than the original game. The music makes it intense, the shields make it more strategy based, guns give you more variety for range, armour gives you so much choice. I think that lighter armour should give you more of a speed boost, so if I'm wearing leather armor +3 i should be at least 3x as fast than plate armor +0. I love the game. I do think you should add some artifact like objects akin to Lovecraft pixel dungeon. This is by far the best game I've ever played and I love the work you've done on it. Keep up the good work!
YAPD is honestly one of the best mobile dungeons out there for free. No invasive ads, gear, and decent fighting mechanics. But it's really hard. Seriously, played for hours and couldn't get past the first boss. Be prepared to die endlessly, but all in all a really good game.
Awesome PD game, I've had a lot of fun with it. Completed a full run with the Brigand and found it quite challenging towards the end!
I have been playing Yet Another Pixel Dungeon for years, despite wanting to quit gaming and having time off, I keep coming back! It's the best PD by far, really balanced and satisfying. I love the different enchantments on the weapons, get me a vampiric halbard!
water doesnt put out fire? 2 handed weapons are 1 handed? what is this? edit: well if it was a glitch i would gladly try again but on the first boss i threw potion of flame and kited to water and the entire pond cought fire and spread to thw scrolls i tosses to end of room and was gg right there. edit: fair enough
I like this game, i would like more stuff, levels etc. Anyway somethise when i gow to another level, the screen is black and need to re-enter the game, pls fix this
its a roguelike pixel dungeon exploring game. the best of the best. not only that, but its free. what more could you ask for?! no ads, and little to no bugs!
Game is still to difficult. Even on easy the first boss is an overpowered nightmare. I spent two hours fighting the blob only to be die. This is on easy no less. Can't recommend this to anyone. Unfortunately.
This mod is more superior and organize to other PD mods and recommend anyone who wants a challenge and more explanation to the game. WARNING you will be tested, even on easy it gives you a challenge! Please note if you are starving before or after you beat goo boss and found all edibles. Make sure your armor is not over weight because I been having problem starving to death without knowing heavy armors could affect how fast you can get hungry, make sure your strength is = or over requirements
This game is very fun and one of the best pixel dungeon forks but even when you understand all the mechanics it is VERY hard on normal and you're pretty dependent on good well spacing. If you dont get a well for 7 or 8 floors you can get bled out very easily.
this is game is the challenging and advanced game i have been looking for. i have to say i have never been more addicted to a game like this before, i even got half of my family playing it. its a great game and i totally recommend it.
Best PD mod I've ever played, and I've played all of them. Rather than just pumping it full of new content, they focused on the fundemental game design. So, YAPD has a focus on mechanics and a level of replayability that the others just don't. Most of the classes do a great job of making the game feel completely different. They're centered around different systems of mechanics that force you to play the game in different ways. Has it's flaws like any other but the devs are great with criticism.
This is probably my favorite remix of the Pixel Dungeon game, it's kept me entertained throughout my lunch breaks like nothing else. It's definitely easier than most of the ones I've tried, which has probably contributed to why I keep using it.
Oh okay I see what you mean about the waterskin. The fact that you don't get a better weapon with the warrior for a while i realize is the result of him starting with a better weapon, i was just pointing out that it makes playing as him a little less exciting since you use the same weapon for a good part of each run through, I understand he needs to be well equipped to be better in melee combat it's just funny how long it takes to find a weapon i'm willing to swap out, especially since i eventually end up with upgrades on the starting weapon a lot. Oh I also never mentioned the ranged weapons and such you added actually having bows and slings is a really neat addition.
Loved the original game and searched pixel dungeon up on my new phone. Never knew that pixel dungeon had such a large modding scene. I've tried alot of them and this is definitely one of my favorites. I'm only giving 4 stars because it could do a lot better at explaining the new game mechanics and changes
Pls add multiplayer online pls. There is only your game which has dungeoun so if you make it multiplayer you will get more players and ratings. Just my opinion. Thank you for repling
The best Pixel dungeon game in my opinion. But it's also one of the most difficult one. I have it now for multiple years and I keep playing it but haven't completed normal mode maybe because I only play as a mage. It give alot of options and is very well balanced. If you can't take dieing of stupid mistakes don't even try downloading this game.
very nice dungeon feeling . i would just enjoy some cheat mode to be able to finish the game when you lost 500 times in a row :) thanks you very much to the devs for such a nice game. This rogue rpg will keep you focus into the game for hours and screaming for dieing 1000 stupid death . Edit: please do not see my review as negative . I am really enjoying this game . I was commenting about the death as an atempt of humor . Hamster , if you read this please continue your great work.
Wraith is too OP!! when your wand runout there are no chance of fight back at all. i alway dead when "eerie" floor appear or when savage grave. other than that is good. i like lantern system.
Edit1: Game feels more balanced after I start paying attention to ALL the text. Not doing so caused issues coming from Shattered PD. ----Original---- I'm not sure how I feel about a sewer crab on level 3 taking 60hp off me, while I got perhaps 2 hits on him with my Brigand. Used potion of experience, and potion of strength, doors, etc and almost always got dodged. Makes me think I made a mistake using the scrolls I had on my ring of shadows instead of weapon/armor. ------------ Edit2: Bosses are a bit ridiculous. They feel more like a rng/dps gate than fun fights. Each requires multiple solutions to pass. I got bored kiting DM300 around his arena, chipping him with tomahawks/freeze. He moved 9 spots to my 10, so I think he chased me around about 50 times.
I was new to pixel dungeon, and found this version to be an easier introduction to the game. It seems easier to get further into the dungeons than the original PD, and there are unique game play elements in this version as well. I've been enjoying exploring and trying out new strategies immensely! This is definitel a game I'm sure I'll come back to for years and years.
Edit: There is one thing that would be nice. An item to uncurse my items in likely to be in one or more shops. I like this one a lot. I am kind of a wimp so I'm really enjoying easy mode. I appreciate that is included. Good job. I fed the mimic. I look forward to new features if you decide to add any.
This is the very best pixel dungeon. Detailed attention to environment interaction, modified boss encounters, tweaks that ensure a balanced progression through the levels, you couldn't do much better with the limited start point of a simple yet addicting game. 👍
Good attempt, I don't know if these are bugs or if you done it purposely but my cons are the following: Gnolls can shoot through walls Rogue character has standed perception radius when searching Piranhas are soooooooooo weak
This game is great! It would be nice to have some cheats or something like that as a reward for beating the game on impossible.
I liked the game a lot. I have played it 15-20 times reached till Yog Dweza. The only thing I found uncomfortable is that the map layout is so tiny. I would like bigger rooms with more treasure. And to handle that it would be great to have food more often and last much longer by default. Also, almost all weapons you find are unidentified and take up a lot of inventory space if you keep a lot of them but you need a lot of different weapons to clear the lower levels so you can't drop them.
Very fun, just like all PD fangames; emulates the first with its own style mixed in. Gun, bomb, bow and arrow mechanics are all intuitive and feel very real and work well. Overall, a good roguelike. The game is a tad on the difficult side, even on the easier difficulty options. Might need a slight rebalance to be perfect.
Loooove the game. I read some review sayong that this is a mod... idc i just luv it . Gotta say one thing tho Im not afraid of much But when i am, its mostly an eyeball with a flaming hand as well as a rotting one
I enjoy this game very much. Been looking for d&d relevant games and this one hits the target pretty good. The music I have to say is something I didn't expect and it's great
This is my favorite Pixel Dungeon mod. Its difficulty selection is great, and the new items and mechanics are very enjoyable. Great game.
Been playing this game for months and still not bored playing it! I love the game but my favorite part is the theme of bosses. It really hypes the player and the theme ensures that you aint beating it easily. 10/10 love the game, the music and all! More updates to come!
what is the difference between this and Pixel Dungeon? YAPD looks like the exact same game with some minor difference. Either way I like both.
Been playing since I was 15 for a reason. Good game, amazing nostalgic feel for a modern dungeon crawler.
This is such an awesome game. It's not cash grabby trash, and it's addicting to play, (if only slightly enraging when you die and have to restart everything) I know it's supposed to be a challenging game, with actual consequences, but the option to have save points would be nice.
This is the best version of pixel dungeon I have ever played and probably will ever play. The only complaint I have is the giant spiders. I think they have too many things for the player to deal with. They're fast, have a lot of health, can poison, and leave that stupid web when they die. I can only hope that the poison damage is reduced because I've gone from the majority of my health to dead in just 2-4 turns because its seems like the poison ticks a LOT of damage and the spider finishes me
Love the opportunity to block enemy attacks with the shield. Difficulty selection is also a nice add-on. The game mostly being about alchemy and wands, however, is one thing I don't find very good or bad. Controls are pretty messed around with, the shield blocks my comfortable safe spot on attacking enemies, the buttons of course, and the graphics are so so. Overall, pretty great remake!
An interesting and well-developed spin on watabou's Pixel Dungeon, this fan-game, mod, or whatever you'd like to call it, is a great example of making something existing brand new, but with something that changes the entire feel of it without dirtying it any! Playing is fun and easy to get used to, and with tons of RNG, no run is ever the same. with different floors, items, and atmospheres. Hoping that beta work really plays out, and I'm looking forward to updates. Happy dungeoneering!
Compared to vanilla PD this one is less random and quite a bit easier to win, at least in normal mode. The boss fights are tougher but once you've beaten each section you can typically expect to do so everytime, as long as you concentrate. It feels quite balanced and winnable, not to mention polished, but personally I feel you get too much healing. SUGGESTION - add shortcuts below lantern for goto stairs up/down. Would be less tedious esp. on small screens when navigating visited floors.
A amazing simple rougelike. Always fun to pick up and play and put down at anytime. Always fun and challenging
i noticed a few flaws right off the bat 1:enemies should not hit the player through walls this was a problem in dragon age but that was fixed 2:what happened to the Journal knowing what stuff you used is importent i couldnt remember that on my own but that maybe do to me being mentally handicap if i find anyother problems youll know
Great and challenging game. Sometimes makes me quit after unintended death by quick button mashing. An extra warning at high death risk would be nice (screen flash is too subtle). Also, I never made it through the game on normal, even after reading guides. So I'd appreciate some kind of help how to improve...
This is a fun mini game ,to relax with.Combining pixels with the classic theme of dungeons ,Its probably the best pixel dungeon game there is. I must admitt it is quite hard to get past the first boss(the Goo) even on easy! I have once or twice, and U can get far.Its practically an RPG or MMO boardgame.: (Skull nuggets)
Played the original and beat it. That was a great time, and this one is looking promising as well. So far, I haven't had any issues, but I would like separate button for examination different from searching, it takes a bit to do so. Even if this isn't changed, a great game and would recommend anyone who likes dungeon crawlers that enjoyed the first game.
I've been playing this for the last few months and love it. There is a huge jump in difficulty between easy and normal and the goo requires very specific tactics to beat, but heaps of fun all-round.
This is a more hard core traditional rpg style game with rouge like mechanics and randomization. you can sink hours and hours into this game with ample classes and difficulty scaling if you want more of a challenge. Highly supporting this and the main game, Pixel Dungeon.
The game itself is a lot of fun; I honestly like it. But my only complaint/question is : why can't I save any of my games? I get so far, I die, then I have to start completely over again. It would be nice to be able to save my progress and/or, be able to start over from the place I died from with everything I've already acquired. I was going to uninstall it, but I do really like it. Plus, I wanted to see if you respond back. Thank you for your time. Keep up the good work
Fantastic game! Downloaded it yesterday and I keep finding myself picking up my phone to go another round. Very well put together- only downside is the first boss has been impossible to defeat, but that might just be me being new to the game 🤷🏼‍♂️ Can't wait to see where it goes as you develop the mod!
I finally finished this game. I have to say, I loved it. I won't lie, like all dungeon crawlers, some luck is required. BUT there is a huge amount of strategy needed too. As extreme as the difficulty of this was, I felt like it was balanced, and would usually give you opportunities to succeed. If you love a challenge, this is for you. And just a little tip, potions of strength heal you fully, HIGHLY recommend you hold onto for emergencies.
Great game, provides a wonderful old school roguelike experience. Gameplay doesn't get boring after a while and it challenges you just the roght amount.
Great game, I have loved it for a long time now, and I am pleasantly surprised each time the dev. adds new content. I just experienced an unfortunate situation that ends your game. If you use a scroll of phase warp in a boss fight and it teleports you out of the arena, you are permanently locked out of the arena and cannot progress. It would be nice if this were changed.
I got to give it to u,its pretty fun game...until i read the NORMAL rules,fisrt of all,WHY DID U HAVE TO RANDOMISE THE MONTERS HEALTH!!,that is not fair at all,second of all,u need more charaters,or this game will not be fun anymore. But at least u made spawntraps to make the game more interesting, i give it 3 starts because this game is WAY to hard for me
i have try all the version of pixel dungeon and this is the one i choose . only thing i have problem with is the game name LOL . the word "yet another" make the game feel not complete in feeling but i can live with it. the content is familiar for people who play rpg game and that make it perfect for keep playing it repeatedly.
You should make a room that you can fall and is black but there is 1 invisible path that you can search one block at a time to find that path but there is another door with just loot so you need a potion of levatation to get there. And reading shelf books SHOULD increase knlowage or magic or somthing, like specify what kind of books you just read to gain some level in that skill. I like the idea of bosses or mobs having a chance to drop the scroll holder or potion belt or an extra water bagpipe❤
Out of all of the pixel dungeons I have played, this one has the best overall experience for me. The rogue's stealth mechanics as well as many other extras and tweaks make this my favorite of the bunch. If you have ever played a dungeon rpg or even just enjoyed Terraria, this game is for you. Keep up the great work!
This is a good and engaging game on every possible level. That said, I had to uninstall it; playing it sucks up too much of my time to have it on my phone if I want to get anything else done.
I was surprised to find I had once downloaded this game, and I must have done it before any of the overhauled features and mechanics were made present. This is, enjoyably, classified as a whole other game to me. My only confusion is how one could be sure they are getting the proper brew of a potion, but that was already present. Which also reminds me that I appreciate plants not acting like traps. Very well put together. You, friend, have perfected the formula. For that, I applaud thee.
While I like the game a lot especially that in can play offline. One thing that does bother me is when I play a warrior I never get a strength stat increase it's always magic, which doesn't make sense on a warrior. While I get where you are coming from I have had multiple runs where I don't get any strength potions so I'm stuck with the starting gear. What I would request is if it doesn't disrupt the balance of the game too much is make the strength raises a bit more frequent