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yellow for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Bart Bonte located at Bergstraat 17 9880 Aalter Belgium. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
*****WHAT AN AMAZING GAME!!***** I have never been one to really like puzzles, nor be able to sit down and focus for ages BUT this game completely changed that! Congratulations to you Bart, I loved every part of the game! (Especially the end "red" πŸ˜‚!) + Points= - begins easy, gradually gets hard - to unlock a hint you have to watch a app clip- GENIUS use of app clips, so you're not waiting for ages on end. Loved that you had to watch one to get a hint! (Brilliant idea!) - simple, loved that there were no instructions, you have to figure it all out. Generally, a now favourite game of mine, already downloading Red and Black 😁😁😁
Fantastic, most interesting app I've ever played; thoroughly enjoyed it! The designs and puzzles were well thought out and when I reached the final level for completion, I didn't think that the game was too short. Some of them were... oddly satisfying? Brilliant concepts to let me actually work on actual, great puzzles that are not too mind-boggling to an extent. I'd recommend it because it doesn't have frequent ads, and even so they are only 5 quick seconds in exchange for hints. It's just nice
Fantastic, even better than black. That said, I both love and hate it more on both levels. Loved the presentation. The music was killer.
I kinda like this game! It was awesome!! Btw...thanks to bart bonte for making me happy again...and this game teach me that....there is no problem that can't be solve....all you need to do is think in another way.❀️
I love your games Mr. Bonte I've downloaded and played them all at least twice this is my third go round. That just goes to show that I/ we need more games!....that is games like red blue yellow and black. I've played a few others as well but this particular color themed line is my face. I do have to mention that they seem to be getting easier tho. Maybe you could re do the line of games there already is but make harder levels of those games. I dunno but please send us more of these games we luv
Like many Bart Bonte games, yellow is a delightful mix of sound and visuals, and a challenge at certain points. It's amazing how such a simple concept can be so interesting and fun.
Quality games, I've done blue and green now. The puzzles stay fresh, and I'm really impressed by the creativity it took to make all the different puzzle tricks. You dont have to ever see an ad unless you tap the hint button, and then they are super tolerable. Nice job, Bart!
Amazing game and definitely a brain teaser. If you're a smart person and looking for a challenge, play this game because I am smart and some of the levels are a little hard. Oh, and by, the way, thanks for the help on level 13, Bart Bonte. It means a lot. Ads will only occur if we ask for hints, I love how the game doesn't shove ads in our faces. THANK U SO MUCH. I love challenges :D
I have been through all of the games this is my last one to beat. I've done red. Blue. Black. And green. And I'm in love with these games. I started on these games 2 days ago and I've already got yellow left. I love these games good job!!
Had quite a bit of fun with this time-filler. Just wish there was maybe a bit more stages, kind of ends quickly. Overall, though, the app functions properly, I had no errors.
The game is so much fun ( not to mention this is my favourite colour ) it's really challenging which makes me happy. The only thing that I might complain about it was there's only 50 levels ( am I right or not sorry I can't remember exactly how many levels there were but I know I finished them all ) I finished this game in one day but then again I was playing for long and maybe did it in one shot but other than that I was really impressed , recommend it to all
A very beautiful game. It is really rewarding when you figure out each puzzle and it makes you think a little bit outside the box with each level. A refreshing experience in this world of repetitive gameplay with most mobile games.
Very good game. Amazing look and aesthetic. Uniqe puzzles, but too esay compared to the other games. Also I have a issue with swipping on my A20e.
Truly a great game, start to finish. And that surprise ending really got me hooked. On to the sequel!
Sir, u have not only created a game but a legacy. This is how puzzle games should be. Really in love with your games.
I just downloaded my first one, picked yellow at random, and it was an automatic 4 star for the music. I kept playing just so I could keep listening. 5 star for the creative aspect and puzzle solving, and just being an all around relaxing game.
An impressive and creative game, as all the other colour games you have. You manage to make new creative puzzles on every level and the other colour games too, and that shows that you are really creative. I've played all of the colour games you have, i don't know the order though, it would be nice to know, at the end of the game it tells you a hint of it, but well. Really cool, i recommend it very much. I can't wait until you make another one :D
Just brilliant. This and all the sequels just made me calmer. The puzzles are progressively harder but not too difficult to be solved. I won't even speak about the music. Just go on Spotify and hear it.
This game is absolutely amazing! The puzzles are challenging, intuitive, and fun! I love this app and all the others!
I love your games. I also played Black, Blue, Green, and Red. I suggest making ones like Orange, Purple, and White.
Unbelievable! This game is Aumsum! When I just downloaded it, I thought it would a just simple game. But when start it playing, it was full of logics! 😍 Each level more tasks, more tasks more entertainment! It took me only just 1 hour to solve all levels (50 levels). Yell Ow = Yellow! πŸ€— Awesome!!! Love it, Awesome graphics, logic, Unbeilevable!!! πŸ˜†
Another interesting game . Towards the last 10 levels it got easy or i so i thought. When lvl 49 hit me , it took me more half an hour to solve. Relatively easy but fun amd challenging as well.
Super fun, casual puzzle game. 50 levels, no ads. Highly recommend. If you like this, the publisher has other games in this series named after other colors.
I played all of your color puzzle games. And I love all of it! Thank you for making these and hope to see more!
I love itπŸ’– I struggle at some, when i am stuck. I try and get a clue and then try doing what it told me to do. But i enjoy itπŸ’– I definitely recommend this if you love puzzles that are a little hard, but you like challenging puzzles. Not all of them are challenging, but quite a few are. Other than that, i have nothing much to say except for you to try itπŸ’–πŸ’–
I love all your colour games bart bonte and really enjoy how you set them out I defenetly recommend this cool game😊
I've been loving these games lately their each unique in their own way and each one is difficult in different ways. Amazing puzzle games!
Challenging but not impossible and if stuck, you only watch one ad for a hint. The levels are really clever and the difficulty of the puzzles slowly increases. Loved every minute of this experience! Amazing game 10/10 will be trying the others!
Perfect little puzzler, I stumbled across this under recommended games. The game itself is kinda genius, wrapped up with a stylish minimalist interface. Though it appears simplistic a lot of the puzzles are tricky and need thinking about. I also really appreciate how he has balanced the ad's, they are reasonable and non-intrusive. Top marks to the dev and the Play Market seriously needs more Devs like this.
Average and quick game. Puzzles were fairly easy and simple, and are always short; nothing in-depth, sadly. A good variety of puzzles, with some unique ones. Quite a lot are similar, but they do usually require a different approach and make you have to think a bit. The way the game is designed with these sorts of puzzles makes the game very boring to play; there's no sense of self-developmemt nor self-fulfillment.The game was lacking and I expected more based on the ratings.
First level-based puzzle game that I actually enjoyed, ended up playing red blue black and green as well, I only had the brute force one level in the entire series (green 41) but otherwise it all made a lot of sense and felt fair. Sometimes there are difficulty spikes, and between games some concepts are used multiple times or overused. But overall, very good series. 250 levels for free with no ads (except if you need a hint). Only downside is it was common that a puzzle felt clunky to operate.
I love how there arent any ads besides for hints and those are only 5 seconds long, the game is addicting and creative, keep it up! I have all your other games installed and ready to play for when i finish Yellow
Music can get a little annoying but otherwise fun game! No mid game Ads and fun puzzle solving. got to level 42 before I got slightly bored, too much yellow lol
I've just finished Yellow as of today and just like the other two I've finished, was not disappointed. I'm happy with how the game isn't long and only had 50 levels but it's makes up for its small amount of levels with another game in the series. I'm going into Blue now and am hoping to have the same excellent experience πŸ‘
This app was very well made and the music was lit...every puzzle was quite unique and some have more obvious solutions that I never thought of... I really recommend this app for those who want to have fun with puzzles!
I have been a fan since I first played factory balls. I have played red, yellow, blue, and black. Very good all.
Fantastic puzzle game! Really enjoyed the gameplay as well. Very doable challenges and overall amazing gameplay!
A simple, but amazing, puzzle game. Each level made me think, but none of them were frustratingly hard. I wish it was longer though. I can't wait to play the next one.
Brilliant. I have been stuck on level 39 and now bald after pulling out all my hair in frustration. Then discovered your link to your youtube yellow walkthrough and completed 39 in seconds. I thought i would eventually go to my grave still trying to figure it out. ;) Absolutely love all of your games (four) that i have so far and def going to get more. Personally, i think you have a very, very clever mind. :) Thank you for your hard work in developing.
These games are simple fun and are all solvable with a little bit of thinking i loved playing all the color games because of the new concepts and new puzzles. This one was my personal favorite
DAMN THIS IS A GOOD GAME! I have played this when i was younger..brings back memories and it is as good as i remember! What am i waiting for? I HAVE to play red and all the others and you should too! Thanks for making such good games! After I finish playing all the color games i will definatly check out your other stuff!
It's a very nice game, It's good to play when you're trying to kill some time or just want a new game to get addicted to. I recommend this to everybody. Very nice :)
Lives up to the expectations of Bart's other games (Red, Blue, Black). Nice quick puzzles, ads only if you need clues.
I really like this games concept very challenging but super fun game, I also played black blue and red those were also really good I recommend you go check those games out to for a good challenge!
I've only played a few levels and I already love this game.Its fun and unique , this is by far my favorite puzzle game :D
Came here after playing Green. These games are superb. 50 levels of pure logic without flashy advertisements. This is truly a good gaming experience, even though I did struggle with the level 49. And tge background music is even more enticing! 5-star any day!
Honestly this is really my best puzzle game. Literally every level is done beautifully, i couldn't get enough of it that I had to download the remaining color puzzels. The only shortcoming is that it has only 50 levels but apart from that the game is wonderful. Good work
A great game but not as challenging as all of the others, a little disappointed but still thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless
this guy consistently makes great puzzle games, i always look forward to the next one. one of my favorite time wasters.
Always something new & creative to look forward to with the levels. Never a let down. Another great puzzle game.
Didn't find this as challenging as green, but maybe just more used to the gameplay. Level 49 easy to figure out but hard to do.
One of the best games I've played so far, the music is beyond this world and it's so soothing to play. Keep up the good work guys
Amazing game! Challenging and fun with great music (which as a big plus full playlist is also available in Spotify, etc.). The whole concept is just great. Kudos to the developer!
A decent puzzle game not bombarded by ads. Nice. There was an issue at lvl 48, i would do what needs to be done but as soon as lift my finger off the screen it would return back to its original state, Bart plz fix.
I have played every single colour game you have made and loved them all. Incredible thinking to create something like this. Something so simple yet keeps the mind entertained.
This is a wonderful puzzle game because it is challenging but not impossible. There is logic involved not just luck that you click on the right thing.
I love this game, its so much fun but challenging at the same time. I cant get passed level 48 though any tips
Like any other games in the Bart Bonte's [color] seri, the puzzles are built based on its [color], and hides many tricks behind (of course). It helps refresh your mind and sometimes makes you have to review your mindset. They are the funs of game. Many thanks for Bart's work.
so far so good, however I am so confused on what to do on level 13 and dont say "name of the game" because I'm flabbergasted
This is a great game! I really love it and its fun to play when I'm bored! It might be a tricky game but that makes it way more enjoyable to figure it out
The whole color puzzle collection so far is amazing..the music is fantastic and each level is creative and gets harder throughout the way..but not to were its incredibly hard or close to impossible..I can't wait for more to come with these puzzles..keep up the good work!
I've had a lot of fun playing the game, and I have just one complaint. On level 25, the color sliders have to be super precise, it seems like its done to the pixel, because i just cannot make the right shade of yellow
It's a very good game, it's a puzzle game, a good one, it takes time and gives you a feeling of achieving tbh, give it a go!! It's as good as the other ones in the whole series, i would definitely recommend it!!
On level 39, the one with the black balls and the yellow arrows, the game won't recognize the direction of my taps. But Overall a good game. P.D: Device's a Samsung Galaxy J8, just on the case it matters. Edit: Thanks, man! It worked. I think I was just misinterpreting the hint, then
I highly recommend this colour series because it not tooeasy nor too hard and also every level is very unique. I have only one request. Please make more of this colour series. And please increase the level also....😁
Likeable New Puzzles. Ok, Green and Yellow complete. I have to admit, # 49 had me for at least an hour. Yup, after awhile, the yellows just blend in, so hard to spot what needed to be spotted. Moving on to Red.
Nice game! I got to playing this game after I played black and found out there's more! Yellow is a nice puzzle game with 50 levels. Level 49 can be pretty hard, if you have a goldfish-like memory as I do, but in general the levels are rather easy to catch, so it's a nice game for speedrunning the whole game or a casual one-level-at-a-time playstyle.
I love the game. It's amazing and unique and I really enjoy the puzzles. I randomly found this app on my recommended and I was lucky to. I'm gonna do the others aswell. I dunno if I am doing it in order but it doesn't matter because this game is really good. pls make more because I love the game soo much.Favourite app of probably all time. Thanks so much for making a really amazing app I would give more stars of it was possible and I would write more positives but I can only write 500 letters
It's just a mini game where you move yellow figures on the screen to make the whole screen yellow. The solutions are new each puzzle level and sometimes you need to be creative. It's done well here but it's done in more fun ways in many other games. It's nice that you don't need to click in weird places. You just need to play around with what you can see on screen. But it just feels pointless. Just endless levels with no clear goal to it. It's nice to try if you have never tried these games.
rating this one only, but they should all be the same. i played black before and was amazing. plz make more games
Hi bartholomew bonte my fav color is yellow but can you add games such like purple,grey and etc. Thank ya!!!πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š
Thanks for responding to my review. But im leaving 4 stars because level 39 seems to be a little too complicated for me at least. But i think its a great game overall. Love it!
Yo this game is exceptional extraordinary spectacular absolutely marvelous, Whenever I'm bored I just play this game. P.S good job
I liked it but when it came to level 29 I used the hints but I still couldn't get to the next level I know that it's supposed to be challenging but I find it too hard. Thanks!
I loved the first game I played from this user called black and I completed it. I love the challenge and I'm looking for the other color apps to try such and this one
This game is super fun I play it all the time when I'm bored and it's really creative. I recommend you this app! The creators probably spent a lot of effort making it! πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸΌI'm on lvl 13 in just 5 minutes! It's tricky I just don't know what to do. Even the hint is not enough to get it. Please respond if you know how! Thanks!
I'm not sold on this one yet, the variety of puzzles is good, music is good, simple yet satisfying graphics, but I wasn't even 3 minutes in and I had to look up the solution on YouTube so what should be a relaxing game became very frustrating right in the beginning, not sure if I will keep playing or not. The hints are vague because I had trouble with level 10 not knowing that I was also supposed to touch the circle. I am having a much better time playing "black" because the hints are very clear
Pretty cool, finally a puzzle game that didn't make me feel like a total idiot but was still challenging
Probably one of the best mobile games you can get along with all the other games made by this guy. It's not a game that you can spend months playing like clash of clans or whatever. It's a shorter game that has only 50 levels, but each level is a clever little enigma that makes you feel smart once you figure it out. While there are a couple puzzles that are slightly similar to each other, almost all of them are pretty unique. Just try it out if you need a 10-20 minute time waster
Perfect activity for casual wind down. It gets you thinking, rarely frustrates and when in need, hints are explicit enough and available after a short ad. Besides the ads required for the hints, there's nothing else to bother you. Highly recommend the series. At the time of writing there are Yellow, Red, Black. To keep in mind: You don't actually have to kiss the screen, but it might be fun to see others do it, especially with the witty hint.
Aw, its so sad to finish the game, I really love it. This passes time, entertains, and is relly cool. This deserves 5 stars!
Another great logic sequence...effort on the PD in the right place. Focus on thinking not useless graphics. I love the direct visuals. Tired of hunt and find games. Great job, Bart! I would like to see more and more...how can I help?
Really good game. Finished it anf now trying to finish all of them. Stuck the longest on 49. My memory is terrible. In conclusion, good game.
The worst of the series. A bunch of mindless clicking, too easy. Most levels are just figuring out the pattern.
This game is similar to The Impossible Test but more unique. You have to do different puzzles using only your screen, but you always have to try and make your screen yellow. Also, there are no ads unless you want a hint, which is very nice.
Ngl this thing got me thinking I have nothing bad to say good job And I downloaded every other colour just waiting for more To be continued?
I just completed this game. I had a strategy for level 49. I was so happy when I finally completed the game. πŸ’›
This is a good puzzle game in general with great creative ways to solve them. Recommend the whole series
Another Fantastic Game! I played these fun puzzle games out of order, (Starting with black) and they're masterfully done. The music is so relaxing, the game is challenging and fun! I am almost done with red as well and Bart has become one of my favorite app creators. 100% would recommend this to my friends or anyone who wants to give their brain a little nudge.
So this is the first one in Bart Bonte's collection of puzzle games and I have to say, having played them all? These have seriously been some of the most clever puzzles all around. To see them continue to not charge anything for them and only rely on the ads for hints stream of revenue is honestly a little criminal. Go play this game and the others, they really do deserve your time.
I am here after the game Boo! That was such a nice game I was always searching for these types of games. I am going to try Yellow. I am sure Bart Bonte is not going to disappoint me. And I am sure this game will impress me so, here you go with my 5 stars. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
this app is absolute bs don't waste your time on this game. it doesn't make sense and there's so many adds
Great game, Bart Bonte's games have a great aesthetic of a simple solid colour design and music that matches it. Yellow is quite challenging but it's also pretty fun. Would highly recommend this game, and all of the games in this series.
A quick game and entertaining game. The puzzles are simple but still thought provoking, and the hints make any the game easy enough so the player doesn't get too frustrated. Highly recommended.
Brilliant game! I just completed Black and Red, now solving this one... No doubt this series of puzzle games is the best one I have played till now! Hats off to the Creator for these awesome games and negligible ads..
nice if u have a lot of time on hand and do not get frustrated ,,,but think it will be enjoyed by people who likes solving strange puzzles....well thought out game by the developer
I have each of these games saved for flights. Watching others work through the puzzles is entertaining, if you have the patience for it. These are dang good. Like, exactly what you'd want from a silly short puzzle game.
Bart Bonte has created quite the puzzle experience. The controls (for the most part) are quite simple, but toward the end the puzzle concepts get very tricky to decipher. However the replayability is slim to none, so once you've played the game, there's no point in going back through it. Luckily, Bonte has a couple sequels of the same variety to keep you occupied, with 50 levels each!
Good game at the most. Some of the puzzles make no sense and the hints make no sense. Besides that, great game!
Great game to play when you're bored and want something to do for like 20 minutes. Keep up the great work hope to see more games.
I really like this and all but I easily got stuck on level 39 and it made me angry. Despite looking at all the hints and knowing what to do I still couldn't pass even when I was doing it correctly. I could repeat the same thing I was doing and it would sometimes work and sometimes not work. Edit: I'm still not changing my mind about the whole thing because it shouldn't take me to watch someone else play the game for me to actually complete it but 5 stars
pretty challenging and calming. various puzzles and nice music. i also like the style of it, its aesthetically pleasing in a way. i think the creators put in some good work and creativity into their game. im too dumb to solve it, only made it up to level 7 or something. still pretty good though.
Pretty good, no manditory ads. Not terribly long and like most puzzle games, minimal to no replay value, but well worth a download and playthrough. I could basically copy and paste this for the sister games. In fact, I think I will.
I played one of these games a few years ago but I didn't really enjoy it, now that I'm a bit older, I started to really like these games and will work on completing all of them.
Every single game in this series challenges your brain in truly creative ways with a simplistic approach, the game does not shove ads down your throat at all, the only time you would watch one is to get a hint which is 100% fair, and in general I have massive respect for the developer for making this series. They clearly have a passion for making these games which I love!
I'm giving this one 5 stars. There were several levels (3 of them) which were very difficult to pass even with the 5 hints that you give BUT I managed to figure it out with some time. If all games were easy, people would complain they were too simple. You cannot please them all! But I LOVED it. Just as much as BLACK, BLUE and RED. I COMPLETED YELLOW!
Flat out fantastic. This game is quite relaxing but puzzling. A challenge, but you never rage quit out of frustration. This series of puzzle games is amazing and believe you me, I've played them all.
i have never really been a puzzle person but this game makes it simple and understandable. i did blue before and i really liked it:)