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Yeah Bunny 2

Yeah Bunny 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Adrian Zarzycki located at POLSKA. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is fun and awesome it reminds me of mario but can make character you buy get you special ability it makes the more fun
I played the game through to the end, and when I got to the end and Finally beat the last boss, and passed over the flagpole, nothing happened. The time for the game continued to roll, even though my bunny had already passed through it. I finally went to the home screen, and selected play on the last world and it took me back to the beginning. I feel like there should have been a conclusion with the chicks, or something, anything to conclude this game.
Great game, really cute and fun to play. The ads aren't too annoying and the fact you can play as many times as you want just by watching an ad is awesome. However, there's a few things that bothered me. 1. There are a ton, ton of glitches. Not only graphical and visual, but sound glitches as well. 2. Levels can get repetitive, secrets are too easy to find, I wish there was more to it 3. Crowns don't give you anything in the game? What's the point of collecting them? 4. There's... No ending?
Nice little game. Cute retro styled aesthetic with both fun and challenging gameplay. Noticed a bug though - when playing a video to resume play after a death, it sometimes leaves the game over menu on the screen after you've been revived. Obviously you can't see what you're doing behind it. I *think* it's specific to the Archery game advert, but don't quote me. Also the game lags immediately after a revival for second or so.
it's really fun game ads are annoying but I luv this game its really serene I recommend everybody who saw this game install it. (note:I forgot to write this game is amazing)
It is a fun game. The very happy atmosphere of this game makes it fun! Simple controls, as the only thing you do is tap. A perfect game for killing time! My only problem is the ads, I watch them but sometimes my carrots doesn't double and I am not revived. It feels like you're robbing me because sometimes you're not giving the rewards for ads.
Lots of glitches. Multiple times when I died the screen shook out of control or the character death animation played over and over again.
Some levels the rabbit can't jump the stair. I tried everything but it just cant jump above it. I hope it will be fixed soon. I enjoyed this game
i really really looovee this game that i even told my friends about it. it's a fun and cute one buuut i think there's a glitch on my app or something? this happened a couple times where on some levels, whenever i die i would just be respawned instantly, without any pop up box asking me to spend any amount of carrots or to watch an ad in order to respawn. not complaining tho, but this would result on my progress not being saved. can you please fix this? thank youu!
Fun game but buggy. All today when i press the button to play an ad to gain a life, it just ignores me like i never pressed it and ends the game. Previously have had issues finishing a level and then being taken back to an earlier level. They need to fix the bugs
I wish i could control where the bunny runs to instead of waiting for it to hit the wall so it could turns the other way. Another thing is when i use the carrot to revive the bunny it actually revived on a deadly spot. Meaning i revived so i could die again which wastes the carrots ๐Ÿ˜‘. Another one is i thought there's some kind of buff when i change the bunny character but i don't really see or feel the diff. except the appearance change. This game could be better honestly if u fix all of these.
I love this game so much!!!๐Ÿ’Ÿ๐Ÿ’Ÿ it's so cute and I love the plot!!! I just downloaded it, and I love it already! i could play this game all day!!!
You know, this would be my favourite platform game on the app store if it wasn't an endless runner. I'd play 10 bucks for a ver that just allowed you to explore and you know, stop and change directions. I tried the first one and gave up out of annoyance after the first few levels. This was the same. Such gorgeous graphics... But that mechanic is just torturously annoying to me.
Lots of bug.....like the last boss stage,if I press the castle and play it will go to the previous level instead of the boss level. I need to finished lv 49 and let the system bring me to the boss level. Which means I can't directly play the boss level from the menu page.This is somehow very frustrating.And the most importantly I had collected all the crown but the achievement said I haven't collect the ninth crown.
The games really good, no critiques really. >.< it would be nice to be able to control the bun more instead of only going forward.
The controls were much better in YB1. Why is the camera jumping all over the place? It makes the game nearly unplayable for me. Why not just build on the foundation from the first game?
It's more funny than version 1, but i think sometime stil not responsive on controler. and I found bug that i can't continue to play the next level and some animation bug when the character hit enemy or obstacles. I hope you give some problem report function to make it easier.
The game was good, but the last level after I defeated the final boss has bug, it shows only the flag and that's it, I thought it has end story. But overall, the game was great.
Amazing! Great game, can't see why any one would complain at all about this! I think it's a wonderful game with a lovely storyline. The characters are all very, very cute and the controls are simple and easy. If you see a review saying it's worse than the first version, ignore it as it is definitely not true! The only tiny improvement I would recommend is being able to change the speed of the little bunny as you don't move him/her, he/she moves by himself/herself. Totally recommend!! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
I used to play this game a year ago where there was not much ads or even no ads(cant remember) but now rvery time after u finish a round or fail theres an ad
Super fun...a few bugs but nothing that makes it unplayable. It was too short, only 50 levels :/ I really enjoyed it though, I got all 3 stars in all levels so would like to see more.
4 stars, its hard to make the bunny turn to the side that we want it to go. But it is good, theres few ads if needed and overall fun to play :>
Easy-to-use easy to play and its fun. Keeps you intertain when you have appointments and waiting to be called.
I love this game!I love the theme and story in general, I just wanna keep playing it one the best bunny games I found on google playstore I love the style of everything it just makes the game pop from everything else. I love how there different levels, boss and you can even have your own little area for the chickens you save! I really love the topic of saving the chickens and crashing the boat the storyline is perfect for this! This is my favorite game even tho I love bunnies this is great game
At least, double jumps work in this one and backgrounds are a little more subtle (both of which were problematic in YB1). Would be 5 stars if the game didn't bug out after defeating the last boss (just shows flag, no ending).
The gameplay is amazing, so don't get me wrong on that! However, I have since gotten a new phone and have redownloaded the app. I went to restore my purchases, but I was unable to restore my purchases nomatter how many times I pressed that button. I am no longer able to retrieve the belongings I gained by spending my money on this app. Gimme back my 1400 coins I bought please, I beg of you (;ยดเผŽเบถูนเผŽเบถ`) -The sad daughter
overall a really cool game, but after a while it gets boring. the levels are cool and different, it's easy to get all 3 stars though. it's not that challenging. I haven't noticed any glitches, but sometimes it does lag on my phone. cute and cool graphics, i like the pixel style. the controls are simple yet cool, i can appreciate that. problems aside, kudos to the developer! a quite interesting game. edit: it doesn't let me revive by watching an ad... i watch the ad but i still fail!
It an okay game at best, the character are cool looking and the songs are okay and the story is..meh okay. I do recommend it only for a fun little adventure with easy controls
Compared to the first one this is awful. The maps are super boring and linear and the mechanics have changed so the bunny is running alot slower and the jumping has changed characteristics.
Just beat the first boss, loving it so far - great retro feel, enough challenge to be interesting, no pay walls or anything - at least not yet :)
really fun game but the way that when you pass the last level it just focuses on the flag without exiting, like a glitch, and finishes like that is upsetting.
I don't usually rate or share my pov but this one was great. I loved the graphics and the controls were simple. Only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating is merely because I never got to finish the game. Instead of immediately starting the final quest, there's a bug making me redo the level right before to be able to get to the last & final one. Once I do that, if I "die" from the lava, a bug prevents me from going up completely...if I dare quit the app, I have to redo the whole other level..
I really love it although I'm a beginner to it this game is really aesthetic and bubbly theme and a really cute story line.
This game is enjoyable to play overall and the graphics are well-designed. However, the last level has this bug where after I beat the final boss, the timer will still count even after I touch the flag. Additionally, I believe that different music could be used for different worlds, as the tropical-themed music did not seem very suitable for the final world which is darker and "scarier." Also, there are way too many requirements to fulfill. Great game, though, overall.
A super fun game but what is SO annoying is that with some levels I have to play the previous level. I also have to knock the fact that I'll watch an add for a revive but it still makes me restart. ALSO for the fact that text boxes are WAY too slow for bosses or in general. But it's still somewhat fun.
I really love this game! It is just so adorable and bitcrush! The storyline is exceptional and it is a very addicting game! 10/10 would reccomend
Amazing game, absolutely love everything! The reason why I am giving 2 stars because the game has deleted my progress twice now. The first time it happened, I hadn't really gotten too far so I re-played the levels. The second time, however, I had reached the very last Lava World, and when I went back to the game after a few days, I was shown the whole shipwreck sequence again, and was told to begin from Level 0 again. Please fix this issue, otherwise the game is great.
I love this game because it's kawaii cute and bunny's are my favorite animals I give this game 5 stars because I'm thankful that you made this game with my favorite animal
It's an endless runner type of game. Where your character just moves forward and you jump what's in the way. I've never liked games like that. It looks awesome though.
Really good, the music is really cheery and happy, it kinda needs some instructions for the map screen because I didn't know what the carrot did and still don't know what selecting the crowns does?? Anyway it's fun and you should definitely get it
Lost all my data. Achievements saved on cloud, but the game never let's me play it. Very fun, if it works.
The game is ok, but it can get really glitchy. I was playing on world 4 but when I went into the next stage, it took me to the second level in world 1. If you pause the game and repeatedly tap the screen, you'll go flying. Sometimes when you die, you just respawn instead of paying carrots to respawn.
Entertaining, cute game. Addictive and fun to play. Maybe have more bunny options, like clothes, colors, attachments and/or stuff like that.
Just as disapointing as the last one. Once again, it's fun, but still very buggy. When you die, your body stays there, while another clone of you actually does die. And when you revive, your previous dead body is still there.
Im not really one to play games, mainly because im impatient and I suck lol BUT this one is so addicting and so fun, it's also cute and it's similar to mario bros. But yeah a fun game, I love it!:)
I haven't gotten to the end but I'm on a level that is nicely challenging. It's not too easy to the point it gets boring. The one issue I have is that ads don't work as a revival all the time. Also, some jumps are a bit messed up but it's nothing major. Just small bugs.
I feel like this game is very underrated. Its extremely fun and the graphics are adorable. I have to admit the levels are extremely highcore but its really really addicting and fun. Everyone is talking about a problem for way too many ads, I dont agree. You can turn of your Wi-Fi and then the ads are gone. Its like that for every game. I definetly recommend this app, its cute, fun and an really high quality app.
Best phone game I've played! smooth mechanics, good music/graphics, has some difficulty, and ads are easily skipped.
Game moves too fast & jumping around all the time is terrible. I hate the fact that if player bumps into an obstacle then the direction reverse.
I like how simple and relax is the game and I absolutely love these classic graphics. Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ฎ๐Ÿ’ฎ๐Ÿ’ฎ
Absolutely loved this game; It is probably one of, if not the best mobile phone games I have ever downloaded. Its simple platformer design is comfortable to understand and enjoy, and even though it is just played by tapping the screen it still makes the levels hard enough to be fun to play, but not too hard as to be annoying. A perfect phone game ๐Ÿ˜ thanks so much to the developers, y'all are awesome!!
It's much better than the first yeah bunny, the controls are working properly although I still can't watch ads for carrots just like in the previous version but overall it's a fun game.
Most of the free phone games I've played have been really average (aside from Monument which is a really cool game). This one has to take place as my favourite phone game to date. It has a similar gameplay to old-school Mario/Wario Land which is fun and nostalgic. The controls are simple but the levels get progressively challenging and you can do more than just go one way and jump. There are a few ads which I dont mind since the game is so much fun. Highly recommend :)
I think it's supposed to be cute, but you've got this bug where everytime the bunny dies you SEE where it died
Great game that is simple but fun. Great collectables, controls, and marketplace to purchase new skins.
While it has a nice retro style, the character only moves one direction until you reach a wall, and each time you die it makes you watch an ad or collect an item that quickly drains. Too bad this is a game designed to die several times in a level. Uninstalling it.
I really love the game it had great style and mechanics but my only issue is the ending I finished all of the levels and it did not show an ending cutscene. it was left with no menu bar to press to the next level and it's just left with the gameplay still running. the story would be rewarding if the chicks were able to reunite with its mother if there is an ending please reply so I can see it and would appreciate it thanks.
it was super entertaining i couldn't stop playing the only con is that i wish it had more levels cause on the final level i was wondering why it got stuck, it didn't i just finished the game, and suggestion make like a mini trailer or something to tease about a future 3rd part like to be continued sort of thing
Better than the first one, good level design beating levels is manageable and after all more entertaining game than first one, but one major problem is when i got to the very last level the game crashed... ok so then I played it again and the same thing happened...so i never finished the game...
Ther are a lot of bugs and glitches, it's a nice game but with all the problems i can't enjoy it. But! The graphics sound music controls and basically everything is better than the first yeah bunny game,also in yb1 the walls felt sticky and the game was too fast but bunny didn't walk the other way when it jumped off walls and that was a good thing i hope the next update fixed that.
Glad i see some improvement in the sequel, had better environment stage, new feature, & more friendly movement speed, yet still doesn't had save cloud nor achievement
probably the best game i've ever played, i finished all of it (the crowns, the levels, all the stars, etc). the graphics are amazing and the levels are both easy and hard enough. can't wait for an update with new worlds or even a third game
I love this game! Definitely underrated!! So much fun! I never thought I could say something is pixilated in a good way. Definitely has Mario vibes but taken in a cute but cheeky bunny direction. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Concept like super mario mixed with yoshi island and more. Really cute and love all the levels. However, I was hoping for a story when I finish all the levels. Instead, there was a bug where the screen froze when I cleared the last level. Also when I play level 50, it loads the map of level 49 instead, even though I haven't cleared level 50, there's 3 stars because I cleared the wrongly loaded map.
It is a funny , fun , cute and challanging game that everyone should play ! It has simple controls , graphics and the design of the game is awesome! The simplicity of the game is incredible!
Do you know that the levels are supposed to have MORE than 1 music ? Still good to pass time and not many microtranscations (unless the.no ads thing that helps noobs )
Wow this game is so cool I like how the character is the bunny cute choice game it's really easy to play in I love this game already the map is so pixaly the cute chick at the end was worth it ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
It's quite good. I love the design the art the"aesthetic" but the gameplay sometimes is quite meh... Some levels are designed just dumb enough to make me mad, plus the ads are annoying too. And those big monster with pink spines really creeps me out.
The game was fun. My complaint would be that most of the time, I can't watch the ad to retry, so I would have to use my carrots :/ Another thing I'd like to add is that I wish there were more levels. I enjoyed this game overall.
Love the game but there's a glitch on level 50 - it just plays level 49 over again for me, even if I close the app and restart it. Too bad since it's the last level and I would have liked to play the final boss and see the end. Still love it though, if not for this I would have given 5 stars.
this game is Awesome and very cute :3 TOO CUTE FOR THE FRICKIN WORLD :D I really enjoy it there is a few ads but that is no problem for me I'm good :)