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Yeah Bunny!

Yeah Bunny! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Adrian Zarzycki located at POLSKA. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this game is full of rage and cuteness..love it alsoo keep it up with 5 sec ads ❀ noone like 30 or 15 sec ads ist everything about money and ads ...great r
The game is good, but it kept freezing and lagging. When I closed and opened the app it unfreezed, but deleted some of my progress. I'm not sure if it's just my device though. If not for this I would rate 5/5.
The gameplay is great and the rabbit auto ruining puts more challenge on the game, making us wanting to play more!
Hey. Great game but this review is to counter-act other reviews. I know so many people say its stupid hard and no power-ups to help. GUESS WHAT? The editors choice says its hardcore. Have none of you played old games. They take forever to beat. Get gud
Adorable app and art style! it takes a while to get used to the mechanics but after that it's really enjoyable.
I LOVE Yeah Bunny!! Its right up there with my top ten platformers. I just recently started loving platform's for what they are instead of hating them because I wasn't good straight out the gate like most games. If you like games like Super Mario, give Yeah Bunny! a shot!
This was one of the Editors recommended games.. At first I thought that it might have been a whimsy choice.. Wow was I wrong, for a game with such a simple idea, it is amazing, good graphics, smooth controls, easy to grasp, and just down right enjoyable. With no intrusive ads and plenty to do, this is definitely one of the best platform games.. If not the best mobile game I have played in the last 2 years (and I have been through a lot) I only wish I was playing this on a tablet to enjoy it more
loved the game! I still cannot receive the first boss achievement. i have replayed and beaten the level many times andi still dont get the achievement :c I am quite annoyed at this cus im only missing that one achievement for this game πŸ˜‚ .if you like platformers , you'll love this gamen
Yeah, Bunny! This is a challenging game I love to beat my head against when I have a few minutes. Cute, fun, great gameplay, I love it!
The game mechanics could be better. But the over all game is great You should play this when you are bored
This game scammed me. I bought the unlimited revive thing, but then the revive button was greyed out! Scam. 0 stars.
Just got to lvl2 and this is one of the best platforming games ive played yet. I love 8-bit styles (cuz they look retro).
I can't control the bunny!no.matter how hard I try he often runs backwards while I,m trying to get him to run forward!I had almost cleared a level then he ran backwards and fell onto the spikes.also,a tutorial would be great.sorry but I uninstalled.i can't control the bunny at all.
Clever concept to introduce constant pressure on the player. Simple added mechanic of constant movement keeps players engaged and on their toes, and provides good opportunity for exploration.
I have to admit that I rage deleted it. I don't spend money on apps because I tend to use new ones all the time, but this game is really difficult and in order to be able to start from your checkpoints you would need to pay a couple dollars. Even if I did do that, I got stuck on the THIRD level!! I can only imagine how later levels could get. Terribly frustrating
It's an affordable pocket platformer with good music and fun gameplay. If you're willing to spend a couple of bucks on unlimited lives it's totally worth it. But if you play it for free you'll likely rage delete.
It's a nice game but the controls don't work properly like how come there's no "back" button? You can go back to the main page of the game and then to leave the game you have to click the "home" button of your phone. That's a lot of work just to leave the app.
I played this a couple years ago, but I am playing it again to get all the keys again, and reminisce about my younger years.
Awesome game but after the third map, my progress kept getting erased and I would have to replay the whole game.
I really like this game it's really fun and the graphics are nice, cute adorable, cool and retro and the gameplay is fun and creative so I recommend this game to everyone who likes this genre
At first it was cute but then the lagging and the bugs happened and every other time the game would crash mid level - so it gets a lame ass star rating
An example of how good this game is is how someone else wrote a 3 star review because he paid for no adds and it still got adds yet he still rates it 3 stars
It is okay, but it is slightly boring. The graphics are cute though and the game feels like a premium game aside from the adds.
I'm disappointed. This looked like it was going to be a cute, well-done game. Again, Google Play and their dismal Editor's Choice have meant I've wasted a few minutes of my time on a relative dud. Lame music and annoying controls to reach short, dumb goals.
I didn't like the game because the whenever the bunny hits any wall, it turns around. It's is very annoying in some levels.
The game is really hard, I always say harsh things when I lose haha. But really this is really hard_- a good game
I, who's played games like I Wanna Kill The Guy, who has beaten Pixel Dungeon, who's been playing NetHack for over a year now, have rage quitted this game. It is somehow harder than I expected yet it's the easiest game I have ever played, the cute design catched my eyes and I couldn't focus on where I was going, then YASD... Congratulation, you have put a challenge to me, I know I'm just a gamer-wannabe, but thou hath made an incredible game worth my time. Best regards.
Love it, this is easily my favorite mobile game. It's nice to see a game that isn't mindless and feels like an actual game. This is something I could see on a Gameboy or something like that. It's a good game and I highly recommend it
music 10\10 wholesomeness 25\10 style of grafics 10\10 sounds affects harmonizing with the music 10\10 GET THIS GAME YOU NEED IT IN YOUR LIFE TRUST ME
Hi! I really love this game, and I reviewed it because a lot of people don't understand that games are supposed to be hard. If there is no challenge, then where's the fun in that? It is somewhat of a rage game, since you will lose over and over again, but it was a great experience. I'm happy that there are revivals in this, that's a plus! I also dislike people who can't seem to handle a game with no powerups, they're a bunch of noobs! One more level and I'm finished! Lastly, nice game design!
The game is hard and sometimes it glitches out. Sometimes when I'm tapping, nothing is happening. Ledges force you to only jump once
Would be good, but if you play it long enough you'll realize that its unresponsive at times, and makes it near impossible to beat.
I can't get past the boss on world 2... The game doesn't register my clicks slot of the time when I have to jump really quick in succession.
Really cute game and the controls are super easy... but for some reason it's very glitchy. Sometimes while playing it sort of just freezes and I have to close the app to get it working again. Other times, it doesnt save any of my progress, so I have to redo a bunch of levels just to get where I was before. One last thing is that I had thought that you couldn't revive at all, and so I played the first few worlds taking forever and growing very fustrated sometimes. Maybe add that to the tutorial?
If this was a standard platform I'd love it. It'd probably be one of my favourite games on the appstore. Amazing graphics, music, etc. But the Super Mario Run style mechanics are so annoying. Uninstalled. Sadly.
I love the graphics and the gameplay is fenominal! The gameplay is fresh and unique and I definitely recommend it!
The game was fun, though the controls to jump were fairly touch and go at times. I payed to remove ads and immediately saw an ad. I didn't get a response from the developers in email but I really enjoyed the game so I just went ahead and gave another $2 and it actually worked. Then, no matter what I did, it wouldn't let me toggle the sound settings in the menu so I uninstalled and reinstalled the game. My progress completely restarted and ads are back on. I doubt I'll hear back from devs.
Such a nice game, it doesnt pop many ads and can be played offline! I love it. Brings me back vibes from SuperMario
This game is INFURIATING. It's beautifully designed, but there is no storyline and some levels are just beyond frustrating. Plus, it's not very consistent. Some "boss levels" are super hard, while others, especially the last one, are super easy. The controls bugged a lot, and some parts in levels were literally set up for you to fail. Over all not very satisfied, definitely expected a better ending after 10 frustrating worlds. Has a lot of potential though. Also, why 159 keys, and not 160? Ugh.
its so cute! There are many things that i can explore.I really recomend this game. GO YEAH BUNNY 🐰
Terrible.There are too many spikes which feel like the game is cheating.Also the death noise is so annoying so i had to waste my life without volume.There's also SOO many ads,like why the hell do people want money so badly?!and theres not even a checkpoint when you die!
I'm personally not a fan of this game. This game is a bit too tight with the platforming considering the responsiveness of the controls. I feel like there were a lot areas that were trial and error since the bunny fell so fast. It felt like there wasn't enough time to react to obstacles.
The game used to be really good but it turned itself off TWO TIMES. And when i restarted the app i saw that all my progress in world 8 was deleted. I will delete the app.
Fun game but ads are annoying.. paid to remove them but feels like i get even more ads.. lol. Would be nice to get what you pay for if you choose to support the dev..
This game could be fun if you could move yourself. I hate the automatic run it's boring and clunky. If you miss a jump you need to wait to run all the way back to make it no thanks
Fun game but I just paid to get the ads removed since they became more and more frequent, it took the payment but the ads continue. Why do they continue? Its quite irritating.
I acc rlly don't reccomend this it starts getting super hard from like the 3rd level and it's impossible to proceed and it's acc very very stressful :(
I can't even play the game. It crashes as soon as I open it. I tried to download Yeah Bunny 2 and it stops downloading at 17%.
I love this game, it's simple, fun and challenging without being annoying. Weren't too many ads, but tbh the ad free version is cheap enough. Good job guys.
good game. controls are hard to pick up but it does get enjoyable. finished it in around a week. its not incredibly hard but it is fun. i cant click on the small cup. But after playing for a while it turns itself off and deletes all of your progress since you last opened the app. i would recommend after finishing a level exit the game and go back into it. it saves your progress. never spent any money on it and it was pretty easy to win. you just have to play the game on aeroplane mode.
Very glitchy, you get stuck on objects or corners from time to time and can no longer move so you have to restart the level, it would be ok if you could at least go back to the last checkpoint but you can't. The game crashes and lags very often and will freeze your entire screen not allowing you to exit unless you turn your phone off and the music keeps playing once you exit it, you lose progress if it crashes.Larger more detailed apps in 3d and games adapted for mobile perform better than this.
Why the last a couple of levels are quite simple? There is no boss on the last level! Aren't the levels are supposed to be harder in the last world?
I love it but there is a problem where if I replay a level after dying too much it will freeze up and I have to completely close it. Other than that I enjoy it a lot.
This game is just RIGGED. There is NOTHING to help you on your journey besides revivals. No powerups. Here are some powerup ideas. Invincibility Carrot:Makes you invincible. Green Carrot:Gives you an automatic Stage Clear. Tailed Acorn:Gives the bunny a tail to slow his descent. Sticky Glue:The bunny sticks to walls. Tap immediately for a speed boost,he will eventually slide down. Anti-cling:Prevents the bunny from clinging to walls. Super Shovel:Destroys blocks. Also add wraps in game. Pls fix.
The game itself is good - light but challenging, good when you're bored. The only reason this is 3 stars is because I paid to support the dev and remove ads.... but I still am seeing ads. It's not a huge purchase but still, this seriously needs to be fixed.
If the Energizer bunny got his own game. That's what Yeah Bunny is. Thus cute runner platformer reminds me of mix between Fast like a Fox and early NES platformers like Super Mario Bros, Mega-Man and the New Zealand Story.
it would be better if it had the regular left, right, &jump controls...not to crazy for runners! disappointed....
Have to say this game is full of lagging and that doesnt make it better since while you're progressing through the levels the game becomes absurdly difficult. The adds become annoying, you will die more in later levels and the time you loose on adds in the middle just kills the mood of playing this game.
Not good, moves too quickly and unless you have the reaction time of a ninja then you're unlikely to get passed the start of level 3!
This is an intricate and challenging platformer that I'd readily reccomend to anyone looking to waste some time.
β€’ the enemies hotboxes still there until the end of death animation β€’ if you jump on the corner you're only allowed to do a single jump, and there's a lot of places that need double jump β€’ the red alert achievement is impossible to get, even repeating stage 2-5 more than 10 times
I never regret installing this game and never will because I like bunnies and adventure what more would I ask for? I LOVE it!!!
The game is okay, it feels like a game made by an amateur developer during a game jam, however the game isn't polished and there are a few pet peeves I have with the levels and mechanics. 1. Touch control isn't consistent in the slightest. 2. Jumps often feel too long or too short. 3. The placement of carrots isn't consistent with jumps which means you have to often times double or triple back. 4. There arerandomly placed chunks of land everywhere, it's confusing as hell.
An addictive game for those who are stubborn on winning.Could definitely use a few more features like changing things up a bit like making different worlds or stuff like this to make things more a bit more interesting but other then that the levels are not too long or hard to beat and overall pretty fun.
Spent more time watching ads in the first 10 minutes of playing than actually playing. Maybe make first world ad-free so players can get used to playing before forcing them to watch constant ads that keep you really getting a feel for the game. 10 minutes in and I've seen like 20 minutes of ads. Ridiculous.
Bad input reads, enemy kill bugs, inproportional quantity of ads that you can only remove by adding a feature that makes this game cheese. This is editor's choice. Unbelievable.
The game itself is good but for someone like me that isn't the best, it's hard to control. It's more like a runner game and you jump. It's hard for me and wish it was more of a run at your own pace kinda game. But all in all, it was okay
If you're a girl OR boy play this game. Now, I recommend it if you are an acarde person but also if you are a yt. Have fun! btw I am to so enjoy it! please take note that some games are scams . btw I will be making more next week 😜
it was good at first and that I realize how hard the levels are I know that games can't be easy but Jesus this aspect has made me reach and hate the game I don't care what anyone says I will hate this game forever πŸ‘Ώ
Good game, fun & frustrating at same time, sometimes control unresponsive, & there's no save cloud / achievement
A very irrating , bad and stress giving game I will suggest not to download this game πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ™πŸ™
Really fun, but a lot of bugs. Sometimes, the game freezes and you lose your most recent progress. It's pretty cute though, and I liked it (minus the bugs).
Amazing game really sooooo serene the revive option is annoying but the rest are super great the bunny character is so adorable I luv it soooo muchπŸ°πŸ‡
Incredibly hard game but fun. However, sometimes the game doesn't register jump and even bigger problem is that, sometimes killing an penguin kills you as well. I die a lot after smashing penguins.
I've beaten almost every level with three keys each, except for the boss level in second world. That one has some major kaizo like jumps that are just not fair. EDIT: finally beat that one level. I managed to figure out how to do those jumps that were really hard before in a reliable way. Super fun. All 159 keys collected.
Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game. One of the best platforming games i have played in a while. Though i wish i could use all the carrots i have collected to shoot at the stupid little red creatures, that would be fun.
serious bugs and hitbox issues. just spamming my finger on my screen to jump, it doesnt always double jump. this explains why i swear i hit jump in time but died. and the hitboxes for creatures are really broken, sometimes when i jump on their heads we both die, or ill squeeze in between them and instantly die, that issue and the critical bug of it not double jumping, makes the game very infuriating. its a really good game but id like to see these crucial parts fixed.
Its entertaining and fun but the death sound after a while getting so annoying and when you go to retry you ALWAYS have to watch a ad so 3/5 stars
one of the best platform game but only problem it is not endless game mode. please make endless game mode. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜
I like this game but i find it a bit difficult to play since you can't control the bunny that much,it doesn't turn around which is sad and it's a bit hard to control it ;-;