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Yatzy: Dice Game Online

Yatzy: Dice Game Online for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by NewPubCo located at Hayward CA 94545. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Freezes all the time, and hasn't been updated since last October. Playing against opponent option had stupid / frustrating scenarios happen regularly. There just has to be a better Yahtzee game out there somewhere.
It's a decent Yahtzee game for the most part. The bonus roll function recently stopped working, though. Fix that and I'll be happy.
Complete bloatware garbage code. Made my phone too hot to hold after about 4 minutes and crashed it and locked up on black screen. Luckily I have a removable battery so I was able to kill it. Uninstalled.
Music's awful and more importantly, the scoring system doesn't work. I got yatsee and it gave me zero points for it.
I like the old version much better. This version somehow is too slow and takes all the fun away. By too slow I mean, I got to hit too many keys in order to place my score in the box. I don't like it. I want the old version back. I HATE I installed the new one.
The roll bar is high enough so that you're not contending with the ad bar at the bottom of the screen. A LOT better than Yazy.😊
Worked fine for a couple of weeks, now it won't open and freezes up. I Uninstalled and reinstalled and still won't open. I deleted from my phone and will find another one
This game tricked me! I was playing another Yazy game and I saw what I thought was a notification saying "a newer version of this game is available." I installed it, but thought it was odd that the "old version" of my game wasn't uninstalled in the process. So I did some research and discovered that the "notification" was actually an ad for this game from a completely different developer! No, I haven't actually played this app, but I think sneaky advertising like that deserves one star.
Fun game...but started feezing before starting after Android update. Now unplayable...I had to Uninstall after 3 tries to reload the game. Fun when it worked! Just tried the newest version and still won't get past the opening screen. Best features but simply won't start...
I love this game. I was playing it everyday until recently. Now it constantly freezes and crashes. Most of the time I can't even start a new game, and when I am able to, it typically freezes in the first roll. I really want to play again, please fix these issues!
MUCH prefer the older version. Fortunately the older version didn't go away or get written over. I uninstalled the update and went back to playing the prior version. In the update, graphics weren't as crisp and clean, couldn't easily tell what dice hand I had already scored and what I needed to aim for next. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The prior version was excellent. The update was a poor substitute. Don't bother with the update.
The graphics are good it plays with no problems but it's hard to enjoy a game that your chances of winning are almost 0 the computer gets the most unrealistic rolls and always gets the bonus sorry to say but will be uninstalling
If it didn't freeze at the beginning and take 20 tries to get it started, it would be much less frustrating. Once it is running, it's a good time. Love the triple game.
So far so good,,I like this game read some of the reviews seems like some were a little harsh but I will play for now seems exciting.Ok change rating from 5 to 3 I was hooked at first but then rolls became so predictable such a shame , played every day couple of times a day will uninstall. ☹,,predictable as you know how the rolls are going to be after awhile of playing but going to reinstall 1 more time
I loved this game before the update! Now it sucks. Will probably delete it and look for a different version.
I love the triple roll game but everytime I get a bonus roll or a restart your turn ad it just stops working everytime I click the bonus roll or the restart your turn ad please fix that but otherwise I like your game.
Review for 2021 update - TERRIBLE! Two player local mode is gone. That's an automatic delete. Plus intrusive ads everywhere now and they really shot their wad to monetize it. Took my favorite game app and trashed it. I cant imagine how many uninstalls are coming soon. I'll lead the way...
The older version is better but it's a strategy to keep up with the game itself but most of all it's hard to roll a yatzee sometimes
I like several things about this game. I don't even mind the ads. But there is one thing that really bothers me. It constantly asks me if I like the game and wants me to rate it. The 1st time, I gave it 5 stars because I enjoyed the game. The 2nd time I have it 5 stars. Since I get this so many times, I give it a one star every time it pops up. Sometimes it asks me when I launch the app and then, after I play a few games, it'll ask me again. I still play the game, I just wish they'd fix it.
Like this game and able to see the opponents score so when choosing dice you can see it after you rolled the dice.
Love the game, tho lately it keeps freezing up and I have to keep closing app and rebooting. Still not working this morning. Hope the glitch can be fixed.
I love this game. I have played for hours no problems at all. There are alot of ads but they are short ads still alot better then most other games.
I'm loving this game and the design. ❤Awesome you have a color dice collection without having to pay for them plus different backgrounds keeps it fresh. The best yatzy game out there with music of different genres! But those ads are to much! Make it where you can choose to remove please. Why not go social and be able to play against friends?
Great UI, but utterly garbage AI. It only took two rolls for me to uninstall, and judging by the other reviews, the AI doesn't get any better. Get someone else to code your AI, then we'll talk.
Great game when I don't get booted off and lose all progress of my game doesn't go back to where it booted me off have to start a new game it happens so often I contemplate whether I want to uninstall the game most likely will if it continues
Very Peaceful, you can do your own thing weither on your own, with someone or with the computer. Very fun and strategizing when playing.
It doesn't feel like Yatzy. I have tried for a day. So a couple of more days to see if I want to keep it. So after a week this Yatzy has a louder and brighter performance when You roll a Yatzy. I prefer it not to be so bright. Dice sound different. Then You get to choose to play another game or uninstall it. I am trying to keep it. Thank You for Your time.
Decent game for it being free. I like the background and dice options. There is even music options which is nice. There are no AI settings, which is a bummer. AI is odd. Some games the AI will make stupid decisions like putting four 6s on chance instead of the 6 spot or 4 of a kind. The score i think is also off sometimes. I cannot go back to the gamepad after game is over to check it, so i am not super sure on that.
Games are clearly scripted. The game has a number of different scripts to make it "fun and exhilarating". Want to see the computer intentionally make dumb rolls, and win by getting a CRAZY straight the next one? Get this app.
Actually quite good. Ads aren't obtrusive and it's fairly intuitive to play. One thing though... something is fishy with the computer opponent, apart from doing stupid things from time to time like putting 4 of a kind into chance, the computer opponent will get a large straight without fail every game. The only time i ever saw the computer not get a large straight was when it put a zero in the large straight right at the start of the game (which was strange in itself). Strange it's not random.
New version is too many ads. I will be looking for a different app. I have been using the old app for a while. Wish I didn't update.
Not a bad game, but I agree with another reviewer - the computer really does make some bizarre choices.
Ever since the most recent Android update, this game, which I enjoyed, has refused to work. I have Uninstaller and reinstalled several times with no success. A shame, really.
Game works like original board game but it requires additional button pushes that take more time. Still enjoyable.
Awesome options for backgrounds and dice colors. Plus I love bring able to play more than one row at a time. My family always played ac whole card at a time. Good ole times.
Love playing this game SO FAR and it's much more easier & faster than the previous update. Thanks and keep doing an AWESOME job of providing GREAT entertainment.
It is a lot of fun to play with my grandson. I use it as a teaching moment. He thinks he is just playing and having fun, but he's learning multiplication.
Great version of a classic! Played the board version in high school and I can still remember the rules. Keep it up!!
Too many ads. Worse, forces you to restart your turn, even when you already have a good roll and just want to score it. Uninstalling.
Love it, super fun, love the bots and the triple. Really addictive and relaxing and easy to get a bunch of yahtzees.
I love this game. It's easy and fun to play. I've had no problems at all and the dice and background options are a plus. There are ads but most of them can be close after 5 seconds.
I have installed and reinstalled 3 times I have to keep opening and closing to get screen to screen. I am done.
This game is so much fun it will keep you entertained for hours and I love Yahtzee anyway it's a great game and it's a great way to also pass the time
So far, so good! ( ...just recently installed game and have only played one game. Let's see how it goes ,so my original rating stands till more plays have been played!) Great game! Good to take your mind off your troubles!
Local Pass & Play with Friends option doesn't work. It only gives you 2 columns, & you can't change the number of players or list the names.
Just downloaded this Yatzy game a couple of days ago...so far its been outstanding, also really like that you can choose a background & your dice without it costing you gems or points!
Play couple games. Open up and it automatically closes. Force close and reloads and it freezes. Like this version.
About the third yatzy game I've downloaded, so far this is like the orginal yatzy game when I was a kid. So far it's great. You should try it if you like the orginal yatzy game.
It's nice that you have the option to play alone and you can choose music and color scheme... all in all nice little game!!!
Great Game . Need a variety of styled dice and backgrounds . Please make the ads banner smaller on the bottom . Thanks .
I loved this game. It was simple and clean. Easy to play. The update drastically changed the look and feel of the game. It's also not as easy to play. I'm usually good with change but this is awful. Too busy looking and hard to follow. I'm looking for a better one and I'll delete this. Sadly, because I've played this daily for a year .
I really enjoy playing this. It takes me back to my childhood days....except I don't have to wait forever for my siblings to sit down and finish.😁
Way too many crashes. Most times it happens as soon as you hit "Play" but not always. Even when that is not the case it happens very quickly after (I think your eventListeners are messed up).
Not sure if I like updated version better but Yahtzee will always be awesome. It's up to developers not to mess it up.
Not bad, but to many long ads, boring, it keeps shutting down in the middle of every game. Haven't finished 1 game.
This game is so buggy that I can barely play a single round before it crashes. And when it does work, it stutters. I checked my phone and my connection just to make sure, but it is the game that keeps crashing..... So not happy with this, I like yatzee, but yatzee with buddies doesn't let you play single(by yourself) rounds....
UPDATE: WORKS AGAIN! Stopped working but good before. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 updated and game now freezes. Hope this is fixed. I enjoyed this game.
It was fine until I started having to watch 30 second videos. I'm not watching 30 second videos on a game. Uninstalling and will find another.
I'm having problems with the bonus roll not working. It'll work for a couple of rolls then stop. Help. That's why the 3 stars.
These guys run deceptive ads when you play competitor's "yatzy" games that look like an app message stating that you need to update. I fell for it once and installed this app which I don't like nearly as much as the app I was using (which I found was still installed and not "updated").