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YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game

YAHTZEE With Buddies Dice Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Scopely located at 3530 Hayden Avenue Suite A Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like all the Variety, but I hate all the extra animations that causes the app to lock up. Just show me "Rewards", I dont need the individual "Congrats" screens. I've had the app lock up several times where I'd won the match, but after closing and reopening, I don't get the bonuses or XP, only the mark that I'd won (last round of a character in Dice World). In Families if it locks up, my Family doesnt get the points. Dont get my bonus rolls back either. BIG BOO DEVELOPERS! NO Mt Dew for you!
Oh my goodness, this game has more ads than your local infomercial channel. Seriously I am not kidding. Counted ads: 52 in 1 hour. I have never come across an App that has so many ads. Starts off well, but from lvl 15 up ads pop up after every 3 rolls. To finish one game round you will have to watch 9 ads. Worst is that it interrups your game which means you could easily miss the dice you picked before the ad.
This game CONSTANTLY freezes. I had 2 restart my phone twice within a 2 minute time frame. Developer's have gotten greedy as well. They used to charge a one time fee of $3.99. Now, they want $7.99 PER MONTH to be ad free. Fix the known issues BEFORE you start price gouging!
Fun to play. The ads however lock the game up freeze my phone make the game glitch. Does anybody ever check these ads out before they allow them to be played in the app or are you trying to force people to buy the no ads version by purposely putting ads out that lick up the ads and people's phones. I have sent in several game froze feedbacks which I can only assume go to a none used email or unchecked email.
I've been playing this game for a few years now. I love it....BUT lately it's very glitchy and slow as snails! I even disabled the bells & whistles that make it fun to play for. Why is it that all but the buddy games run smoothly? I have to restart the game constantly! Too much going on & always changing things, slowing the play down even more. I've even closed games with buddies hoping this will give it more speed as I have hundreds of games. Would be nice to discard dice I never use.
Love this game and play A LOT. Used to have it on my old phone and is a favorite of mine. I love the animations and the game events. Today though I have had countless advertisements, right in the middle of game play, not just one advert, but 3 to 4 at least per game. Its hugely distracting and really frustrating. It really is putting me off the app entirely I hope it was some kind of glitch or something and isn't going to keep happening???
One of the best ways to see ads for other apps and games, however the ads are broken up by some kind of dice-based game. It's usually pretty quick though; one roll and you're back to the ads. If they could find some way to add more ads, possibly as you navigate section by section. Or, as you roll, pop up with an ad and as you inadvertently tap on the ad, play another ad to go back to the original ad, which then continues as normal.
Prepare your endless adds literally. If you click remove personalized adds, you still get endless pop ups off stuff you purchased. If its piggy bank week, unless you pay, you dont win like usual. Lately when I play tournaments, before I can screenshot that I actually won, the screen changes and it says the other player is the winner. This is usually my boredom buster but the constant pop up adds and algorithms I am getting to the point that it's not even fun anymore.
I would love to be able to give more than 3 stars because i love this game. However, with the new updat, it is very slow and freezes up too much. The stamp games that come in the bags is a waste of time and you will NEVER get past 90% on that side game. So many of my opponents that i have played with over the years are leaving due to the same issues. You need to fix the app before everyone leaves the game completely.
it's a lot more enjoyable to play the game now. Thank you for fixing the issues in survivor. It still freezes my phone during normal play occasionally, so I have to exit a game and re-start. the screen just keeps flipping on survival mode until the game is over and l end up coming in last place.
The game app freezes often. I play at home with my own Wifi and the app will say I'm not connected. This runs in conjunction coincidentally with changes made to the app. Portions of the game will be removed to add new types of play, new in app side games (et al) and some section of the game will not work correctly. App closes out frequently, again I'm on my own wifi. Options for spending money in game are added frequently, and options for winning the more useful items for many players is removed
There are a lot of different options and ways to play along with different events, things you can earn, tournaments, you can play by yourself, you can play with strangers, you can play with friends and it's fast, it loads easily and it's fun! I've now been playing Yahtee with buddies for more than a year now and it is by far my number one go to game throughout the day and night for stress relief and the one that I play most often.
This game used to be fun. Now it's so bogged down with useless "prizes" that are not explained and not even close to important for the game. It takes so much to just play! I'm done, it's no longer relaxing because you have to wade through all the extra stuff. It's like the developers wanted to see how cumbersome and ridiculous they could make their app.
I really love this game. One of the best yahtzee games around and I have played few. There is ALOT of content in this game. Has a lot of adverts, but refuse to pay as it's a monthly payment. Update: have downgraded to 3 stars. New update freezes all the time. Had infinity for dice world, and it froze all the way through, so didn't have any of it. Some games you know you have no chance of winning from the start. I think you get to a certain level and just never win
I used to love this game, you could play for hours and never get bored....but lately, I've been disappointed. It takes forever to get into the game with the constant pop ups, they replaced multiple NPC games with 1 group. So much has been added in, it really takes away from what the app used to be. I just want to sit down and play a casual game, not have a million pop ups, need a data/wifi connection to play, and a limit on how many rounds I can play.
I write this sadly, this game has entirely too many glitches. I have more delays that cause issues. Tells me I need internet when I have internet, takes too long to get to the next game, or let's me play my dice game against salvafour then freezes up so that I have to pay 2 dice to continue. HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU THINK I HAVE!?!?!?!? I've always loved yahtzee but could never find anyone to play. Now I play all day, off and on. This is my favorite game app.
Good game but needs some work, boards freeze, cant click one entire side of a board, also got ripped off on scratchers since now they dont do the purple ones anymore so i recieved nothing for my league, also have had times where i didnt recieve my prizes for anything i played, so i might delete it, theres no point in playing when you dont recieve the awards your suppose to
The game is great! But it freezes every 2-5 min and you have to restart it over & over & over just to get through 1 game. I've sent reports every time but it's been 4 mo and it's still happening ever time. The game is fun, it's the only reason I haven't just got rid of it. I reinstalled it 4 times doesn't matter. FIX IT❗
I am still playing the game but it has become too ad heavy, you are watching ads to play a round. Literally an ad after almost every turn is ridiculous. I understand the need for advertising, but even micro transactions are anything but micro priced and the subscription price for ad free is absolute highway robbery. This game has become very disappointing for someone who started on the original app.
I love the game, except for the fact that I either have to select a current or new game within 2 seconds of opening the app, or I need to select a specific notification in order to actually play. Otherwise, it tells me I've activated Prize Pass and tries to give me a tutorial, but it always freezes, so i have to exit and shut down the game, then go back and start all over. It's become quite annoying, but I still play because it's fun.
This is very buggy and riddled with ads. It's decent only if you play against other players, but you don't have a chance to get all the fun extra stuff unless you play the challenge characters, and that is where the issues are. The characters always roll perfectly and hardly take a 0 score. And if you get any timed rewards you get the most ads during gameplay which defeats the purpose, really. Unless you want to waste real money to have fun in this game; avoid this.
This game is fun, entertaining and a grand distraction if needed, you need to buy something to remove the adds, and even a small purchase is worth it. I am not a fan of the stickers, i am at 91% of the completed book There are a few hours remaining in the game. I play alot but not enough to win the whole book which makes it a total waste of my time. I do not have 150 rolls to get a 5 star sticker. Make it a challenge people can win please.
It stinks that the scratches were basically removed. What few there are left are totally worthless. Also not impressed with collecting stickers. Also curious as to how the scores are calculated. When playing in a tournament and I'm 150+ points ahead of my opponent and they have only 1 turn left, how can they possibly beat my score by 150+ points? Seriously? Follow up--yet again my opponent makes a comeback by a ridiculous amount of points that seems highly unlikely to ever score to win.
Fix the glitches and game now.. What are we 5 years old? Collecting stickers now this is so stupid. And fix the glitches. . Developers give you the go. But they're playing in a beta mode without a bunch of people this is not working. Pretty close to quitting this game after a long time. Ruined a once great game. Get back to the basics it's called Yahtzee no family games or feast or solitaire or bingo or wacky or survivor this game is virtually unplayable
A love playing this game lets tired of losing a points and scratchers. You changed everything around and the game and this new game sucks and I don't like it I like the way it was originally . It's definitely giving me some added stress that I don't need in my life anymore, especially with a game. I don't like that I'm unable to get extra scratchers now by watching video's or even extra rolls. Some how it went back to being able to watch videos for Xtra energy which is absolutely ridiculous
This game is terrible. I love yahtzee and this would be a good game ,if not for the unbelievable lag. A little tip here. Don't spend rerolls on certain things because if you lag out of a round before it ends you just lost them. Mainly survivor. I'm really angry because it keeps doing it and I'm loosing rerolls. They aren't easy to get,and I'm definitely not spending money on something put together so poorly. This is definitely a pay to win kind of game. So good luck
Started out great. On my scratchers I was able to get bonus rolls. On my free rolls, I would get what i was going for usually. Now my yahtzees are very far in between, can barely get bonus rolls off scratchers, and games are being lost a lot more. Ads almost every turn. I do like challenges but not sure about these challenges that are continuously making me lose.
Fun but have to spend money to actually move forward. You can watch videos to get free bonus rolls but only so many per day, or at least for me. I get cut off on watching videos for free bonus rolls and then you can't do anything unless you are really lucky and roll what you need every time. Really fun to play with friends but very annoying that they seem to want to force you to spend money. And some of the ads that run have no option to exit and so then you have to exit the app and reload.
Would be 4 or 5 stars but game crashes a decent amount of the time that I try to log on and/or load times become extremely slow and take forever so I have to exit game and restart. It makes it so I don't play everyday because I get frustrated. The developers send a message saying they are having delays in game. Wish they would fix this.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game now several times. It has not corrected the issue. I paid for the monthly subscription for prize pass and have had it for about 2 or 3 months now. However I have stopped getting my daily reward boxes. I spend my time and money in this game can u please get this right? I love playing yahtzee but have found myself not wanting to play if I cant the rewards I am subscribed to. How can u reimburse me for this? On top of this the scratch off cards r a joke.
Enjoy playing the game. Like some of the variations but recently the game seems so cluttered. In dice world games there are times when the dice multiplier freezes which leads to lost points and lost games. I think some of the new hyped up stuff like the stickers just slows down game play...very annoying. Also don't see the point in the piggy bank.
I use to love this game and play it daily but the past week it has been a mess... Too many glitches and the game itself hasn't been loading properly therefore I have not been able to play it. Hate to delete it since I have come so far but that seems to be my only option now.
So many ads after the honeymoon. And way too busy of a game. I know they'd sell it as a good thing, but seriously there are too many little things to do, you never feel finished. Exhausting. But the ads come on the middle of games once you get past the first week and there are alot. Like two to three happens during the game. For a game that already is set up to be so money oriented, should not have this many ads.
Getting worse freezing and locking. Frustrated ready to quit... You sign on and it doesn't even load correctly .. when it does load correctly you can only get maybe two games in if you're lucky. This is getting worse and worse. You're going to lose a lot of players , ume being one of them. I enjoy this game and I'm trying to stick around but this frustration just is not worth it. Get some new damn programmers!!!!
I like playing this game but it keeps kicking me out while playing. It's kicked me out during survivor and I made it to level 6 and didn't even give me my rewards. Kicked me out after I won in a family feast and I didn't get my rewards in that either. I have watched multiple ads for free dice for it to kick me out and I don't receive the dice. It's getting ridiculous and I'm about to stop playing
The ads are relentless. Ruins the entire game. It would be one thing if it was an ad at the end of each game but you're lucky to get three turns in between ads. No I don't want to make the cartoon chick shine up or whatever the stupid makeup game ad wants me to do every 45 seconds. I'd like to play yahtzee. Too bad cause here comes another ad.
Well, AGAIN, error messages that they are having delays and, once again, I'm getting screwed out of earned rewards and, I'm playing Survivor Seasons, passed round one, get to round 2 and it tells me to end game because I didn't complete the round. Can't complete a round I haven't played yet.
very fun game. no complaints here. ***UPDATE*** Since the most recent update I am unable to collect most of the rewards I have earned. Once the problem is resolved I will return the 5 star rating I gave you initially. ***2nd UPDATE*** still not recieving all my sticker packs i have won and I am not even sure I like the whole "sticker" thing anyway. however, still fun to play. I wish, though, that there were a way to trade in dice we dont want. Not just duplicates but any we dont want.
So many bugs. The game itself is fun, but when I try to claim rewards, it doesn't work for half of them. I click on the green button "Claim" and nothing happens. Also, sometimes, animations of the dice dog just don't disappear when they are done, and it blocks my view in the menu and I need to restart the game. Meh...!
Paying 7.99 monthly to remove ads is absolutely absurd. The game used to have a one time payment to remove ads....where is that option now? On samsung note 10 the buttons extend past the edges of the screen giving the game a zoomed feel. You really should give the one time payment option back then make the prizes a little better with the gold pass. EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY as we can ALL PLAY FASTER and without pause for ads giving us all opportunities to buy more bonus dice....
Fun to play and fun graphics. A lot of page transition graphics slowing it all down and sucks up your battery. A LOT of ad popups and they want you to subscribe and pay monthly, rather than a one-time fee. You get a bonus for playing the same person 5x, so get used to a lot of people re-matching or starting numerous games. All those gripes aside, it is still very fun to play.
Love the game, but it would be really awesome if you guys came up with a way to add a Family Dice Pot for people to put duplicates recieved from the claw machines so others can have them. Or a way to give them away to others. That way it doesn't feel like such a waste. I don't know if the makers read the comments or not... but I'd also like to just express that a lot of people (in the "family" and other friends) do NOT like the fact that all of our hard earned dice characters have been deleted.
I have played this game for years. It's always has been a 5 Star game for me, but recently "stickers" were added. It's horrible and requires you to watch every sticker pack opened individually. I want to play Yahtzee challenges, Yahtzee 1 on 1 play, and other Yahtzee games. I'm not here to watch packages of stickers open. It earns me no extra game incentives. Please REMOVE!
I love yahtzee. I have been playing this exact game for 4-5 years through several different phones and a few different carriers. THE ADS!!!!!! THEY'RE GETTING WORSE! Every other roll of the dice an ad pops up. Like said I love this game, I've had it downloaded for years BUT I'm about to delete it because the ads are rediculous. I'm not paying for the version without ads because I shouldn't have to. There's no gain in playing the game so there for ads should not be on it.
its fun..... it's a machine so it cheats sometimes. lol ticks ya off. but still come bavk the next day!! Edit.. I have been playing this game now for a few years and... Im about to quit if the glitchy dont stop. It can be so glitchy. Freezes my screen makes it freak out. It can be frustrating to deal with.
The game is fun and it's simple to understand the games and various modes for different playstyles. The ads however make this almost painful. They even play DURING matches. I'd not mind if they were optional for extra stuff, but the intrusive nature of ads on Scopely games like Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, and this one's no different, are simply greed, not need.
I used to love playing this game. I was addicted. However, now it freezes all the time and what happened to the scratchers? I hate the addition of the "stickers". They suck and I have to watch them rip open. Put the game back to the way it was before the stickers arrived. This new update sucks. Sadly soon to be uninstalled.
Fun, mindless entertainment! The annoying thing is that they always are trying to get you to spend money by throwing up splash screens. That wouldn't be a problem if they just didn't take so long to display (I've got high speed internet and it takes too long!). Also, they display a lot of transiting screens that, again, take too long to display and waste your time. Love that you can get all sorts of dice by achieving various things in the game. Love that you can play friends and even wager dice.
Personally I think it's a cool game! I've been playing since '16 and enjoy it daily. The changes are a bit frustrating at times, but such as life, change is to be expected. Customer service support has been very helpful to me! I stopped playing for over a year due to a complicated relationship and actually got locked out of my game because my ex deleted two prior emails and I couldn't retrieve my account with the new one. Messaged CSS and shortly was reconnected where I left off. *****
Pay to win The latest update allows a player to multiply their tournament score by a multiple of 5 if that player uses the apps currency. Non paying players no longer have a chance to win tournaments. I for one will be playing less and, in turn, will not make any purchases in game. I could never spend enough to catch up. The players who spend the most get the higher scores and win tournaments. They in turn win more currency which means they'll spend less. This is a bad business model.
Not in the spirit of the fine game of Yahtzee. It's purely pay to win, which takes away the thrill of getting a good roll. It feels like it gives you bad rolls on purpose at pivotal game moments just to entice you to buy extra rolls. There are way too many game modes and extra prize tickets for things that I don't understand. UI is very busy and unpleasant to look at. Constant pop ups trying to get you to buy things in game and many ads for other uninteresting apps.
Scopely please fix your game. It freezes ALL the time. Go in to families - it freezes. Have to force stop. Go into Prize Climb - it freezes. Have to force stop. Now I cannot get into prize climb at all....come on! Fix it already. The new sticker album. Fun concept & great prizes. But actually getting those prizes....ha ha ha. Haven't gotten a NEW dessert in 5 days. I buy stickers, play dice masters, adventure, prize pass, tournaments....all repeats for 5 days. Seriously.... come on! Ugh
Thank You for your time & service. ( reading the problem and really looking into it. Sometimes it helps to understand the problem by playing the game yourself this way you can relate to what the problem is what they're talking about then versus a common complaint answer doesn't always work for every problem.)
It's a fun game but when u play w/other ppl it can take a long time just to get a turn, so not impressed w/that. U have to start a ton of new games just to able to play longer than just one roll here n there. It doesn't tell u how to get the tarot cards 🎴 so u can change the style of ur dice 🎲. I'll give it a lil more time but as of now its just ok πŸ‘Œ. I think this game cheats!! U collect a bunch of cards 🎴 n ornaments n when ur close to filling the main card πŸƒ, it throws in new one's.
You need time to kill and no intention of winning if you download this. The road trip requires collecting stickers to win. You get repeats of the same that get you more of the same and never the ones you need. Victory Rush will take all your dice for no return. You will make it to a point where you can't win with out spending money. You can hardly ever earn dice and they take away more abilities for earning with every update. Not recommended for someone wanting a game they can win!!
Highly enjoyable to an extent. There's an outrageous amount of advertisements. It's very frustrating when I can't get through a game without having to watch 6 ads. I've looked to try and find out how the heck I can remove the ads, whether I have to pay or not, that's fine, but so far, what I've read is that I need to purchase dice and then they're supposed to dissapear. I've probably spent over $100 now, purchasing different packs, and I still have to deal with the ads. Less enjoyable now.
My last review I gave a 4 star rating. This time 2!! I don't know what's going on with the developer's, but game play is becoming very frustrating!! With new features like the sticker albums.... NO FUN! I've already complained to support.This feature is causing extreme lagging & glitches because these stupid stickers take up way to much storage room in the app! Get rid of it! I have been chatting with my family and others and they feel the same way! You need to fix! Listen to your players!!!
Game used to be great!! Once they updated, they made a bunch of changes that makes the game very unfair to play unless you want to spend a pretty penny. The stickers thing is a joke. You get only so far and then its nothing but duplicates. I made a sticker combo purchase as I only needed a few more stickers to complete the entire set. Once the purchase was made, the app suddenly froze and I lost the stickers. Contacted support and almost 48 hours later, no response. Don't waste your time.
I really love this game but lately at the end of almost all the tournament, dice world, victory rush, etc games it freezes before I can see my rewards. I then have to manually force close the game and reopen it. It seems like I've moved forward but I still don't get to see my results. I do pay the $7.99 a month and have invited friends but I'm getting ready to cancel and uninstall because it's so annoying to restart my game so frequently.
Game was great until a few days ago. Now, when it says Get Free, you push the button and it refuses to register your last free spin. So, you have to try to find somewhere to use the dice you have rolled without your last roll that could have changed your dice into winning dice. Please correct the freeze on the get free roll.
Old game but playing with buddies puts a new spin on it. No limit to number of games or players & chat if we want to. Added enjoyment is being in a family for the Feast. Some players are very competitive. Piggy bank drives me crazy. If we fill it why do we have to buy it when it's full. I never will. Lately there have been many glitches. Also, screen has been freezing and knocks me out if games namely Survivor. Also typing messages in chat just disappear and have to start over. Frustrating...
Been playing on this app for quite a while. I play daily and love the game. However, a few weeks ago, the app started crashing in the middle of play. Now, it crashes all the time. I can't get 5 minutes of play in without it crashing. I have emailed their support center and tried unistalling and reinstalling. Still crashes. I use a new galaxy tablet and nothing else crashes on it. Out of frustration, I am deleting this app even though I enjoyed playing on it.
I really enjoy this game, I've been hooked since I first started playing. Only a couple of gripes: 1. At least 4 times while playing survivor, it didn't give me my rewards. It showed the rewards I achieved but never allowed me to collect them. 2. Stickers are the most difficult to collect due to the duplicates over and over. *I love the new spin wheel!! I only wish there were more opportunities to earn spins.
I really love this game and only play this app but I do have some concerns. It runs extremely slow and I do have a fast internet speed. It also freezes a lot and randomly throughout the game it will just close right down and then takes another 5 minutes to reopen and load to home page.from there it goes super slow again.i hope this game can improve with speeds etc asido really love this game and your app.
I pay for the prize pass and I'm still waiting for rewards i never received from the last prize climb. It's been 8 days now, and support keeps asking me stupid questions instead of just giving my rewards. I had to send screen shots twice, and then it takes days to get a response. It's false advertising if your promised rewards and don't get them... im about done
This game used to be fun!! Each update has made it worse!! First of all you can't get anywhere without buying extra rolls! Which the price you pay for what you get is totally ridiculous!! You could at least be fair about it!! Now after this last update....ALL my stickers I had (which was a lot) are GONE!! It was close to impossible to get those stickers without spending a lot of money to win in Dice World and the tournaments!! And then you "update" the game and take everything away!! UNINSTALLIN
I normally love Yahtzee... but every time I open this game, there is too much happening on the screen. Truly, it's nice to have a few chances to win stuff... but they overdo it with all the different screens and animations and colors and modes of game play. I can't keep up with it. Sometimes I just want to play a game without having to figure out all the new terminology and rules.
Contantly pops up with full screen video ads, with many of them taking 30 seconds before you can close them. I understand that a developer needs to make money, but the amount of ads ruins this game and makes it not any fun.
Great app, great game. I have just a couple issues - the ads are ridiculously too often. I have 126 matches going. That doesn't include the tournaments and other freebie games. An ad every other turn is a bit much. it would also be nice to know what some of these coins and gem type looking awards are because I cannot find an explanation for these anywhere. And the stickers are just completely stupid. They are good for absolutely nothing other than more stickers.
Yahtzee with buddies was fun. But in the past few months it has become an urgent push to play more, different games, play more related contests, spend more money to win! Buy more stuff. Buy! Buy! Buy! And introducing another new contest to spend more money on. It used to be a fun game to enjoy with new internet friends. It's become a chore to keep competing.
Made a purchase of dice, 4.99 for like 16... I was trying to get rid of ads and that's how I was told to do it. Still getting ads every couple rolls. Kind of ridiculous. 16 dice for 5 bucks is crazy, unless it also gets rid of the ads... but it hasn't. How do I get a refund? I really want a refund, unless the creator can fix this... I didn't need dice.
This game has gone so down hill that i dont even care to play it anymore. You used to be able to watch enough ads to get a decent amount of extra rolls but not anymore. Now all they want is for you to buy packages. Too many extra things going on. The chance to win the prize chest was decent and now you have to earn so many points that its just impossible without playing like 50 games a day to get all 3. Two days ago i could get all 3 by playing only about 15 to 20 games. I warn you.
Fun but lots of Errors. The new sticker packs cause a game crash. Oops! Something went wrong and it freezes. Everytime I open a sticker pack it happens. I don't care if the game model is pay to win as long as its fun and the app works error free. The game is fun the variations of different games keeps it interesting. Just wish I didn't have to force close and restart the game so often.
I love the competition and the family feast, and family games. I am pretty sure your tournaments are rigged, but so are everyone else's. I really hope you will get the problem fixed that makes the game freeze up after 10 minutes of playing I am losing dice.
Yesterday and every day previous I've played this game with no random ads. Now I try to play and theres an ad every 3 rolls, its extremely irritating. I used to watch ads when I wanted to get more rolls, which was often enough to make money for the game. Now it's too often to even play the game. Uninstalled. Everything good becomes ruined for more profit.. sad
Over the time that I've had the game, the developers have drastically increased the amount of ads. I get that the app needs to make money for the developers, but now I sometimes have to close a banner ad just to see the score. The game constantly tells me that it's "experiencing delays" and frequently freezes afterwards. It's a lot less fun than it used to be.
Best one out there it was.After this new update,can't open app and update sucks...downgrade...Ok. new downgrade...you have to play 24/7 in order to keep any score you achieved. Ridiculous! It's slow, it's taking too much memory,it sucks the battery and all tho I've paid for the pass it's literally for nothing:chances to win fun fair jackpot is 0,to complete the album's 0,no.1 place dice world-18 dices? Greedy, greedy,greedy...0/5
I use to love playing this. But now there are so many ads, that tutorial dog is annoying keeps popping up every few seconds seems like, and other pop ups that make it hard to enjoy the game anymore. Also, the game runs extremely slow.. I dont like playing it often anymore and considering unistqlling it unless able to fix these problems.
It's very hard to continue to play the free version of the game. It's so much harder to win free dice, which you need in tournaments and Family events. Then you work so hard to earn tokens for dice, yet you awarded the same dice multiple times and never get the dice that you want or you don't have. I get that they want you to spend money but they also need to balance that with rewards. The rewards are too few and if you do buy dice, they charge too much for as quickly as you need to use them.
I give it four stars the only reason it doesn't get a 5 is due to the rewards if I'm goin to put that much time and effort I expect great rewards but it's Fun, addicting I get caught up in the game sometimes while I'm doin something already wife don't like it much when she's trying to talk to me and I'm looking at my phone and makes her feel like I'm not listening . That's when I know I need to chill. And here it is 2 months since I wrote this review and now my wife his hookedπŸ˜‚
This game is fun if you can navigate through the insufferable pop ups. Every time I open the app in there a new stupid thing I have to contend with to simply play the games. Ads, okay I get it. But this steeplechase of popups for other features in the game is so unpleasant. I hate what the developers have done here. 2020 is a dumpster fire and the developers here have said "hold my beer"
While a friend & I love to play each other, we are both fed up w earning coins then opening the app to find most, if not all, coins earned are gone!!! I don't have time to cater to playing so as not to lose them in x amount of time "or else"... we are ready to find a better app
This used to be one of my favorite games. However you're forced to continue playing if you want to keep your rank. If you stop playing at all you keep getting demoted. Since I don't play as much now I'm actually back the beginning level so I will just delete the game.
Game play is really fun and I enjoy all the various themed dice you can get. Only reason I won't give it five stars is that the menu screens can be a bit laggy at times and every now and again the game freezes and I'll have to restart the app. All in all, I enjoy the game and have had fun playing matches against a few of the same people I randomized with through the game.
I would give 5 stars, but it pisses me off that every single time I make a purchase I have to contact support because it doesn't give me what I paid for until after they investigate! I'm so sick of that! It always says "oops something went wrong" but takes my money. I feel like if I dont say nothing I would never get my stuff, and they would just keep my money. It's bad enough you dont get a lot of bonus rolls easily, so when I buy them, I want them immediately, not days later!!! 🀬🀬🀬🀬
The game has a lo going on as in things to do. There's regular game play, tournaments, challenges, badges, family games, feasts, etc. Problem is there is so much going on and sparkly things and pop ups that my 1.5mbs of memory gets knocked out quick on my tablet and every third or fourth games you have to go out and clear your cache and come back in. During a 4 hour tournament thats a lot of times. Who wants to sit at their computer to play, it still freezes up.
Cheats!!! I downloaded this game a few weeks ago. I enjoy playing the regular yahtzee games however I noticed in the tournaments that "players" are scoring above the highest possible score even after the multiplier. So, the only conclusion I can come to is that this game is rigged to cheat by refusing to allow real players to score high in those tournaments. Extra rolls are hard to come by and I will NEVER pay to play because there are already sooooo many ads that pop up.
The new "packet" is terrible you play to achieve prizes and the packets you obtain DO NOT OPEN. Sometimes they give you a token and sometimes nothing. I've been playing regularly and 1 point away from a prize and so far 7 packets won't open. I feel the game is rigged to allow individuals who buy dice regularly are given priority... I guess money talks even in games.... so sad!
Worst game ever...not because of the game its self , simply because I have been forced to play for months now, because of prize pass, can't find the opt out button for Prize pass and the game continues to take money from my account each and every month.. so for the past 4 months I have played , haven't played in last 2 weeks and Dec. 4th the game took $8.89 from my account, I have tried contacting everyone possible to get my money back and that's just as impossible too!!
I loved this game until early this morning when I accidentally purchased a $100 package that was available. Now I'm having a horrible time getting my money refunded period no one will answer at Google play and no one has responded from Yahtzee yet. I would appreciate my money refunded as I haven't touched the package that was accidentally purchased period $100 is a lot of money to be out of just because you pushed a button accidentally.
Scopely has developed this game to frustrate players into buying dice and using them up in the hope of winning games and events. They are a multi-million dollar revenue company. At the beginning of playing they are quite benevolent with dice and prizes however the longer you play, the less you receive or none at all. When my friends and I contact their support team, we are given ridiculous answers and not compensated for rewards we haven't received. Very disappointed with the developers.
Really enjoy the game, but there's too much to do, mild complaint, my solution is simply not to participate in everything. I understand ads are a necessary evil, you developed a free to use app to make money, that's not the issue. My biggest complaint is that now ads will popup as I'M TAKING A TURN, literally interrupting gameplay, I'm close to uninstalling!
I really like to play this. At first I wasn't too impressed, but now with the buddies it is a really good game. Fast usually too. Of course buddies have to work and sleep too. Update: still enjoying this app. I really have fun playing a bunch of people at one sitting.
I'm normally a huge fan of Yahtzee, and I fully understand that the majority of revenue comes from ads. However, there is an ad before every single turn. I've accidentally clicked on a couple of ads, because they pop up as you are trying to roll the dice. It's a little overkill and causing me to lose interest in playing the game.
This game has a lot of glitches. I have 10 rewards that the app won't allow me to claim. I've uninstalled and re-installed several times. I have also completely shut everything down and nothing works. I can not see the leader boards in Family Game or Family Feast! I can not see my Player vs Player. Fix it! And another day goes by and still the same problems! I can't play at all! When I play tournaments I can't even see where I placed! You're losing me slowly!
I like playing, especially like the options. However, Scopely takes advantage and raises each persons level of difficulty. Once you get so high, sometimes it seems impossible to win. I use to really enjoy getting new dice, but the tokens are hard to earn and I end up with mostly duplicates, if not really ugly and hard to read dice. Honestly, if it wasn't for being in a 'Family' group they offer, I would have stopped playing a long time ago.
The game was much better before, when money wasn't the object. I paid for prize pass gold. In the beginning it did what I was paying for. But then the treasure chest stopped adding my scores and it just sat on 0/200... I have become disenchanted with a game that used to be a lot of fun.. and I feel like I wasted over $15.00.. What a crying shame!!
Used to be 5 star...totally entertaining. Now Scopely GREED shows through in every game. Unfortunately, because the odds for winning have been so reduced in every game, unless you're willing to spend lots of money purchasing bonus rolls, you won't stay very long. If it wasn't for the Families, who help prolong your stay a little, I would be giving ONE, 1, star...
Has some fun stuff and overwhelming ads. Every 3 moves or so, a commercial starts playing. It actually becomes very tedious. I will uninstall now because of the ads. If there werent so many, it could be fun. Oh, a bit glitchy. Freezes up here and there but not a big deal.
Never have I played a game that continues to have so many delays!!!I actually like this game very much, when I get to play!! Every min a pop up "sorry we are having some delays please be patient" well my patients is running 2weeks thin! Please fix this problem ASAP or I am deleting it!
Too many technical problems. Also when playing in tournaments you have the opportunity roll for an extra turn. Unfortunately you don't get that extra dice. When you resume your turn they want you to use 5 dice to start your complete turn over.. You feel cheated. Also the nonstop commercials. It's just WAY TOO MUCH I STILL LOVE THE GAME. MAYBE ANOTHER YAHTZEE GAME. THANKS
More like a casino game than a Yahtzee Game. More ads than any other game I play. Enjoy playing others (but then, how can I be sure they are real people and not AI?). Crashes/hangs a lot!! This forces you to restart game and surprise surprise, each time you've got to pass through two more click baits. Would prefer a buy outright option or much lower subscription costs and less pay to win. Also not a big fan of the casino feel to graphics. But I like playing Yahtzee, so there you go.
I love playing this game but recently have been having alot of problems. In the middle of games it will say sorry experiencing issues and I loose my dice and never get them back so far I have lost a minimum of 30 dice. This is extremely disappointing.
I only downloaded this to get some credits in another game. I had to reach level 15 but gave up at 8. There is so much going on with side games that it's overwhelming and slows the whole app down. I just want to play against the NPC but once you pass a certain level, the computer wins more often than not. I assume it's to get you to buy more dice but it's frustrating and I'm just uninstalling instead. Too bad because Yahtzee itself is a fun game.
Been playing for years, and love it! Since you expanded, its been tough and sometimes frustrated to play! Prize climb is awesome, but playing it constantly is getting to be a little much, you should sace it out alittle bit like feast. Overall i love to play!πŸ˜€
!!!!!!! OMG another update gone wrong!!!! This game locks up after a few spins. You have to keep closing the app and reopen. Apparently no one checks to see if the app actually works after they update. Used to be a decent game but now not worth playing at all !!!!Hands down worst app in the Google Play store!!!!!!!!!
You still haven't fixed the problem when entering tournaments, i believe your software and developer is corrupted. I have been playing here for quite some time and never encountered this problem before so i will be filling out a form with Google administration later today. I hope you will be able to correct the problem because it is unfair for players to waste their time when there is no chance to win.
Toooo many ads!!!! I love yahtzee but there is a glitch. I score more than the opponent but then the opponent gets the bonus? Omw and the coin master adds while you play? It is really too much. While the adds come up (which you cannot close by the way) the opponent scores the bonus. This will really make me delete this game. Everytime i score my points shows on the opponents bonus at the bottom. it happened twice now that i get a full house but if i click on house it shows 0.
My God everytime I open the app it forces you to try the latest and greatest thing within the app with no option to skip, which usually also involves starting a match with a random opponent. No thanks. And then there's the bombardment of ads. Ugh. It's such an unnecessarily convoluted app for such a simple game.
I would love to give this game more than a one star however I can't do that. Number one there is way too many ads I understand that there need to be ads because this is a free game but you can't even get through one game without at least six ads popping up. If you're going to put ads in here at least put them after or before the game I like this game but I can't deal with the ads it's done froze on me three times! I will be uninstalling!
Like most games, it started off great and then they got greedy. Customer service is of no use when things you've earned in the game strangely "disappear" and my favorite; things you've purchased "disappear." They will flat out lie to you and say you never purchased something or it didn't disappear. Writing in does no good. Dont waste your time or money on this game.
I've been playing this game for a l while now. I hate that the ads always stop the podcast I'm playing in the background and the game will screw you over time and time again unless you invest in the algorithms that allow you to get good dice for a short period of time. I've gone a month with no yahtzee then spend my dice to get 5 yatzees in one game
I love playing the game however there should be ways to earn items without having to use real money. I currently at level 41 & I have the same yatzee card background, wallpaper, & dog character from when I first started playing. The ads also get very annoying as some I cannot even close without having to restart the app, funny thing is my MIL plays on her phone as well & she doesn't have ads & she did not pay anything to remove them. πŸ€”
I play this game daily and do enjoy it. However, I have to give it three stars. The game has become slow. When playing I get messages ranging from "Please be patient we are experiencing delays" to messages telling me I need to connect to the internet. When I get an internet message I immediately check all of my other internet games and am able to access them with no issues. This game is also slow in showing scores and allowing the players to make moves.
The old version was better, There ate too many things to do... Also the prize claim is stupid because you never win and same goes for the family challenges. This game used to be cool but now it's just confusing and annoying. Review update: It is now really slow, It's to the point it freezes my whole phone so I keep having to testart it... Please fix.
The game is bad since the stickers have been added. My family is losing help points and the game keeps freezing up. We don't like the stickers anyway. You complete collection just to get more stickers. The game has become a hassle and it cheats the players. Please fix it!
Fun game, great for wasting time. I only have 2 complaints: 1. Bonus rolls are way too expensive and 2. Game needs a better random number generator. Way too often will I roll only to get the same exact numbers I just had. Other than those 2 faults, I enjoy playing the game and have a good time doing so
This game is a great time killer, but it's officially the worst paying out game I've ever seen!! Don't even try the victory rush, it's not winnable. I've spent over 100 dice countless times doing rematch and I've NEVER won it. It's not possible. It's ridiculous as hell to get dice. All you can do is buddy matches, you don't ever get enough to play anything else. Oh, and you'll never make it past 90% on albums either, so don't try. Go find something else if you want something you can win!!
How the mighty have fallen! What was once my favorite game, is now an absolute frustration. Continuously freezing and have to restart app, not being able to enter some games,nothing happening on screen when pushed. Really hope it's fixed soon guys otherwise, another one bites the dust πŸ¦†πŸ”« Plus "we're experiencing delays"...? Sure after you've taken the tokens and game play is locked in but unplayable??!!