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Yachty Dice Game 🎲 – Yatzy Free

Yachty Dice Game 🎲 – Yatzy Free for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by fabros located at Minsk, 220062 BELARUS, Prospekt Pobediteley 106, office 300. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Sexual Innuendo, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game yatzy, I am challenged when there are so many adds, however that's how it is free, thank you!!
The game isn't working. The opponent never plays. I've updated the app & I've tried uninstalling it & installing again and it's not working!
The advertising covers my rolled numbers so very frustrating to play. Have uninstalled the game due to this.
Loved this game... now it won't let me play Multiplayer or Tournament. It says I don't have an internet connection. So disappointed... I had thousands of rolls and coins
The game is set up very well for a good user experience when playing. I usually play while offline so there isn't much interruption for ads etc. The only thing that's irritating is that the accumulated points disappear without notice. Today I was up to maybe 8000 and the next time I signed in half the points were gone. The points don't really matter, but if you run out you can't play anymore.
Really good free version of yatzy. The free coins/free rolls before you start the game should mean that you never have to pay any money to play this game. Unlike others I have had no in-play problems with ads. Sometimes it gets stuck on a screen where you can buy packs but coming out and relaunching fixes this
I like the game however for several days now it keeps freezing up & taking for ever for other player to play if it allows them at all. The timer usually runs out first. I first posted this 11/30/19 & hete it is 12/17/19 & its doing the same thing. Fix it already. My game is currently up to date.
Good Yahtzee game with a twist - upto 3 extra rolls to use during a game. Online live multiplayer works very well too - each turn has a two minute limit.
Built up over 1200 rolls & 4 million coins and can't access tournament's any more, only single player mode. Constantly get error message re my internet connection which is working perfectly fine. Hopefully the American Yahtzy app I've found to play instead will keep going. Feel like I've wasted a lot of time with this one for coins and rolls I can't now use.
would like the grammar to be better. nothing annoys me more than poor spelling and grammar. I'm ok with crummy use of punctuation.
I played first 2 games fine. The third game I was part way through game and it went back to the start screen then when I went to play it said not enough coins and wants me to pay before I can play again. It also tells me to check my internet but it works fine. Im stuck on that screen until I pay. I will go find another game if I have to pay
I like the game is fun and user friendly the only problem I have is that crashes all the time I the middle of a game,thought it was my device it's not because I tried on 3 other newer devices and it still crashes. sorry deleting your app . 😠
The dice are not random. Opponents never get less than the minimum needed and most of the time get extra points while you don't even get three of a kind most of the time.
This bug has been in the game since the start and I'm surprised it's not fixed yet, if you click on two scores at the same time you can confirm 2 rolls in one go.
Game will not let you hold a higher winning percentage than others. Stacks games against you till your win percent drops. Not much fun in that regard.... try a different game!
used to love this game but now with all the adds I'm seriously thinking about uninstalling the app. anything you search for on Google end up as intrusive as. very disappointed with the game
this game severely overheats my phone. I can be on fb for hours and my phone is fine. I play 1 round of this and my phone gets so hot I have to turn it off and take the case off. something is wrong.
This is what I do not like about this game. You can get one of everything on the board and it will still be a losing score. It used to be better before the upped the winning score.
Too many ads pop up in the middle of the roll. Automatically sends you to install the ads. Will uninstall this app instead.
Dont like the 3 extra rolls. Uninstalled seems like its a pay to play. Makes you lose a lot more often. Have not seen so many people get so many yachtys in my life in a real game. Uninstalled it
Fun! Love the options to play as a single, in a tournament or multiplayer! Also ads are NOT too big of a pain!
Love the game! However for the last what seems like a month have not been able to play tournament or multiplayer. Noticed that a lot of people are saying that on here. Just keep saying check Internet connection. It's not my connection it's your game anything you can do about that?
Bug in multiplayer game ......opponents first throw never happens and you win game. Cannot even connect now to multiplayer online games
Game seems very controlled to favor certain players, not others. If your screen blanks out, when you renter / refresh you get a 30 sec ad and game timed out on you by the time ad finished.
Freezes up a lot or just closes itself... always when I'm winning and keeps my coins!!! Please FIX GAME
I love this game but it won't let me play tournaments. It's says check your Internet connection when it's clearly good because everything else works fine. Pls fix
I think it's a scam. computer generated rolls rarely win. cant get passed 44% wins. also many times the opponent last roll adds up wrong and I lose.
was good until i had to replace my phone....lost everything and have to start all over.... which im NOT gonna do....think that's BS
This is my absolute most favorite game EVER !!!!! I play everyday, I win I lose but it's my favorite. One thing I love about this is it adds up your total when your working on getting that score to 63 lol it's a great option and I haven't seen it in other games. Please don't change this its amazing who ever works on this came up with this BRILLIANT!!!! AND THANK YOU
Have downgraded my review. How is it that a player that gets the same score as you, days after you, beats you? I don't get it at all... This has spoiled my enjoyment of the game.
Too many ads,you cant get out of them, and the ads on the game cover it. Talk about greedy, you really need to shove that many ads?
Solo Mode Only I enjoy the game playing by myself. I use to love Multiplayer, but I stopped recently because I keep getting players who will seem to intentionally run the clock, and they are the ones who win the game when they run the clock and game terminates, not you. My suggestion is that if a person runs the clock, and game terminates as a result, the person who runs the clock be the one to lose, so this way, either they will play when it is their turn, or play in solo mode instead.
I have played this for years, but not anymore. Not since you took away the 3 free golden boxes. No longer a fan!
I like the game but i get ads come up during a game sometimes two ads..not good when your in the middle of playing and you play against alot of bots and NEVER win
This app is launching Chrome and the Play store when I hit the back button in the advertisements. Uninstalled the app. I give it less than a one star if I could.
Tells me no "Internet Connection " ... This SUCKS!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 12/31/19!!!!!!STILL AS OF 1/12/2020 NO INTERNET CONNECTION!!!!! PLEASE FIX MY FAV GAME!!!!!!! STILL DOWN AS OF 2-2-2020 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Was a nice game, but now can't play any tournaments, it just keeps saying check your internet connection. Nothing wrong with my connection or I wouldn't be able to leave this feedback.
great game great version but the ads are so stupidly placed! they are along the bottom of the screen covering the dice row so that you just dont see what you have, just dont understand who thought of this idea. anyway, im away to find another one that lays out the ads better
Extremly much lags and didn't sync any data after play offline.and many time close imediately while playing game!my chips was reset after some days play offline, then play online again!
Its slow, you press ona button, you hit then submit, sometimes it works, the # should be blank, not have # im them, very confusimg what you need in the game
The creator doesn't seem to want to fix anyone's problem. I'm having the problem as everyone else. I've emailed them a few time's with no reply. I guess the creator lost interest in their game. 🙂
Good example of the game but for one thing. I do not mind having ads, what I do object to is when the game is set to silent the ads come on with sound with apparently no way to stop it. Please silence the ads....
Doesn't work. Keeps saying internet connection error. Gave it a 1 star though because it use to be a great game.
fast, vizually pleazing, plenty of options, head to head, tournament, single, extra rolls, bonuses, best one around, well done you!! Thanks for a great yachty game;
love gave but pionts not added up right.ive lost so many games because they dont add points.piss me off
Excellent experience! Superb, realistic sounds. Dependable. Available, but no internet connection required. States that app may not be optimized for my device, but it works just fine with my older Android tablet.
Used to be 5*, but twice recently the game wouldnt let me select a category when i had a winning hand. It timed out and gave me a score of zero. Either someone has figured out a hack to "steal" the game away, or the game programming had new bugs! Not cool!
I love this game, but technical issues dragged down my rating. The sound & graphics are awesome. Very realistic. I particularly enjoyed the multiplayer option - until that feature inexplicably crashed - and not recovered. I select multiplayer game, am assigned a random opponent. Then no move by the opponent. Nothing until the board screen disappears into the main menu. It's not my issue. Wifi connected and strong. Three different devices. Uninstall/reinstall. Reboot. Nothing.
Sadly is saying I'm not on the internet. Can't play at present. Tried to take it off and reinstate it but didn't work. Usually a great game. Please fix this for me.
Same issues as other users. Once you build up rolls and winning percentage, the multi player function errors out. It will let me play on my own and connect to ads...but beyond that it won't "connect" to other functions.
you need to learn how to add points. I've lost to many games because it don't add right. learn how to add. I love playing the game
As other users have said, the ads are ever-present and often partially cover the dice you have stored after your roll(s). This makes it impossible to see what you have and very difficult to return any to re-roll. I'm sure it's just so ads will get more clicks, which is ridiculous as they're all accidental. It didn't used to be this way, the banner used to be completely below gameplay instead of covering part of it. Otherwise I like the game, which I always play in single player mode.
Every time it updates my score resets and I lose the extra rolls I purchased which basically means they're stealing my money. Do not install unless you want to have your money taken.
I love this game once you get into it you will love it i am so addiicted to it now i pay every day of evening
It keeps cutting out. I no sooner start a game and the screen will shake and my game disappears, giving me a loss of points spent on the game. After it happens a couple times in a row I give up till the next day in hopes it'll work properly again. Very FRUSTRATING!!