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Xtreme Soaring 3D - II - FREE

Xtreme Soaring 3D - II - FREE for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Phanotek, Inc located at 5542 Monterey Road #332 San Jose, CA 95138. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is quite fun and is an overall great game to play, however I do have some requests for improvement. When I launch the game a select "free flight" it brings me to the loading screen, and then the game crashes. Every time. That's the biggest thing right now. I know this is just a mobile phone game, but I would really appreciate if slips were incorporated. They really help with crosswind operations and altitude losing operations, which may sound like something silly to do, but landing in this game is fun and it would be a lot more effective and realistic to do a slip with spoilers open to lose altitude than turning downwards or doing penetration movements and exceeding the Vne. Also, maybe if you implement secondary effects of control surfaces, that might encourage players to stay coordinated in turns. Thanks!!
I found a bug .. if you try to recover a simulated rope break you will just fall down like a stone : ( and ... could you please add an optional stick control (like with the pedals). The tilting control is ok (not quite real though) but drives you mad if the car, bus or train you sit in, generates additional acceleration what badly affects the flight (like very heavy gusts ; ) ). So please add stick control! It would make it usable in the above mentioned situations and I'd give 5 stars !
As a pilot who also flies real gliders, this is a fun game and diversion. However, the stall characteristics on the ASK21 are laughable compared to the real thing. If you could fix this, it would be perfect. The game K21 stalls and noses down precipitously then builds up a ludicrous level of airspeed before recovery is possible. A real K21 stalls very gently and can be recovered almost instantly with moderate forward stick.
This is the best glider simulator I have ever seen on the Google Play store. Amazing. I give it a strong recommend to anyone interested in gliders. Keep up the good work to the developers!
As a former glider pilot, this game is pretty much as real as it gets for an app. I could be picky, but what more could you ask for from a mobile phone app? 10/10!
This game is realistic the way the wing flexes and how to get more altitudes. overall i will give it an 8/10 cuz the pay to get more plane than get more hours to get another plane. Great Job!
I think this game is very good but i dont like that you need to buy the full version to fly different glinders and on different maps i think it should be free
Great Game. Best glider simulator for smartphones. But sad that there are no updates for this simulator anymore. There could be some improvements about lifts, maps and more.
Can I just say whoever put the k21 won't spin in fact that is very accurate as I pilot one myself as a glider pilot and the k21 was not designed to spin unless modified to do so please don't put the simulator down for not spinning the k21 even though that is very true and accurate thankyou
Graphically it's pretty good, but is let down a lot by the simulation quality (I am a glider pilot). Eg the k21 shows no sign of dropping a wing, let alone spinning, if you stall with full rudder. It can't spin at all. Increasing rudder effectiveness made the simulation crash. No adverse yaw with ailerons. There are no 'signs' when entering a thermal (wing tip lifting). Its possible to just sit in a turn without adjustments (after all, no danger of spinning). These are all characteristic of glider flying.
I am not a 'qualified' glider/sailplane pilot/trainer. Having been in a trainer 20+ years ago at Lasham airfield, GB/UK this is pretty damn good. See how I get one with this and then may get the paid version. Only downside I have seen so far is the menu buttons at the bottom if the display are a tad small on a 7" inch tablet.
Rubbish takes to long to load then no insructions then froze glad it was a free app wont use these apps again
Excellent game for glider lover like myself as am a real life glider pilot.The sounds are really good and the graphics are good for a smartphone. I love it!
Do not go or purchase this game. There is a person on the site with the name, which he uses the symbol of 8 stars ******** spoiling it with racial remarks and obcenenities, constantly on it all the time. It's a definite No, No for children.
It,s great but one complaint. The thermals do nothing but make the numbers count up and the variometer sound right. No visual height. I want to go up through the clouds! I want to put effort into climbing and actually see that I'm super high up. It seems a shame that an otherwise great simulator doesn't let me get higher than an apparent 2k feet..?
Jos ei osaa lentää oikealla purjekoneella, tätä peliä ei osaa pelata. Se on fakta. Silti ihan hyvä peli talvelle kun ei voi oikeasti lentää (ainakaan täällä suomessa)
This game is Fun, But here Is the problem there are only 3 sailplanes and one avalible to fly, please add this sailplane that is avalible to fly and other sailplanes avalible to fly in the next update in the next update, add the HP 24 Project and make it avalible to fly and add it in the next update Please, Ok, I want to see more sailplanes that are avalible to fly in the next update.
Well done sim. I've never flown a glider before but I have a pilots license and this simulation seems pretty accurate to me.
Guys dont judge this game too much cus this game is really really fun i got even the xtreme soaring 3D and it dont crashes even this game it dont crashes and one thing is some of the picture is from full version but its ok cus it is very cool! Great game thanks to developers!
Can't really rate it because it crashed when I click fly online, free flight or anything else. LG V10 w/64Gb. Bummer...
It is not free and graphic also bad paid everything with your own data collecting like photos and storages.
only 3 stars. great game and I paid for it several years ago but it's stayed the same. i also have part 2 and still no new planes. needs an update.
Besides the smoothness of controls is lovely. Just noticed there are ridge lifts incorporated as well! That made my day! Damn good guys!
If the trim worked I would really give a good review , because it is showed on the the game and it dosn' t work at all !!!
The best game I've ever played, it makes me think of flying a real glider and making it look realistic. Can you make the mountains look clearer and make the clouds move. Also make weather casts for challenging missions thank you, I love it