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Is a Role Playing game developed by LINE Games located at 8F, 479, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul 06541. The game is suitable for Teen (Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Dear dev, the potential reinforcement rate for this game is too disappointing, lvl from +7 to +8 for one character has failed more then 20 times in my account and so far there is no success. I have wasted about 10000 gems just to craft those beads to dismantle for the materials needed, this is very unacceptable and leads to very bad game experience for any player who may like your game alot. I really dread to play this game again due to such disappointing experience. Sorry and Goodbye.
3 days playing: story is good. the graphics are nice.. newbie friendly.. the gacha rate is pretty sux but they give you a lot of freebies.. what i love the most is.. this game is pretty straighforward. its simple.. its easy to learn.
I played this game since it was first made. It was called Yokai Saga... the game has always been fun, but this server lags in a way that is UNBEARABLE. "Waiting for server response" for 20 to 30 seconds every time I change screens... it's ridiculous.
Good Game For F2p players! Edit 1: Extremely rewarding for f2p players if you have patience and grind the adventure part. They give you 28k star stones for free.(In the scalar tower!) I just got 6×4star heroes after using 8×11 summons so the Gacha drop is great . Only thing you need to have is patience. I request the developers to add more online stories after the normal story mode. This game is going to be one of the Best games in its category....Certainly recommended!
Does not deserve one star as well because the game does not start after launching the game there is black screen no further process its huge bug in game so uninstalling it such a waste of time and data of game the severity of bug is S1 and probability is P1 and the priority of bug is 01 so uninstalling it ur game don't deserve to be in play store so no one install this game.......
3/6/2020 -Started playing when it just got launched but now the game is dying itself. Repetitive events and devs are making it more p2w.Depending on the next update if this still repeats definitely going delete the game. EDIT - 18/6/2020... Good job developer team. "Double" chances for gacha to make ppl spend more with no new interesting contents. GAME DELETED.
I like it. You don't need dupes like in other gachas. One copy is enough to max out a unit. Plus. The tower content in games gives you instantly around 50k+ gems just by unlocking it. Which is enough to get units you wwnt
I wanna give u 5 star but...one, why when it comes to arena i lv 52 human lv 46 yokai..against a lv 100 human and yokai and it happens not only once, it happens all freakin times very nice match making system. Two why we can't chat with all other players? In guild yes but what if u do not get active guild? then the chat is good as dead right?. Three why u guys do not give us bag or inventory so we can check our what and how much items we already..if so we did not go farming blindly...
Game is kind of whatever, playwise. The energy system is bs, I run out after 10 minutes of playing and it takes 6 hours to refill. And nothing happens when I touch the buttons, have to tap them 4 or 5 times. Its not my phone, trust me. The game is lagging out terribly, so its either poorly made or its doing something I don't want it to in the background. Don't bother playing, there are games that are better and that actually work out there.
Fun..Easy to play,but very hard to get new heroes..Need to spend a lot of gem for that which require a bit of time to collect the gems
The 2nd revival and now is dead again. Graphic Quality is better but too much bug and imbalance premium content (example : costume). Update: Abandoned game.
Great game, cute and high-definition art. The systems in terms of strengthening characters is really fair and not harsh like the duplicate systems in other games. They're also very, very fair with premium currency for pulls. I'm glad I started playing it. I seem to have connection issues a lot but IDK if that's my tablet/wifi or what. Still playable and fun though.
Its a good game nice mechanics but every time i do journey is takes five mins to load or doesent at all and if u click the shop icon none of the shop buttons work u have to go into event and go to an event that takes u to the shop or other round about ways its playable but those issues r annoying
Recently my first review i gave 4*...but now i change it to 5* i finally understand the well balance of game, compare in the old game,if you keep playing you will know..keep it up and plsss..dont shut this game again i really love it.more event and two thumbs up for the nice story.
It was fun at the beginning, interesting mechanics that reminds about summon night series. But the further I play, the more disappointing the game is. You are a male character(not surprising, just annoying), first two chapters is like a meat market, where meat is female characters showed to you without real plot. So the game is absolutely male oriented ccg with mediacore and not unique graphics. Another one money sucking clone
After playing for more than a month, My rating droping from 5 to 3 to 1, Is this game good - YES... with huge unbalance in PVP and BUGS that you have to wait for 2 weeks to fix. So, Try at your own risks, I'm out.
I remember b4 when i first played this game in Korean Version. I think the original title of this game was Yokai Saga i think way back 2013 or 2014. I like the game so much bcoz of its uniqueness unlike other Gacha Games existing now in Google Play. So sad that the game would going to terminate this coming September 2020. The game has a lot of positive review on Youtube after their Relaunch. Hope the dev would change their mind. The game has a lot of potential.
Very fun game , great graphics and fun core gameplay loop. Lots of packs to purchase yet rn feels very f2p friendly aswell. ONLY downside is every 5 seconds after going somewhere you are forced to wait on server loading , very annoying.
For now I can't say that I enjoy this game. Not as much other RPG-genre games, but I like the storyline, and non 4-star character get used a lot. Need a lot of improvement of course, but I think for now it's quite good enough. Just make sure that you always make great events, even for F2P player. The reason is, I noticed you make a pass for this kind of game, and that kind of thing isn't really enjoyable for new player. Keep it up, and have a bright future.
So i want to start from the beginning because i click the wrong button when doing the first roll ( i want to check the gacha list). Try delete the game but its already bind to my google account, no reset or delete account. You should just give the new player selectable ticket instead re-summon until they got what they want.
Game is nice but server is horrible. Please look into this cause it takes about two to five mins to actually start the game. But overall everything else is very good. Do recommend playing this. But the packs are a bit pricey.
Gameplay is good, graphic is good, but the gacha rate sucks.. 10 x 11 pulls only manage to get a 4star hero.. Wake up developers! Player starts playing cos the game play is nice.. Player quit playing cos the gacha rate sucks like hell.. Player spend money cos they feel worth spending.. With this sucks gacha rate I will never spend money on this game! Update.. Tried another account again and 15 x 11 pulls and no 4 stars.. Delete game.. Not worth playing.
I like this game, the graphic design is beautiful. Especially, i don't need to spend much time to play and finish the daily mission, so I can have time for my life!! :)
Loved this game way back when it was still called Phantom Chaser. They gave free everything when they were closing, I am glad they are back as Xross Chronicle. I loved the character designs, the characters, sounds, music, artwork, animation and story and dialogue was good. It's a Gacha RPG. Can't wait to play it again.
Veteran to gatcha games, this one is fun in a classic way, production value of art and combat is good, there are a few quality of life and lag issues they need to fix, but the game is good.
Update June 2020. See I told you all, this game is dead again. The last 2 updates proved it (no events and then no nothing at all). Right now the dev company is banking on Exos Heroes (another time wasting p2w gacha game). WARNING: this game has been released twice before, first with the name Yokai Story and then Phantom Chasers, and now it's Xross Chronicle. Do not spend any money because the game will shut down in a few months and all your progress + money will be gone for nothing.
I just playing this for days, and i hate to admit that Gacha rate sucks IMO. Pulled 5x11 summons,no single 4 star came up. I would recommend this game to anyone who has lots of account so that u can use another round for another luck. Gud luck on trying.
This' the third relaunch from "Yokai saga" to"Phantom chasers" to this.. I didn't recognize until I downloaded.. but same game play, more gimmicks, and constant server lag... Literally every 0.5 seconds it is 'waiting for server'
The game is great, with awesome graphics and great story line but the only annoyance I find and have encountered is the pop up of "waiting for server response" this pops up in every section of the game that is becoming a nuisance while trying to play, get rewards, and even trying to read the stories. I pray there is a fix for this for this game has great potential.
The game play is amazing. I've been having a lot of fun with it. Though I havnt been playing for long the thing I'm running into and I'm finding a little annoying is the servers. I'm sitting here looking at this "waiting for the server response" is very annoying. I could be sitting here for a good minute or two. And then sit here and wait even more if I get done with a mission. Other than that the game is pretty amazing.
l have pull gacha character for 20 time and very frustrated that i only get 3 star character and duplicate....so hard to get 4 star characters though how much i pull the gacha since i play this game...hope this game have improvement for increasing chances to get the 4 star characters
Very laggy and the waiting for server response is very annoying it's every second for almost a minute and half time it won't let me open mail box or collect items before it crashes. Still it's nice game.
Love the art style. Been waiting for a new gatcha game to play that at least looks like it's worth my time
its good, but this is it's second launch so I don't really know if I can trust it all the way. and the fact that it's bound by a stamina system if sort of frustrating, but overall, the graphics and the aesthetics makeup for the loss.
Game consistantly doesn't respond to commands when a new screen opens up. Go to the home menu? Wait for ten seconds before you can select anything. Go to the missions? Arena? Any menus? Same thing, 9 times out of 10 if you select something you have to just sit and stare at the phone for a while before you can actually d9 anything else.
For me, this game is really good, it doesnt require you to spend alot of money to get good stuff (characters and equips), which makes me want to spend more on it whenever i can to support the game because its just that good. One way to make this work is to make people love your game and gameplay by itself, so much that they'd want to spend money occasionally on "Cosmetics" more than to spend it on gacha's, so i think it should have more loveable and eye catching costumes instead.