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I'm detective

I'm detective for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Casual Game Centre located at 7th floor, Kaitu Development Building, No. 33. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would suggest that the developer investigate an education. Questions have multiple answers due to the way they are poorly worded, controls are pretty terrible. Would not recommend.
This game sucks. The concept is cool but the English socks and the pictures are way to small for the details for the clues..really bad execution of the game.
Very chinglish grammar, hard to actually work out what is asked. And why the he'll does the app want to make phone calls, hell no!
I actually really enjoy playing this game. Couple of down sides, 1. The translation isn't the best. 2. Ads after every puzzle solved. 3. Can't scroll down to see any remaining text so you don't get the full paragraph of what is wrong (or right).
The nice thing about the game is that it gets you thinking. I don't believe this was written in English but google translate was used (suspect is always referred to as prisoner). Game play starts with background info, asks a question and shows you a scene. At times, the background and question are lengthy and info is hidden as i was not able to scroll down. I played a good number of times but the above issues drove me to delete the app.
I've played many games that had tons of ads but even this is too much. An ad after every thing you click on is a good way to get people to uninstall.
You have to keep watching these videos and the videos freeze I had to keep getting out of the game and reopening
According to my bullguard app this application has a trojan horse so please be careful when downloading this app. Or don't download it
Just really boring. The conclusions reached are very vague and in many cases there isn't enough evidence. Also, the game is obviously translated from an Asian language and the translation is bad.
1.Questions are vague. 2.Solutions are illogical. 3.Conclude who's the murderer with insufficient evidence. Someone started a fire on a house and left the lighter behind the scene. There are three fire outside the house. There are 3 suspects. Asked me how i knew it's man made. Three non touching fire at the same time how natural can that be? Especially with a lighter on the side. But solution is to click on the biggest fire.and arsonist is the guy with a cig pack on his chest because he smokes
This game is so bad that it's worth a play. The concept is good and the effort of drawing the pictures for so many levels is commendable. It's the poor translation and leaps of logic that let the game down.
When played on a smartphone, not all of the narrative is revealed. There doesn't seem to be any way of scrolling down the writing
It could be good but has loads of mistakes, like you tap on correct answer but it says it is incorrect. On reveal it is correct but the tap should be on something completely different. E.g. i tapped on the burnt stew on the stove and it said it was incorrect. On a tip request, it appears i should have tapped on the dead woman's head even though the burnt stew on the stove top is the answer. Frustrating.
Aside from the poorly crafted script, the awful grammar just makes the game lose all its essence as a detective game. Not to mention the showcase of ads. Might want to put more effort into developing the script again
Do your self a favor and do not download. It's really hard at times because the English is so bad. I gave it a week to see if it got better, but it didn't. In one level they put leaving when they clearly ment living. I would click on the correct answer and I'd be told it was wrong. It would be a better game if they fixed the issues and wrote better English.
I'm giving someone star because apparently they're watching on for viruses because apparently this has a threat on it and I would never tell you to install this cuz this is the worst I keep on trying to play it but when I keep on trying to play it keep saying we're looking out for threats and be careful you may be playing a game that has a launch a bunch of threats on it and it's just really annoying and I would suggest you check your gameplay out cuz it's not good at all
The language (translation) is terrible and sometimes incomprehensible. Some texts are too long but it is impossible to scroll down to see the full text, and therefore I would have to make blind guesses and click everywhere.
Translation to English so poor that the questions make no sense. The graphics are difficult to make out. Overall the idea is good but not the game. Invest in better graphics and a translator. Uninstalling.
This app is NOT SAFE. It was identified as malware or a scam product. Don't download it, and if you do, do not give it permission to "make phone calls".
English in this is terrible, sometimes leaving it completely ambiguous as to what the question is, other times leading to contradictory answers. Also wants to be able to make phone calls. Uninstalled rapidly
Terrible controls, it makes no sense. Also, why is it asking you for permission to make and receive phone calls???
The developer should hire a professional to do the English translation. I've never seen such a bad English in a game. There are sentences that are hard to understand and make no sense at all.