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Xenowerk Tactics

Xenowerk Tactics for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Pixelbite located at Oceangatan 3 25225 Helsingborg Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Love the mechanics of this game, I get a real Vietnam war vibe from it and would love to see this exact game but in the style of Vietnam!
Very fun game would recommend honestly it's a great way to pass time and it's not too complicated yet not too easy you'll get the hang of it pretty fast
Brilliant! Final fantasy tactics, horror, command and conquer like. Love the card system. Makes the characters feel alive. Play this game you phone drones! Lol. No really. This has caught my attention. Rts fans. A must play! Good job guys.
Really enjoying the game. Only a few things could be added like more classes and customization. Unless I haven't unlocked that yet...
It's a PC quality indie game play. Yeah the pathing is sometimes wonkey, but that's primarily due to over extending the route, or sometimes you don't realize a desk is in the way, and bam, he's surrounded by mutants. πŸ˜‚ They really need to make a PC version of this. It's hands down, and easily one of my favorite games I've played recently. And hard mode is phenomenal. The missions have random mutations for the mutants. 10/10 would recommend.
If xcom and old-school fallout had a mobile baby, this is the result! Obviously, its a mobile game so don't expect the depth of those games but that doesn't deter Xenowork from shining bright as hell!
Free to play that has a real strategic interest and is fun to explore. No pay wall or endless ad pushing. Replayability is decent. I really recommend trying this !
The game is great, it just can be really obnoxious at times. The invisible mutants, for example, are just not fun. I would rather take the morale hit rather than get annoyingly harassed. Like Cazadors from FO: New Vegas...just so stupid and a waste of time. Also sometimes the pathfinding can be irritating. One of my squad members will just randomly get stuck on a table or some box and they'll get surrounded. Just some needless micromanaging. If those things were fixed it'd be more enjoyable.
An ok game which falls short of being good by making some little but annoying mistakes. 1. You can't change Name and appearance of your soldiers. Which is pure cosmetic but also an easy feature that provides so much value for roleplaying. 2. Character development is completely random. While it makes sense for the setting it is very unfun to play with. Perhapes give the player a selection of several random traits/mutations at level up or implement a feature for the SPA to reroll existing mutation
Incredible content for a mobile game. The creators are obviously board gamers and the card system REALLY makes me want a full on tabletop/board game. Pacing is good, the challenge increases appropriately. There's a perfect blend of "hand holding" and exploration needed in the begining. Highly reccomended if you have even a passing interest in strategy games.
Tactics, graphics, control everything is what make this game amazing! Please make more games like this one.
The game play is great, I like the model of offering a free demo of the gam rather then baking in a ton of ads and paid currency. Keep up the good work
Truly a 5* modern squad based game - highly recommend getting the full version! Controls are awesome and appropriate. Very balanced and challenging. I don't qusually buy apps, but this game was so good that I didn't even have to finish the free version!
Iv played befor on a alt account but that was long ago I loved the game but I will see if it requires to buy full version again then edit my post (edit) it was a five star gem of a game but iv never been able to finish it because of the fact I have to pay to finish it
Has potential. Unfortunately I don't have the cash to drop 8$ on a mobile game and it's beginning feels like it's lacking.
Sci Fi Darkest Dungeon! Really satisfying loop, hard mode does get pretty hard really quickly and some interesting tactical choices in every mission. I really enjoyed this game, and it does innovate a little bit on the DD formula. I recommend it if you like tactical party based RPG combat
My frustration is the objective point is too faint in some scenarios, i wish developer can maybe animate/flash or blink the objective points so its little more noticeable when ops team is near line of site. Some times i just walk by not noticed. Great graphics, full screen at 21:9 ratio Game is fun and very tactile challenging even in easy mode.
This game had the potential to be fun. But it turns into a punishing grind. The jump in exp from level 3 to 4 is ridiculous. I can't even imagine how bad it gets for higher levels. As it is I've been stuck in one area doing the same missions over and over. It's boring. Even trying to open up the safe zone for the Dead Coast means I'll at least be spending forever in the hospital or even losing characters. The game is imbalanced which ruins the whole experience.
Pretty good so far, control took a bit to get use to, but doable. The game is challenging sometimes, but if you are careful with the limited skill and resources you can get the job done, but with higher tier area, it seem to be getting a bit challenging to keep everyone good health
I love the game it is fun and its challenging, good job pixelbite. But i wish i can buy the full game, well at least i have some fun with this game ;)
Purchased and love it. Although there are some disappointment: What I love about Xenowerk (the shooter game) is the ability to customize your character load out, that inst the case in Xenowerk tactic. The game isn't too long with probably about 3-4 hrs to complete. But it has good a replay value
Finally found a game I can just enjoy. They give you the option to play for free or buy it, I bought it $6.99. No ads, not a pay to win, no microtransactions. Just a very well put together game.
A great game, way better than all the 4 star review make it out to be, the only issues I really have with it are. A: The random events don't give the player enough agency (Maybe allow the player to spend resources to reroll, idk) B: the objective that you are working towards in the game is unclear, as well as the win and lose conditions. It really just needs an in-game manual explaining some things as I'm still a bit confused.
Love the gameplay but dislike the 40 day limit before game ends. A new game plus option would have been a great way to balance this for players struggling to win the campaign. Exploration mode is appreciated though.
Love the game!! I like it that it is one of the few games nowadays that does not require you to pay to win, but still give you an engaging experience. Hooked on it.
Decent. Engaging play so far. I wish there was more perspective zoom out on the encounter maps so players can have better views to plot out and develop different strategies of play.
Duuuude this game is insane. Characters, skills, controls, sounds, monsters, mission and story line are all spot on. Just completed easy and am about to start hard. Enjoyed it so much.
The game itself is nice, but this *free* version is actually just a demo. Need to pay premium version for full game.
In our time of lootboxes and AD-filled games it is a big relief just to buy game and play it. Just for that it worth 5 stars. But it is also a very good tactics game
The best game I played in ages,the graphics are awesome the combat is amazing I love how your soldiers cam evolve and get abilities, and the free campaign is good I love all the mission even if some are hard and it is a must go for who has money,sadly I dont,but if you do, I recommend to buy the full version,you won't regret it!
This game is an easy 4.5 I'm guessing the negative review were for some initial paywalls that they might have removed . The games offeres a 1 time fee for unlocking all the content.
I really enjoyed this game, this is my kind of real-time strategy. I'm looking forward for an expanion or Tactics 2. Keep up the great work. I have a question, hope you could help me: I purchased the full version of the game for my cellphone, but I realized I couldn't later transfer this purchase to my Apple Store account, so I haven't been able to play in my iPad, where I'm sure it looks much better. Is there any way you can help me with that purchase transfer.
Bought the game and loved it at first but it gets extremely repetitive and I've lost interest in it. I love the art and the sound design but there is nothing to keep interest.
This game would be epic if it wasn't for two small things. Get rid of the cards. Ruins the game for me. And give me an option to buy the game from the app store. I can't stand buying games from inside the game itself. The gameplay is pretty good. Story is so so. But I don't know many people who play for the stories. Since most stories in games are garbage. Otherwise it's interesting.
This game is fun... at first. But it's repetitive and has little replay value. The game could be a LOT better than it is, and I'm disappointed that it's actually less enjoyable, less polished, and has less variety in gameplay and weapons than its predecessor, Xenowerk. Overall, a rather bland experience and not worth the 8 bucks... maybe 3 bucks? I really wanted to love this game.
Great game but like people say same thing and gets boring only 3 classes and the price tag is just too high for what you get
Dont be fooled by the lower rating. Thats a result of this being demo. Your time isnt capped but upgrade levels are. You can still roam the map. This is a very well put together real time squad shooter and deserves the attention of fans for this tpye of gameplay.
Insanely fun and addicting. Game can be just as difficult as you want it to be, a worthwhile experience.
Excelant game. I really don't know why it has 4.3 it should be more. It's like xcom, but it's more fast and fun.
By far one of the best imo tactical shooter/strat games on this whole dang store. Easiest 5 starts yet, thank you for this product I'll support again and again for sure
The game is pretty cool so far, but it needs a bit of work. It's not anything drastic, but the game does generate some impossible situations, wherein some of the critter-creators are impossible to attack, because they spawn critters much too quickly. The game also makes a few assumptions that the player will understand implied concepts, but that's common for many games, especially good games. I'll likely change my review, adjust my rating to 5 stars, once I've finished playing.
NO MICROTRANSACTIONS!! Finally! Thank You Pixelbite for ditching that trash! This real-time strategy game is well worth a buy. It has really good lighting, textures, and shadows, with the same mutant plague theme as other Zenowerk games. You'll have to train soldiers on a wide range of missions while managing a base similar to X-Com while racing against a doom clock. Fair warning this game is challenging from start to finish as all decisions are permanent and this game doesn't let you save-scum
This is a really great game. Nice art, design, and surprisingly deep strategy. I love how you can solve missions in a number of different ways, ie: brute force, skills, sneaky, etc.. thanks, I'll be checking out your other apps!
The cons: "easy" mode was balanced by sadistic masochists who hate themselves and everyone else, and the difficulty increments between levels are closer to exponential than linear. The game goads you into thinking that it's a good thing to try to please the employer, who offers large rewards for doing so, but doing so ends the game really early (30-odd game-days). It's significantly grindy - mission after mission only to level up the characters and base enough to be able to take on the next campaign mission. Pros: other than that, i enjoyed my first play-through (as a corporate stooge). Its mission system is novel, controls are well-designed, and the audio is nice. i won't play through it again, though, as the grind and 380% "easy mode" sadism (especially on level 3+ missions) ruin it quite thoroughly for me.
I had a lot of fun, very complete and basic game. You can play 5 min or an hour without knowing. I even started to have feelings for my characters, trying other ways and tactics... A bit frustrated thou by the free limits : it blocks you quite harshly at a very low level. You still have a map to clean up end enjoy your crew a few more time, but the fun ends quickly and badly.
Fun game. Idk about some of the random events. Got 4 horror events in a row, team went MIA. Got mission to rescue and they were dead. Feels more like screw you and your team rather than bad luck. Edit: I'm dumb, I learned after starting a second game I can make a ton of money from tourists and had a much easier time. This is a great game. Looking forward to future updates.
Give us more! The game is fun, so was the story but too short. Already finish all 3 faction campaign. Need more storyline since there is region where i didnt go yet. Exploration mode is ok.
Got to the point where you have to buy th game and I'm not disappointed. I hope you continue to develop the game as far as you can, the graphics are very good. Controls are simple ,hope to see some personalization in-game to somehow make better equippment or traits on every character. Only issue that bothers me is sometimes or often one of squad members gets stuck in room and can't manouver with rest of squad to assigned point.
This game is a masterpiece. Play (and please buy) it! Even if you don't but the full version, it's still a fun strategy. Base management, squad management, controlling up to 3 operatives in expeditions, extremely dangerous mutants, unique missions, a traveling system that is basically a card mini game... And so on.
I got to say, just got this game and it already earned it's 5 stars. Love the way the game is. I enjoy the different recruits and how leaving one behind gives the chance of them being rescued or found dead. What's included in the game is awesome. Still need to experience it since I just got it.
1) Game is very boring. 2) First Impression of this game is very bad. 3) I don't feel like i am in 2020 while playing this game and looking it's mechanism. 4) Game looks poor with bad UI. 5) For this kind of games i will never purchase 6) I don't wanna tell anything more i'm done with this game. Thank You for this great happiness. β˜‘οΈ
I'm not a big fan of soldier missions, but this game caught me in its web) totally worth the price. Missions are captivating and with the autmosphere of The alien.
Better than I had expected. The combat is quite enjoyable, tho it's a bit too simple even with multiple skills to deploy. Exploration is fun, it uses a card event system. I'd say try it out if you like strategy games.
It was pretty fun for the demo but there's not a lot of customization for the characters, they're all based on classes and the classes are stuck with the same exact weapons and armor, so the support class that get gets the sentry guns as equipment only gets a pistol. I'm sure it's a balancing reason but it's repetitive and boring after awhile. Lovely game otherwise
So to begin with, it is outstanding first it exceeded my expectations way than I can hope to be, secondly I'd describe it briefly gameplay is AWESOME, game has 3 factions in which everyone has his own requests that affect the game around u 'n the outside world noticeable, operatives are a HUGH piece of the game that happens to be VERY ENJOYABLE and RISKY for what you choose to do or not there's hugh possibility of loses (not in a big way). Since I'm losing space for words, so thank u❀ Part 2 plz
To much randomness, not enough agency, and no option for saving to undo mistakes. The random event cards can kill an experienced team very quickly in many cases, even level 4 and 5's, and although in some cases you are provided "counters" in many more you are not. This leaves the player with a feeling of randomness, and without agency to control their team and their outcomes. Too often chance dictates the fate of your teams. Finally, there is no revert to save option if you make a mistake.
So now that I own the premium I'll give my take ,great game , but they should add a resizing my one plus 6t n pixel 4xl cuts off a lot, also after playing for a bit touches are not registering the way they are suppose too.. also wish they would add random loot to find when exploring like better weapons etc. That would of made this awesome here's hoping they make some improvements , but still love the game and gameplay it's perfect...
Nice game! Its like if shadow run and xcom and left 4 dead had a baby! Alot of fun and challenging levels. Swarms of them dammit!
Great game❗❗❗Scenario is really good, graphic is great, monsters are very different and getting very very difficult while playing.I really like the no-mini-map idea,as that,together with music makes the game much more scary.Also,the no-shop idea(you can't buy weapons,gems,etc)can truly show how good the player is.The only thing I missing,is some kind of a backpack,f.eg.on crashsite I could search for some weapons/upgrades,and then,when back to SZ trade/use some of them).
I love this game, it's one of my recent favorites. Honestly, I love every Pixelbite game I've ever played, they're my favorite mobile game developer. I have one big problem though, and it needs to be fixed before I can love this game again. The "radioactive blood" is insanely frustrating and takes all the fun out of the game. The damage is fine, but it lasts too long & heals enemies too much. Some of the other new enemy abilities are overpowered as well, especially since they get infinite uses.
It's a very great game but I can't share this game to my friends because you have to pay in order to get the full game me and my friends doesn't really pay in games it would be great if this is free I hope you can make this free full game so I can recommend this game to them thank you for your great game Devs
Well, it says no in-app purchases with you play pass subscription. This is only it demo it seems, it asked me to buy the full game.
A good tactical game. The need to balance different factions in order to choose your ending is interesting. There's always something to do each day.
5/5 game, bought the full version! NO micro transactions, just some pure game play.πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š One negative thing I have to say... The game feels a bit slow-ish, so mabye some kind of game speed option? πŸ€”
Awesome game. Can scavenge and loot for supplies, manage my base, explore and also nice storyline. The best of all is that I can play offline. This is exactly the game I want and need. Hope you add more contents to the game. It would also be cool if you add some cities too and rescuing civilians. One more thing though, please add more days limit or make it a year. It's really hard to play while XW keeps progressing.
Xenowerk Tactics is an amazing top down game with wonderful graphics and excitingly a lot of interaction. However is a shame that you have to pay for the whole version, if it was free then i would play the whole game. It is the best tactics game of 2020 in my opinion
I've dedicated an substantial amount of my free time to this game and I'm very impressed especially that fact that I don't have to micro invest into play the game to level up. Coo' dos' to the developers .
Limited level to be upgrade and limited map to be explored. After each to level 5, there have reached to maximum level. After that need to clear toxin radiotion with costly 25k after reached to max. If not the soldier will be die. Suggest to have new soldier get option for training purpose before enter mission.
If only the pilot would stop calling the commander "Dude!" Haha! No, seriously! Hands down the best isometric tactical game available on Android. Beats XCOM any day. The card system makes the game very interesting. Difficulty curve is also good. Although I think level 3 to level 4 transition should be balanced. Once you get the sniper trait for your ranger, he's OP on some maps. Although it's so fun to pass. Amazing job, hats off to devs! We need Xenowerk Tactics 2!!! :)
Not gonna it's ballin... and at no cost!!! I mean graphics are top notch, controls are pretty intuitive and gameplay is amazing. Although there could be some more diversity in the story but overall it's totally worth the full buy.
Decent game but it heats my phone up even on low setting, I've got a OnePlus 7pro and can run the most graphic intense games on ultra @ 60fps or more with no problem, there should be no reason this would heat my phone up. Evidently it's more of an optimisation issue? It runs stock android10 with no OEM add-ons so it can't be an issue with that. Whatever the case may be, I don't like things that effect my device so you're only getting 3🌟 for a 5🌟 game because of it. I hope an update fixes it.
Highly strategic board game lie rendition of the original Xenowerk. Each character has unique skills, both positive and negative. The randomised card events, as your moving around the world map, give little rest bite between agonising and often repetative battles.
Surprisingly addictive fun. One of the few games I've been happy to pay for. And no in game transactions!! Yet..
Part shooter, part strategy, part luck, this one has kept me entertained for hour at a time, i cant fault it, well done on a great little game
It's pretty fun but runs out of steam after first playthrough. The character art is great, the controls great, the combat is fun, its a good game no regrets in purchasing. The only disappointment I have is in the variety. The missions are all basically the same, the level cap is too small, and many of the abilities are useless. Varying from great, to vaguely useful, then straight to worthless. I wish there were many more abilitie, guns and a way to re-spec undesirable traits.
This is not a mobile game as we got used to. It is challenging. It does not require to log in every hour to gether crops. It does not require to wait for a real life day to build something. It's like a PC game but on the phone.
Very fun game. I love how you could make the game more difficult on purpose by pairing people who don't like each other. Missions could be scary at times. My complaint is that levelling up a person is too difficult. Also the squad harmony could be explained more. I tried a -1 squad and +3 squad and saw no difference. Also, I hope the devs could extend the game more. I highly recommand this game.
Really good game, really good to play on mobile. I would add another star if there was a medium difficulty. Also let the single player run on longer before time runs out. Hard is very tough
RTS tactics, unique character development, replayability, interesting dialogue, roguelike random encounters, a satisfying levelling up system. I don't think I've ever invested more attention to a non idle game on my mobile for years. The controls for an RTS are an ergonomic delight. Typically games are cumbersome, but this feels slick to play, even for my old man hands. Edit: second playthrough, zero critisms. I adore this game and strong suggest buying it if you like RTS' like Xcom. Verify bug.
This game needs a real life time like if you're gone for 2 or 3 hours later one bar or more is done if they need to heal one more time do the same thing pot them in Medical and leave 2 or 3 hours later they are fine and heal not just go to the helicopter and do missions or just come right back that waste in the game days please add it
Not a bad game for awhile. I feel like there's too much of a difficulty jump after level 3 unless you want to grind a bunch, but it's still a pretty good game.
I have been looking for this kind of game. I really like the gameplay. I also don't mind the old graphic. for those who are struggling in playing this game, I suggest to level up your character and gear. It is hard to do missions that are above your level, so stick with your level (level 1 and 2 for 1-skull missions, level 3 for 2-3 skulls missions). The player is expected to use available skills to fight hard battles. use the skills effectively to advance in this game.
Great game...could be much better Only 3 real classes. Is exciting and fun at first but dies off rather quickly. More classes would be awesome. Change the way enemies attack so you have to use different strategies. (More strategic options). Lower the price of the game. TLDR: youll enjoy the free game alot but don't bother with the 8 dollar price tag.
This game is fantastic, and it honestly does not deserve to only have a 4.2 star rating (at the time of writing). I personally think that a 4.6 or 4.7/10 would be more accurate. There is just so much depth to the game. I guess it's a little bit like a real-time tactics version of XCOM. The game is really long to begin with, and has tons of replayability. It's always really challenging, and even many hours in, it is still just as fun. If you like difficult strategy games, definitely check it out.
Fantastic. Tried the demo and when the game told me my time was over with demo I immediately purchased. Need more games like this one. They let you try it and obviously feel confident enough to then ask full price (atm $6.99). So glad i bought it. Game has gotten harder and the strategy more complex. Id describe it as X-com/RTS/RPG. Very rewarding. Im totally a fan boy now and will absolutely be looking into other games from this developer.
Played the free version. Made me want to buy it. A great game to play with no wifi or no internet. You can upgrade your squad and get more with me abilities. $8 was well worth the buy.
I wonder if can it possible ad a control pad for movement and attack but only opt. If possible that way we gamers can exp. More of the game
I love the concept of this game and would pay for more than the free trial of there was a bit more content like more classes. The exploration, planning, upgrading are all very fun. The battles are great and challenging. Eats up your battery like nothing else though! Battery optimization would actually the #1 thing that would get me to buy this.
Best Experience for Tactic Game. Buy 2 Play is better then P2P. This game is similar to XCOM game. but fighting mutant not alien. i wish thish game is have more feature. base defense or something. even survival. i dont know. just lack gameplay at the momment.
Dear devs, Hello there! I really really loved the game! Though you could maybe add a few more things such as new enemy types and maybe even let us increase the squad members that you can take per mission atleast increase it to five or four and also when our units move all at the same time you should add a customizable team formation instead of just what we have right now and i think you should also add a few urban or city/surburbian areas all in all i recomend the game!
I didn't play it super long but I played enough to know that I like the general gameplay Loop and the combat flowed really easy exploration wasn't unmanageable and there was always something to help you figure out what to do and where to go I'd like to see you a free game come out like this because this is a free version of this app if you want the full game you have to purchase it
It's possible that parts of this game are fun but certainly not the first couple of hours on normal. Points invested in stopping advance towards a weapon that will destroy the aliens seem to be completely ineffective. there doesn't seem to be anything to do except spend points as they accumulate which is not enough to make this interesting
Too damn hard. I mean, I love the gameplay, and I wish I could play it more, but even on the easy mode, playing as carefully as I can, I'm constantly losing people, they are always traumatized, and I can never get enough resources to get past level 3 before the whole world ends.
Brilliant game loved all of it so far, only issue is I would like a more apparent storyline to follow. But awesome game, just trying to make my mind up whether it's worth buying the full game or not.
Excellent X-COM alternative that controls very well on a phone. My one issue so far is the endlessly respawning enemies from air vents.. it makes missions impossible when you get 2 or 3 in close proximity and simply can't kill the enemies fast enough.
This game is so fun, The concept is great and very addictive. You send troops out to locations which have card based actions on the route, Once you arrive you shoot up anything that moves in third person, Using a variety of skills when you level up your troops. You get a bunch of the game for free with the option of a Β£7.49 purchase (which I did). Worth, Every, Penny.
Absolutly fantastic game. Its a combination of breach and clear and other games like it. Perfect game. At first i was apprehensive about playing it because it didnt look "that great" but i gave it a shot and the game did not dissapoint. 5/5
Such a fun strategy game. Feels like PC quality, but excellent port for phone. 10 hours in now. Im hooked! A lot of replay value too!
Great Game with a couple of medium sized issues. Pathfinding: Your crew tends to get stuck if there are enemies or desks/walls in the way 2/3 might get through but the 3rd would go the long way or get stuck. Spawn camping: Huge swarms right outside spawn room, mutliple spawners nearby, and spawn room is to closed in. Spawners: They spawn creatures way to quick considering you can have 3 close to each other preventing you from getting a clear shot or close enough to shoot it.
Great theme, good story. Reminds me of Mass Effect. If only it was easier to manoeuver the squad, I dislike having to double tap my screen so much. If moving the squad was easier this would be a 5 star game.
I like it, reminds me of xcom but less frustrating. The fact thatbi can purchase the game, play the game, and not pay out my ass for stupid loot boxes makes this a winner.