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Xenowerk for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pixelbite located at Oceangatan 3 25225 Helsingborg Sweden. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Graphic is great and top view is great too for a shooting game, but the environment and challenge is a bit boring, same background type building and same challenge every floor? come on
Excellent game. Enjoying the weapons, different armour, and abilities. I had just bought a new LG V60 dual screen and xenowork uses the stock virtual gamepad built in thanks! I just didn't have a chance to try it yet. So much more fun with a gamepad!
The only ads are the ones you can watch for extra monies. They start at 700 apiece, and scale up. I'm currently on 1,400 each... and I've been playing for about a week, buying every weapon to reach the max all achievement. To put this into perspective, the best armor and weapons cap at 200,000. The gameplay can be tedious, but when you're racking up 20+ kills with a fricking LASER CANNON that can literally kill anything it touches within a second... it becomes extremely captivating. Good game.
I suggest to lower down the camera angle since it gives me a real headache with that angle of camera... If lowering the camera angle is not possible, can the field of vision be more wider instead? Other than that, I've got no issue about the game...
Fun shooter, areas are.... repetitive to say the least. Watch adds for $$ you can use for armour guns and upgrades that only last for one level..just the upgrades do. Good for a little while 😁😊
Nice game and it is fun to play. Everything is great except one thing that is camera controls. It is too wacky and makes your head spin for some time. Please improve the camera so that it stays fixed or it changes a little faster than right now. It makes the experience slow because you have to wait for the camera to catch up when turning around or fighting in close corners. It takes away from the experience. Please fix this. Overall I liked this game.
The people who gave 1 to 3 stars .. man they don't know how to use the control or play this game! I didn't knew how to use the controls frist .. I thought this game is a wrek .But I didn't gave up ! After playing this sunshine for a week I discovered that I am pro at it. I gotta say that if u use the controls wisely u can beat this game with lower gear BEST CONTROLS
I really like this game I got to lvl 5 in first few hours and was going to keep playing but it wouldn't let me sign in to Google play through the game it's not working I can't save my game so I have stopped playing unfortunately as I really like this game would have given it a 5 star
This game is the best game ive played so far the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is terrific but i do have a suggestion. Put some more mission each level is pretty much the same objective other than that this is the best game ive played
Love everything about the game I just wish there were alien weaponry and alien armor that can have awesome armor and shield to the developers if the game is still being worked on please add some stuff that will bring me back for more I will spend money on it on those conditions
It's one of the best games to have ever I love what your company makes and always will make some thing like this for xbox one s it's a really good game to have I had it on my windows tablet about 3 years ago and loved being able to plunge my xbox controller in and use the joy sticks, now Dear pixelbite team and all of your people that put there blood, sweet and tears in this game and the space marshal series and I hope I get to see a console game with the same type of concept thanks again guys
This is a good game I love it.. its getting harder every level.. but my only concern is the game can't be save or doesn't have continue button I have to start all over again on a certain level but hoping for new update if there's any update..
I'm really enjoying this game a lot. Nice graphics and one of the few similar mobile game that has decent controls. You really don't need to use real money to advance and the good thing is they don't beg for money like most mobile games do. You can use real money for some things but not necessary. You can watch videos if you like for free gold. I want to support these developers just because they don't beg are force money from you and their games are nice IMO and to keep making games. Thank you.
It was addictive, and Without a doubt not boring it took me probably a week to collect all the achievement but it just worth it And the con is that this game is just so much simple monster's look doesn't much changes its like alien shooter but its not as good as that because in alien shooter many things changes but not this its like alien and zombie shooters lite version But still enjoyable .
Really good game you can actually enjoy without incessant prompts for microtransactions and pay to wins. HOW REFRESHING. HOW NOVEL. Other creators should take note of this! Also great that it works offline! My only gripe is that it took some time to adapt to the control scheme and the 3/4 top-down style. All in all, a lot of fun. Good work.
Ok so the game is really good but i have some suggestions. The camera feels weird and the button that readjust it doesnt help much. I feel like u should make separate buttons for changing guns , aiming amd shooting cuz with snipers it's kinda hard to hit (havent finished everything yet but just some suggestions that's all)
I liked this game very much but there is one problem at the first time when I played it I was not able to play because there are only 2 bottons one for movement and the other is very confusing at the first time because there is only 1 botton for aim ,fire,change the gun .So I kindly request to put more bottons for fireing , aiming and changing the gun when the update comes
This game is a fun and exciting action packed top down shooter with a doom like feel. I haven't started yet but I've played it before and got bored because there was only 1 mode. Please add survival mode where you play with other players try to survive and using power ups to our advantage. Add an infinite mode too where you survive against an endless wave of mutants. Oh and add more game modes that you can think of
So far so good cool weapon effects and sci fi setting with dungeon crawler style. Im still in the medical research center chapter, but I'm not plague with ads or asked to buy anything... And it's challenging.
Awesome game on a gamepad. I'm using my iPega RedKnight flawlessly. Fullscreen edge to edge with console graphics. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes shooters.
Games great... I would even pay to play this game but the way third person camera is located is so unconventional I got headache just looking at it... If they were going to spend this much effort on making a game why couldn't they just add options to play as FPP like other shooter games. This would've been so dope as first person view but it's only TPP and camera position is just bizarre... I got anxiety lol
This game is incredible and it only gets better the stronger your weapons get and the higher the number of monsters are. Kill streaks are super satisfying with high pay off. a few bucks gets you a solid amount of credits and credits in general aren't super hard to come by. Either way, weapons upgrade with use and a lot of the lower tier ones still pack a punch. At first the camera angle was weird but once I got used to it, I realized it actually benefits the game's atmosphere.
Entertaining, but the controls are buggy (the radial dial closes rather activating a power) and vision is problematic (distant enemies can't be seen due to playing in Landscape mode and a character centralised in the screen, plus radar can be hidden by the picked up coin notification).
Game has good controls, runs flawlessly on my low-end phone. Gameplay is fun, and best of all, there is only one currency, which you can get enough of via gameplay and optional ads. No "gems" that you can only get by paying, just satisfying progression.
Like Xenowerk Tactics this one's also amazing! Only issue I have with Xenowerk and Xenowerk Tactics is that they aren't multi-player. I love to play these two games with people who like 'em just as much as me.
So I played all the way to the Ultra hard levels and I'm giving it a 3. The Ultra levels don't tell you any info on how to get all 3 hazmat signs on the levels, once you finish a level of difficulty, nothing advances in the story. Kinda basic, but a good time killer. Improve on the levels, give extra info on bonus levels, have some depth to the story. Killing aliens is a good start, did love the game play....just need more from this.
I loved this game. I downloaded it twice on 2 devices. Really good game with nice progression without spending money. It took ages for it to become a bit of a grind for the top weapons. An once you start getting good there are nice combos to achieve running a single root around maps slaughtering aliens. This makes it good to replay it through.
Well, I wasn't disappointed. I'm glad that I downloaded it, it has given me that old gaming feeling, that I lost long time ago, thumbs up to the developers for giving Android gaming a dose of real time action
Excellent! 10🌟 stars a real game/un vrai jeu. Try this game/Esayez ce jeu C'est enfin un vrai jeu Γ  utiliser sur le smartphone. Il est agreeable aussi. It's at last a real game running on the smartphone. It is pleasant too. No shitty (pas de merdiques) microtransactions...that's unless you're the one to insist/un peu tout de mΓͺme, si vous insistez vous mΓͺme. Jouable sans/not mandatory to keep playing.
Superb....awsomeπŸ–€πŸ”₯ game man....Its what i needed... Only thing which they should fix is that ....make multiplayer mode so that we can play with our friends . And secondly plz make its camera more efficient...or one person mode like ... Love this game dudeπŸ‘πŸ–€πŸ”₯
Badass!! I've been playing this game and the development team really did a good job. Scary, but after a while it does get repetitive. Im sure anyone who likes this game is looking forward to a part two that takes place in a similar environment but has grenades and a slightly richer story line. Ty
Pretty well made game. Reminds me of the Alien Shooter classic. Could use some new content though such as new Secret territories, Multiplayer Team Arena defense against waves of mutants/ giant boss and Event exclusive equipment. Some new mutant varieties would be a fresh thing. Would be fun if there is an auto-Turret slot or for players to use for firing assistance.
this is a really good game, i just wish it had more content and we could choose the camera zoom. edit: after trying to reinstall the game to finish the last level, the game just doesn't download the additional content needed to play.
An excellent game. Well designed and balanced to keep the game challenging as you press through the levels. I love that the ads are completely optional, and that the ad bonus scales with the game to keep it enticing. I enjoyed this game so much, I immediately purchased your space cowboy shooter and am looking forward to playing it next.
Beautiful and well polished game..it's awesome at first but after a couple of missions it gets too repetitive and boring. The same objectives over and over and the same locations and enemy designs. I'd rate this more if these shortcomings can be addressed.
Good game, decent mechanics. Aiming is not as smooth as I'd like so single shot weapons aren't as useful as they could be for rapid responses to danger.
feels good to play it could use a little refinement about ui and such things also the combination of camera movement and the controls for walking and shooting is a bit weird and can be better but still the game is better than many others
Almost a good game, but the camera angle kinda confusing, and you cant turn it manually, the camera distance are also too close, there's no point having long range weapon type such as sniper, character walking animation looks like they're having haemorrhoid. With those camera issue fixed, my rating would be 5*
It's my favorite game so far on mobile. Can't stop playing because it's fun! The first levels are boring but it reminds me of Doom after a while. It's so satisfying to kill all those monsters! The graphics can become impressive when there's a lot of the action but you gotta choose it in the settings.
Argh didn't realise on download this was the same publisher as another game. Control interface is the same for all their games it seems, and an absolute nightmare. You can't see very far, and enemies appear off screen with no way to know what you're shooting at.
Great shooter with a couple issues. The first issue is that the control for the gun (right) will sometimes cause the character to run instead of shoot. When this happens it can be difficult to get it to work normally again. In addition this seems to happen at the worst possible moment. The other gripe I have is with the camera. It will occasionally refuse to look in the direction you want and it would be nice if it were at a slightly lower angle. You often find yourself shooting blind.
Games worth a play as a time killer, guns and armor can all be bought with gold and no premium items to pay actual money with. However my problem is that game keeps saying validation error or make sure im using updated version despite i had already played the game before. Uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work and i dont want to go technerd on how to fix this issue,i don't know what recent version its asking since i downloaded the game on google playstore. pls fix this issue devs
The game is fantastic. Everything about the game is great. The gameplay, graphics, just everything. Glad I found the game. But would be cool to have a story line and more missions.
Just started fun, dragons, different planets, a 3d planet map with different locations, rain hail sleet snow deserts forrests mountains pyramids underground tombs buildings bombs day night cycle, and maybe making your own character male female blue black green yellow hair bald whatever, nice game so far.
Awesome game I was feeling reluctant to play it earlier because I downloaded it once and couldn't really get the controls. But this time it went perfectly well and I'm enjoying it πŸ’™
This is a pretty decent game. It's fun and easy to play. Good graphics and game play. If you like Sci Fi settings and shooters definitely check this out.
It's a great game with decent graphics, a healthy catalogue weapons to choose from and monsters to kill. However, my only gripe will remain with the level design. The game is fun in the beginning but get's repeatitive after a while.
This could have been a great game at first but I found out you can get free coins too easily by watching 5 sec ads. And this just ruins the satisfaction you could have gotten by earning coins through playing. Now I'm overpowered and deleting the game in a day.
Controls, graphics, gameplay everything is good. One problem is if you buy the top guns early, then their powers will drop significantly in the last levels, making the game pretty hard if not impossible to win.
I've played through this once before and after u unlock everything the entertainment factor really decays after that point. But other than that I love games like this. It's hard to find something exactly like this and it's one of my favorites for sure. But a sequel or a more advanced version for this game is definitely due.
Like slapping a beautiful step sister in her lips addictive like drinking coffee get the feeling of why doesn't this company put toilet paper in the pocket and then it will be more difficult to describe anyway ya love it and the game is [email protected]
Please make a sequel to this game. Or add more levels. Something. I need more! And not that xenowork tactics. Didn't like i
Great Game! I enjoyed this game so much that I went to find more titles from the same developer. Pros - Nice shooter - Great graphics - Leveling up can be easily attained by watching ads - Controls are easy to figure out and (somewhat) intuitive Cons - Gameplay get monotonous - No variety in the levels or gameplay mechanics - Limited enemy types and no boss battles - Camera view hampers gameplay in some ways (you can't look ahead) - Aiming can be tricky - Objectives are pointless
The game is good tbh but the control is difficult for me. When i moved while shooting the alien infront of me the aiming follows the movements and the aliens just kill me. Wish this game has auto aim but since this game is built for controller seems like this won't happened.
Admiring the console level graphics and the refined gun sounds,lighting and all the tech going on in this game,haven't played it for long but,so far so very good. The reason of not giving it a 5 ⭐ is the camera angle,which is not much of a problem but I would rather have it in a bit lower angle....but great gaming touches in this app which is worth trying out.
Caaaraapy controls! CANT AIM WHILE MOVING Gun only shoots forward which means no strafing or side stepping.no scope mode either. No peeking around corners. Too sensitive if you have large hands/fingers youre either running flat out or dead still. You basically have to just run in circles like a madman and spray and pray. Visually okay but still thise controls not worth the time. Also oblique pov doesnt allow you to see/engage targets at any realistic distance.
OK to the guy who says "you don't know from what direction the enemies are coming" : 1. that's half of the fun, and 2. they show up as red dots on the HUD radar! To the guy who says "the levels are repetitive" , hey, it's a mobile game! Buy an xbox! To everyone else I say, download and play this stylish, atmospheric and fun shooter!
I would've downloaded this game the first time I seen it if I knew nothing else it was succh an excellent game. Can even connect your device to your PS4 or XBOX controller for seamless controls. Being able to preview the weapons with short video clip before purchase would be a very welcomed feature.
Great game, the camera angle could use a little work. Most of the time you're just spreading your shots to try hitting the target because you cant really see where the enemies are.
Great game, gives my mobile a console (or at least handheld console) like experience. Works great with my controller and looks great when I plug my phone into a monitor. Woukd be 5 stars if we could be able to remap buttons though... Not a fan of the camera rotating with the player, wish it was more twin sticks to move and aim with the shoulder buttons to rotate the camera instead.
The game is good ,the graphics is little animatic which is suitable for the size. Controls are weird aiming makes difficult. Tasks are same in most of the levels. Boss are not shown in map but its nice to have a surprise attack. The character is in the middle of the screen and the zombies are out of the screen. The zombies comes near to the character before he notice them. And the map changes everytime when i open it . Other than these its a good game. Thanks for a good game.
I've played another level since my last review and the games still good. The controls are unique and precise and the games pretty humerous.
One of the Best Mobile Games. I lucked up on this a few weeks ago and never put it down. The game play is fun and addictive and I kept going until I had the highest rating on every level. Earning money is realistic and there's no ads. I might just reset it and start all over again.
Brilliant time waster, with simple levels and marginal rewards to upgrade weapons and armour. You can grind, buy credits or watch ads, which is very fair for a free game. The real winner is using it with an xbox controller when the gameplay is really slick. Well worth a try.. Edit: no longer installs on OnePlus Nord; files will not load.
One of the best gameplay experience. Suggestion: i want enemies take a lot of bullet and dont die soon, enemy's less speed approach, and more enemies are approaching at the same time and i have to focus on aiming at enemies to kill them all, they dont die soon, dont approach quick. *enemies dont die soon *enemies are huge in number *most of the enemies movement, are less than me
This is a really great game, it's fun and unique the only thing I have to say bad about it is that the levels look and feel the same, but no biggie, you could do alot of things to make the levels feel different. I recommend that you render the lighting differently and uniquely, that would really set a creepy feeling to the levels.
This game is really really really awesome The movement , stability ,smotheness of Joystick is great on the other hand the game Is totally free you can earn credits throw completing mission or by watching small Ads which are not a big issue totally recommend to those gamers who wants to Play a free and action game
I'm a FPS player and it's fun to play like different genre. Big thumbs up for you. The graphics also nice. It's like console level graphics. The control is good the gameplay is very nice and this game is a very good time killer if you don't know what to do. It's also offline and that's what I love. The developer of this game is a professional. All of the games that they made it just awesome and very fun. I recommend this game.
I guess I was hoping controls would be more like Space Marshals. Playing this feels all over the place. This is also a typical pay to upgrade style game. I'd rather pay for a whole game then pay for increment game play improvements.
Please change the camera angle. I have to guess I'm shooting a zombie cause I can't see them. And i don't know why every level feels like the previous one. Please improve something so this game feels fun.
Exceptional gaming with a gamepad. And this very cool and free game. Thanks again!!! Game Developers for this one. We want more cool games like this one 1 in the playstore. Going forward into 2021 and beyond. Pure dedicated free games(no loot boxes, & in app purchases or none of that madness). With full blown controller support. No more on screen controls only please!!! On your future projects or your competition.
Not a horrible game but the aiming and camera angles leave something to be desired. The maps are all basically the same along with the enemies. At the end of the day its playable and works with a controller.
I d say it's a pretty good game, but would like some stuff to be present in it like some sort of a story, to make it deeper than just level after level, and it would be good if there was some sort of a looting system in place so you could enjoy the exploration more, and maybe different environments as well, i know that the developers don't enjoy sticking to one project but the game has a lot of potential.
This is one of the best controller accessible games I've ever play in my life, 10/10. one thing that bothers me is that there is no multiplayer, ADD MULTIPLAYER! It doesn't matter how, when other is 2 player, or four player, just SOMETHING!
DO NOT BUY THE GATLING GUN! twin stick shooter, no fire button with overheat. seriously space hulk inspired. but the lighting and atmosphere are wasted. the shop is pretty nice if your frugal, but one bad buy can set you way back. oh, there is a fire button; but you can't customize its placement and you can't turn off auto fire... so... why does it exist as is?
This game awesome. However i wouldime to see the character positioned curther back on the screen because when you run into an enemy they are on top of you before you get the chance to aim.
The graphics are execellent .. but the controller are terrible .. How is it possible, when you shoot backwards the direction of your weapon also changes? Make the front point static when shooting, and this will be a perfect game
This is a really great game, just let down by a couple of things. Every floor seems the same and the factory run just stops being challenging until the last level. Other than that, the gameplay is great, weapons , creatures all fab. All in all a great game, with a little push it could have been outstanding but I still really recommend it.
Fun, but need more push into the horror elements, let it feel like actual survival horror but over all its fun, not load with ads every second but i wish it had more plot and more enemy types, plus maybe a multiplayer mode, let a team beat up enemies
I never gave four stars before, i always give five couse i have nothing to lose... this game is good, i like it, but it is too easy, there's no reloading weapons, there is no jamming... the mutants can be seen throght the walls... i think you guys should make it more challeging!
I love this game, it has just enough of what you love in your favorite arcade games, but with awesome twists and ideas that show innovation by way of addiction.
This is a straightforward bug hunt that's badly hindered by the locked point of view. Being unable to see more than 10 feet in front of you ruins the game.
Amazing superb fantastic.... And fastest game ive ever played with such a good graphics doesn't take loading time at all i dont know how developer accomplish this thing but its the future of gameing without loading.....
So far the game works perfectly. Unlike most games in this style, the controls work well and the graphics don't excessively lag my phone. The game is fun, and responsive.
Cool graphics, gameplay and all but the controls ruin the whole experience I'm sure I'm not the only one who's complaining about this...
Nice twin stick shooter for mobile and honestly the best I've come across so far. Haven't been playing long but so far, so good. My only gripe would be that at times, the view seems to be a little too close and there doesn't seem to be a way to zoom out.
Overall a really fun game and it looks AMAZING!!! Runs at 60fps on my phone and on highest graphics setting. I can't believe how good this game looks. Gameplay is great to! My only complaints are game wants access to my photos and the controls that suck.
Honestly very good game, you can see that is was made by people who cared. One medium-sized gripe, the powers are very hard to activate, especially in the middle of combat. The powers are somewhat unresponsive and can lead to me dieing. One change I would make for them is slowing down the game when you open the wheel so you can activate the powers. Otherwise a solid mobile game.
Leader boards always displaying 0 point and if disconnected from account, it's displaying points. Many time loadout don't saved to last used after restarting game. It's annoying me, fix please.. *1 just think devs ignoring this, after fixed i will change it.
The gameplay is fun, the game is immersive, the equipment is affordable and, yes the MT's are there but earning money and progressing is possible without them... The only draw back is the player camera, it makes aiming a rather tough job, it is a bit on the weird side but all in all, game is practically awesome.
Playing on my GPD XD Plus and plays good. If i tap the l2 or R2 the controls go funky and can not spin around fully, have to then reboot. Then is back to normal. The controll setting have no affect from static and the other options. Dont change setting and hit R2 l3 your good.
Amazing. This is one of the best games on the app store animation - wise, the graphics the controls everything. The graphics aren't ps4 level but it's got it's own charm and style. And the animations for everything are just superb. I love this game.
Beyond my expectation! I thought that this game is like another shooting game which is lil bit boring with slow pace challenge every stages and difficult to upgrade weapons and armor caused of the high cost of them. But this one is opposite of them. Dis is da real deal dude.
Awesome visuals, nice sounds, crisp Action, could be such a great game if they just had invested a tiny bit more effort. As it is, the game is terribly repetitive, there are four biomes with 20lvs each, but all assets look almost identical, theres NO variation in lvl design! I have just deinstalled after even the layout of the last 7 levels looked *exactly* the same. Choosing and leveling up your nice range of different weapons feels kind of satisfying, but that is not enough to keep me going.
A really unique masterpiece. Haven't played such a twin stick game before. The graphics are good. Also it is not a pay to win game. So many levels to play. Great work.
I really like the game. The graphics are good, controls are easy. There's no need to buy items using real money which is great because i can watch the ads to earn them instead. I just want to suggest coop battles via hotspot or anything for the next update, so i can play with my friends. Great game. Thanks.
Amazing game! The shoot button can make the character run instead of shoot which happens at the worst time. Great game all around, would love some more levels!!
Playing with ipega controller at first I thought it was a bit repetitive but now I'm half way in i play it everyday. Great selection of weapons and great fun working out how to get the best kill streak in each area and pixelbite always make great games where u rewarded for not dying like space marshals. I love most this dev games back to reckless getaway. Which is no longer available on PlayStore but apk easy to find and instal online
I think the developers made this game to make player happy and that's what happend no enegy bar no stupid stars to play next round and you don't need so much to pay in game but there is problem the floors are so familiar and i wish they put a story in game to get a good experience there is an ester eggs in the walls why dev why didn't put story but in game play are good
In the beginning, this game shows truly great... Easy gameplay, simple controls, cools graphics and a lot of funny guns to shoot. However, as long as you go further, advancing the levels/floors, you just realize that the scenarios are all the same. Its looks like that you're in looping... Disappointed! πŸ˜”
Controls are sort of tough to get used to, however overall its fun and graphics are pretty good for a shooter. I think it will be fun to get through all the levels!
Fun game but after a certain point, there is no possible way to 100% clear the map, i spent an hour trying to search for the last enemy but ended up just leaving with a 95% rating. I have no idea what causes this, maybe enviromental kills don't count as a kill?
These developers are the best there are for mobile. You pay a small price for most games and the content is amazing. Zenowerk is one of my favorite games I have ever played and it works with a controller as well.
Superb graphics and engaging soundtrack adds to the gaming immersion. Movement and aim is adjustable to suit your needs plus viewpoint. Best of all, it's free!
Multiplayer will give you the most fame...like TDM, Domination, PointHold, Co-op...and specially voice chat and text chat..... seriously man this might even get 50M+ or 100M+ downloads then...πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚
The is sooo good i love it.I just wished there was a multiplayer mod where 3 or 4 player will clean a area together it whould have been soo fun.But the campagin is still really good awesome game.😍😘
The devs did a phenomenal job, the mechanics aren't bad and the mutants aren't all that difficult to defeat. Great environments, just wish I could loot the explorable props😬😬, but I guess the vast selection of weaponry makes up for it. Totes poggers
An extremely fun game for killing time. The game itself isn't that deep in mechanics and story but with how fun it is to mow down mutants with the extensive list of weapons, things like story aren't all that important. Only thing I'm sad about is that once it's done, the only thing to really do is to try and buy everything.
1) Provide monthly update if you can i am not saying weekly but at least release monthly updates for this game. 2) My device is REDMI Y3 4/64 with good Ram, CPU and Storage but still this games seems to make my device heat may be it's game engine is not matching with my device. 3) This game is free to play which seeks players skills not just money which i really Love. 4) Game is extremely fun to play and increases our mind power which is even more good. Thank You for this game. πŸ’–β˜‘οΈ
I really enjoyed playing this game from Floor 1 to Floor 10. The overall design, graphics and sound are wonderful. However, the "Respawn" and "Restart Floor" buttons should be placed in different places to avoid accidental pressing of the "Restart Floor" instead of "Respawn" button. Alternatively, the "Restart Floor" might be replaced with "Options" so users can then choose whether to restart the floor or not. All in all, the game is amazing and I really enjoyed it. Kudos to the developers!
Fun game! Good graphics and smooth gameplay. Can you maybe add the option to zoom out the camera view a bit ? Sometimes it feels to zoomed in.
Controls are broken. When I press the fire button sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Please fix this developers. Otherwise it's a perfect game. Great story, graphics and action. So far. Four stars.
A well made game with good graphics and a good story line for a mobile game. The Graphics remind me of the Jak and Daxter series. I love it.
Graphics are awosme.. I didn't actually expect this game would be that great. The only thing is the camera angle is lacking. And cannot activate abilities instantly. If you have a controller it will be a killer for this game. No ads, no in app purchases. Well done.
This game is really good! The graphics are very nice and the gameplay is solid. I have been playing it with a controller and it feels very responsive to the controls. Highly recommend this.
game seems cool but to control n fire is ridiculous. when u aim n start to fire your players spins and fires in another direction n that is just dumb. so if that were fixed id be happy to continue playing but for now, no dice!.
Another console class game. I think this way as I played it so far. But it should have classic 3rd person view option and shooting and looking around should be seperated. I least they should give an option to player. And other than these, I think it doesn't have a story line. You're just having progress through missions. But gameplay is console class. Very quality game.
Should have been an awesome game, 1 fatal flaw... the graphics and presentation are top notch. The huge problem with this game is that the screen doesn't scroll far enough when you walk!! Your character is almost always too close to the edge of the screen which gives you no time to spot enemies and start shooting them. You're just walking right into enemies before you have any time to react. Too bad.
Pretty fun game, reminds me of swarm on PC. (Swarm Ftp btw) Also it's even better since it's got controller support you should use it, feels more smooth than touch cause you can control when and where you're firing. . .instead of shoot and adsing.