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X-War:Clash of Zombies

X-War:Clash of Zombies for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Moon Studios located at NO.487 Jianghui Road,Binjiang District 310000. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I actually liked this game initially. You earn a few really weaker heroes in the beginning & they level up relatively well. Then BOOM.... if you want to go ANYWHERE else, you'll have to pay. Now, that's fine, I don't have a problem- as I'm a gamer. What gets them 1 star (because I can't give-5) is the CONSTANT pressure to spend more. After about $50, they suddenly can't find my account & it's impossible to sync my old one to the new account. A complete rip off! The developer(s) were indifferent
Its a wondertul game. It is so interesting game. The most interesting thing that remove the obstacles like trees, stones, madical kit, boxes prized by crystals. And upgrade the spaceship can get new elements. The power stones can skills the heroes, the defences. The lesar tower can shoot both air and ground units. The patriot only shoot the air units. Skills and by upgrade the defences and the heroes becomes more powerfully.By using sourviours can upgrade the heroes It's a most interesting game.
this game is awesome ....so sick...I like the concept...they did not copy some of heroes....well there's some of hero..but skin si different...I also ask u to slow the time of building some resources and defenses...it really took many hours...and when u attack zombie village it became very hard...I ...
very nice and sweet but i cant conect to google play and home page is disorganized and have more dan offer you need.
I recommend this game for anyone! Its very useful especially for bored time, because this game is really challenging and most of all it can remove your stress, So what are u waiting for? Download it and Play Now! 😊 Enjoy it as i do or more than I😉
great game lots to do and amazing hero compilation. if you can wait you don't need to spend and cash.
It just some strategy game but with movies heroes and zombie enemy. Lel I used to play this game when I was a kid and I love it very much. Thanks for the memory..and i have 1 little problem not much it's just the login bug. I can't play the game because im stuck at the loading screen sometimes
I really like the game,but I have a little complaints about safe guarding your progress.Still pretty amazing and brilliant game.
I actually enjoy this game, it just feels like a different type of game than what's typically out there.
This game is awesome and the graphics too but suddenly I can't open the game it keeps saying about the signal etc. but the signal is aboslutely fine
I like this game. This game similar to coc. But just I wanted the spaceship to change its style when ever we update it levelwise.
It's a great game. I wish naruto would be introduced. The reason why i rated 3 stars was due to complication in logging to my account in other devices. I binded with gmail and fb but it never registersd.
Hey there i love it very cool game and i think everyone will enjoy it as much as i do have a grate day ;-) # Grate game in the world.
You should balance your event. Try to have an event where free to play players can catch up to those who can pay since no matter how long we play it's kinda hard to cope with players who can just buy what they want. Otherwise, it's all good. I love the superhero features. It would also be good to fix some bugs especially replay feature.
Extremely good game, with heroes and all other good events. heroes are also easy to get, unlike coc. but need to improve one thing. like coc, there should be another different base.
Honestly not bad. They could change a few things like being able to upgrade multiple walls at the same time but i could understand them taking a different approach as to not be sued
I like the hero levels and the abilities.like, you get a starting hero at the start.isnt that amazing?and there are soo many heros.and you can level them up a lot, the best part about it is upgrading your hero is sooo cheap!
I have been playing for some time now, and i am really getting pissed off with the game because when i try to edit my base it keeps kicking me off the game and now im thinking about uninstalling it because i have had enough
This is a amazing game, I love this game. It Wil be amazing if their are more heroes. Can you add Batman to the game
this game never use to have adverts come up at all. now the come up while your raiding then once the adverts finishes the game resets. very very annoying, I am contempltating on deleting the game even the I have spent £15 on gems so far.
Very similar to other games likes Clash of Clans. But I do enjoy this game! They give you various options of earning benefits and speedups for upgrades! Would be 5 stars, but just too many types of these games.
Best game even!!! it's better then the last one because of the texture and so even if they did copy the last one they tried their best and that's all that matters
Thos game is superb. I like it's graphics. Characters are also nice. Controls are easy. I love this game very much. It's one of the best games I have ever played.
I like it want to give 5 stars as it is much clean than clash of clans and similar games but i don't understand why all these games have ONLY 2 BUILDERS🤷‍♂️ and their number doesn't increase and other point is UPGRADE TIME FOR EVERYTHING is increasing exponentially from level to level. I don't understand this concept of increased time for upgrade the MORE WE WAIT MORE BOREDOM and we UNINSTALL this game with low rating.even we wait we can't adore to wait for to build super nation it'll take yrs.
New bug again i found today. Its the Hot News cause i got 200 diamonds after i install the required app and then i click it again by accident then they gave me 200 diamonds again so got 400 diamonds but overall this app is so good i've been playing this for 3 months please reward me Username:Grandmaster T.V.
It was my first online strategy game, it was fun and enjoyable but I stopped playing now am back and the game is better than ever before.
love this game so much fun but I'm having trouble joining a league and the build times are getting ridiculously long
The game is good.but there are few heros pls make more heros and make them more power ful. I like it very much i play this game 1year in other mobile but now that mobile has some problem so i deleted and dowloard in my new mobile i am to happy for this game i am a big fan of avengers thanku for this game.
Hi coz developers i suggest that the wall can be buy or upgrade with food because almost all item that you buy or upgrade needs energy so please if you see this thank you i love this game and another bug, when a hero takes no damage it looks full health but later on it will die eventually...
This game has got to be the best example of 'pay to win' there's literally nothing strategic about this game. The troops are all useless ,defences also. It's like the game is wholly focused with the heroes. I mean just look. A lv70 bumblebee can ditch out an entire base with ease. There's lots of things wrong and unbalanced with this game. Didn't even wanted to give a start but since it's not possible to write a review without giving a star I just did
After i deleted the game and again installed and logged in with my facebook account. Now everytime when i open the game it asks me to login in everytime and thats annoying please try to fix it as soon as possible.
This game is a great game but I have a complaint that it's graphics are not good as other games and it gives very less amount of walls I have to build my some buildings outside the wall.
This game is very nice and intresting forchildren but this game not popular than coc and this game is so challenging and it is training game and also city building game these much aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Amazing game you must play . Better than clash of clans . The one thing I don't like is the arena challenges are little touch . And upgrading cost of everything of each level is increasing and this cost is so much . I give this game 5 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
I Think This Game Is Very Entertaining. Things That Special About This Game Is Getting Hero Here Quite Fair, (recharge,fragment,event) You Can See Hero Evolution(Best Part) Lvl 20/30 Up. Although The Top Up Quite Expensive, It Is Worth Spending It Here (86.6% worth). And Also You Can Attacking Other Player With More Than 8 Of Your Hero. Good Game. 95% Worth Trying This Game
It is not bad by any means. I only gave 2 because in my opinion, they took the best features from clash of clans and castle clash and combined them together, then smothered it with pay to win options and an abundance of cluttered on screen menus.
Very good game, I really just have no words ever since my friend suggested this to me I've been hooked and I would definitely suggest this game to any other of my friends.
It is a very good game. It is better than coc as we can take more no of heroes than coc. The defences are quite awesome . My favourite defences are particle tower and electrical tower. To have a goodh combination of defenses you should keep an air defense between the ground and air defenses. Getting thanos fragment is very difficult. I wonder how to get the title challenger 1. If anybody know comment
I like this game very much because I really love games like this,like upgrading base make my base stronger and specially attacking other bases with my trained army.Other reason is I like the graphics of the game and I really enjoy it playing with my super hereos.I really recommend this game to everyone.
👉👉👉This Game is Awesome But when I get and buy All heroes except darkbatman my phone getting lag My phone ram is 3gb only Can you removed the earthquake of grand cannon when its attacking it coz lag and can You make the Items can send to other league mates Please if you notice!!!!!
This game is superb. It's same lime clash of clans. But graphics are very good. The best thing is I can get tesla tower in level 3.😃 That's so cool. And there are many chesta available for claim. All of the troops and diffences like modern world. It gives us wonder women in level 1. It's amazing and great and also superb. Thank you😁
This must be the first in top chart. Thus it has many advantages like speeding up the building using cards. I also played COZ2 both games has a little bit of difference. This game can deploy every hero that we own but not in COZ2.
its soo good .can you add sand man and lava man and water man i fergot water man real name . dowload it nowwwww
good games i was play a year, very easy to get crystel every day we share got some crystel but very hard to get hero but early games we got some hero they are very OP and iron man can change his colour
the game is fun but when i cant make 3 stars and i cleared app from recent. The Problem is when i login in game all heroes found dead that i took for war or multi attack and wouldnt let me in for an hour. why that kind of problem im facing i used to do that my heroes didnt die and i could login in a second.
I like this game because it look real battle .so the good thing is,if you have less signal it can also played and i will tell you. You will not regret this game .its too amazing and expensive i hope you will like too. So have fun playing this x-war:clash of zombies
This game is very good to play. Recently I deleted the game. And u download it again... This time the game is super slow in updating plus can't load the game. Stuck in loading screen.
good game I like this game very much I 😍 game the best game is clash of zombies I write this letter and my name is Roland my clan name is ssj5
This game is very best....All heroes are here to protect your base and there is a free hero chance of immortal which is very good ...A victory hero damage about 72 in its first lvl.
Great game overall, but too many things are either bugged or broken. Like you guys have made the challenger 2 achievement impossible to get. It used to be really easy.
The devoloper did good job making this game. But I have tell you this a full copy of coc. But coz is only 66mb where Coc is 144mb. So rather if you don't have that Much space in your phone or tab you can surely download this game. I can assure you're not gonna get bored. The devoloper should reduce the time of upgrading spaceship. Ex:For upgrading spaceship to level 5 you need two days, It's just not fair. Otherwise the game is good and the devoloper did some good and thank you.🙏🙏🙏
I used to be a lover of COC games, now I don't have COC in the play store. I don't know the cause, but after I searched for a game that was similar to COC, it ended up there, this game is very interesting I like this game because this game is similar with COC it's just a different size ,, I really like this game ,, it's really suitable for relaxing and relaxing.
This very good game for childrens and this games is about of avenger. Avenger are my faviroute this is the su perb game in my life good game play Have good graphic
This game is awsome but the monsters are a bit dumb looking, if you make them a little bit cool its a lot fun to fight with them, the heros are real badass though i really like them
it's a kool game ...just wish we could see what clan people were in when visiting their village ....kinda hard to see who's active and who's not. that's is all
Not that bad of a game so far. Just wish it was a little bit easier for the people that are not pay to win it's like every game now has to be pay to win and I hate that I think it should be about the way you play and not how much you have to dump into a game if they want to pay that's cool but some people have more important things to spend there money on all games should have a pay to play section and a play to earn section so everyone is up against equal types of play . Just saying
if you want a fun builder game then this is the one. there are other better games like this out there but if you want to just have fun and use other characters from other movies or anime then this isn't that bad of a game
The devlopers have done a good job , the graphics are cool and there are many hero's which make the game intresting,such as venom ,Thanos etc..but the new update have made the game little confusing,hence it's worth you're time
Best game ever I saw in this game I can get free crystals and that black dark Star which is used to buy heroes. And ilike Naruto uzumaki anime... So much..... And ilove this game because put the legend Madara uchia my favourite character in Naruto uzumaki and they allso copied clash of clans so much I every where and I like clash of clans also
The game is very good and has a great potential... But on the other hand, it is greatly a pay to win game... Sure you can give something extra for money... But try to give things which would keep the competition more or less same... Otherwise the game is awesome... 😊😊😊
This last update was enough for me! Caesar has gone off of their rocker! Just a huge money grab. I have been playing this game for over five years and this will be my last! To name one thing alone, they have nearly doubled the amout of survivors you need to upgrade heroes! TO THE DEVLOPERS... YOU HAVE GONE TO FAR THIS TIME!
he has english problems , not good , the owner is crazy, he only wants money , the game is very hard to play , almost impossiple to keep up ,this is my seventh year playing this game , im leaving and i regret playing it .
This is a great game I liked it a lot 👍, good graphics, nice background music but there are less troops 😔 plz add more troops than heroes🙏 .
I love it! This game is awesome it is just like coc but with zombies and superheroes in it makes this game interesting. And i also love the game graphic. Its awesome ❤️
i like this game very much because there are so much things to do in the game like unlocking heroes so that's why i give it a 5 star rating hop you update this game more
we can not send each others speed cards ,energy or food we can only send chest it is not good feature and we need to work a lot to a hero or crystal so it is a bad feature update it please
This game is superb I was searching for a game similar to coc but when I saw the ratings I instantl downloaded this game and played it at first it was confusing but after a minute I finally understood the game. I highly recommend this game to you its better than coc.😊😀
Very nice game . My friend Sam told me about this game and I started to play this the game was amazing I like the graphics the heroes etc
So far so good! let's see more game play and less Time waiting for things to be built. whole reason I don't normally play these games is all the waiting you do.
This game is honestly one of the greatest games I've played so far. It's one of a kind and really futuristic, however I have a few suggestions/questions: 1. Please make attacks from other players fair. It's really annoying when my base with few, low levelled defenses gets attacked suddenly by a level 60 bumblebee and thanos, etc. 2. I want to ask this question,how do you put a blue/yellow/purple shield around buildings, like the spaceship,for example? It would surelymake my base more futuristic
Nice Game, a little bit of pay to win but still wort it cuz it has a daily reward and a lot of event to earn free reward.
I like this game this is so fun that i can't stop playing it.It is like Clash of Clans.It is not very like an adventure game.I install it thinking it is a adventurus game though.This is a little boring too so that is why i am giving four stars.And this games graphics is like.....same as Clash of clans.I am gonna end it here but i will not uninstall it for atleast one year.So yeah this is a good game.One last thing this is very very interesting to play.That is what i wnt to say about this game...
This is good to play this my favorite now iam playing it so the heroes are so easy to get and it's not like de other games this one is the best I've ever played.
I like this game. This is really an exciting game. I've only one problem that attckers can take my many medals. When I can the video of attackers I'm always shocked that the heroes of level higher than me attack like Thanos of level 75 and Madra of level 80 etc. I think that creators have to solve this problem. This is the problem of many persons play Coz 1You can also join my league Warlords in Server B.By the way this is very cool game. Everybody had to play this game by making good strategy.
I have been playing this since I was a kid I really enjoyed it it's a strategy game im a big fan of strategy games like clash of clan yeah that's it if u are reading this please do try this game
this game is awesome ....so sick...I like the concept...they did not copy some of heroes....well there's some of hero..but skin si different...I also ask u to slow the time of building some resources and defenses...it really took many hours...and when u attack zombie village it became very hard...I was level 13 and it became hard for me to destroy it ...that all I want to fix some of issues...i hope this will be fixed a to the next update..and also getting hero is very hard..hope u fix it too
Excellent game!!! This game has awesome graphics! But please add friend system in the next update of the game! Then it would be much more fun and better than Clash of clans! Otherwise, I really love the game a lot!!!
The game is really fun and enjoyable. I know everyone will like the game. You can have a lot of fun watching the game. Time goes by playing this game very easily. I tell everyone to play this game. Once you play, you will see what the game looks like. Thanks everyone
This is the best game ever, but i have a problem, why cant begginers choose any character for profile picture, like im a boy and my pfp is wonder woman and i dont like that at all, hope you can make begginers choose and character
I dont play this game for long but i have toe say its n real fun game and i love the graphics my only problem is that the hero's are not easy too get but for the short time i played this game i have too say its n nice game and i recommend tat you download this game
The game is good . There are too many rewards you can get every day and best thing is that progression is faster then coc in this game .
I am having fun with this game.So this is number one game in my history.For this reason I am giving this game 5 star
Kind of a rip off of other characters, but I dont blame the creators. That copyright must be a c**t to get. But the game is so much fun, it's like playing clash of clans but with your favorite heros based on some of pop cultures biggest franchises. Pretty easy so far but I hope the difficulty goes up. All in all great game
Good game but they have poor graphics,clash of clans has good graphics.to upgrade your troops is hard 😡, clash of clans is more better but it takes more time to upgrade
reall cool and this is even better than all the games in the world so cool but it still is kind of slow love it
This is a great game I love it so much it is one of the greatest I hope you continue to update for years to come thanks for this super awesome experience I hope this game gets alot of players and veiws in the future for many many many years to come
this is the nice game this is the famous game of the world in my family e so please try again this game
Game is pretty simple to get the hang of and straight forward gameplay. wish some of the building and upgrade times were shorter but all in all a great game.
its very amazing...there are many free heroes and hero fragments... thank you for making this game...thank you also for gibing us many apportunities to have many free gems
It is a really fun game and yes it is challenging but trying to collect all the hero's is the most funnest thing
Would give it 5 stars if they lowered the costs of gems. And made it easier to get hero fragments. Other than that it's a great game. Very similar to COC AND CR💕
The only thing I am giving 5 stars is that it is a very challenging game. If you are looking for a nice and another option of coc this is the perfect game
I love it good quality and also the creativity. Please add some more famous heroes and more power. But there's one hero who cannot attack from the air which is madara he used fire only in ground?? And he cannot attack from the air? That doesn't make any sense, and i hope that you will adjust not only heroes but the whole game to make it perfect. I hope this game will be more attractive and more.
great game. I just redownloaded it hopefully the bugs are fixed I spent a couple hundred on it the last time n my account was deleted for some reason. still a great game tho. love it
First of all this is a nice game second i have few problem.#1 when i find an player to destroy it will give me the same player i destroy it says tha player had 16 hour,s shield but a few minutes i saw the player,s building again.
I would suggest to fix the when attack Remove the unable to drop troops because there is an obstacle. I understand if its a building, but its an obstacle and that error should not show. Theres also a bug on every heroes life. Full bar then it died with full life? If you fix those issues i will give you 5 stars. I will give 2 stars for now.
It's a good game addicting time consuming keeps me busy nice graphics and it's a good game if u guys ask about some suggestions I would suggest you guys insert a microphone for communication it would make the game more interesting that's all.🙂
I played this game most and like it. I'm only at level 9, but there is a problem I am facing. After getting medal 4000 up this automatically down to around 3100 after one or two days. It happened several times. I uninstalled and reinstalled this game than agai it happens. I tried to get first position in this game according to medal many time. But every time this problem fells me down.
Honestly a pretty good game, may not be the first but it isnt the same and thats good. I have a good amount of fun playing it but they just need to fix the hud at base.
the latest update is very intrusive with always asking to this app use my phone to make and manage calls... if this stays like this i will be filing a report to Google and the BBB!!!
Its wonderful game and usually undertaken for entertainment or fun, and sometimes used as an educational tool.[1] Games are distinct from work, which is usually carried out for remuneration, and from art, which is more often an expression of aesthetic or ideological elements. However, the distinction is not clear-cut, and many games are also considered to be work (such as professional players of spectator sports or games) or art (such as jigsaw puzzles or games involving an artistic layout such
The game is fun the spin on the clash of clans formula by adding heroes and some time skip cards is great but one thing that iz kkeping it from five stars is the unfair arenas as im put against over powered enemies and is harder to get points
Its like im being on Clash of Clans ;) but something differents on heroes and other equipements .. but its more fun ! Fantastic game ! I need to play more time to understand all sequences .. Good job to the creator !
It just some strategy game but with movies heroes and zombie enemy. Lel I used to play this game when I was a kid and I love it very much. Thanks for the memory
I have given this game 2 stars because sometimes in this game the building comes down to a lower level. It happened today.my laser tower was level 8 suddenly it became level 7. I dont know how this happened. I would like the game developers to fix this problem immediatly and then I will consider giving this game a 5 star rating.