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X Survive: Open World Sandbox

X Survive: Open World Sandbox for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by free square games located at Shanghai, China. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It is a brilliant game but it would be even better if you could use the beds in both set or play (creative&suervial mode) and use the computer even if you just stand there for 3 seconds but it's a great and addictive.
Great experience. Good graphics. I wish there would be more people with me. It feels so alone to play with one guy myself. Add atleast AI characters. Please. Thank you.
This is a brilliant game. It's just like mine craft upgraded version but I have only 1 issue that the car driving is not smooth. Nice game πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
I like the fact that you can go basically everywhere. It's so fun. Make more like this please. BTW Fix the glitches plz. I keep getting stuck in walls!
I really like the concept and the movement system, the gameplay is neat, but it can get repeating, maybe making the battle system more engaging(we actually get stuff from them and stuff) and adding more options for building, being able to make the bases actually bases(we can return to it like the spaceship/have a vehicle beside it), have monsters attack you at night and stuff, for now it's a 4 star game, but I rated it 5 cause it can be better, sorry for the ESSAY developers! Edit: good luck!
Great idea for a game, though more stuff could be added such as the ability to fish, which would involve adding fish and maybe boats and various aquatic life. Also it would be nice to have the option of harvesting meat from the animals I kill. Besides those 2 things the game is really well done, 4 stars.
So farthe game play is similar to nautica you're stranded on aa strange planet, you're required to mine, log, forage, build shelter, and fight off strange creatures in order to survive. There are obviously benefits to paying. At this point I haven't exactly pin pointed a need to pay, however I'm only a few hours in to gameplay.
This game is mind-blowing , but I have some issue : 1. If we select a block like base,wall,door etc. It should remain selected so I can make it once do not select it again and again. 2. Make possible that we can write name on the location in the map. Thanks 😊
I tried to give this game a chance and started to like it. But the constant bombardment of ads kinda ruined it for me... Combine that with a bug riddled game, my advise, don't bother...
So I'm in the lovely shelter of a hulking metal spaceship and my first task is to collect wood to build a shelter. Marvellous. Also, game crashes while displaying ads while saving, so I can't save. Excellent.
Its good game and nice but can you make smooth movement because if you play this for so long its makes you dizzying so please make it improvement im hoping it
I really enjoyed to the building and exploration aspects. The having to save on your own is a problem since adds pop up and one in particular causes you to have to close out the game for it to go away and I've lost data multiple times from it. Not going to be forced to pay for no adds to play an amazing game.
This is so AWESOME! This game is exactly what I have been looking for on mobile. I have only played a few minutes and I love it. The controls are intuitive, graphics are good and the animations are very smooth. Well done! I would gladly pay $5 or more to remove the ads.
A nice survival game. The graphics is so cool. I even stan for the jet pack too. But I'm only interested with the creative mode where you can build your own home with unlimited resources. I just wished that I can also spawn other characters in the world at the same time, just like in other building apps. If granted, I believe more players will love the x survive, for the extras on creative mode.
I have never seen like this game before. But need to improve graphics. If they improve, I'm dame sure this game is best.
Pretty good. Didn't play it a lot since I'm not the type of person who invests a lot of time on these types of games. The graphics are good but the saturation and brightness is like when sunlight reflects off of water and you directly stare at it. It's a decent game if you like survival.
Its a amazing game...i can build,theres a creative mod,hardcore mod,and character also i love the storyline...player tips:for ads,maybe u can turn off ur wifi and mobile data or any network that seems like a internet
This game is great but one issue when I complete the tutorial I want to mine stone when I click mining tool it is not working properly!! So,please fix this!! I will give 5 star rating
Love the game ..great controls together with the realistic graphics make the game awsome..2 problems though ...somtimes after savings the progress some items just dissappear which is kinda annoying then the characters are not that encouraging
This game is actually dope af. Not really into the "space like" genre, but this game is better than 95% of the games out on mobile (my opinion).πŸ€™
This is very amazing game I love it but please add multiplayer mode to it so I could enjoy this amazing game with my friends and it also needs some bug fixes and improvements
Theres bugsss like in the beggining of the tutorial i witnessed 2 bugs allready 1 is that i can fly my car using the craft botton 2 when my car just got stucked in water my chracter dont move ang stays on the sitting animation (and the car dissapere)
ok im on a laptop n i must say it runs smooth it gotten a big upgrade from its past self i can say with out a doubt its made better the ship is even a huge change so over all its extremely nice the vehicles r nice the ship is nice the way it looks is perfect thanks for the updates to it free square games yall made it alot better then its past self the ship to me was all i ever wanted to change n yall preformed well so thank you.. i would like to see like how the crew ended up on the planet
The game was made for building so I would recommend getting rid of the survival mechanism as when I went into building mode I am stuck in the spacecraft unable to build outside no matter what I did I cannot get outside the spacecraft moreover when I build something there should be a way to get rid of the building, so change the game so there are no survival mechanic focus on the building mechanic it is a amazing game just that after testing it out there are many flaws I like to point out.
This Game is nice but need some devolpment. Need quest, need the many human character robot to build world and friendship.Need the character for sleep,sit like actions.Try to do more.
I love this game! But there is one bug or crash. When I was gonna play this game, It crashes and freeezes, so I cant open the game, then I uninstall and install it again it works now. I hope you fix this bug! BTW I love this.
Great game but I have a problem with the saving option. I finished alot of work that took hours and then saved it when I finished it. And when I came back it's gone. I put alot of work into it. And then gone even though I saved it already. Wasted time.
I love this game so much, its soo fun but I would love to see this game improve more here's what we want-better car gravitational pull so it's easy to drive - better environment with more trees and rocks - better meanu to craft items - reduce time for trees to grow with plants - easier way to travel and get loot - introduce jets or any flying vehicles - more aliens and strong monster - time goes by the long we sleep - better game menu and loading screen I believe this game can improve good luck
The game is good, but it lack so many features, hope you could develope some amazing feature someday to enhance the gaming experience, and why not add multiplayer? Like LAN multiplayer so we could play it with friends
change it to that we can make blocks on the surface too. And the Hostile Forms are not coming to the blocks whereas that they should come on the blocks And make some other Friends here like in gta v there are Franklin, Trevor and Michael always together Make it like that Make a sign in feature through Google or Facebook account because it crashes many time and does not come back and I have to delete the game with my progress
I haven't been playing long but I think it's a great game other then the fact I can't find rocks anywhere.
I feel like I agree with most of the other reviews that survival is awful, creative is fun but it would be a lot better if there were an online version where people could visit or at least be able to invite friends which would also mean them downloading the game.
Liking this game a lot, but so much could have been added to you keep the game interesting like adding a helper or to that you could give commands to productivity or defense, add missions or a campaign mode so that it doesn't feel so mundane.
I like this game.because there is a mode of creative.i have rated 4 star because the phone battery get rapidly to 15 after half an hour.But the game is very nice all people should play this game.
It's amazing it's graphics is awesome and its controls are a little bit hard but still awesome i recommend this game I'm really addicted to it. :)
It's Pretty much one of the best Survival games I've played so far. It's Cool, but the The only issue is the fact that most of the equipments You craft are useless cause you can't use them, You get really Lonely at Times cause you're the only human on the Planet, Make it possible to sit on chairs, use the screen desks, and if possible all the Equipments in the Game. And also Add some Human NPCs that'll survive along with you, or Better Make it an Online Multiplayer. Other than that? AWESOMENESS.
This game is super fun honestly, I will never uninstall it. I like planets, space and building games and survival, and it's this game!
Just the game is good but there's a little slip box here and there there's no glitches or anything it's just it's all right the graphics are alright
Great app, but like the others, Im pretty much only interested in the creative mode. One thing I can recommend you to add though is like a monster spawner on creative mode that doesnt disappear, so players can make something like zoos lol. Also, pls add more furnitures like TVs, more tables, specially office or lab tables and equipments. Picture furnitures can also be added. That's all and good job!
Game is good but something mistake in game like we want to swim in water to get water qnd and we can't sit on the chair and dont no what is use of media table i will give three star
Its an amazing game and I LOVE creative mode But in Creative mode you should be able to build your own car with crazy modification options eg.Jet engines,Aerodynamic body parts etc. But please consider doing this in your next update : )
A beautifully made game, and the degree of difficulty is reasonable enough to keep the gameplay interesting and fun. However, it kindda feels depressingly lonely with absolutely no one else around you. :'D So it would be just perfect if we could invite our friends/other players to our servers (in all the 3 modes; survive; creation; hard core), and have a way of communicating with them throughout. Also, would be awesome if you let us customize our avatars (with enough free customization options).
This game is awesome for creating buildings and for your imagination, but it becames really boring at a time and i don't know how to remove a wall, if i accidentally place in wrong place and there's no flying mode in creative. But this game is really well done, feels like a fortnite! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
A little laggy and I can't change my account on Google Play to save my game and the ads are a little annoying but besides that it fun so far can't wait to see what updates bring
Great game, average graphics and less framedrops on 3 gigs of ram. Basically its modern remake of minecraft without those annoying squares. Its playable offline as well as online(g-play games). Overall addictive.
Lack of objective and goals, controls need to be improve, hard to make fine aim and easy to mistakenly drop item or unequip tools. Item and tools need to be separated, hard to switch between tools, have to go thru all the items in between them. Have a high potential to be a very good game once the dev make up their mind on the storyline and end goals. And i see there's other reviews that mentioned game crashes while showing ads, my situation is that there's no close ad tab for me to get bck 2 gm
This game has a lot of potential. I hope it gets mature and have great updates in the future. I tried to go out of bounds, guess what - I can now build in an empty planet: bit.ly/lost-in-xsurvive
Actually if u often updated this game why not to put multiplayer mood or room like tht πŸ€” Graphic look like nice all stuff and also car but not at mood why single mood😣😭 in survival we need friends or like partner like tht So i give 3 star 🌟 only
I love this game a lot. This game has no Glitches and bugs. But i cannot understand that how to collect SO. If we go in water then then it starts swimming. Or if we dig it still does not works. This is the mixture of Minecraft and sci-fi game. But it is very hard to find the elements of the digging machine. Please tell how to collect soil pelase.
Whats the whole freakin point of this game when you cant build with freedom 😫😫😫😫 why do you have to survive while being in creative mode?? I really love the building mechanism in this game, but i cant build it in creative because i have take care of not dying, and i also have to get resources for building, so theres no point! Pls just remove the hunger and food bars and stuff from creativw mode.pls πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Edit: im so sorry i didnt know it got chnaged, thank you so much!❀❀
Its a good game but my issue is that the car is so hard to control plus I played this game for two days now but when the other day comes it start all over from.tge top again.I have to build blocks again,build the house that i've already been build..so please help me with that and fix the issue..
This game is very superb but one condition i have not given 5 stars please do something to open drawer etc so we can keep our things in that and backpack space is there. There should be chopper and more vechiles from which we can drive.
unbelievable game, also offline .not so much tough, not so easy. You need to craft and survive as an alien.
This is best game ever it's graphic are so cool I love to play this game I like creative mode you have to add more gun and vehicle but I like your creativity and it don't lag and hang the phone and it is also available in 1GB RAM phone 2GB also but I like to play this game thank you
I got nothing to complain about yes there are somethings tht I think should be added in the game, but m not even gonna mention them and give it 5 stars. Up to so far it's perfect no bug's or glitches ,good controls I mean it's an awesome game. I like the fact that U have to put some extra effort in every single thing you do. There are alot of things to admire about it, so I'm just going to say well done Devs outstanding😺
There is a big prblm in this game which is when we build some thing there is no weapon by which we can replace the plank and all material present in this game.But graphis are ausome ,overpowered.an another big prblm very very hard to make amo and after amo waste cannot mine againπŸ˜”.And buggy slip more. Iknow that buggu is like tat only but not so much slippery.Hard core mode is also good but if we bychance forget to save the game whatever we made gone...bigest prblm 😠😠
100% a great game but there is always room for improvements like maybe a online mode so players can experience survival with others. Offline mode is awesome but I have wondered what it would be like to survive with others players. Thx for reading!
It's a really awesome game which works just fine except for the fact that your terraformer runs out of juice and it's difficult to find the materials to recharge since you can't dig without it.
This game is amazing graphic and is so fun but please add off multyplayer that we can play this offline with my friends becouse the internet here is so slow like a turtle or a snail i download this game in 3 hours becouse the internet is so slow please add offline multyplayerπŸ˜€
The game is very vibrant and simple, but there's 2 bugs that I don't like, 1) The driving is not smooth as I like it needs more stable rotation (turning).. 2) even tho there's a light in the house in the night there's nothing, I can't see clearly in the night.... please dear DEVS fix the issue....it would be helpful...btw nice game...
Things i think you guys Need to add 1 proper backpack and 2 a workbench 3 water collectors 4 new weapons and weapon bench and i see a car and i dont know if i can or need to build it and would like to see a boat with sails and all that think it would be fun and for all the stuff i see added ill bring up my star rating because the game isnt bad it needs work
Good game but y'all should add multiplayer and also an option to move our things around instead of throwing them in the trash you know?
Nice graphic thought, well the game is cool but the movement is not that smooth the speed is 85% on my phone that how i rate it so... Just a little touch πŸ‘Œ
Nice game keep it up this game graphics are very beautiful and amazing this game is best not for players of free fire, pubg,call of duty etc best sandbox game of the world I like this game soooooo much keep it up but I have one silly problem please in next update add multplayer please me and my friend need multiplayer add multiplayer in next update okay
Its great and good open world game, the graphic are cool, but the hootbar at the inventory is too big, so I hard to move using the joystick, and can u make it jum not too hight?, like press jump just once will make the player jump short, and if pressed double time it will jump hight, that just the problem, pls Fix it.
You always update but I don't see any changes......... Put back the camera option when you get In the vehicle,,, I hate the fact that I'm Grounded and I can't use the camera to swap left, right, up and down to choose where to go, the AI decides it for you when you move back and forth,,βœ‹πŸ½ it's lame and boring FIX IT!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,
This is pretty darn fun and awesome... PVP Mode, please... PVP! A lot of people like survival games, minecraft, ark, rust, etc, and I guarantee you, you will have a lot people playing this in no time if you add a pvp mode. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘½πŸ‘
I've been looking for a game like this for weeks and weeks. I know it's still in development and there's quite a lot of kinks which need to be sorted out but the concept is great. I don't feel constantly on edge that someone going to pop up out of seemingly nowhere while I'm zoned out on collecting and building. I'm excited to see where this game goes.
I like this game. I only have to report about multiplayer and the lights at the ceiling even you have it it does not light up
I started to like this game, i just downloaded it earlier then it feels like i'm addicted, haha... Actually, it's like Minecraft but realistic version, it also looks like Sims too. It's just a little laggy on my gameplay but i'm not sure if it was on the game or in my device. Still, i like this game.
I think the game is awesome because you get to ride in a cool dune buggy plus there's also robots that you can fight and get loot it's awesome you should really play it I recommend it!
It's Pretty much one of the best Survival games I've played so far. It's Cool, but the The only issue is the fact that most of the equipments You craft are useless. Other than that? AWESOMENESS.
It's an enjoyable game. Relaxing. There were a few ads to begin with..now not many and mostly to watch for etra credit eg. I like that it's creative and don't have the stress of dying quickly or easily. It would be fun if we could find more items for our homes etc like furniture or wall coverings. Or if we culd interact with more furniture. I like the music..it matches the game well. I like the game play and movement is great.
It has so much potential. The movement needs some work as well as some general glitches. Also it was near impossible to play the game without removing the ads. Maybe playing offline would've helped.
Minecraft made real. This game has a ton of potential. It should have better character models, better enemies, physics, and the world is pretty much empty. But small steps make giant leap. So keep working.
It's a fun game I like it usually games like this involve killing zombies while making your base. The only changes I think would make the game much better that I can think of off the top of my head as far decorating your your base of operations make it easier or easier or your you know everybody calls it something different. And while I'm digging if you need if there was hidden caverns and you know maybe secret rooms not just little bits of stuff in the ground you know like tunnels that lead to?
Bad game, too many mistakes 'bout sim and survivaling num.1-a little bit lag num.2 its hard to control the character that's why insanely hard to fight the aliens num.3-you can only use 3 tools for its specific rules num.4-the vehicle are too hard to drive cause if the small mountains and the gravity too num.5-you only have a 1 weapon, this game is more productive on creating that survivaling that's why i just only play on creative num.6-this is doesn't have a save world you can only save 1 world
Definitely has potential... but I like to customize my avatar, the car controls are annoying, and there needs to be backpack/quickslots system instead of scrolling thru 50 items to get to your gun... hopefully I'll come across this game when it's a bit more friendly.
Has high potential one thing I would suggest is maybe adding more building blocks and what not to the game. Or giving us a choice to build our own vehicles
RIP OFF. For a building game, the shovel has batteries. They run out and can craft some more. If you lack the materials after the 90clicks , it s one add per one battery ,which means one click. One add to let me do one more.click? I d rather pay and buy minecraft.
I've tried several games like this lately. Utopia Origin ranking pretty high up. This one is pretty good, but needs some tweaks to make it easier and more intuitive. Such as how to make an inventory box, that boxes can only be placed on built items, not pre-existing things or the ground. How to delete built items you make and put down?? How many of an item can I make with the stuff I'm carrying? Why does the bar stay green after completing / running out of materials? Etc. Not perfect, but good.
Dude! Need I say anything? Epic game all-around. So fun, addictive and extremely satisfying. I Love how it let's You get right into collecting the materials and start building right away. Brilliant. 5β˜†'s baby. Lol.
I like the theory and enjoy the crafting and building but every time I switch tools I lose all my ammo and that is getting super annoying! Even when I scroll through my entire inventory it's not there and an ad pops up to watch an an ad to get more
This has lots of promise, great potential, the concept is unique and I really want to explore & play much deeper. The problem is that a lot if things have no instructions or explanation, and you just can't get a handle on it. With improvement in that and the building controls, this could really go far.
I've only played a hour but this game is hitting all the right spots however I give it a 3 because it needs more refinement with the building, like being able to place floors exactly where you want them is a difficult feat at best. Can't wait to see improvements ^-^
Awesome Game! The tutorial at first is clear to know what to do and since its a survival game you have to venture to unknown places and stuffs but thats whats good in survival games, and gameplay is smooth no bugs encountered also ads are not that annoying which ensures that you enjoy playing and surviving, overall great game and a big recommendation for me is to add a multiplayer because being alone is fun but the more the merrier as they say. Great job to the devs!
The game is wonderful and can be named as minecraft with better graphics.. it has various modes such as survival for the adventurer, creative for the Architect, and hardcore and mode (haven't tried that yet but will post soon about it after trying)... The game can have better controls like customising the layout like the player wants .. it might lag a little abd has ads but its quite understandable being it small in size and free of cost ... Overall a really wonderful game .. great work Devs
When you ask the player if he wants to use a certain item, you should at least, you know, TELL THE PLAYER WHAT THAT ITEM IS (or have it analysed by your magic wand). And also, keeping the vital stats always hovering in the danger zone is a poor way to sell "boosters" (or whatever they are called). Eg. Constantly needing to swap energy for water by SWIMMING TO REFILL YOUR SUIT IS IDIOTIC.
Its a great game. Controls are fluid and adjustable, graphics are amazing. Story line isn't as in-depth as in others. Overall kudos to the developers and creators. Keep up the good work!
To many ads to enjoy the game less ads & better build system on like is hard use witch is in front of u kinda hard make it like bit far so we can see also let us build xd just the way it is kinda hard not so much smooth also car have a thumbstick too& on player too but move great need improve though I seeme playing it if it was fix some like 1st ads 2st better build system for red green part when edit tobuild up the homethat hard to do less heaton cell when playGame Batterylife Graphics InProve
I love this game there is no mad thing about the but I just wish you would make it multiplayer thanks for making the game though
Sorry,only 3 stars becoz it's not at all opening this for 1 star, other one is the car it's back to square one.
Four stars. The in app purchase for premium is high. Why not, let there be a promo sometime? That way, everybody and all who play and rated can buy the premium. There will be 'huge spike' of in app premium purchasing! Do not forget to send us 'alert and reminders for such wonderful thing! Oh, almost forgot about building the comforts furnitures and apps for house building, - 'should maintain the energy, water, and health status even in tiny increments! Thank you, Devs! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜—πŸ˜™ Mockerbun
I must say this is a good game nice graphics but for me I'm afraid of the monsters lol the soundtrack for game is perfect makes you feel like your really on that planet a flawless game keep up the good work
Please remove "water and energy" of character. After playing 2 minutes, both of them get finished faster. Some bugs.
An interesting experience; At first I was not sure if I liked the game, but as I kept playing the experience got better - the challenge to craft and survive in this new world grows. Get resources, explore, build and figure out how to survive. (Like futuristic / Si-Fi Minecraft) Definitely worth a play and lots of room for all-round improvements including; GUI / HUD & Map Scaling, English Text Grammar and Camera View to FPS would be nice too. Look forward to updates and new features
I hate this game it will open and look and sound good but you have to compleate the turtoral to get creative mode. And wonce you go into survivle mode the game crashes every time you go to survivle mode! So i sugest you don't download this game because it won't work!
This is a fun game but a lot of purchases witch I don't like plz get rid of some u don't have to tho and I think I will be more fun if it had multiplayer so devs plz add this
I wish I could expect more by the devs but game unmissioned no quest at all . Seems very boring to do task just crafting and exploring nothing more ..thanks uninstall now check back later if you implement this features of quest and mission
Its a very good game but i am only giving it four stars because if any time we forget to save the progress then all the progress will disappear and we need to start again please remove this option
Haven't played that much, but so far I can see that i am really going to enjoy this game. Looks good. Would be gr8 if you can play this with VR goggles. Hint hint... Will update my review once I've played more.
Dis game was super amazing but the broblem is it feels kinda lonely without any frends......!!!!! I hope u all add multiplayer option so that I and all the others who r playing can play with their frends tooo!!!!!!!!!!!
Great game with room for improvement. Most of the general controls are good but vehicle control needs work. Too much lag between when you tap to fire and when it actually shoots (when attacking). Locating specific materials can be a pain in the ass that leaves you bumbling around. Needs to be a way to safely store items for later (like in your house or a cargo pod, etc) without them disappearing from the game since carrying inventory is quite small. Overall tho I'm hooked big time.
Trying to learn game and bombarded with ads. Highly frustrating in the middle of trying to work out what to do so deleted game.
No online players, fineπŸ‘ nice, kinda peaceful, rich textures, please add something to fly, like choppers or fighter jet kind of. Moreover, this will sound great if we have AI team characters with it, similar to x men legends, or any. But the songs of the game are poor. Makes me feel sick, change it. Also add some flowers. The physics is not that great, when I dig down, some sand is just floating like space ship, make it fall down to look realistic. Yet hats off!
The worst game ever.....the game is just made for ads....you cant even progress without watching an ad....i dont recommend this game.....buying minecraft is better:)
This game is nice. I have a request that pls add Multiplayer mode so that people can play it with their friends. Although the game is nice.
It's a really good game and the I gave four stars because of the premium purchase like when I saw the two vehicles I was like oh my goooooooooooooooooooooooood and then when I tried to enter the cars it said buy premium purchase at least make the cars free or bring a sale for 24h for the premium version other than that this game is a master piece and please bring a sale or make the cars free
A great game, but needs PVE co-op, i can only play this game if there's a way to play it with my friends, and character customisation is also required, will check back later if these things are coming in the future updates.
I really enjoyed this game. The gameplay was fun and immersive, the controls were easy to use, the survival mode is pretty fun, the creative mode is really great for creating awesome buildings, and overall a great game.
Great game..i like the 'create' option...has huge open world environment to explore and build with no pressure of getting killed or anything....but they have a survival option if you like dying...lol...also .the ads are minimal which is awesome...makes the game so much better...
It's awesome, it gives me hope in this dark world we live in. For when I play this game I feel as if I'm actually happy for once. Highly recommend. Although I do wish it was multi-player, that way me and my friends can play together. Please make it make it multiplayer
Love the game! My only problem with it is the tuturial, they didn't specify anything about eating and drinking in the game.....
Hi, this game is fun fun but I have a lot suggestion. First, why does other car need to pay to use it. Second, it is empty. Please at lest put trees and rocks and grass and other naturely environment.
This game is unexpectedly good ! I thought that those pictures are just download baits but its not. The graphics is soo good for a mobile game. And the gameplay is fun. Im just wondering if there will be a multiplayer mode soon,that will be cool for sure
In creator's mode, I've built a freeway going around the whole island, built sprawling mansions stop of several mountaintops, connected mountains via walkways, bulit a path into the sky with several buildings at many checkpoints as you climb and with a height so high that you can see the boundaries of the game itself. This game is one the coolest open world games, especially if you like constructing things. 5 star, and one of my favorites!
Good good game it is very nice in the world because it means the maintenance of the game it is very cool only for this this is known as x survive
Crafting buildings is more fun than surviving, for me. But i hate the night mode in the game, my head used to pain when it becomes night, please remove it. And add more buildings, like building in minecraft game.
There was a lot of thought that was put into making this game and in the near future it prospers with flying colors (Can't wait to see what you all add next into the game with the updates β™‘)
I was going to rate this game 5β˜†.. it is a great concept with good graphics.. the crafting and collection of resources is well done.. then the insane adds started.. at first it was acceptable.. not too obtrusive.. one every so often when opening the craft menu etc.. but then it was very time u click on anything.. i thought that was bad.. then I got shut out of 90% of the items to craft menu with a message.. this is part of premium u must watch an add.. enuf is enough!!.. not worth it deleted
The concept is great, not many ads, however, the regular game mode itself is waaaaay too hard. Every second you have to worry about your energy, health, and hydration. It seems every corner you turn there's a mob to attack you, and easily run out of ammo. The gems are like, out of nowhere in the ground. The map sucks because you can only pinpoint where you currently are standing and sometimes the treasures/resource locations are inaccurate. If you could balance everything, then I'd reinstall
It is a great game. I suggest that there should be more useful things like:bed to sleep and skip night+CR1 to store things. Also things to make garage
This game is awesome, but every time I enter it, the game restarts and I lose all of my progress. I don't know if it's a phone problem or a glitch but overall; great game play and graphics for the 1 minute I played.
Game is unplayable due to constant frequent adds popping up during play. The building mechanic is just clunky. Just play minecraft its a lot more fun. Just horrible.
The best game ever the graphics is the best don't even talk about how to build its to good to be talked about
It's good game with potential possibility to grow to great game, I like the graphic, with something minor issue like when digging using teraformer if its location too deep it's waste teraformer battery usage and craft the battery just make maybe just quarter or half not fully restored.
This Maybe is the best LIFE SIMULATOR IN THE WHOLE WORLD β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… [4.9 Stars 🌟] Because Sometimes when I fall down I keep Flying Like a Drone πŸ€– And I can't place Blocks When I'm a drone πŸ€– ,,, And The game Sometime Crashes ,,, And I couldn't See any lights when It's Night Time and There's no more Characters in the game?!?! πŸ’’πŸ’¨πŸ’« I wish I could talk to someone in the Island not only me and the Creatures πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’ But The GRAPHICS are really GOOD.. :) Ü
To plain the Game Itself way to easy to play all you have to do is Blast the ground or blast the Rocks Finding stuff inside houses isnt a Survival Game Especially When you get Items are like 3x or 6x the amount instead of 1 to 3 items and when crafting stuff only Cost 1 material each overall boring just a Grind Fest to store all stuff found into chest
This is very good game but gun is not good it cannot kill any enemy in this game so please improve guns in game
It is a very good game i feel like using minecraft but when i made two houses at the brigde in creator mode that were 8floors high and all items were made so carefully its 5days playing and now right now roghting this view only one sec before i opened game so i saw no progress save was there that i have saved. Thats why uninstall tjis game very bad glitch remove it or not i will never play tjis game
This could be a great game with a little more work from the developers. I enjoyed the game play but after several hours it just got a bit boring. This would be great if it had some sort of storyline or quests. Lots of room for improvement.
This game is so good but tutorial give more plzz becuse when i build a house my mistake i put a wall by mistake i dont know how to break wall so give tutorial how break anything
Almost perfect jus need different ammo types for the weapon, online mode (passive mode and Free For All mode), and camera settings(zoom in and out)...add those and I'll give 5 stars.
Very good game but the ads are pooping in every minute I even tried to turn of the internet to see if that stops but no it keeps going if the creator of this game is reading this please make the ads come not often I understand you keed put ads but put ads every hour
This is actually a great game. Add a few defences and invasion atks where monsters can try to attack your buildings would be more than a perfect game for me. You can even build a deep underground base, something that I have done personally which at first I thought it wasn't possible. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
It's a good game, fun game play, what's keeping me from giving 5 stars is that the game has some bugs and glitches here and there and it would be good to add npc's because it feels so lonely.
This game is awesome,i was looking at pics and i thought it was fake but after installing the game. OMG!!! this is real i was shocked. all the tutorials and 3 days made me a master of this game and now after 5 painstaking weeks finally i made a house with 75 floors at most highest mountain in the game but sadly my data was lost because my sibling uninstalled the game but it is was great time playing the game.THANKSπŸ‘