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WWE Champions

WWE Champions for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Scopely located at 3530 Hayden Avenue Suite A Culver City, CA 90232 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game, great family atmosphere with factions. Scopely's greed and the whales that run the show ruin the fun though. Unattainable items unless you spend thousands of dollars shows that scopely cares more about their pockets than their customers.
Game is fun but most really enjoyable things such as faction feuds will require you to spend $$ to try to get certain characters to play. It's not a scam...but feels like it.
The game itself is great, the problem is the litany of mistakes that happen on the developer side. Every event has some kind of snafu. Glitches and out and out mistakes. They tell you they'll compensate you, but its lip service until you forget because another mistake happens. Plus you need to spend big $ in order to compete with the whales as the rich get richer. Temper your expectations and have fun crushing gems and you'll be fine. Expect things to run smoothly, you'll be disappointed.
If I could give this game 0 stars I would. I've been playing for a few years now so, im invested. But, if you're reading this and you havent installed yet...dont. Scopely took a very entertaining game and turned into a giant cash grab. Unless you're prepared to open up your wallet and just give them everything in it you have 0 chance to be even competitive anymore. Screw getting ahead unless you fork over hundreds of $ forget about even seeing the same level as the average player.
Very frustrating to have game constantly free when you try to open up any prizes. I keep closing and reopening game and it still does it. Is there a fix for this because it does not help not to beable to get tokens, poster or coins to play game.
Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere for a game. Scopely has reduced resource income while increasing resources needed by adding a new level for characters. Impossible for new players to come close to catching up without spending thousands a month. Decreased resources from events with increased playing time required. Lots of potential with this game, but the developer is taking all the enjoyment out of it.
STAY AWAY!!!! unless you enjoy being screwed over time and time again, then go ahead and download and play it. Been playing pretty much since the game launched, there are toooo many bugs that they refuse to fix, they will rollback rewards as they see fit, most events will launch with issues and be taken down to be "investigated".... just not worth it
Why don't games just have an "I'll figure it out" option when starting off. WAY too long to get started, no worth it. It'll probably fall like the wwe is right now anyway.
Last few months app forces closed constantly...hard to play a game that is so unstable...constant reports are sent but no solutions given...at the moment i suggest no one download this game till its fixed cause it will cause you alot of problems...google play needs to look into why this game is so unsable
** Update. They started turning things around in November and people started actually getting some good characters and resources. I hope they continue on this trend. Scopely has changed the game so much that it's now almost impossible to get the new characters and good resources without spending a lot of money. Free to play seems to be a thing of the past.
Dear Fellow gamers, The game WWE Champions 2019 was an amazing game but a lot of loot and old fashion game style was removed in 2020's version, I hope the 2021 version is better and brings back those styles as I enjoyed it. Everyone whose played it from versions ago knows what I mean. I'm not saying it's a bad game though as I spend near hours playing this. This is going to get popular, I bet you. Yours sincerely Quentin.
The wants you to pay for mostly everything so it a good game to past time but not for a long time once you get to a upper level the game tries to get you to pay to keep going
Can't get anywhere unless you want to spend a ton of money. I've bought tokens to get wrestlers for new events, only to get shards which are useless without the wrestler. I see it as a total rip-off. Wish I could give less than 1 star
It is good game but sir I have a problem; I have reached the league 6 but in my league task it is showing to complete womens evolution tour Hard mode but in women evolution tour it is showing locked besides it should be unlocked that's why I'm not able to complete my league 6; please help me Sir as soon as possible
Latest update means you can't find opponents. And it costs money. Scopely support dont answer or refund you either
Once again you guys raise up the difficulty for the free characters and I don't even see the option where you can get free wrestlers with the coins that you earn only thing you can get is coins that going to take about 29,000 coins to get a certain item or a certain wrestler it's the same thing I was just complaining about last month and you guys are making it too difficult and making it more expensive for people to enjoy the game and taking less free wrestlers away from the player
When we started to play it is a very nice game. But sometimes it will not work properly. Full of waste playing this game because when we started to play the game will automatically come outside of the game and when we again go inside the game our player health will be 0
Used to be fixed it freezes up and won't do anything I have the Stylo 6 LG I loved it when I had Motorola phone worked perfectly on that but not on the LG Stylo 6 fix the problem
The game is fun, but the progress is very slow if you don't pay. There are plenty of players and factions that are willing to help guide tou through the game. There are quite a few events that are just "money grabs." If you aren't willing to spend hundreds or thousands, you will not make it to the top tiers.
I used to really enjoy this game. However, it is plagued with constant glitches and inconsistent support. The only thing this company seems interested in is making money, not solving issues. If we can go one week with no issues, that would be nice.
In this month Where is lacey daily tour...we need medallions for prize wall...please add this otherwise its very hard to play the game and hard to level up superstars....i played this game since 2 year...please do something for us
Man this game is awesome because you get a limited health packs when you reach the vip thing in also when you reach league 5 you can use faction every time you complete a league you get more coins in cash this game I so fun when you play it I can't wait for y'all to put Bobby lashley on there
I use to enjoy this game but it seems they only care about the top tier factions and players, or the people who spend over a $1000. Loot pulls are awful no matter how many you do they make the rates 99% shards and 1% characters. Scopely doesn't care to make things fair, they made a contest where you had to have top tier characters that maybe 1% of players have. Wish things would be better across the board. Don't get me started on the ridiculous strap system that was a complete failure.
The new update effectively killed this game for me. New currency and dumb boosts that make new feel like I am advancing even slower now. I may stop playing entirely. It was fun to collect the characters but the odds of getting someone rare are close to 1 in 20000. Not worth the money or the time any more. Also if they add something new like special straps, they are nearly impossible to get.
Great and fun game. Terrible odds for pulls. Customer service quality has decreased dramatically. Very slim chance to collect new characters even in character themed events. No chance for upward mobility now that the in game hierarchy is set. 3 star characters are basically obsolete. Overall an enjoyable game but you must approach with low expectations.
These month long events are nothing more than a spend event, and even then, you're not guaranteed to receive the monthly character. Change your motto to "seize the pay", because you're good at that!!! You send out updates, then cause more bugs then you had before, so you have to hotfix your mistakes, but won't own up to them. Odds on characters are low, and for the sum of $1,000,000, you get 2 shards of a character that's been free for quite some time. You've made things worse with the pandemic.
I actually like the game. However it keeps crashing. And i have sent mutiple crash reports and scopley help refuses to help
The developers of this game must be high. The game flat-out refuses to load for days sometimes and when you are able to play it appears to have been developed on a potato.
Game used to be a lot of fun. Recently though, it has become overpopulated with menu buttons and p2p ads. Before this, you could grind and obtain the necessities to level up characters, now the only thing you can grind is the money in your wallet. Events are increasingly unobtainable due to the need of spending thousands of (insert local currency here). Loot pulls promise you amazing stars at 4 star gold but all you get is shards that you have to save upwards of 1200 to get the star you want.
It's a great game.But the freezing/lags are so often. Most times when I'm in a match,the game automatically closes.When I reload it,the superstar(s) that I used for that match,their health would decrease to 0.Because the game is assuming I "forfeit" the match up. I also wish the game would be more optimized to not consume so much battery life and storage.Generally my phone would last up to 8 hours while using WiFi but when I play champions it last up to 4.Plus it takes 3.2GB which is too much.
Recently the gems are heavily against the human player and bias towards the ai. 90% of boards don't have 3 of the finisher gems of the human player, struggle even to match 3 of any colours involving the 3 chosen moves. Ai every other game getting 12-20 x combos that finish you off. Reduced the fun massively out of the game, it's a grind as it is!
The game would be great if didn't keep freezing so often. Most times when I'm in a match, the game automatically closes. And this would make my wrestler(s) that I used for the match health decrease to 0. Because closing the game during a match would mean I quit the match. Also, I would like the game to find an optimized way not to consume so much battery life.
This game is not designed for new players unless you intend to spend a good amount of real $. You wont be able to catch up or compete against players who spend money to unlock extremely rare and powerful stars. I've been playing since a bit after the games release and I struggle. Items required to level up can be difficult to acquire. You will grow increasingly frustrated with the games developers. It's a good game to waste time on but only if you have patience. Otherwise find another game.
It's a fun classic gem switch game, but the level of greed lately has become a bit too much. Played for a few years and the fun element is really starting to dissapear. Recent updates have locke dme out of things I unlocked a year ago, and contests to win certain prizes are unwinnable without spending a LOT of real money. Update: still terrible
2 years back, rare characters were gettable after 6 to 12 months wait. Now many characters are monsters and nearly unattainable even after waiting for years. Cash grab have been part of game (characters & events)now. Grinding process makes no sense now as it was 2 years ago.
Sir, I loved your game but I can't open my inventory crates. When I tried to open anyone of those crates it is not opening and the games stops working. So, I request you to fix this problem. In game name: Roman7.
When we started to play it is a very nice game. But sometimes it will not work properly. Even if we have 4g network it shows it doesn't have correct network. Now it is always showing assets error.
Was having fun with this game until I came across the freeze issue. Can't do daily free bag mission without a freeze. Can't open up any bags for rewards without the game freezing. Delete and reinstall does nothing. Pay to play seems outrageous for a game app that doesn't work flawlessly.
Great game but whish you could use more signture moves in one match and the straps are a little frustruating to apply because one time I got a strap that was for a new gen woman but there are no new gen women in the game so that is kinda dumb but other than that best wwe game ever!!👍👍👍👍👍👍
Customer Service does respond. That is a pretty big deal. It is a bit of a pay to win game in terms of advancement, but the overall experience is good.
I did enjoy playing the game especially at first. But now, you really need to spend $$$ to really advance and have the edge to go against other players who have a lot of $$$ to spend. There are a lot who have deleted the game and moved on since it has turned into a money-grabbing game. My faction mates are the only reason why I still play the game but it's on my delete app list now.
Awful update. Won't let me log on unless I'm on my wifi(Doesn't let U use it on mobile data so can only play it when I'm at home) Navigation is harder-Don't fix it if it ain't broken. Also freezes when you have to tap on the Daily task button so can't play it at all now. Close to cancelling my subscriptions as It's pointless paying for a game U can't play. -1 star til Scopely fix these issues. *Once again another update another complete mess. SORT IT OUT SCOPELY.
There are pay to win games, and then there is this game. It is literally impossible to advance in this game if you don't pay for something at some point. At least make it a grind, or have the option to earn tokens a hard way. Instead you are stuck with a severely limited roster, and hardly any way to level them up. If there is a way to do so for free, then the game poorly explains how to do so.
Love the game. Absolutely, but it's too much glitches and it loads very slow so I hope they fix that.
Enjoy playing the game but recently they changed the format for the monthly contests making it almost impossible to level up the wrestler of the month without spending a lot of money.
This is a fun game, I've been playing for almost 5 years now since it started. However it's gotten to apoint where you need to purchase using real money just to play In events and tours. It costs too much money to improve guys. people waste hundreds and thousands of real dollars on this. I will improve my rating once I see the game requirements change.
Scopely has changed the game so much that it's now almost impossible to get the new characters and good resources without spending a lot of money. Free to play seems to be a thing of the past.
Interesting game. Its so nice and creative to put a match 3 puzzle into a fighting game. Unfortunately, each game has their pros and cons. Firstly, this game is so laggy. I click something and it takes so long to get to the page. While we're on this topic, sometimes it loads but its a blank screen. Also, getting tokens to get new people/shards is too limited. By the way, the music is terrible. Lastly, the healing is way too long. It usually takes 10+ hours for my wrestler to heal to max.
Getting bored of these glitches, twice this month alone I've encountered them, seriously affects events and factions, I'm currently freezing at the end of the welcome, how to be a manager tutorial (I've only been playing the game for over 3 years) when scopely release a decent update and acknowledge these faults I will change my rating to better reflect the product. Update:glitches appear to be all fixed, back to some awesome mobile gaming once more.
Constant glitches and money grabs are killing this game. It used to be awesome, but until it gets fixed, I give it 1 star. Update: they are working on making it better. Still too many money grabs and impossible rewards, but getting better.
I love this game and all the different character schemes they come up with. This game use to be great until lately. I know 2020 has been tough. God bless you all and please fix the glitches.💯
As a new player, I feel like the only way to actually get anywhere I have to spend money. I also keep being given the 'rate us' screen between every shift. If I am already paying for a subscription so I get some benefits and also buying tokens and things. I would hope to not see this begging screen over and over.
Does not care about players. Making it almost impossible to advance and build in game without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on each event over and over again. Everything is catered to only the biggest spenders in the top couple factions. Constantly changing events to make it even more difficult and frustrating for all players and refuse to listen to the player base. If they do happen to come up with a new event that the majority if players like then they quickly change it to ruin it
The game play is good its the fact the game has changed into more of a money game who has 20 to 100 to spend on a game we got bills to pay and only rich people will be able to afford that. Expeditions has been stuck in straps for a year now to have 30 in your faction. It needs to be fixed so we can somewhat enjoy what is left of playability. The constant events with new people most of us will never use is a waste of resources we could use on better characters. There needs a change for the people
I like the simple gameplay, and collecting my favorite wrestlers. But when it comes to getting more and making them stronger, unless you're rich, it's going to take a long time. The rewards for events suck, everything is expensive, Scopely HATES giving away free stuff, the prizes are always the minimum amount awarded, and often what you DON'T need. I started when it was new and rewarded well, now it's an exercise in disappointment. Unless you're a fan, don't bother, even then be cautious. 😡
$$$$$$$$$ They steady find ways to make you spend money. The game gets harder and harder each month. Don't download this game. You will regret it. Trying to save you the headache. Scopely is about money not about making the game better. They have issues every event. If they make an event too easy they will crash it on purpose and start with harder milestones. Use to be a great game before they became money hungry chumps.
Finally quit the game and uninstalled after 7 months of grinding daily. Had no choice but to join the 'managers pass' to try and get to level 12. Even after paying real money for that, only received ONE useful loot character in a month, making the whole thing pointless and a waste of time and money. The basics of the game are there, but an absolute rip off of time and possibly your real money if you want to really enjoy it. Avoid unless you have hundreds of pounds to spend for real.
Great game and i would also recommend adding a new lootcase that offers various superstars(especially who's tokens are not available at the moment). The best game i have ever played.
This is a very addictive game. I could spend days playing it... until The King of Kings Pass glitched! Triple H shows he's injured, but I can't heal him. He's been this way for several days.. This issue makes me less inclined to invest as much time (and money) into this game as I had previously.
Keep getting 'asset bundle error' most of the time when starting match. Burned all my packs just to heal them. For fish sake!!
I can't log in to my old account even if I use facebook login option at first process was right but after complete the account changing process it still says the login on loading screen please fix this issue 🙏
Crashes far too much even on higher tech devices, plays in the glitchiest way music if you press the home button on a device. Everything is Pay To Play which is the total worst type of mobile game and this is frustrating that this is not playable fully yet. P.S This game is not even on version 1 yet so it is not anywhere near on its a stable version of the game. So scoply get your act together and finish this game by fixing bugs and optimise the game stop adding new things and fix this game!!
Game has an interesting premise but it's impossible to make progress in it unless you are willing to spend big each month. Far too many microtransactions. Only big spenders able to get halfway on their events let alone complete it. They really need to take a long hard look and try to offer more value to their customers
Just started playing this. I had a older save that I didn't do much with. If there is one thing that I wish could change is this. That players entrance music plays at the start of entrances. Some of the models are way to blocky. But I do love WWF Attitude. Will pay game if it's fair in rewards. Would love to see Rikishi make a comeback with a new Scotty 2 Hotty. Still learning this game. The navigation can be confusing sometimes.
It's almost impossible to keep up with the game unless you spend money to get better characters than what you'll get for free of it wasn't for that I'd give it 5 stars
Game is addicted you need to spend a lot of 💰 money , customer service is really bad if game freeze when you make a purchase you lose your money , it take 2 to 3 days to they respond and they don't do anything, please don't play this game don't waste your time or money ,
So far so good but wish I got different shards of characters that I have from completion of the daily tasks and when I do spend money on the tokens and use it I don't just get shards all the time. Also since the update I haven't been able to load in to the game at all.
Your new showdown event , well I can't play it, as it keeps saying player being attacked?!?!tried 5 times , same message . How the fcuk can I upgrade my rank if I can't play the event!!! Sort your game out instead of trying to rip players of their hard earned cash . You bunch of con idiots , not impressed!!!!
There is always problems with every event and when you contact customer service there always busy and don't get back for days. FOR instance the showdown let me play a 7 times and then locked me out the event complained 3 times and guess what no contact back they only care about the players that spend big money with them
Game stuck between running a fight and it's progress are also not getback in google play games.its support is also very slow I have an issue and I ask for help but no resolution from app side.So I solve problem by myself very bad experience for app. It require a feature to add for graphics change between low, medium and high so that game not stuck continuously.Required improvements in bugs and it's progress synchronized.
I love how this game plays its so easy to do. I only have one problem with it. Make it easier to unlock new wrestlers. But other than that I recommend everyone try this game out
It's always the same issues over and over. Stopped playing and came back a couple of years later, literally the same problems as before. Nothing ever gets fixed unless it's an issue preventing people buying stuff. They don't care about their players at all. Any issues you report, it's your own fault, nothing wrong with their game. Add a decent support team and this would have a higher rating as the gameplay is actually fun.
Truth of the matter is folks, this game is a buggy mess only out for your money. The opponent constantly cheats. Gems that they need to beat you come down from the rafters and perfectly combo you. There's nothing you can do. I do everything correct and still lose because of bugged combo mechanics. It's just boring dude, honestly.
Game has continuous technical issues as proven by there twitter feed. This is a very anti European game due to timings of there feuds and showdown events which heavily advantages the USA. Don't waste your money!
It is a great wrestling game its like the WWE meets candy crush but I just tried to update it but its not working. As a game 5 stars with it now not working as it goes from 2020 to 2021 0 stars.
Freezes lags, customer services is a joke. They won't help you. Their web site locked me out of my account for 2 weeks. They wouldn't respond with the help I needed. They wouldn't give me a character that In for during that time saying it was limited time. I got him but couldn't recruit because of the game resting my game back to a fresh account. Wouldn't recommend, til they treat the customers better.
Addictive and fun game but there are dozens of annoying glitches. I'm always hearing sounds and music even when they are turned off in the game settings. Don't expect to advance if you don't spend real money either. Free but not free. Now I can't receive calls while playing the game. Rating just dropped drastically. 05/06/2020 they still haven't fixed the sound issue. 10/5/2020 still has sound issue
Been playing for months now, it can be hard to progress some superstars but the game is somewhat fun nonetheless, however if you don't have much storage and memory space it doesn't run very well, I had to uninstall all of the other apps I had (about 1.5GB storage worth) to increase to 4.5 GB left which improved the game's running speed but it still isn't very smooth, also the events showing up when you're unranked or didn't get anything can be annoying but it's a decent although p2w lootbox game
This game has its fun moments, but the reality is, if you want to get good characters and compete, you are gonna spend a lot of money. Thousands of dollars. Their pull odds are .001%. People spend $300-500 in order to get the featured superstars. Dont start playing this game. Plan a vacation instead Update: Stay away! Beyond the money hungry nature of the game... their customer service sucks. Been waiting 2 days for a response from customer service . Nothing
Okay... this game has a pretty good concept, but... 1. The characters are so oversized in the muscle category they look like dwarves from the Lord of the Rings. 2. The menu/main screen user unterfaces are so such a convoluted mess it's hard to tell what it is you're actually selecting or where you are in the menu. 3. When you try to grind a level for points to enhance your character, it sends a "tip" message and kicks you out to the main menu after each fight. Sadly, not a great game.
Love playing the game. Only gripe I have is, it should be a little easier, too collect new wrestlers.
This game osame but the graphics wait the are also good but suddenly the was laging I played 5 matchs of the rock & gold stone. Please solve this problem. Please. And please reply me also and tell me one thing that this top running game in 2018 but why you changed this game. In 2018 this is my favorite game but now not in 2018 this game has so many cards some new things but now it's just wasted of time. Please come back old game
Had some fun playing the game about a year or more but then started to get bored of it so then I quit for awhile and just recently come back to see how it has evolved/changed for the good or bad so will know and will edit this review again in few days once i have played a little more
Best Wwe game ever. While there are a lot of in-game purchases available it gives you good wrestlers for free. Recommended for any wwe fan who loves video games.😀😀😀😀😀😀
Issues again, been on loading for the past 6 hours and nothing comes up. Even with Wifi nothing shows, honestly if there's anything that I see in this game is the lack of preparation to give to others on enjoying it as well as lack of rewards for unnecessary challenges. Come on, I know y'all can do better stop having us spend money knowing we're not gonna receive anything good from it.
Due to the fact that the game won't stop showing pop-ups begging me to rate it, here goes: It's a fine time-waster. The game is fun enough, but once you hit the top of the power curve it's grind all day and night or spend money. Increasingly the events in the game seem focused on whales, and many events are blatantly only for those who spend money. Am I going to stop playing? Probably not any time soon. But the enjoyment has seriously decreased the further along I've gotten.
Time killer. Not a bad game but they look to get you to spend money constantly. Top contest prizes can only be earned if you spend hundreds of dollars or more per week. When you spend money to buy things, not everything is guaranteed, so you need to be lucky too. Rules are not made clear and they claim that the details are in an online forum, but not easy to navigate. Free trials even can screw you over.
The game is not even loading after the current update in January 2021....the developers need to address this issue.
Its fun to play, if it don't cut off when your playing. It just goes off and then have go back into the game, and then play maybe 15min. And it does it again. :-( I like playing the game so... SCOPELY???
The game is good with the graphics and everything but there is no way u can get to any other level with useing the same wrestlers over and over it does not work u should defently have whare u van unlock other superstars if u fix it it will be awesome
Cost way too much money to get anywhere in this game pulls are usually crazy when you do spend money odds are not good at all
Cant progress because after fully completing the first tour it makes you do the daily challenges. The game bugs everytime I try to open a gift or a bag. Disappointed in the use of the resources you have. Instead of making a good game, you decide to waste it in favor of creating another money grabbing avenue.
I have so much fun playing but I never spent anything but I always see people spend money (mainly superstars) the free money options should be up to at least 6 or below but I usually get 4 WWE Champions please fix it and make the game better in 2021 I still have much fun playing but just fix it overall.
Game has good people and mean in it has problems staying on certain phones and devices but at times u get good pulls and bad ones rather have some good pulls always but it does not always happen plus thank u for all u are doing during this pandemic known as covid 19 or Corona virus
It's a great game graphics wise, but there is too much pay to win here. Ease up a bit on the loot boxes. I HAVE paid to get more superstars but have not been very happy with the results. Either way it has the nostalgia and the difficulty to keep me playing but definitely not to keep me paying.
01/01/21 update: gameplay has been going much smoother. I just wish that there was a better chance at getting the superstars necessary for these events without having to spend hundreds of dollars. I go weeks without logging in sometimes because it's frustrating. Is the game ever going to work again? I haven't been able to play in two weeks, since the last update. Game won't load. I have a fair amount of real money invested in this game, and do not want to restart.
Worst app it is never try it offen shows loading loading . I think the developer have any issue with loading so in this app he offen uses loading loading may foot . Worst worst worst foolishing people by using internet to this app and making money ahhh.developer should go and heal . Don't teach us we have seen many wwe championships games we played u gone mad u making fool for the people by make this app u r mad understand think to develope not to level up u understand u better understand.
Still not much has changed I enjoy the game but minor fixes they just don't get addressed when making big changes in the game #makeWWEchampionsbetter
You are making the game boring Flash feuds times are riduclas for a game played world wide and the blitz rewards are ridiculous. Playing for 3 years and it's getting ridiculous. I have invested in this game and I feel its not giving back to me. More expensive than PlayStation games and add on products.
I liked the game very much and I love it playing but still some thing is missing. Yes. I am talking about the tag. You can only tag when the player asks and th e system should be that you can tag anytime after 1 minutes. it's ok. Still I liked it and rating 5 stars. An amazing game made by Scopely. Loved it
The game is fun & the prizes have gotten better,but it's a very addictive game & cost lots of money to play. But it's a very cool & fun game.
His is a great game with the exception of one or two things. I don't like to have to pay in order to advance n the game. But it seems like that's the only way to get by. All I kept receiving was the same 3 characters over and over again. Until I had to for over cash to advance
The overall user experience is a nightmare. While there are some fun aspects to the game in terms of roster building and movesets, nothing comes close to the way the player is treated like absolute garbage by this company. On a weekly if not daily basis, there are messed up rewards that are shrugged off with the poorest possible apology and no recompense. If you are thinking about trying this game, don't.
The past 2 months they finely made some improvements. It's more injoyable. You can do more stuff and actually earn more characters with out forking out a bunch of money.
It has really bad loading issues with the picture if you stay in the game for a long periods of time which is really annoying.
Game itself is fun. Problem is when there's a tech issue Scopley only gives lip service and doesn't actually help you resolve the issue. The game starts freezing when switching screens after 10-20 minutes of playing. I've contacted their "customer service" multiple times and got only generic "we're working on it" messages. This has been a problem for well over a month and I've gotten no actual help. I would not recommend this game due to non-existent customer service.
Some bugs is there. Also we dont need guidence how to play. By clicking on guide hand it is hanging. When i try to open a bag it is hanging. Plz solve that bug..
Doesn't like top listen to their players , every change is made to assist the top factions in game and if your not in top 10 will have a hard time hitting milestones. Everything is being based on a pay to play to help cover cost of new games developers are purchasing. Odds are horrendous when making a purchase to do a pull. May spend 400.00 on 55 pulls per 100.00 and still walk away within absolutely horrible pulls and will tell you something in pull but will have different items. Run!!
I used to LOVE this game. It often brought me back to beloved times when "marking out" was not an act to be ashamed of. I don't like the addition of the straps, jand enjoyed myself much more when it did not cost half my salary just to compete. I mourn the days when 3*G was the highest a superstar could go. I miss more about past versions with each update. They say success breeds much greed and desire for greater success and the game's evolution of is exhibit A.
Just when the cash grabs couldn't get any worse, they get worse. Be prepared to open your wallet. Constantly drop bugged events, bugged gems, trainers and no fix in site. You know what is usually right and fixed asap when broken. The store to buy microtransactions. Naturally that's gets fixed immediately. If you want to spend your house payment on a mobile game this is the place for you! The only reason a lot of the players still play the game is the amount of money invested into it.
It's a fun game. A lot of fun. Its definitely getting better. *Update: this game has GOTTEN better. New content always! I mean I effin love it! Hey, who's a sexy beast and doesn't go a day without playin this game?? Yep, my girlfriend. But I also check in frequently as well.. lol.. jk but hands down, this is easily my favorite game for the past year at least. Thanks. BTW I spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars the past 5 months alone. So if wanna give me a bday gift as a ty. Feb.2nd is my bday
I just downloaded today and got to league 2. While doing what The Rock was telling me to do, my game freeze when I go back to claim my first bag. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no avail. Might have been a fun game, but I guess it's not meant to be.
This beautiful Game is completely unique and people who thinks that this game is candy crush then I'm sure that you just know how to match gems, just have a look to titles, medals, store and types of gems + moves set ups. You won't be successful until someone experienced guy teaches you or you yourself become experienced.
DO NOT SPEND REAL MONEY because they have terrible customer service & support. They have not fixed anything in over a year. Nearly fifty messages later and having to send nearly 50 screenshots per their request and they have done NOTHING. They acknowledged that they have not provided ANY of the rewards promised in the update to tons of users, but have no timeline to fix it (but they keep releasing paid products DAILY). Instead of fixing the existing issues, they just keep deceiving users.
Hi guys I'm having a big problem with my game. No events have been opening in my game for three days now. What's the problem? As soon as I cover the event option, the game hangs. Please help me. This is a problem. Everything else is open. Everything is normal, but as soon as you click on the event option, the game will be done.
Don't get this game. Screws you out of your loot. Always freezes up. Especially after I win and not get my loot. Never works half the time. Have to close the game a few times just to play. Freezes alot through the day. Annoying as hell. I give this game no stars if I could.
It is a great wrestling game its like the WWE meets candy crush but I just tried to update it but its not working. As a game 5 stars with it now not working as it goes from 2020 to 2021 0 stars. Its extremely hard to get the monthly superstars unless you get very lucky. Except the automatic one around the 28th day.
Been trying to get into the legacy showdown matches. Spent probably 250000 credits refreshing and only one battle in 16 hours. All other opponents were attacked recently and not available messages. Kinda hard to gain points when ya cant play.
Don't download or play this game until the developers listen to feedback and change. Some characters are OP others too weak. Yet they dont adjust, so as it stand, it's dreadful.
I love the game used to play it some years ago, there's one thing that keeps happening tho. It keeps freezing up when I try to upgrade my players please fix this, and also it's kinda glitchy at times other than that it's a cool game.
Well 4 stars, Im sorry but your refresh idea where we waste coins does not work, are you kidding me. What a waste of my coins, I refreshed 4 times in a row just to see and WOW..NOTHING. Anothet thing I don"t know why I waste my time rating, thete is never a reply. Well could it be that you creators are actually involved in every faction and ALL YOUS WANNA DO IS TAKE ALL OF OUR REAL MONEY ??? ARE YOUS KIDDING ME??? YOUS GIVE RIDICULOUS FREEBIES THAT EVENTUALLY WE HAVE TO SPEND TOP DOLLARS TO BIG!
Changed mind Things are too hard to get. At first game play is fun but there is a big curve if you don't spend actual money do yourself a favor and skip
We USED to play all the time. But now, the game won't load....on any of our devices! Even tried to uninstall and reinstall. It's a great game, but there's ALWAYS some kind of issue going on.
For the past 3 YEARS, I would, hands down, vote this game as the most structured and easy to play app in the ENTIRE Play store, but for the past 3-4 days I have had nothing but issues on top of issues with this app. It makes no sense to have to uninstall and then reinstall the app just to play the game!!! What in the blue HELL happened?!?! (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's catchphrase) Ever since you introduced the last update, this game is not even worth the bandwidth needed to download it.
This game has its fun moments, but the reality is, if you want to get good characters and compete, you are gonna spend a lot of money. Thousands of dollars. Their pull odds are .001%. People spend $300-500 in order to get the featured superstars. Dont start playing this game. Plan a vacation instead Update: they have just turned the one part of the game that was fun and free, into a total cash grab. Also, it went from being a few hours of play, to an entire weekend of play needed. Stay away!
To be honest this game not even 1 star.The game is fun but after awhile will feel board because of the matches. Even after clear the daily taak still have to clear it everyday by manuelly. The skip ticket not enough. I hope the skip ticket can be replace by coins or purchase it in the store by using coins instead of using cash. And as for events matches require too many rare superstar that not many of us can afford to spent. The farming for TP and material for superstar also not enough.
Game is just acting so stupid stuck in loading screens glitches freezes just unfortunate because i like the game but im unable to play it.
Game used to be enjoyable now so much is behind a pay wall to increase. Tours which were started when my roster was less powerful are now behind a league scheme and won't unlock until you rank up which costs a lot. Monthly challenges are increasingly hard to compete in. Older players can struggle through with their rosters but new players no hope!
Lags badly!! Always during feuds aswel. 1 star rating for gameplay 😴 Also, the mixed showdown event happening now. Exactly how many times should i refresh opponents before i am actually able to find 1 that hasn't been recently attacked 😴
This game is incredible and it gives you new content everyday. You can play for years and still will have plenty more to do because they are constantly adding more. The one thing about this game though is it is money hungry. You can play without ever paying but it baits you to pay to finally get what you want or need to improve and advance. Even when you pay your chances are very slim that you will get what you want. Its still a great game. I'm not much into mobile games but I play daily.
Have played this game for a while now on different devices. Game play is great fun way to spend some time. Only complaint is that during month long contests you don't get enough chances to upgrade your new wrestlers without making purchases. Has become a money game if you want to upgrade your roster. If you don't want to make purchases you are penalized by what's available.
At one time i would have rated this game at least 4 star that was at least 2 years ago.... Now they get a 1 star and thats because i cannot give a 0.... This app is always shutting down i cant even play it like before.... I have spent alot of money playing this game and i am completly unsatisfied at the fact i cannot get anyone to help resolve this issue i have. I have done al the stuff suggested by my faction to no avail why wont the developers fix their app
Really fun and addicting!!! Broad range of wrestlers - old and new. Only downside is that you are limited on the events you can take part in without buying the event bundles. It's easy to spenz several hundred to several thousand dollars and still not get the character(s) necessary for the event. However, without said characters, there are plenty of things to keep you busy. Love the game. Man, I'm gonna be poor.
Good so far...some slow loading Had to change my review..assets bundle error happening multiple times daily..waste of time and resources...I spent real money on this game..uninstalling..not acceptable!
Frustrated! I can again only repeat my 1 star rating as you have pigeon toed us with the expeditions. They are for useless belts 99% of the time now. Health packs and coins are becoming rarer every day. This game is quickly aproaching full pay to play alienating the majority of the player base. Please rotate expos with health packs & other resorces equally. We dont need all the straps. (Edit Jan 3) Nothing improved, infact things are worse.
Good game. Would rate higher if it weren't so hard to obtain top tier superstars that you need for every event or to even be competitive. What isn't out of reach through playing, you have to purchase at ridiculously small odds of getting the top tier talent. Then there's the champions club that doesn't help in events unless you pay $50 a month. The factions make it bareable because you meet awesome people. If not for that, it would get 1 star
I love this game, it's very fun, and time consuming, it also puts a good twist on the matching game, but if your not into matching games, you will not like it.
I have been playing this game on and off since release and have had several issues. The games updates always seem rife with bugs and issues and I have watched the requirement of pay to win get higher and higher with all wwe games. My son (9) is constantly trying to buy loot tokens to try and get new characters and to play tours that they are required for. What happened to games where you could use in game currency to buy things or real cash to do it faster. I can't afford to pay that much
Always freezes up. Especially after I win and not get my loot. Never works half the time. Have to close the game a few times just to play. Freezes alot through the day. Annoying as hell. I give this game no stars if I could.
This is a great WWE game and if you like the genre. With the animations of the moves are cool. Some clumsiness in the menus with a bit of lag in the menus. But overall great match 3 game.
Don't bother. If you haven't played yet stay away. Poor customer service and it continues to get worse. The game use to be fun but Scopely has done an amazing job figuring out how to destroy the game and continually figures out ways to to screw people. Constant issues with paid subscriptions and they just don't care. Scopely is pathetic. Stay away.
Good game but i did a rewards offer for the cash used in the game and was never rewarded BS!! And i see alot if people saying the game is only fun when you spend money not true i havent spent a dime and i have 3 top male stars and 2 top females if you spend more then 10-15 bucks on a game like this your a child or a damn clown
In the past I gave this game a 1 star rating, because I had this installed on Android tablet. I downloaded this game on BlueStacks and it works very smoothly! I really love playing WWE Champions and I espcially love matching tiles!
Great game very addictive. Impossible to get new Superstars as the crooked loot system is real in this game. You never get enough time to get all needed loot boxes. Combined with the fact that lootboxes almost never give shards. But hey you can pay 6 bucks a month to get access to a premium Superstar as long as you are member. (You lose access after premium expired) or you can spend 6 bucks for a token and then still get a superstar you already have. Makes the game unplayable after first 3 tours
Can never access any "events" coz that tab is always empty...alway. Can't access roster screen ever since last update, game freezes theokent that tab is clicked. Insufferably greedy tactics, not that it's hindered me playing w/o spending any cash at all but it still needed pointing out!.
The game is so awesome Honestly but i have one problem that it is very Hard to get any superstars which makes the cash useless, can you guys make more loots that can only be obtained by cash ?
Bad Customer support I love this game, but it don't have customer support that cares about the people that make their company work. In app purchases are not recommended you'll get ripped off and they will do nothing to help you this game owes me at least $150 in purchases never received or vip membership that were broken or not received because of a device change which is another thing be very cautious of keeping you player information because the link to recover has never worked one time for me
Over the last year this game has really gone downhill due to the expectations expected on there player base to spend hundreds of pounds on a weekly basis to get there new characters and being able to progress on there tours the game used to to be amazing .The graphics are great and gameplay is great it's just really the bad monthly events now in recent month the game has improved alot given alot of new features and better rewards I hope they'll keep this I'm now beginning to enjoy the again
Don't waste your time or hard earned money on an app. Gameplay is sometimes ok. Online events, not so much. Unless you spend a fair amount, that will be the only time you get support to fix issues. E.g. you used to get 7 full days to complete the HHH tour, now you get 6. Talk to their "support" and you get zip for a response in return. Spend your money on disadvantaged people, people you know who are struggling or put it toward a mortgage. At least you / others will get something out of it.
One of best games around but after last update I m not able to see ads for free coins so lower rating otherwise love this game plz fix this developers
You better be rich if you want to start playing this game. Odds of the loot so tiny that only a very select few will get any decent characters. Seriously it's not worth the time, money and effort.
The Game is becoming unplayable day by day. Higher prices for subscription and packs ruined popularity... It's unfair to ask money for every new superstar event. instead if prices kept lower and focus on volumes I.e. number of users. I think still game can survive
I remembered this game and my old account. I wanted to see if I could use it again but I never linked a facebook account and I can't remember the name of it. That was annoying, but I got over it. I remember this game being better. But now everything seems to cost real money and the game is extremely glitchy. I doubt this will ever be fixed but I'd really like it if it was.
Played this game for years now and its getting beyond a joke. Unless you spend serious money you have no chance in showdown events and other events. Scopely are just interested in money and not user experience.