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WW2 Battle Front Simulator

WW2 Battle Front Simulator for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Cogoo Inc. located at 40, Cheonggyecheon-ro, 12F Suite 1206, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is great but it really needs some planes maybe even an some warships please add these things even without those it's a really great game but I would like to have those in there please thank you please make more games like this.
Super Great game!!!beautiful animation,graphics,gamplay,just want to suggest add a airforce in sandbox mode like helicopter,jet...thnks
This is a great game so far, I just have one complaint, I was expecting the pacific theatre in this game to, thats why i'm giving it only 4 stars.
Just how people are talented suprises me. In this sand box there is no limits on how many people you can spawn different maps and online sessions. 5. Stars
This game is fun and a lot of fun to play with friends but the thing is its annoying to just place a unit and I want to see a thing where you can set it to defense or offense
Can you please ad planes on sandbox mode and custom mode and also please ad gas mask army men and a boss solider and can you ad trenches people can put on the map other than that like this game
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Can't give it a minus . Don't waste your time. Need to straighten out the problem with the server continually crashing, makes for network play an impossible endeavor. If your going to launch a new game then you should probably have bugs like this ironed out. Still waiting on a fix.
This game is amazing but when I use fuel it doesn't play it just sits there plz fix the bug also old add more factions and maps like Japan Britain French Italian please also add paratroopers and where I can set troops to defense and I'd also like to customise my soldiers and improve the aim please but overall this game is good just add the stuff and fix the fuel bugg
Have played this for no more than 30 seconds and it doesn't work, buttons don't respond so can't claim rewards and can't even start battles! Claimed the 300 gold for Lunch reward tried to play first story mode mission could start battle button not responding, came out of the mission to see that the 300 good was gone. Disappointed looked good but no point downloading doesnt work at all
Game is sooper despite its many flaws one of my favorite games im addicted to the game its still a working progress i think you make the upgrades a little cheaper i really wish yall would make were you could make your soldiers stay in one spot in custom mode make it more realistic and wont be one jiant glob of soldiers in one tiny spot im giving this game five star because i think it will BECOME A 10 STAR GAME but i think best sandbox war game in the playstore!!!
The SERVER for this game SUCKS pus from a dead dogs eye!!!!! Can't give it a minus . Don't waste your time. Need to straighten out the problem with the server continually crashing, makes for network play an impossible endeavor. If your going to launch a new game then you should probably have bugs like this ironed out. Still waiting on a fix that will probably never come. Punk Sissy Losers
Its a fun game but the online part needs more work. In one of my first battles I was placed with an enemy player with all level 100 troops (everything i had was level 1)
The game is fun. Just that I lost all of my data and purchases I made when buying gold after reinstalling the game. I can't even restore my purchases in the settings. Please help.
Hello,this is a really decent game and I like it personally and I would love custom mode to be fixed and sturmtiger in the game its strumtiger so its probably a typo and in custom i would like multiple select and place but other than that I love the game
Downloaded the game played it for a few hrs and tried to play the next day and would not play just stayed stuck in the loading screen saying waiting to verifying data. So i uninstalled and reinstalled the game still kept saying waiting to verify data.
I like this game but it needs factions like Japan and Great Britain and needs some aircraft landing boats maps with water so you can land troops and tanks and that will make you're game better and I don't mind the graphics it may be poopy some say but it actually good recommend this for people who want an easy simple strategy game
This is a really great game but you should add more countries to it because it would make it more fun and you should make special units available for free with the custom mode.
I like this game a lot , but I'm waiting for the Pacific front , so please add the Pacific front as soon as possible . That's my suggestion. Hope you read this and add the Pacific front.
It's a good game but the graphics on the units could be improved in- game. o also can you add a japanese faction?
This game is very good as a world war fan this game is for me the only thing i would like if you add planes to the game so we can have air to air combat other then that 10\10 good job 5 stars
Wow I have been looking for this kind of game And its Great!, the story custom battles everything about it is so cool, I love it! I do suggest like taking control of a unit you dont have to do it but I would love to see it in game! 5 stars
Good game just its slow so can you add a ghraphics buttion to lower them? That would be a great help and Epic units you get from videos are perminant instead of 1 battle. Thats my only complaints and I know it is new and you guys are working hard! Keep up the great work! πŸ‘
I will say it could use air units, but out of the other battle simulators THIS IS AWSOME. If you like war simulators this is your best bet!
The game is really really fun and cool it would be awesome if we could put down like helicopter's and planes in and in obstacles you could put like destroyed Russian plane and heli and also a usa and a Germany One too! Keep up the great work!
Great, but there should be a unit control mode in the future. I took one star away beause there is a bug where you can't collect your rewards :(
This game is fun. However it gliches out A LOT. I was doing custom mode and what happen was I was placing some german soilders down for my EPIC battle when it gliched out SO MUCH. What happen was I had to restart my ENTIRE MASTERPIECE. On the other hand this game is REALLY Fun and pretty acaurate when It comes to story mode.
It's really fun but more types of units would be cool like navy, airplanes, bombers, nukes? and maybe the ability to play as one of your units in a battle but overall fun
I think it is a amazing view of the eastern and western front, my only complaint is that it does not have the Pacific front. And that you only have ground forces, mabey add air and naval power.Great but needs improvement.
Everyone who thinks this is a bad game has not even played it for 1 minute when i jumped in there was so many cool modes my friends and I loved war stuff when we were kids and games like this didnt exist cant wait to get with my friends and show them this great job on this game πŸ˜πŸ‘
Okay whoever the developers are need to be fired....the A.I. is extremely poorly done...tanks and other heavy armor immediately engaging and attacking ground troops and ignoring the enemies armored troop types is completely a joke....no stars until this kind of stuff is addressed and corrected
sad...i really enjoyed this app when i had some down time, however when you get to approximately levels 10 thru 13...you won't be able to go any further unless you spend money...sad
I think this game is great but you should add cover that units should take and add a way for units to not move also a bunker troop would be nice. And I think body's shouldn't dissappear.
Amazing i actually have a few ideas that could make the game a bit more adventurous.First of all i think you could add trenches so you could create hold down posistions.Next i think you could add bunkers because i would like to do a d day without mg nests.Also i think you should have the option to keep soldiers in place because my artillery keeps heading towards the battle when i want to keep them back. I hope you this, Also how do you defeat the minsk on the eastern front?
The game is good but when i play sandbox it tells me ive won fifty gold but then it ticks back to zero so i get nothing ive been playing for ages and cant any gold
Being a ww2 fanatic you can easily guess that I really enjoy the game. BUT, you stated a while back that another front was "coming soon". Please don't cancel that protect. Really looking forward to that new part of the game. I've already completed the story mode twice and I'm doing it again because I now know certain details about upgrading some of the units. Anyways hope you really read our feedback and do all you so we, the gamers can have awesome gaming experiences.
Very good game, it's fun to create massive battles with tanks and hundreds of infantry, tho the camera movement could be better and the troop placement also could be improved, there are adds before Every battle but it's not that irritating.
It's a cool game, I've been looking for this type of game for years, I have suggestions tho like pls add naval warfare in it, add warships, submarines, planes and other stuff, and other countries too
I would've given a 5 star if not for the sandbox glitch. Even if I win one, my gold still stays the same. Can you fix it?
The reason why it says restore is probably cuz can you please add like I don't know bunkers and trench defenses that you can spawn in also make it to where the true so you spawn in can hop in the trenches and defend your position from there and also add World War 1 tanks
Great game...when it works. When you try to start battles the battle will not start and if you leave the battlefield and come back in your fuel is gone. I have lost at least 20 fuel to this bug. I enjoy the game so I use gold to buy fuel and have lost it too. Ineven spent 5 dollars on gold and lost the majority of the fuel i bought with purchased gold. Come on developers fix this bug!!
Good game, until you get matched with someone with units that are significantly higher than you. But since there's other modes that I enjoy more I give 4 stars 🌟
I would love to see shotguns and a japaneese faction. Plus aircraft.. But other than that the game is absloutly amazing.. And to counter the aircraft. Some flak guns. And the americans need their own artillery gun.. And maybe a ocean map for like maybe amphibious landings or custom spots for units like there is in the story mode.. And higgins boats that you can put your own landing forces on... Like you can in ancient warfare 3.. Please make these ideas come true
I really REALLY love this game. It's a really fun game that I play when I have some time on my hands. Some things I would like to see are different factions (such as Britain and Japan), the ability to change the line settings and some aircraft. Also the machine gun nest price is too high for the price that it is you can get two machine gunners and they wreck it. Otherwise it's a good game.
It would be a better game if the tanks didn't cost so much gold and if their was more countries like france, poland, UK, Japan, Italy etc. And also the tanks need have better animation, the wheels and treads don't move which is unrealistic.
I would like to give this more stars but the metals you receive in battle always disappear so it says I have zero but I've played like so many games and I win two metals per game that I should have like 10 at least or more you know and it just keeps going back to zero after every game. It is the same with gold. Pretty cool fun game.
I like it but I wish we could have some Japanese troops to and maybe some marine troops for the Americans and be able to make d-day battles with the ramp actually dropping and German bunkers and be able set people on defending and attack and have air battles and navy battles and please make bodies stay on the ground and maybe some medics also I would like to be able to set people on hold position last one I would love some British units and everything in sandbox mode is unlocked.
Overall th game is gud,i wud hav givn 3 🌟 but now im facing issue of gold earned in any game is not getting added to th total.plz fix it. Ad units like officer, flamethrower, gas atack,etc. Try 2 make it easy to put same unit in a straight line may b by dragging finger on screen. Ad contries lik italy,japan,france etc.Map gets choppy after 20000 coins _plz fix it. Your game has great potential exploit it. Find match in network hame mode is too indiscriminate fix it plz.i hav to fight 100 lv guy
I really like it cause it has a D-DAY field,also,when my costume map ended,when I put soldiers but left is blue and right is red and when it ended the war,it says that left is red now win and blue is right that win,which one is right?could you fix it developer pls,thx and I love that you put cutscene when I already play and the story mode,thxπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²
I like the costume play, its fun and funny. If there was a update, it will make this game fun, no words just fun. You cant rotate the buildings to a diffent angle but im cool with it, plus if they added bunkers or trenches it would make the game better, like, if your building d-day, boom thats where the bunker goes in.
This is the best app ever!the only reason I put 4 or 4.5 is because the number of ads this game threw at me was so much that I bursted,please make no ads free
It was cool and all but could you add like the japanese,british and french military that will be cool
Very good for being low graphic it's a good game there is online and a story line a a sandbox and one thing can you please change the amount of gas you get by a add 3 enstead of 1 and please add objectives you can put on troop like Gaurding patrolling and going to a spot to take over the area
Would be the perfect ww2 strategy game if there was way less ads and more choice of nations for example the uk or Poland or Japan or China. This game is a good foundation well balanced and structured to make bringing combined arms worth the points cost. Overall a good experience just less adverts would be nice. A offline mode is needed desperately for custom battles. Offline mode is important for games like this. Artillery spam is op please nerf
I do not like this game.and the problem is 1.you need to fix the direction of the bomber.beacause i cannot hit the base,its only hit the other way.but sometimes i can hit the base. 2.sometimes the game can be fun,but i always been disconected from server well sometimes. Well that's it all the problems.
It is a good game but I wish you could control you men like make them walk or stay in position or run and I also would like some maps like valleys desserts conveys if you can make this possible please consider this
This game is really fun but the western front is way harder than the eastern front. It will be cool if you could add planes that you could place or make the western front easier.
I love this game but hate how you need fuel to continue it really gets annoying Ang stops progress and only lets you play for a bit wish you could have unlimited times to play
A very fun game, kinda strategy wisy, but I things happen, please take note, I think the tiger tank shuled one shot anything, although I know it cant, I just thing that wuled be fun, you might say well that's just overpowering the other people, well that can just go buy it, not that hard. Anyway good game I enjoyed it 5/5 wuled play again (I know this dosent help I'm just trying to give out a laugh or 2)
It's a very cool game but it's a bit laggy sometimes you could do some improvements but it's an all around good war game
good game has lots of potential in it and fun levels but i wish you can have plane and specific maps where you have ships as well and please add the pacific front and more countries which you can play as thx☺☺☺
Just what I was looking for , could be better with more money to start with , good challenge, would recommend to anyone who likes strategy games
Hello developer hope your reading this. So I've been playing this game for a long time πŸ™‚ but I think something is missing. Maybe we can add some planes? Planes will be great for sandbox/custom battle so please add planes. :)
Decent game, unfortunately wont be playing anymore, until the devs start policing all the people who have hacked the game and banning them. Players are deploying 30 + maxed tanks on wave 1. Edit. The cheats are back in force, low level players with maxed premium units all over the place, either sort out the cheats or give us a mechanism to report them so they can be banned.
It is an ok game but wish there was planes and you can tell your army where to go and if you can contorl them would be better
I like the game. It has great petential and the custom battles are amazing, But it is a little glitchy, so that's my only complaint.
Cool, but theres a glitch where battling MY own save take up fuel in sandbox, and i know its supposed to be free because it said "free" on the attack button, wont play until fix :D
I loved this game but deleted it and came back 2 months later and man alot has change love the improvements your the best developer the reason why I rated it 4 star because something happened to the sandbox mode though I missed it I know its still there but now your money lowers down I wish you get rid of that on sandbox like it used to can you please put like we can dig for trenches or a bunker
The gameplay is really good, but after the first battle it wouldn't me play. The start battle button didint work. It works now. It wouldent save my custom game. And network battles either dont work or take to long.
Love the game the only problem i have is with Network battle I just download the game of few days ago and my highest level is a 14 the rest are level 1 units I'll find matches where I'm up against players with level 100 units and sometimes level 100 decks That can Slaughter my units without effort. There needs to be something to separate the high-level players from the low-level players like a ranking system
I really enjoy this game. Would be better if you could give more sophisticated commands to units like hold position, retreat or even choose their direction of attack to avoid units clumping togethor as they currently do. Overall though a great game. Good stuff.
Like the game a lot, but I think it would be cool if a player had more control over the unit attack...by either setting units to attack certain enemy or doing so during battle by tap and holding a tank say...and then tapping an enemy unit...and the ability to maybe setting a unit to hold and defend a position before battle begins...either way I love the game idea...I will continue to play...great work!
Can't give it a minus . Need to straighten out the problem with the server continually crashing, makes for network play an impossible endeavor. If your going to launch a new game then you should probably have bugs like this ironed out.
Concept & Story WW2 Battle Front Simulator begins it’s story on June 22nd, 1941 at the Eastern Front. Dubbed Operation Barbarossa, Germany committed a huge force of troops and by August 25th, 1941 the eastern front was moving into Russia itself. Story mode takes players to major eastern front battles from Leningrad, Rostov, Moscow to Stalingrad between Germany & USSR. Later it takes players to the western front where USA attacks Germany starting in France taking over one city at a time.
One of the best WW2 mobile games but I have a few bad points. Can't delete a sandbox game and it's also quite laggy at times. I would love to see more types of building and unit types but the ones in the game already are great. It might be too much but it would be nice to customise a soldier. Last point *MOST IMPORTANT* Please add a feature so you can set troops to defensive mode and so that they don't advance.
Not the worst and also not the best. The controls and graphics are good but what I don't like is how little cash you earn from each level. And I have this problem where when I go to do other players custom levels, it doesn't give me the 50 gold so please fix that.
the online mode is very bad, it is impossible to win and most of the players are bots. its like when you legit are going to win they're at low hp and you think you have it. some how the game gives them like extra money and buffed units and completely destroys you, the campaign, sandbox, and custom are very fun, but the online network is bad, very impossible.
Great it's really fun but when you run out of fuel you have to wait 7mins to get 1 fuel an if you watch a ad to get more fuel you can only do that once than you have to wait an hour great game overall I'm a army person I love army*
I really enjoy this game. However, I'm sure many people have said this but I don't like the fuel system at all. Campaign is super fun the fuel limitation is the only thing keeping me away from fully liking the game. It's just too annoying to be in it. Other than that, 4/5.
Excellent game in free mode even with all the ads in there, which is a lot. But after buying gold for real money start crashing at freez all the time, also no more free gold. You earn free gold in battles but than it disapear somewhere. So, do not buy anything for real money in this game if you want to enjoy it.
What would like more units like air planes, battleships and more fractions like Japanese and more but can you please be able to control a unit please and I would like bunkers with a unit inside the bunkers
This is a simple but excellent game with hidden gameplay complexity. There is no perfect strategy to win, every unit has it's nemesis. Some maps have an element of luck so the new player has a chance against the veteran if they can seize the initiative. The only drawback is the limited number of online PvP maps. New maps would be a huge bonus to spice things up for the loyal fan. Overall, excellent!!!
Very great & unique game but since I'm horrible at strategy games I dont have the most fun in campaign, but still a great game. But I've still been waiting for the Japanese front but when I checked it was gone so I dont know if they trashed it or they are about to launch it but until then I must give 4 stars.
Disconnected by server error? Why this always happen when i just started to play this game.. Then it's also hang... When i start it back, my points is losing. Too waste much time to collect a victory. Only just defeated. I give u my middle finger!
I absolutely love this game, just a couple things, I wish that there was an air force in this and let us have more fuel to start in stead of just five fuel tanks. But other than that, I highly recommend this game and anyone should give it a chance to try it out.
The PvP has REAL server connection issues, my game keeps crashing due to diconnecting. Storyline is nice, there is sandbox, an overall very good idea
So far the game is great, but to make it amazing you guys should add some naval and air units, also add the ability to make trenches.
Great game one problem is that I wish you could make your own air and sea battles custom mode stuff. And one more thing is that you cant in the game it kicks you out and freezes loading up also you can't play modes it locks up and crashes and the device playing on it has to factory reset please fix this bug 😑. And do all my updates please 😊.
If you are looking for a war game download this this game is so fun you can even create your own battle and you don't need Wi-Fi or data you can play online and fight other people and the game is so addicting!
amazing but you should add . more factions .navel and air battles and . to have the ability to have troops defend and attack. able to have landing craft and for the d day map to allow units to face the other way but i still love the game
I lost all my progress after i reinstalled the game as it was showing server error for a day and restore purchase don't work!!!!!! How to get back my profile. I played nearly 1800 games and all records are gone. Please help.
This game in my opinion has so much potential. I love learning about ww2 and history in general and I think the units and campaign do an incredible job of teaching you about the war. The reason I left a 4 star instead of a 5 star was because it could still be improved on. I would love to keep seeing this game get better. Highly recommended, one of the best battle simulators on mobile I think
The game is great, but I do have some suggestions. 1.Bunkers and more obstacles 2.Ability to move and change the shape of each side 3.More maps 4.Airplanes 5.Ships and boats 6.Trenches If you can add any of these suggestions, I would be glad :)
Love the create your own battle mode,but,when i make a huge miltary for battle game has trouble operating and slows down to a crawl...fix hight miltary movement battle speed for better combat.
The game itself is great but I've noticed the game is very payed to win in some cases such as some levels in the campaign or the online where some missions will have premium vehicles that are almost impossible to beat with what you are given for free
I love this game I really like it but one thing that it can improve on is giving us more coins to use and being able to see how much coins the enemy has used. And I would really like the story mode to be easier
It overall, is a fun game, but it seems a bit underdeveloped, i think adding stuff like air and naval battles and maps would be cool, maybe some sort of form of a mixture of air and ground combat could be cool, or naval combat and air combat, so like bombers and cruisers and stuff like that, also, i think there should be more features like maybe there could be a Japanese Empire faction, or a KAR Faction, and new campaigns like the pacific war or a North African Campaign in the Story mode
the game is awesome but can u make a option where player can make the troop to entrench themself or stay in a defensive position. it will be nice if the troop can also enter a building and fire from it that all.
Would be the perfect ww2 strategy game if there was way less ads and more choice of nations for example the uk or Poland or Japan or China. This game is a good foundation well balanced and structured to make bringing combined arms worth the points cost. Overall a good experience just less adverts would be nice. A offline mode is needed desperately for custom battles. Offline mode is important for games like this
I like the game, but theres to many ads, whenever I start the battle theres an ad please make custom mode have no ads. Also make more countrys.
Great game I've played it multiple times the only thing would change about it is the battle feild like on the D-day map I wish I could set the Germans to where the bunkers are and also the ability to make unites stay in place and please add more factors like French Japanese and British it's a great game none the less
I really like this game but,can u make the building destructable,and,trees,etc and I will rate it to five stars,thank you.
The game is fine and all, but when I want to do a sandbox game - (Custom mode) I get adds when I want to start the battle.. Also I will appreciate if you can remove the adds thank you, and if you can support Google Games, I would be happy, and if you can try to support it so I don't have to lost my progress.. For any Gamers {Mobile Gamers/Your personal interests} I recommend this sandbox game if you want realistic warfare and haves a storyline.. Also If you have Patience. there's adds.
The idea is good. The game has potential but has a lot of bugs. When I try to start a battle, it uses a fuel but the round doesn't start. And when I try again it uses another fuel and the round doesnt start. When this happens I have to close the game and reload which takes a few minutes.
So perfect, on my iPhone it worked perfectly! There's no perfect way to win.. It's very simple! (I use custom mode because I don't feel like playing publicly)
I like it but I wish we could have some Japanese troops to and maybe some marine troops for the Americans and be able to make d-day battles with the ramp actually dropping and German bunkers and be able set people on defending and attack and have air battles and navy battles and please m ake bodies stay on the ground and maybe some medics also I would like to be able to set people on hold position last one I would love some British units and when soldiers die they drop their guns.
Very nice game but in story mode, I always need fuel and I have 5 fuels, also I like how it's all historical so it's 10/10. Keep up the good work!
Pretty fun game!! Only thing I dont like so far is the fuel system. After starting story mode got 5 games in and no more gas left. I dont think the story mode should have to use gas or atleast give more gas to use instead of just 5 or 6.
This game sucks, firstly, as a new player, the PVP Battles are pretty much impossible to win. Secondly, Fuel shouldn't be a thing. They only allow are 3 Canisters of Fuel to be used. Thirdly, the game is incredibly boring. I have noting to do. Like all I do is play Custom Mode, which is ok. Just that the game isin't as realistic. Basically, I don't recommend you playing this game. It is a complete waste of time.
I love this game but i think you should be able to Klick on any unit and control them and when your playing as that character you can go to other npc's and tap them and make them fallow u and add planes and helicopters and bigger maps thanks 😊
The game is so much fun! But i'd like if there was new maps and more units like an medic. And i wish there was a 1st Person Control where you can control a unit and tell them where to go. It would be fun if this was like a commanding game but it's VERY FUN To play so Keep up the good work ;)
I like the game that i saw shade of piece of ad and lagging with ads always their and only you have 5 fuels only and you need more money to spend to get epic tanks , soldiers and decal to decorate background about why you need to spend more than 2.000.000 dollars to get 5.000 golds? However i deleted and sorry ...
Should be a 5 star review because it's a great game but everytime I play and win SANDBOX I dont get the coins or the medals. Fix the problem and I'll give you 5. You owe me at least 100 wins.
It's nice. And I love the exotic tanks in it. But why is it when I'm going to win the game it cuts me out. And when you are going to loose hands down. It has no problem keeping you in.
U guys have great potential in this game fix the slow down but problem and have more missions in story mode I just spent 10$ if you guys can make it better I'll continue to buy the items u have that's all I have for now thanks and will give 5 stars I really love it now impress me gents
this game is awesome but could you add like naval with battleships and new maps and also that you could control them although this game runs smoothly god bless the makers of this game
When you get to this one certain level it's technically impossible from every move I've been trying for a month it sucks in the beginning it was fun but now it's not now it's just frustrating. Suggest to not get this game if you don't want to lose your mind.
Its good, People who like War should really play this. But i do have a few tips... one: You should add ParaTroopers in custom mode. two: Add more Artillary and Countries. Three: Add Planes. Four: Add a few maps where you can play in custom mode with BATTLESHIPS. Last: Add types of BattleShips. Overall this Game is pretty good!