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wormate.io for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Oleksandr Godoba located at Ukraine, Odessa, Moldovanka ort.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Game is greate but there is too much lag, controller freezes mostbof the time. At certain point game freezes for a few seconds and the very next moment I'm dead. Fix your game please.
Fun little game, but so glitchy and laggy it gets frustrating. The bigger you get, which means you're winning, the glitchier it gets.
Fun and highly enjoyable. Would give more stars if they fixed the random glitching.. can ruin a good run
This game is super exciting and I Love πŸ’• the skins and accessories!!! I only have lag issues that's why I put four stars because I was in first place then I started lagging and I died some how reminder this happened multiple times and it has come to my concern...(. ❛ α΄— ❛.) but other than the lag, This game is so spectacular!
Idk y but the map is broken every time I go to a spot there is no worms it's like my game is upside down and it lags way to much. I wish y'all could fix this problem to make this game better
Before the update this was my go to game. Now it is so frustrating with the controllers moving. They have ruined the experience.
I absolutely LOVE THIS GAME . Because like you have two options to go in 2 teams and in a Arena plus wormate have candys instead on dots and when someone ( big worm ) die its magical so much candy the things i dont like is like we need internet to play plus when you are playing you see people with cool skin colours and i or whoever else have basic skin colours and thats what i dont like but either than that i LOVE THIS GAME .
I will give it 2 stars cuz it is so hard to move the worm compare to slither.io it is much better plz fix this problem
dissapointed...after update i can't played this game..even i wanna open up the game it was blank and hang...please fix it asap...
5 star rating,because This app is...AMAZING you guys should down load but... make sure you have strong internet or else you'll glitch. And Die I do not have problems Im just inlove with the game! But one thing is hard.. killing a big worm how you suppose to do that when your new.
Not many options in the world to select for all plain colors not like it shows that pictures it was very hard to maneuver the worm I would go left it would go right I would go up I would go to the side etc which made it hard to collect the little foods. Every time I would try to move away from the other ones I kept crashing into them to do the difficulty of maneuvering the worm
Veryyy diff from the old version. Hard to control. Die for no reason! As if someone else control it. Dont download this game! Its suck!!
The last update killed thisgame! The new controller is very VERY BAD! LAG went from occasional to all the time! It is impossible to play! The worm slides side ways out of nowhere then separates into pieces then comes back together. I wish I never updated this! Also, when new players join the game they spawn right in front of me. Like they literally POP UP infront of me randomly & kill me with no warning. Please change back the controller, update spawn points, and fix lag
The controls not working properly and to many adds and lag,lose the control and the connection even if the phone are connected with WiFi
Lovely and amazing game I love it . But there is one problem the problem is when the new update came for Christmas where all the background got changed we can see the map . The map i mean the small circle shaped map . grew big in size . The leaderboard is quite big and the cursor from where the worm is moving is also changed . Like everything is good enough but the game is lagging a lot. Which I dont like at all πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜‘ . Other than that the game is amazing and awesome . I love this game .
This game is the best you know, when i first started to write worm games it came wormate.io thwn when i downloaded it and started playing it was awesone damn i really love it and i even told my brothers to downliad it or play it on computers. And if your reading this tysm i'm glad you are.
This game would be soooo much better. The lobbies are too laggy. But the game is good its just laggy, also the the analog stick is unstable
Before you can play this you'll wait like forever first for the resources to be downloaded, it gets me pissed off, common what's causing this ?, it's taking so long demn"..I better uninstall this, it SUCKS!!!!
I like the game too much, it is super funny with full of joy. One thing keeps frustrating me every time im playing it (the reason i gave it 3 stars) the worm movement is full of laggs, keeps lagging in every single move. Although my phone is Note 10+. I tried to clear caches and give permission to my storage, but NO changes. Hope u guys can fix it because it is totally unplayable. Many thanks
Everything is ok but I have few problems with this game. 1. Plz enable more settings.(such as background colour, lock joystick, snake upgrades and etc.) 2. Fix the lagging issue. 3. Enable some music in the game. 4. Make the controls a bit easier. If u will fix this all issues then this game would be my very favourite game. And I'll also give it a 5 🌟. πŸ˜‰ *~Thankyou~*
There is a lag i don't like it if you wood make a new one that does not lag no wifi because that's why it lags naw some does not like the game if all gamers does not like the game they well not play it and nowan well play I hate this new update but it's still lags
Hard to play on phone, The map on phone is different from playing on computer. After update Christmas the wormate is not good like before. Very worse and worse when play on phone not smooth.
I want to give this a five-star so bad but when there's a lot of people playing and even if there's not... It gets really glitchy and then you lose control and it makes you crash. It happened so much it's not even funny. It needs to be fixed. I ended up quitting the game that I was totally addicted to because it's just getting worse. They either need to have smaller lobbies or upgrade something to where they can handle if a bunch of action is going on at once.
Fine gameplay until 30-45 minutes in, it downloads more ads and lags me out of the game. Why does it need to download ads in middle of gameplay?
i would give you five stars if there were no glitches and cheating becauze sometimes when you join you have to wait like an hour and we all hate that this game is laggy too so please if the creatore sees this fix this the other time like 2 years ago it was great! Now its just like .... not great sooooo fix this PLEASE
worst game i ever played only ads work perfectly not game so much lag in game that why 1 star for this stupid game...πŸ‘Ž
I love the game been playing for years... But the recent update has me wanting to play less.... The reason is that the new controller takes some getting used to and the map is so small now I have to bring the phone close to my face to find my dot. And that causes distraction to the game... If they change the map to regular size that would be good... And to be honest I'm really not feeling the new controller... Seems like I die more often and can't get further in the game...
I love this game and if anyone play 2nd arena lets help each others dont be greedy. This new update is annoying...the circle and speed stays in the screen and it disturbs the game...also it's getting alot of glitch problem but again make that speed and direction circle Invisible it's in the way
before updating the application is fine, but after the update it is difficult to use the worm movement control. even though it has stopped pressing the speed button but the worm is still moving fast.
This game was good and I liked it but after the first 2 times I opened it , it started crashing like 20 seconds after I'd open the app to play again, reinstalling does not work I've also tried clearing history and catches . I seen someone else with a Samsung note 9 said the same thing .... I would love to play the game but not till it is fixed for the note 9 .
Great game but can you change the thing when big worm attacks the small worm and the big worm dies pls.
The last update killed thisgame! The new controller is very VERY BAD! LAG went from occasional to all the time! It is impossible to play! The worm slides side ways out of nowhere then separates into pieces then comes back together. I wish I never updated this! Also, when new players join the game they spawn right in front of me. Like they literally POP UP infront of me randomly & kill me with no warning. Please change back the controller, update spawn points, and fix lag!
This game is very fantastic game. But one a problem. I can't move my worm properly. Suddenly my worm does not move. So I over😐. But i play or Heavy net game. They can't network problem. But this game is a network problem- my worm does not move. So, I thought yoj can solve my problem. If you can solve my problem you will got 5β˜…
This game is extremely lagging in both arena and 2 team mode which makes it a waste. This game used to be top but not anymore with these lags
On 5gz 50 Mbps wireless, this game is laggy and controls sometimes slips and prevents you from moving for around a second?
game is not runing please fix problem. only writen =loding. please fix this. I deleting game. whene game is run well I download it again. I hope developer replay me. thanks
Please πŸ™πŸ₯Ί fix the settings on the controls for the arrow which we use to point were the snake 🐍 goes it also moves slowly.
The game is awesome . But control is very bad I can't control my worm smoothly. And I don't no why is lagging .and some time my worm is dividing in many piece and join again.
It's a nice game, but there's many bad things about it too, like lagging when you're getting near to another player, or in the worst case, like I experience now, you can't even play, when you open it it just lags and stops and closes automatically, now it has been more than two weeks since I reported this problem to support email that they provided, yet nothing changed, nor they even replied.
It could be better. Honestly, It takes like so long to get not even that big. It's very slow. Controller mode also interupts because if i acidentally click it i die immediantly cause i am bad at using it. You can just put it in the settings, and the app keeps closeing. Which really sucks because i lost everything i did. I don't really like it very much. It could be very very improved.
I'm giving this review for the controls. Like whenever I'm near the giants I lag very much!!! I hate it, also the controls dknt make that much sense to me, whenever I choose the blue and yellow controllers it moves by itself. This game really needs to fix the lag between the giants and the small snakes. Also, please fix your controls
its too good, but there should be 1 more things that there should be 1 option for chatting with players πŸ™ƒ
All it does anymore is laggss. Makes me not even want to play it anymore an i love this game!!! Please fix the issue.
This is a very nice game good graphics nut when we start the game it starts lagging and when we go near to the back of which becoming big its starts lagging and is turned off by itself and whenever we die there are lits of ads please fix these problem and whenever they are solved i will surely rate it 5 stars thank you
Very fun, if you have a 120 Hz screen this games looks amazing, Edit : just to bad there are no Iraq flag :(
You should ad a ai mode so I can play because I keep losing my internet then I will put 5 star and it's so laggy I hate this game
I give it a 1 and I actually love this game..... I have played it for years and consider myself a pro but this new update is problematic for several reasons.... 1.... The map is so small I can barely see where I am. 2.... It's lagging so much since the update. 3..... The countroller from before was fine but the new one is not good.... I'm upset about the update because I play this very often but I really hate the upgrade A positive tho is the arrow leading the worm is better than the dot yeah
Game is getting stuck while paying kindly fix it .So many ads. And now they changed the controller. Please make it back as early. The controller moves wherever your hand does. Very very very bad game. The worst game I have ever played. This game is so trash because of the new version. Its controller is the main problem. It moves all around the screen. I was playing right now and was at 1 place then I fought with me enemy team blue and it just went and crashed.Never play this idiotic game 🀬 🀬
It was working fine couple days ago. Too many problems, no turning on time, To slow when you get big. To much lagging πŸ˜’ 12/21/20, New update sucks πŸ˜• I'm deleting the game today.
When I downloaded this app, it was working fine for the first few days. Then many issues started to come.. while playing it automatically comes to main screen, Delay in loading, etc.. It is a nice game. But it has lots of bugs right now. Pls fix it.
Fun game if there wasn't lag and loss of tracking my finger after said lag. It'll just lag and forget your finger is there and steer you straight into others. Works on my pc just fine, but when I connect my phone (samsung note 10+) to the same exact wifi, its still laggy.
Hi I just wanted to say that can you make the controls better like sometimes I go around the map and then some how it didn't let me go turn and then it killed me. Also can u like give us directions because it doesn't have rules that say if u go in to blue shiny worm that is bule then u die so thats it plz fix the game. And I love this game :)πŸ˜ƒ
As everyone is saying. There is a lot of lag in this game. It eats up bandwidth when playing game for downloading ads. controls are not great.
Good game ...but it always error while I'm playing it. SO now I'm very hard to play it ..But I really love this game so much....thank you...And please check controlling .
Not sure if it was intended to be this way or just mine. But I have no sound in my game... not a horrible thing. However I have been getting a lot of times (start and mid game) the game lags. Just hope the lagging could be worked on. Also, give us some music and sound effects! Edit: the new update is horrible with the controls. I find myself going all over the place and it will get stuck in one direction sometimes. Still needs work.
Was fine at first but after the Christmas update happened it got really glitchy and the control was glitched all the time
I am really sad to write this but... Gam eis smooth but the controls are realllly sketchy I ca t even control the worm when moving thr w worm it looks soo weird this was my favourite game but I am sad to delete this game I am in 52 lvl and I am gonna abandoned this account until they fix it and make it like before ytbr are gonna have loss so please fix this
it's a fun game..i enjoy it but it lagging too much..like,almost everytime i play it..its annoying ..please fix it..
The game is really fun, but I see no difference between the actual app and the one you can look up online. And when I got this game I expected It to be different and better.
Always laging after laters update. Cannot play. Very difficult tu control. Please solve the problem. Too bad. Please solve it... Still laging until now...
So my experience in this game is that I love cakes, candies, chocolates and many more chocolatey deserts so while I was playing another game I saw an advertise where this game was showed. So that moment I saw worms eating cakes, candies, chocolates and many more chocolatey deserts, seeing that my mouth started watering I was realy so hungry and I thought come on let's download the game I searched for wormate. io then I had so much fun playing the game I was like this is the best game in the 🌎
lag lag lag... even controller freezes many times. no options to reduce graphics. nobody is supposed to buy higher configuration mobile to play this if this is caused by just because i have 4gb ram phone
I like this game ever because there's no lag only is a bit lag only i login and there's clothes snakes and more
This game lags so much, like every 3 seconds it just stops and catches up in the direction im going. Also, you're suppose to cut off other players? Why is it when I'm next to another player and they hit the side of my worms face I die? Even worse why is it when I'm ahead of another player and I cut them off I die? Was going to put 2 stars but seeing so many people have the same issue and it isnt fixed yet, ill leave it at 1 star.
The new update ruined the game, it's full of lag now, the screen literally stops and the controls freeze alot + the map that got smaller wasn't a positive thing + the visible circle of the controller is not nice at all, annoying and gets in the way. It used to be my favorite game for years. But now it's completely unplayable.
The new update makes the game stop frequently and get out of the app, plus the new apdate makes so much lag, its used to be a good game without the apdate, but now it's completely unplayable
Worm physics all over the place. Try moving in a straight line all of a sudden the worm starts doing a weird twisting motion and stretches and appears to jump over half of the screen. Other than that the gameplay is passable at best.
Used to be good but doesn't play the same anymore, always laggy glitches and the map is not accurate.
If I could give negative stars I would. Very glitchy controls. Server must be Win95 or older. So overtasked. Forget trying to be competitive with controls freezing when screen is bogged down with to much going on. Expect to glitch on you when things get busy. This on multiple devices and pc version. Ads are ok, but so much quicker to close app and relaunch. They should have thought about that when they put 15-30 sec ads on, but it only takes 12 or less seconds to close and relaunch.
Good game apart from the lag. I was doing so well i trapped a kid and then i lagged and couldnt turn away from running into another person and i died.Its ridiculous it needs fixing. Its so stupid i swear to god but apart from that its overall a good game. Please fix the lag.
Love the play. I wish there were more tutorial. Like how to smash opponent. I love the no pause and one and done. Keeps us honest. Thanks for the beta testing.
I used to enjoy this game so much. But last update has ruin this game. Difficult to control, slow and lost control like when losing connection very often. Shame!! Please give us back the previous version.
EDITING : After a year of not playing it because it was unbearable lag and I was dying fast well guess what, nothing changed! I tried again and i can't play it as soon as i start i laggs late with showing game and i die immidietly. So i guess I will never again try this game! I love it but I can't play it because of your lag! So 1 star i would give 0 if i could and uninstall forever
Very nice game but sometime it lag when bigger and even in smaller if lowend device please fix it Actually it's better
Please stop laging but I love this game and please add x15 and x20 please. And please update the game it lags to much but I still like the game.
Game lags so much even in 4G network. Game Keyboard board is worst.. Not even standard keys to play the game. Simply mobile version of this game sucks too much. Need major improvements
Game is very good but there is many ads really appreciate your game but please don't add too much ads . I hope you will do something about this issue πŸ™‚
Pretty good... Up untill the new software update came out, the controlles are horrible to control your worm. When you have the circle that you use to move your snake, the circle moves! It should not move at all!
Best worms game ever just add the offline mode please I think we are not always have a data connection thanks πŸ’œ
This is a very good game.I used to play this game years ago, I was missing this game so I reinstalled it but suddenly the worm automatically turns into many small circular circles. Please repair it.
It's a very well done game πŸ˜‰ .It's so much easier in 2 teams.You get way more bigger in arena thank you for making wormate.io ;) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Really great game I give it a 5 make more games and make games almost like roblox but make the age from 4 to 9 years old pls this game is fun to I always play this I love it
Please can u fix the control. I used to stay the controller move at its place without changing the place. So please fix it
I love this game but after the update it is hard to play, this game is not smooth as it used to be and the controller is huge, i miss the old version one, please fix thissss 😭 EDITED : STILL HAVE NO IMPROVEMENT!! THE DEVELOPER SEEMS DOESNT CARE ABOUT USER'S REVIEWS AT ALL!! DISSAPOINTED! USED TO RATE 5 STARS, BUT WITH THIS KIND OF ATTITUDE, THIS APP DOESN'T DESERVE EVEN ONE STAR! FOR THE LAST TIME, PLEASE FIX ALL THE GLITCHES, LAGGY AND THE HUGE AND POOR CONTROLLER ASAP
I cant control my Character. I go in the wrong direction. The other players kill me when they should die before being able to kill me. It's just a game that's not fun to play
Lag lag lag irritate lag i can't play comfortable..And update so...bad.....only one star.I just hate this game
Good game but when I play this game the match is not loding if the company solved this problem in game for new player I am old player but my old id is banned so now I am playing in new id but the match is not loding so l can't leveled up my and can't get to much coin also if I play 1 day whole they give me only 3 match godmaranir baccha
I love this game but pls can u locked the move analog cuz im always die and can u low the sinsitivity of movemend cuz so fast pls and add emote hehehe and more skin tysm if u notice this love u owner😍😎
This is a very fabulous game I like this game too much I don't have the ability to show my expression but this is fabouluos game oh my god too expensive game this is
Very Bad Experience Too much Lag im playing in SD 855 Still it lags too much there Server is too bad and too much ads Very very bad game Need improvement
This game was really fun but the skipping. I thought it was just on my end but it seems everyone is experiencing the skipping and lagging. Please fix it so I dont have to play with those other worms.
Its a very nice game, but its a little slow and a bit laggy, I like the game because if you just go away for 10 mins it will rewine your play πŸ˜„
The reason to give it three stars is that this game lags so much i requests its developers to fix this then you will have the rating of 4.7 so please fix them and your gam is best in all worm games
This has always been one of my top games. But as so many on here have already said, the lagging on this game is absolutely ridiculous...which makes this game nonplayable. I haven't played this game in a good while and this is what I come back to??
I used to play everyday before the new update, now i am losing the interest as the gamepad is big and the arrow in front of the worm doesn't follow what i do in the gamepad. Back to the old version please.
The game is basically unplayable, I press play and it says the game session was interrupted by for an unknown reason, even though I've got a stable internet connection. Wormat.io is a fun game on desktop, I play it all the time! I decided to get it on my tablet, but it won't work! I've seen quite a lot of reviews with the same problem as me, please fix!!!
Love the game when I can get it to load. This app freezes often. I tried deleting and reinstalling, but it didn't help.
It is a good game but extremely frustrating, if only the devs. Would add a bigger view and have a chance to revive your self. Because on multiple occasions, I have killed a massive guy then ran into a tiny little worm thing. Very angry but besides some of the mechanics in which on multiple occasions you try to cut some one off and your a little bit ahead of them and you die and not them, but yeah. OK game..
There's powerups, but some you cannot ever figure out what they do.Terrible developer support, no website, no in game help, nothing. Also nothing on Google. Why can't you just list the powerups somewhere so we know what they all do?
I loved this game but now i dont its becase the new controller is trash i will give you a 5 star if you make the controller back to how it was
Now in Halloween it doesn't lag too much but sometimes. 😣But I can say that it, S my best game. I named my worm by Wk bleb aq
I love this game so much because we can change are skin and lvl up to eat food and I playing in pc now I playing in pc and phone this game is 10 out of 10 and people kill me to eat food and so of I kill the BIGGER worm I will be 1st is easy to get to 1st of you want to be 1st you have to eat food the food you eat and lvl up and at 1st thanks for seeing my RateπŸ˜€πŸ˜†πŸ˜‡
The game is very good only the problem is that there is no sound in the game please add sound in the game and also make it better because when we go near to the tail of a giant snake the game starts hanging too much it is very disgusting please fix it in future updates or give me feedback how can I solve it
Good game. Can play teams with the family. Enjoyable, but frustration kicks in as it lags alot when there are many playing. Massive issue I have is the advertisements that appear some times. These are games that children play as well and do you think that the ads are appropriate.... this needs to be looked into. That's every game too. Not just this one.
Worst game ever!! every time I try to play, they just don't let me. When I press the play button, it shows " Something went wrong" and when i retry its the same damn problem. I thought it might be that way because my network was bad but it wasn't...this game is so bad and has a lot of glitches. Maybe if u guys try correcting that, I'm sure this game would be an amazing one!
No I seen some videos of this game and well you're cheating people why are worms be able to go inside of worms they can get too clothes! When I download this game it gets stuck loading to 13% and then after a while exiting the app not funny! Don't get this game it might not work
I was gonna rate this a 4 or 5 star but there's 1 big problem. Whenever I die there's a big box or something that comes on my screen and it says to press something.. I press it like 3000 times and still on my screen. Please fix this glitch because It has starting to make me mad and I'm close to deleting this game and giving it a 2 or a 1 star and might even throw my phone out the window... I'm gonna have to say its a good game but it's just that big issue ..
Controls are super laggy, takes half a second or more to register changes in direction - it's completely unplayable now. Don't bother installing until they fix the issue
I'm so disappointed with this game now. I used to luv this game, I was always toppn da charts. But sadly, I had to uninstall it becuz of storage issues. I have it logged to my email, and I had unlocked some stuff, but now, coming back to it, it says I have to eat a present to earn it! Dis is very annoying, I spent money to get it, or it was free! Evryting is so small now, da controls dont work as good as da old ones. To much lag. Pls fix. Does the developer even care? Prob not... 😠
I love this game i even made this in real life with paper i wish i could send a picture . I love this game because of Γ—2 Γ—5 Γ—10 can you add Γ—15 and Γ—20 please and it is so hard to play not the laging it is so hard to get big and i love all the skins. Good job now i have broad band network now its not laging can you add more skins more updates etc please. Or can you add Γ—25 Γ—35 Γ—45 Γ—55 Γ—65 Γ—75 Γ—85 Γ—95 Γ—100 Γ—500 Γ—1000 Γ—10,000 Γ— 100,000 ?? Please you can add Γ—25 only till Γ—25 bye .
It is the best work snake game I have ever played but the lag it to much for my phone can you please reduce the lag
It is the best game I gave 3 stars because it is more lagging near a growing tail near I hope you will solve these problem
I love this game, I play it all the time but, its very laggy. I'm playing the game then here comes the lag, next thing I know I see my dead body pathetically laying there :,) but fr, please fix it thanks β™‘
It's good. I love it, but there is a problem, sometimes it's too laggy (while my network is completely fine) . Please fix this.
Alright, as a former player, the controls here are horrid. Im not gonns reach out my fingers when i try and go South or East, atleast make new controls like thumbstick. I gave it a 2 star since i was a former player.
The game used to be a 5 rating but since the recent update the game has been lagging loads. Keeps jumping while moving and tbh I have rarely played the game since. Please fix
From 2018 I loved this game the a twist happened. I logged out of my account and reset after 2 years of work.
I hate this game it is the worst it has so much lagging and for the controls 0 stars because it's so bad I'm deleting this plz fix this and I will install it back
Nice game at all ☺ But... The problem is that it lag πŸ˜£πŸ˜’is there any option to play offline? With bots? Or can you make a offline game like this 🀨if yes then please do it because it lag on 2,3 gb ram phones I play on 2gb ram phone fun fact is that i go on top of my house to get network 🀣 But i am playing on 4 gb ram phone it is not laging that much now.... But some time when i play in very high score lobby like 47 million player was on no.1 game crash but sometime server glitches all lag..
I love this app i play it everyday. I doesn't have ad's and its has new themes of skins every year.. Like when it's Halloween you have Halloween skin. And when its Christmas I has Christmas skins.download it now like right know. I also love this app cause its just like a race in real life. You have to try get big and there is fist second third fourth fifth six seventh eight nine and ten. Such a fun game. I am 8 and I rate this 5.
It is sometimes lagging and sometimes when I am in the leaderboard, it suddenly says an error occurred and I loose the weight of the snake and I NEED TO DO IT AGAIN! It is so annoying. But overall it is definitely better than the wormateio online and it is a little bit smoother than wormateio. And I think people in wormateio have some bots because some of them are really stupid! And once you eat a lot of candies you get really really long and one time, I trolled the entire map!
I love it but the lag... omg. Work so hard to get high on the leader board but the higher i get the worse it lags then you're dead. Also I have no idea what most of the extras you can pick up are. Some are obvious like magnet and extra points but there is no key telling you what the others are
Choppy gameplay due to serious lag that needs to be addressed. I have another worm io game that I play that has 0 lag. This game has a lot of features I like better but with the lag and sudden glitch that makes it seem like your finger was picked up even though it wasn't has killed me numerous times. It has made it almost impossible to gain any size at all and I have been booted off of servers after only being in them for a couple of seconds. Other than those issues I do love ths game.
Not working after update please help Please send me your feedback at the earliest I have been this issue since couple of days
This game rating should not be everyone. Some of the usernames the players use are very inappropriate. My 6 year old and 9 year old knows all the cuss words in the book thanks to this game. The developer should find a way to filter usernames or allow the players to use from a list of names. But good that there is updates in that game.
This game is good but the controlling is too hard...when i try to to left it turns right please fix the controlling.
This was the funest gane I have ever played because once I was stick in a circle and then I saw his head and killed him I barely got out of it but overall this was the finest game I will ever have.
Not so smove. Always lag & stuck - previous comment Latest πŸ‘‡ Become very2 worst Alway lag. So many adds. Controller very bad before update to xmas its a bit better compare to now Before i rate 3 stars. Now i dont want to give any star actualy Please fix it ASAP before we go to other game
It is very best game ..I was score 18 million highest .add friends and add id of player to see profile of a player ...and add custom mode to play with friends ..