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World Wars

World Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Defy Media located at 5757 Wilshire Blvd Suite 300 Los Angeles, Ca 90036. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Violent References) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Free and fun. Used to be glitchy, but hasn't been in a long while. A good pick up for some simple fun.
After you have a few wins your rolls become so poor its not funny .one round i attacked 7 times out numbering the enemy by 2,3,even 7on 1 and lost them all NO way this sbould happen
Not only you are cheap enough to request for a payment for an ex free flash game that you didnt even put ads in it to be free for us, you let it interrupt a game in the middle after 30 mins. Delete.
Constantly crashing sound suddenly stops and it says that is loading then before you finish it stops and also now stops after thirty minutes of play but I have yet to see a commercial and will put with one for continous play
30 minutes a day until I pay? Seriously? I was in the middle of a heated back and forth battle until the match was abruptly ended due to the obnoxious "pay-to-play" nag after 30 minutes. To hell with this. I'll never reward greed. Uninstalled.
Despite the fact that this game has been free to play online for years they made it so you can only play a half hour a day unless you buy it. That wouldn't be a huge deal except that the app restarts if you navigate away from the game, it also counts your time against the daily total unless you close the app. The replay value is minimal since after about 2 rounds the game becomes very repetitive. It's Risk without playing with your friends, which is the only thing that makes Risk worthwhile.
30 minutes a day!? The PC version is, at best, a time waster. Downloading the app is a waste of time.
The game only allows 30min gameplay a day, and most of that time is w8ing 4 ur enemies to finish their move
Broken mathmatics. Your soldiers are much weaker ajd you get much less reinforcement than your enemy. Its unplayable its so uneven
I tried purchasing the full version. I have $1.00 on my account, but it says I have insufficient funds. Plz fix and I will give 5 stars.
Good game and all but seriously 30 minutes of play time unless you pay 99 cents for full version I thought this app was free
You get 30 min of play per 13 hours. Your current game is not saved and there is no warning that your 30 min is almost up. After your 30 min are up, you are locked out, but graciously offered the chance to buy it. I refuse to buy it out of principle now. The game itself is great and fun, but this aspect of the app is neither. Booo!
I think it is really fun concept but what I hate and you probably get a lot of complaints about this is you can only play 30 minuts every 6 hours. That is kinds bad. Great game but I know you want to make money but not that way! Please make it so I can play all the time because this is so fun of a game! Thanks! Anyone reading this to avoid the 30 min thing just set your time 6 hours ahead that's what I do.
Don't even bother downloading it. You have to pay for the full version if you want to be able to play longer than 30 minutes, not even worth waiting for the next 13 HOURS to play again either. The game has a cheating AI. You may have units that are two more units than your attacker but you lose anyways. If you're like me you've even experienced having a unit 4 beat your unit 8. The maps are literally perfectly setup so your opponent can win. I don't even have enough space for my complaint! 0 stars
it is a really fun game to play but it only lets you play 30 min a day it is not enough time, there should be no time limit , would rate 5 stars if they take the time limit away.
This game is usually easy, but occasionally difficult. AIs that don't look like a threat can become suddenly powerful in a single turn. The AIs' behavior is completely predictable. The key to the game -- and what makes it fun -- is directing that behavior toward the outcome you want.
Pretty hard, no option for easier game play. Only 30min of game play a day, I'd rather uninstall (which I did) than pay for unlimited playtime. Would not recommend at all.
I was really excited to play this game after playing it on my computer. But after the new update giving only 30 minutes of gameplay each day, it killed it for me. This is basically a daily demo game. And WHY STILL NO EXIT BUTTON.
Some games it's rigged so enemies have a much higher chance to not be beat by your troops to the point that a lvl 4 will survive 5 lvl 8 in a row. Hopefully a bug that will be patched and not intended as the game has never lets my troops survive 2 attacks at most.
Decent fun time killer, nothing special. Although I would like to see the game designers make money for there work using ads would be better. The game really offers nothing beyond what you can get for free in other games and thus I am not motivated to pay. With it having a 30 minutes of play for every eight hours it is not worth keeping on my phone which is why it gets 2 stars instead of 3.
Good basic game. Played many matches. But suffers from a real runaway leader problem: the leading player's attacks and defenses will get luckier as the game goes on. The algorithm needs tweaked. Increasingly frustrating the way it is now.
The game itself is great. I think all these people bitching about having to pay 70p for a full game are a little crazy. At least you don't have to buy "war upgrade tokens" or whatever like a lot of games. There are some weird bugs though. When I first bought the full version it told my I had upgraded and didn't mention restarting the app, then it booted me off after 30 mins asking me to buy the full version. Second when you close and reopen a game it goes really small and you can't get it back again.
This is ok but I only play it occasionally because I'm used to WW2 online. Program WW2 into an app and more people will play because it has more strategy and balance. Please and thanks.
30 minutes or purchase makes it not worth it. It's free online so it makes no sense to charge for app especially that there are a few identical games for free
I love the PC version...but this is pathetic... I attack a unit 2 numbers lower and lose?? Not worth the space on my phone
I remember a time when I could play this game for free along with some other games as long as I wanted. There was no abusive time limit, no annoying ads, and no frustrating failures. But all this has changed so that the ones in charge of the game could produce a worse product and get more money off of it. How dare you! You have ruined the simple pleasures of relaxing/killing time while playing a small game by blocking us with your greedy desires for more money. You are what is wrong with this system.
This is a great game that is a free browser game on a computer. Don't bother with it here, not worth it for 30min a day. Hopefully these developers see the error of their ways.
You're only allowed 30 min a day unless you pay....what a scam I just uninstall and reinstall and play again. If you just made if free you would have better reviews. And your math is way off on battles. Fix your scammin and make it fun again.
C'mon, why do you have the 30min limit? PC version didn't have it? If it's money, rather put ads than this. Other than that, it needs economy and little more balance, but it's a good game.
Bots can beat you if your the same number, but you can't beat them, except on super rare occasions. You can lose to levels 1 lower than you, sometimes 2 levels lower. I made this comment though because I lost to 3 levels lower than me just right now. It is so dumb. The PC version is way better.