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World War Polygon: WW2 shooter

World War Polygon: WW2 shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Alda Games located at ALDA GAMES s.r.o. BRNO, KLICOVA 1261/2D, 618 00 CZECH REPUBLIC. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Well great But please theres too many ads Every end of the missions ads? Btw please add voice on interaction like the walking zombie 2 characters had voice its great thing if you give it too in this game i very like but 4 star coz i really hate tons of ads keep it up alda game
I have no problem with this game its so modern and it Has beautiful graphics, personally its the BEST game out here. If you like WWII games this is ONE of them. Highly Highly Highly recommend this game hope it gets alot more modern and even get new uniforms and weapons.
Haven't got too far in the game, about to fight the first boss, but so far so good. Just wish the missions were a little longer. This and walking zombie are two of favorite game apps.
It is one of the coolest games I've played but when I reached the the last level (boss) it was like impossible to fight because the stars of my weapon where like something between 2000-3000 and I was using all top weapons which are available and the required stars were 10000 , even there was no upgrades available, and the only option is left to pay real money and that's not good , I don't know that there is any way to upgrade weapons without money , I'm right as I hope so.
I love this kind of game. The contents have lots of excitement and adventures. I'm not a soldier in real life but I played this game with the heart of brave soldier. I wanna rate this game in 4star for now, I gave 5star if they make another mission. I'm waiting for next update. Thank you. Congrats!
I really like this game but the multi-player feel like its lacking. I hope you add more map in the multi-player that are bigger and maps that don't feel like one hallway and I hope you add more modes to the multi-player but the main issue with multi-player is balancing. One match it was perfectly balanced the next match we were getting destroyed by to guys with op guns and op armour. Other than that the game is really fun and I found no bugs while I was playing.
its super fun but the zombie game mode you should be able to find wepens on the ground and you should be able to pick them up. but other way its super fun you should download it and what makes it evan better is its free! kind of like call of duty zombies I recamend it.
a stylish bs upgrade fps. surprisingly good control customization. but there's no option to turn off or change the sensitivity of the aim smoothing, and thats a deal breaker. there's also no dts sensitivity setting. there's also no button dead zone areas for the upper left or right sides of the screen. game play wise, the atmosphere is good but the enemies in the sp missions just stand around... mp wise, its all bs upgrades. haven't uninstalled yet though...
I like the game but don't like constant bombarding for IAPs. The number of ads are also way too much! And the game forces you to watch 5 seconds ads & then takes you to play store directly without asking! I don't want to buy that daily gun, if I click no, don't ask me again every 2 minutes. It's so annoying! Uninstalling!
This game is boring...the guns sound is horrible . Why there are bosses ? I doesn't feel like i am playing a ww2 game and bosses makes the game unreal maps are small not open world they mark the places where we have to go and this feels like i am a small boy and This make the game very easy . game needs many improvements . There is no sound when someone is speaking . Improve this game !!!!! And if this game is a low mb game so make it 300, or 400 mb game and then improve this horrible game !
I thought this is a offline game too like other offline games. It's only need data to play. The happen when I use online mode this game so lagger than the walking zombie 2. So please add a new mode in offline where I can play a survival or mission without using data. Please add this or I will not notice this game anymore. Thanks
I showed all my friends this action-packed world war shooting game where u are the Russians and u need to fight for ur country and life in the thrilling campaign or against other players. I HIGHLY recommend u play this game now. But developers maybe buff the grenades im having a hard time killing the AIs with a grenade. But plz plz download this game
I love this game but I have a couple problems with it the first is there isn't enough missions and first someone who's played this game before on a different phone I smashed through the game in a couple hours the second is when loading multiplayer it takes so long to load for me for example I could click join and then sit and play with my thumbs for a couple minutes until it finally loads and you cant switch servers so sometimes it wonf load cuz there isn't anyone else playing
This is a well made game,10 out of 10, but I there are some things that the game lacks. I think that a weapon attachment system,melee weapons and maybe a feature where your at a certain point in the game that you can have your own base and a upgrading system should be added to the game.
This is a really good game. It has good graphics, great gameplay, a lot of weapons, and a fun campaign but I still have a few complaints, 1)I wished there are more Soviet & British weapons in the game(A sniper variant of the Enfield would be great) 2)I wished that there is a complete armour set for a Soviet & British soldier(Please give us a Soviet steel helmet) 3)I wished there was another campaign to play(maybe a Pacific theatre?). 4) the bolt of the sniper variant of the K98k is glitched.
Honestly the best free game you can find. The controls are easy and customizable. And as a huge fan of polygonal games it's perfect. Who needs realistic graphics when you can have perfect graphics. Install it if you are here to know more about the game and the reviews. Just do it!
Are you serious 1 star raters this game is super fun the people who say "I cant move the guy" you can! Your are not putting your finger on the joystick thats why anyways fun game dont trust the 1 star raters they dont know anything!
Its nice and all but on every other level it experiences technical difficulties and I have to restart the app then do the missions again. I'm the 7 daily zombies I've played n got more than the desired kills and I don't get no prize or no advance on the levels
Wow!!!!!!! I thought the game was gonna be alright but when I started it It was Really good The intro was awesome Keep it up Maybe make a open world game.
Great experience. I love how I can experience ww2 and see how tragic it was except the part with some of the bosses except the... landkraser? (Sorry im not good at German) ya the biggest tank that never made it to production. But I love the game I hope that the landkerizer 1200 monster makes it into the awesome game. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’―
The single player campaign is a lot of fun. Multiplayer is a lot of fun too but incredibly unbalanced. If you don't have the top tier armor, especially the helmet, it's next to impossible to complete with those who do. I wish they would get rid of the top tier helmet. I think it would really level the playing field and make multiplayer a lot more accessible and fun.
This is an AMAZING game. I love everything about it. However, there's a big problem with loading. In the 1st level of the 2nd subsection in Stalingrad, the loading freezes. The bar stops at 43%, 65%, 85%, and then the game just crashes. It happens every time. You can play zombies fine. Any other missions fine. But without that, the game is softlocked and you can't progress. There have been other reviews similar or the same as this one, and fixing it would help a lot! This game is still great tho
Wonderful combination of graphics, controls, plot and indie vibes, although it could be cool if the missions would be a little bit longer (not saying the story is not long though).
Game is really awesome and balanced but there are few things that could be considered. 1) The game has bugs, it either hangs or crashes sometimes. 2) Vulger ads must be removed from the game.
I love this game it so interesting and fun to play and the graphics is very cool now I am in chapter 3 it's so difficult but I will try again and again to destroy the monsters and the guys who do this game they are very brave keep it up if there was a 10 stars I would like to rate 10 stars for you but the maximum stars is 5 stars so I will rate 5 stars so thanks for all of things wish you luckπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I really enjoyed the game but I think it was to short . I want you guys to to develop the game on the other side of the Pacific like Guadalcanal, hacksaw ridge etc. But nowadays not able to play MP mode . Please do verify. I loose my points in MP mode while you guys say that there is network problem when the network is full .
Im Liking the game so far but in chapter 3 Lvl 14 Pls Fix the level The arrow is Stuck And When i step on it Spawns so many Enemies and when a step at again It Spawns again Pls Fix It
All around its a good game controls are steady and I have decent weapons one slight problem is that it keeps saying that there's a scheduled maintence and asks me to return in a few minutes it's said this multiple times The other thing I ask is that you make the missions longer than like 50 seconds do all this and its deffinately a 5 star review from me
I love this game . But when play it again it download a file again and again πŸ€” so please update this. But the game is 1class . And also updated multiplayer mode
The multi player is broken and not in the good way. Level 10 are facing level 100 opponents meaning you die in one shot or seconds The sten 2000 is unreachable and I haven't gotten it yet. There needs to be a mini campaign for the player vs zombies not a survival game.
Good Game I would wish to give this game 5 stars but wont due frequent maintainance alerts, 3 out of 5 times i get this message when i start the game and am told to restart the game that the maintainance will take a few minutes. Overall the game is good, good graphics, realistic action scenes/ missions. I would like the developers to add audible speech like in the walking zombies. Also i would like fighter plane missions.
What can I really say about this game? It's a mobile shooter, and it's a good one. The story is good for a mobile series and the art style is consistent throughout the game. If you NEED a shooter for mobile, this is probably the best choice.
This game is my new favorite and play every day game although there is pop up ads but it only does it every 2 games you play so it's not that bad after all this game is amazing! I love it
This game is awesome. I highly recommend this game, the only thing I dislike about this game is that the level's are to small. Fix this problem and this game will be amazing.
Great game, but the village level in chapter 3 glitches with hundreds of soldiers coming out when I hit the "Keep Walking" spot
Too many ads terrible matchmaking wallet warriors this is just like my review on world war heroes i dunno why this time many people being too greedy to money i guess it time to play mario i prefer mario coz i just ragequit its a enjoyable game not like greedy devs that only needs money games should be enjoyable not stressful
Great game, I only had a few issues with the game. I do wish that the single player enemies did more damage and were more offensive though. Fix this and you're set.
Quite underrated game though the characters are cartoons. Nice graphics and storyline, each and every character is well defined, specially the 15 mins Sasha part .... LOL. But the only flaw is the controls get stuck at times. Moreover, the Dev's want to be rich in a day .... too much advertisement. Very less reward in each tier but it gets maked up by the rewards through adds. Wish if some Dev's come up with the non-cartoon character with the same storyline. Waiting for more chapters.
GREAT!!! Historically accurate, great selection of weapons, doesn't take up too much space, really fun to play!
Don't mistaken the polygons as low graphics, the graphics in the game are amazing - everything is vibrant and pleasing to look at. The gameplay itself however, I did not enjoy as much. The grammar is lacking and the storyline is dull, could've been better. The controls are easy, yet clumsy at the same time. Auto aim and auto shoot? Well then you lose the ability to shoot for yourself. It can be better, but its manageable. I didn't get very far into the game, but I can see it being likeable.
This game is cool I've been searching in Google, play store and lots more game and then I find this is because I like shooting games but can't find any then I find this this is what I've searched for 2 weeks. I kinda feel bad for Tyler Sasha and Bradley they died I am still in the chapter 3 so I don't know if others will die. I am so SORRY for them but I have a bug that need to be fixed the enemy bullets are nocliping through wall at 6th army every where at chapter 2 edit: the glitch is fixed ty
Its a preety game. But the rewards after the missions should be more(like1000 silver coins). I have less money and I cant upgrade my guns and eventually get killed. Thank god I have more gold So that I can respawn. Please try to fix this bug <3
It is a very good game....but in online multi player i successfully join but in 5 secs i get disconnected please fix this issue... I am rating 5 star bcz it is an excellent game....wish you will bring more interesting games... Best of luckkk....
Great game but you need to grind in the extra missions to gain silver and gold to continually upgrade. If not then your power will be inadequate for future missions. In one mission you need stay in a circle to defend it while out in the open. Absolutely the most stupid and insane thing you could put in a game. This is a pay to win game.
It's a really nice game! Amazing single player and really well optimized! It constantly runs at 60fps. Graphics are beautiful btw. But one thing I'd really love and was expecting it to have is the option for gyroscope aiming, would be really cool to be able to aim using it.
I am also experiencing the bug in Battle of the Bulge level "Village People" where the game spawns hundreds of soldiers over and over. Cannot advance forward in game...now stuck. Notified Devs a couple days ago but no reply or fix.
This game is so funny with strong story. But after two or three levels, I can't play more because this game stoped on "loading data from server". Please solve it.
Just started to play this game...so far its amazing...beautiful wicked roblocks graphics...let's going on....and tutorial is grt too ..help u navigate and help u complete task.....its a wicked game ..highly recommend..1sr day...and its awesome
Its a good game its not a pay to win for my opinion but i give it 3 stars rather than 5 becuase im playing the game and im almost done with mission then an invisible ad just popped (how did i know that an invisible ad just popped because when i press my screen it redirected me to the the play store then i have to redo the Fu**ing mission because of that) so 3 stars pls fix and i will make it 5 im having a sezuire because of this damn invisible ad and keep fu**ing my progress. Pls Fix
It is a good game with a nice storyline. It would have been better if we had a virtual joystick for moving and swipe anywhere on screen to turn around.
fix this after chapter 3 the secret lab end level it only shows loading main menu 100% and its stuck pls fix it or it 1 star
So far the game is decent. I was surprised at the details and number of guns. Unfortunately, the game will not load Monumental Victory (Chapter 4 Level 2). Gets stuck at "loading players" no matter howlong i wait. If this were fixed i would definitely rate the game 4/5. Some levels are very scarce on tasks and obviously the enemy are limited on what they can do.
Great story great graphics great every single thing. The cutscenes need voices. This game is really small and easy I managed to complete it in a week so when I reinstalled it saved my progress and that is exactly the problem. And to make it bigger it should have been like chapter 1 American soldier chapter 2 Soviet soldier chapter 3 French resistance or French soldier but resistance would be more exciting and different and then chapter 4 British soldier & at last all of them defeat Kruez.
I really love this game. The thing which attracts me much more to the game are it's polygon graphics. They take very less space and there are campaign missions like we are playing any high quality video game. Story also is very impressive.
A good campaign and even a good nazi zombies mode. I reccomend it for some casual gaming. However the multi-player has a bot feel, along with a bit of P2W. It would be nice of the multi-player matches were longer and the autoshoot was removed. Sincerely- A new player but soon to become fan
It's a good game .. Graphics, Gameplay,Control all are extremely good. However there is just too much ads. And also sometimes there is an issue connecting with the server.
Single player is quite decent event if its too short every stage. But multi player is bad, very unbalanced match making. I am in low tier but my basic armor is massacred and with my highest level weapon cant even scratch the enemy except using grenade.
It is a good game. All features are best. The control system is matchless too. Some of the features needs attention of the develpores but most of the features are perfect at theur place.
Gooooooood game well Alda games could you add more maps in multi-player like a uhh aaa uhh d-day map or a desert please because there's only two maps in game also if you add a second version I hope it's the same characters well that's all I want byyyyyyyyeeeee
Okay so if your a fan of FPS this is not a bad choice. As a lover of classics like MW2 and Battlefield 4. This is a good mobile game... look they put a lot of work in and as always there is a pay wall in places where you would expect, on health/guns. Look the level of penny econ/arcade style monetizing in games these days have a really hard balance to strike and this is better then most. And a really good both mechanically (gmaeplay) and visually (graphics) storylines are as dry to be expected.
It's an awesome game trust me. The game play is good, the storyline is epic and it's pretty 'realistic' - (ignoring the fact its polygonal, that's why it's called world War polygon) but still it's a great game. But- ( to developer:) During the war Russians were not called Russians they were called Soviets (you know after the Russian revolution)
Good pace easy to control, good use of different weaponry, clear instructions good mobility. One of the best I have played ( and wait for it .......not one single add) the game is the nutts!
Hey, that was the first time, in a long while, that I was thoroughly able to just kick back and enjoy myself, while I interacted with a fantastically well-built, an enjoyable, and a purely guilt free, video game platform and gaming experience. Well, in short, I'll just say,"I was satisfied." And, "I was pleasantly surprised." Well done, Polygon programmers! Too many games are pumped out, these days, that literally lack standards in content, in presentation, or in player interaction.
Amazing game the devs put alot of work in this game I beat the game the multiplayer games are unfair and the bosses are like impossible I have not ammo so I have to just shot the guys with a dum gun that thoughts 98 damage :/ the only way is to beat them is watching million ads it's dumb, it's a amazing story game the mission s are so short so devs put ammo in boss fights anyways love the game :P
This is a really great and perfect made game but, i think this game should be offline, sandbox and missions should be long and very gory and the person we kill the bullet mark can be seen heart brain and many other body parts could also be cuten of ot will be fun and we should also drive tanks, cars, and airplanes.This is a very well made game no need to say it is bad love this game.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I was just enjoying...and when it comes to chapter 4 missing 2 the monumental victory....the game stuck....it just stopped loading...loaded upto 75 or 76 % everytime i tried....developers please fix this problem soon...i could have rated 5 but....i am stuck in this problem for days....so please do something fast..
Low adds, Good quality mobile game, The indie game style is pretty nice with war games. 1 add after a mission and the missions are decently large. Stop bitching about ONE add after over 5 minutes of gameplay. It's a mobile game how else should they make moneyπŸ€‘. Also multiplayer is not for new players mostly... it's not really balanced at all. A level 50 gun and experienced player VS a level 20. Besides multiplayer the campaign missions are pretty fun.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 4 and a HALF stars.
This game is awesome but I have some few problems:the game can sometimes be laggy and I wished we can ride or use tanks or armored vehicles.
Idk what is happening but my game is stuck at training level, I have completed the level around 4 times but it doesn't gives any other map or level. It says downloading data from server and shows only training level. Fix it. Graphics are good and I really want to play it because my great grandfather served in France and by chance his partners name was Tyler.
Amazing gameplay, controls, and graphics! But there is something that is made me put less than 5 starts. That something is that the levels are short and maps are tiny. I suggest adding 5-10 levels in one level so there will be less levels but more gameplay.
It's an awesome game trust me. The game play is good, the storyline is epic and it's pretty 'realistic' - (ignoring the fact its polygonal, that's why it's called world War polygon) but still it's a great game. But- ( to developer:) During the war Russians were not called Russians they were called Soviets
This is a good game.. i like the graphics style, but there was some annoying ads every clear a chapter the ads pop up, and the multiplayer match is unbalance idk why but i fight someone who has a legendary armor and helmet.. please fix this im bronze fighting one of best 100 player WT*?? *Edited : I decreased the stars cause sometimes (almost every) when loading it stuck at 100% please fix this ASAP
This the best game for Android. It has good story , action , mission , sniping I didn't discribe it is complete package . It also so a commander life and so a great way world war.
Very fun and a good time killer and the fact that there are different game modes to play so it doesnt get boring. The multiplayer and zombies modes are fun. The only thing I dont like about the game is the fact that upgrading your weapons get very expensive very quick. Overall one of the best games I've ever played on mobile
What's the deal here? When I choose not to get a reward from viewing an ad you still make me view an ad. The game is good overall but do include an option where you can choose not to view an ad then make me view an ad anyways. What's the point now? Away from that I think you need to add a map and jump feature to the game. Those are must haves in shooter games.
Wonderful gaming experience. But the multi player is unfair. People with ultra armour and paid guns are mowing down. There's no balance in the mvp mode. It's a but unfair battleground there. I'll just avoid it until I get better gear. Which I'm pretty sure will only be availed when purchased.
The best game I've seen till now literally no ads no bugs no screen freezing problems so I give 5 star or would have given more if there was an option I literally recommended my friends to play and they were amazed Best game!!!!!!
I would say it's five stars but this game is just pay to win. When I play multiplayer, everybody else has level 50 weaponry. They can just kill me in just a shot! You also need more Promo/Redeem codes in the game. Also, too many ads! I would also like to complain the fact it took all my medals. Please fix these. Thank you for your cooperation and if you fix these, I will make a five stars.
The gameplay is cool but the UI is jacked up for me. When I customize the button layout, there is no way to go back to playing. Tapping the x doesn't do anything. Also, I had to tap on icons repeatedly for it to react.
Honestly a very fun military fps with a good campaign and upgrade system. Like most games now there are a lot of ads and microtransactions but its still a very good experience for those looking to satisfy the craving for a solid WWII FPS on mobile.
It's a very good game but i just want to start over please, that's why this only gets 3 stars, give an option to reset my data and it will get 5.
Beautiful experience. Laggy (not a lot. And I'll like more lower graphic options. Hehe like shadows disable) but it's just my phone. Anyways one of the best mobile games I ever played. Congratulations keep making games like this. (quality) another thing I liked not a lot of ads keep it going 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
Best World War Game for Android ever. Great concept and story flow. If you think this type of graphics is very old school now. But, it is what makes this game more classy and take you back in time.
So far, pretty good. The polygon graphics are crisp, gameplay is smooth, and the action is still very engaging. Excellent.
I gave it four stars just because of when in chapter of addrence in level 10 I got a lot of problem that when I jump in ice part it makes to stop the time in seconds please fix it I couldn't continue the game just because of that but whole game is amazing because it has story mad also and great weapons.
I downloaded it a day ago. It has great graphics and play mechanics. Unfortunately now all I get is an error saying "contacting server" and "server maintenance try back in a few minutes". That's been going on for the whole day now. Going to uninstall.
I love this game so much but the only reason I'm giving it a 4 stars is because every time I finish a mission it gets stuck at the loading screen forever and I have to go to recent activity and swipe to be able to play if you guys fix this it will be my favourite mobile game
Seems ok so far. Good use of Synty polygon assets. Enjoying so far but only done the second mission so far.
The single player is cool until you get to a point, then you have to wait a while to get the money to upgrade anything and you get stuck. Ok...so I'll go play multi-player...but there's where you fight the guys with level 10 everything, so that's an exercise in frustration. I think I've gone as far as I can unless I spend money, and I'm not doing that. Only bonus is there's no chat, so at least the guys running around "beating up kids in a wheelchair" can't run their mouths about it...
Best polygon game ever😎😎kinder reminds me of ps4 cod ww2..keep up the good work..love the graphics ..and plays very smoothly on my samsung grand prime+..all we need is good updates ..
I could have rated it four or five but it has a lots and lots of bugs along with ads. Whenever I complete a mission the game gets stuck and take me back to the home page and it really gets on my nerves. Pys this game largely resembles movie Enemy at the gates.
Total bummer it keeps saying please try again and again even if my wifi is 100% on and i have a very strong internet this game deserves -5 stars!!!!!!!!!and ill never ever play this again!!!!!!and oh yeah i tried to download it 10 times and it still doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ˜ πŸ˜€πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’πŸ’’and i was forward into playing this but its just a got frickin scam!!!!!!nobody download this game itll say please try again
The game was great but I feel like the missions are not long I can easily finnish a mission under 30 sec and I find that very disappointing. I really like the graphics of the game it's colorful and beautiful. The story is great to, the game really shows that it appreciates the history of WW2. The multilayer is the most thing I hate about it, it always say my ping is too high no matter how much I try it. My review is 3/5 for me
Alda games this game literally is so much similar to World war 2 and even the story is similar to the real world war game like you guys did a very good job on this game like some people might be upset that WW2 is not available on mobile and only for Xbox,PS4,PS5 and pc if they have a phone they can play this game for sure one thing I play nazi zombies mode suddenly there are literally so many zombies spawning but i do get so many kills in zombies mode
Gameplay gets buggy sometimes. The in-game point to point directions could be better implemented. Some bonus objectives may not be practical for given stage, e.g. Kill enemies with pistol in a stage that requires you to man a sniper rifle.
I've startes playing just now and got 12 stars in the first level. It was really but right now at this time there seems to be a bug where I can't touch anything on the screen. I can't access the weaponry the levels or anything. I even touched every single button in the game and none changed.
This game is really fun and easy.But there some issue when i skip ad this game were stuck!Abd the multiplayer mode giving player that in top ten best player.I dont want like that.Make sure very very trash that thing.The multiplayer is silly they just use a weak weapon unfair they win.And also this game give very high power player they use bren mg42 and sten2000.And also add some mission in every chapter.Troubleness!
This game is awsome!!!!!!I suggest you to add more story on levels, that Would be very cool!!!!! Also in multiplayer we cant play with friends,i suggest you to add friend list and friend request so we can play the multiplayer with our friends!!But the game is very cool!!!!!
I love war game and this change my life i love this game and the graphichs r god mode i rate is 4 stars cuz i dont like a lag its laging so much in this game and i dont like it i found this on multiplay games and this haw single player and multi player so this diserve not 5 stars 4 stars
This game is really amazing. Great sounds, great missions. The graphics was not like real but it was really good. I love the game but the problem was there was an unexpected bad thing at the mission number 13. Pls don't add those horny things to the game. It reduced the respect to the soilders. It's good that if u guys remove it at the next update.
Over all experience is pretty awesome but too much advertising elements are there , at every step there will be advertisement. When you entered in a new level, when you complete the level. Every time there will be an advertisement for you And you have to watch that that's the only flaw this game has.
Great game overall. My biggest issue is I always get booted from MP because my ping rate is to high. I have zero connectivity issues with any of the other games I play.
What a game, what a goddamn game! This game is to seize the moment but not only that, Fight nazi's! It's very good, controls are easy, fun missions, Everything is awesome, Great work my dude!
Great game...... Till it stopped working half way through. This is the second game from this developer that has done this to me. Waste of time.
The gameplay is good but the story could use work for example right off the bat you have two obviously experienced soldier one who is a marine and the other is in the 1st infantry in the us army whom are going through basic training for some reason? At the same base marines and army doing basic training together. And then on the boat during the d day mission they state that they had fought in japan but they had litterally just finished basic . All in a a decent shooter though.
This game is really good the graphics are good the controls are good the gameplay is good and it is fun that's why 5 stars
The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I wish there was better sound I also think there is room for improvement as small as the destination markers when the enemys run towards you if they are behind it you can see them whilst they shoot you aha bit I still play this game I love it there's not to many ads to put you off yet aha
The game is very good ,But while playing the game there are many add to it, then the interest is removed from the game,Had this game been in 3D it would have been more fun ,If this game can be done in 3D, please
I wanted to really like this game, and it has a good premise, but the actual game play is miniscule compared to the amount of time I spend on loading screens, connecting to servers that never connect and opening crates to upgrade equipment. The story isnt great, but whatever, its an fps. Doom didnt even have a plot. There is too much admin time for the levels to be this short and "walk here...now walk there... Now walk back"
Pretty dope. πŸ’― should make it fully Capable of running offline as well. Then you'll get your 5 stars. Same With Walking Dead 2 Polygon game. Make that available to play offline, As in able to receive new missions Without having to go online to refresh And update the missions to keep going. You can play offline, but not to the extent That I speak of. Still dope though.
The everything here is good but you need to download again to play with. There's no problem in the game only in downloading. If there are improvement I will install this again.
Was enjoying the game till chapter 2 6th army everywhere mission 4. Everytime I finish with the sniper rifle it tells you to pack it but I push the button and nothing happens. Can't move on past it because of it
5 star is not far away. I am Playing this game on a OnePlus 7T. The bullet fire button doesn't work and I get hit. Even the left ribbon of menu in the home page doesn't work. I am very much in love with this game except these concerns.
I admire that you try to fix level 14 in Ardense, but when I walk down the valley it spawn like alot of enemy and the mission kinda didn't progress. I don't if it because I am playing on mobile, I want to really progress the story, so please help.
It's amazing apart from the multiplayer section ..1:not many people,2: Serious multiplayer bugs... either Network error with stable 4G or unknown server issue or many more errors...I haven't gotten to finish a single multiplayer match...but everything else is ok....ADD JUMP BUTTON...GAMES THAT DON'T HAVE THE JUMP FEATURE JUST FEELS A LITTLE STRESSFUL...Y'KNOW
I like this game, it's hard to find a interesting and good game in the play store, good graphics for mobile, interesting story, even if some parts are questionable, and the gameplay can be addicting. I just have problem right now... my game won't load the second mission of the 4th chapter, could you guys please fix this? Thx -A new fan of your works. Edit: The issue has been fixed. Thank you.
Amazing shooter. My problem with this game is it doesn't feel like a real game. The maps are tiny. Each mission last under a min. And the story feels like it's written by a 5 year old who doesn't have a clue about the military. And the English is horrible. The game has so much potential as far as gameplay goes. I think they got all that right. But you lose it with the weird ad placements. Don't ask me to watch an ad to double my reward and play one anyways when I say no thank you.
good game,the ads are ok for me it would give the devs profit for their free game,but it becomes annoying when you click return to game then the ad appear, after the ad ends thr load screen will appear but there would be a window that says to restart the game,sometimes it wont load to the game again so i quit then restart the game. it was a annoying because it keeps happening in time
Campaign sucks, you finish a mission very quick. Multiplayer sucks, it takes forever to find only one other player and the matchmaking is very bad, you get matched with players who are way beyond your level who can one-shot you. Zombie mod also sucks, just shoot zombies with a granade luncher.
I have to concede that with the recent update (including the constant kickout from MP matches from the internet ping being too high - my stupid NBN), this game has improved significantly in its balance of guns and upgrades, access to mission challenges, and some aspects of combat. I've even found more capacity to watch ads for gold. Thank you for listening to your player fanbase and improving the game. You have my upvote for the time being...
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER WHEN YOU HAD TO FACE KRUEZ!!! I actually thought that the soldier i played as in the start was vitaly but now i now the truth please make more levels PERFECT game please make more and more levels i actually had to face kruez 2 times because the fact he had a mech robot was sooooo hard i give it a 5 star because I LOVE IT please make new weapons,levels,gamemodes,etc. Please make it and keep up
Really shocking that a mobile game has more depth than CALL OF DUTY WW2(2015). Amazing story. Although multiplayer could improve. But I mainly play it for the story and zombies. About to finish the story
Not too many ads but multiplayer can be fairly difficult at times due to people spending so much money on the game. Great game overall
Hate this game. Requires me to use internet every time it starts up, so playing offline doesn't work. Plus the controls are terrible. Aiming and shooting with right hand is terrible.
Game play is good and multiplayer used to be fun. I guess there is a paywall for it now seeing how it's always looking for players. Update: this issue has been fixed!
When i installed it and i launch the game and it always say -error please check your connection what? I have a network and it run faster and i restart it 8 times and still nothing it still the same please fix your game connection data Fix it ASAP!!
The game is awsome but make another scope button we cant open it in double tap please make scope button separately and btw game is awsome.
At first, when I played there was no problem, but now every time I open this game, it's always stuck at the initializing 20%, and I can't enter this game at all. please fix this soon
This game is awesome! The funny thing during the fall of Berlin End of journey on the machine gun mission 1 German soldier did not even come out behind the wall I was afraid I might fail if I leave the machine gun but I was able to kill the man but this might be frustrating finding the last German for the other people about to download the game so you might to fix the German begore othwrs get frustrated
Fantastic game but with one major drawback. The distance indicator is constantly blocking the vision all thru the game. Its very annoying. Its right at the centre of the screen and is so opaque that one cannot see who is infront. Pls do something for that in the next update. Either make it transparent or move it to the edge of the screen.
Worst experience ever. After downloading the main game there's additional file of 93 or 94 mb.......I've tried so many times but after downloading nearly 20 mb it says network error(but my network connection is quite strong) and when I tap the retry.....it starts from the beginning....not twice or thrice....it happened with me more than seven times....πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ 
Just started but fun, rain hail sleet snow clouds sunrise sunset day night air strikes that just do damage, player vs player, different characters and looks from every era, different maps, a take over and hold way where in a map you are trying to take over the enemies capitol to stop respawns, cities villages skyscrapers ships islands.
This is one of the best mobile games out right now! No joke, this is extremely fun. The Campaign, Multiplayer, and Zombies are very fun. The small bit I don't like it more pet peeves than actual gameplay. This is definitely an amazing mobile shooter. I would recommend this game! I can see you guys making great Triple-A Games in the future! Keep up the good work!
Should you download this? Well there are story mode, zombie mode and multiplayer mode. Story mode is fun and casual but it kinda a bit short. Multiplayer mode includes TDM and Dual, but you might encounter some pay players with op stuff. I didn't play zombie mode yet... If you're okay with short, casual story mode the story mode is okay for you. If you're okay with being kill multiple times in multiplayers, multiplayer is okay for you. But whatever have fun using 80 years old weapons :)
Wow, complaining about slow internet but when I'm playing PUBG and Mobile Legends it's even smoother, annoying movement speed,also I hope the sensitivity will be lower when aiming,we need the high sensitivity for close range. Also the match fairness,Hope it improves.
I Spent More than 250 hundred and fifty dollars on this game I am the TOP PLAYER and I go by FLEXISABITCH however the only thing I would change is adding more map packs and adding more missions because this game is really good there's just not that much to do and if you want to make it bigger and better you should add more things to do in it like the same War area is kind of boring so I would suggest if you want me to keep paying to play to add more map packs
This game is very impressive for a phone game! The graphics are very good and the controls are easy. They story is well put together but some missions can be be completed in a 1 minute. The multi-player is OK but it throws together high and low level players, which have better weapons and armor. But the game does not have enough player base to keep it fair. The zombies mode is fun and gives you a chance to try other weapons
I love the game and everything about it, just one problem. Now it may be my internet but I have tried this on other Wifi networks but it is very slow to load and find multiplayer matches. Overall an amazing game with a really good campaign (the missions could be a bit longer) and nice smooth gameplay. The ultra armour should be needed though as it is not easy to destroy other than kar98, einfield and grenades. You should be able to find more guns on big parts crates because its pay to win now.
I love the game it's great the models are great and graphics are to use as well and models are good as well so 5 stars!πŸ‘Œ
I can't even move the person in the game, that too at the tutorial. Very bad job, I was really looking forward to play this but couldn't. I was tapping on options as well but no response. I wish I could give you zero stars!
Um I want to give 5 stars but some controls are missing like the prone and jump button , please put it into the game and some levels have problems like the level 2 of chapter 1 I just noticed that the other soldiers are gone and there are only 2 soldiers left (me and Tyler) that is very annoying and the level 3 they just appear instantly ... yo bro pls fix this I love this game😭
it is very fun and i really like the stories but i want them to appear more often and maybe some more weapons would make this game better
Great gameplay and just an awesome game . Problem is, the reason why I gave 4 stars are that it has a bit of a problem in mapping.
I like the game but I have 1 problem when you complete the frist war after training. It loads yea normal but when the bar at the bottom reaches 100% the game just freezes. And I hope you can fix this because the game well the little part I played was super fun. But i can't rate it because i don't know how good the game is. So sorry but I rated on accident.
I rate this 4 stars, because, When the character move their mouth and theyre supposed to be talking, no audio comes from them at all. All i can hear is the background noises and no talking at all. Other than that, the game is great!
Really fun game its an army game it takes place in the 1941 when the world war 2 strike yeah really cool game I love it so much it is also a campaign game which has a story . The story is also cool like talking about nazi Germany, Hitler, and other stuff its feels like a ps4 game on mobile like no joke really like ps4 game. Game developers you really rocked it
Game was good until this recent update now I'm glitched at village people with endless zombies and I cant continue story
This is the worst game I've seen πŸ˜’It keeps showing that can't connect to server even though my network is full waste I recommend to delete this game quickly
This game IS AWESOME. As a big fan of Call of Duty: WW2, this shooter really hits home. It contains an online team deathmatch, one-vs-one, and a zombie mode. Not to mention, I really like the art style and graphics of this company's games. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
I like this game so much THX for making it. i like to suggest that you make a game that similar like this but it is a MODERN WAR and without the weapon/armor lvl needed, keep making gamesπŸ˜™
Great Idea but terrible programing why game restart and reload itself when i switch from amother app to it while it already opened and loaded? why ads cause the game to crash sometimes? if those problems fixed, I woud rate it 5
Pls i like ur game and notice this bug games, chapter 3 at the battle of the bludge and the misson level 14 village pepole, when im in a misson they spawn a thousand nazi army. They wont attack but its making me LAG, pls fix this game but i give this game one star and i give the control is 5 graphics 5 and the gameplay is 4 stars. So pls fix this bug
Very good app. Everything is cool.. I have no words to explain it very good if anyone reads this download the game. But there is one thing I do not like that after every match in the campaign a ad pops up. I would rate it 5 stars if u fixed that. But other than that the game is excellent very good.
controls are so wonky, some times I shoot randomly and my hands are completely off my screen. then the joystick for moving is fixed to one movement direction. (ex. I move to the left to clear a area then the joystick is fixed to the left.) please fix that. then the aim is weird, it's very inconsistent (ex. sensitivity, sometimes I can move it sometimes it's fixed.) other then that the games okay.
I love this game so much but it doesent eben load after i even installed playgames it broke my computer if this as fied i would have gave 5 stars.
First, the game was good and I was just playing till the 3 level and then when I close the game and wanna to start again the game stuck in the loading screen at 90%, it says the game was loading data from server and because of that I'm really disappointed to the game and uninstall it
It's a wonderful game but it always hunga up or crashes. So I need to restart it again and again. Always while I'm playing it.
Really fun game with easy controls. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because sometimes, during multi-player, it will kick you out for high ping or the game will end unexpectedly which causes you to lose trophies. It gets frustrating especially if you are winning. I've been kicked out for ping in the 140s and seen players with higher ping still playing. I wouldn't mind being kicked out as long as I don't lose trophies in the process. Fix this, and its an easy 5 star game.
Such a great game!! I had a wonderful experience playing this. I personally think that it is the best ww2 game so far that I have ever downloaded, only thing that I wish was different is that the training at the beginning, could be done whenever I want like the other missions in the game and the guns could be earned much more easily, for example, the Bren gun, I got it after I finished the whole game. But other then that, great work, you have all my support πŸ‘ πŸ’™ πŸ˜‰!!
The games is good but could be be better if you could fly planes and use tanks but overall this game is good
I'm giving it two stars because at first it worked perfect. But when I played second time it comes back to home screen in between the war and says unfortunately the game has stopped I restarted the game several times but that doesn't worked. Its really really disgusting. Please solve this issue as soon as possible 😑. I want to play it.
Very good game but in multiplayer game there are only top hundred players not weak players than me but its a very good game and the story is best but I dont know at second chp who is the hero? that one who is in first chp or anotherone. Almost i am giving u 5 stars but please update the game
Best for who likes to feel like soldiers. I like it too. But given 4 star rating because it have ads. But it don't have so many ads.
All good...but when i start playing TDM or duel... After some time it shows ping is high when there is good network connection... pls fix and help
One of the first games that I think as a fair amount of ads. I was able to complete the entire campaign with a bit of patience and minimal "bonus" ads. Multiplayer is a little repetitive, with not many players. It is also really enjoyable to play. Challenging in parts and easy in others so keeps you engaged. Highly recommended World War Polygon
Fun game. Just like all their other games (check em out) Multiplayer needs to be balanced. Unfair and no fun for young players. Quests that specifically state that you just make a purchase are a dirty trick. I do not approve of that. And too many random ads. Overall a very fun game just needs a bit of balance and less greed.
I was trying to find WW2 Games then i found this! When i first saw i was like "hm.. Whats this game all about?" Then it had a great storyline and the graphics were very good! My favorite graphic is when u look at the sun its shining unlike my games! Very good game i rate it 5 stars out of 5
It's really a great game. I liked it. But there are so many in-game purchases. This is not fair. Company should work on this. But even though overall game is fine and interesting.
Extremely good and one of best game ever, I recommend you guys to download it, it has much guns from WW2 history, but some guns like MG42 needs to be bought with real cash, please add more guns to this game because I already had all guns, but still this game has good gameplay and graphics with cut scenes and please πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ add more chapter so we can enjoy more
Good game, gameplay is also very good, storyline is also very thoughtful and captivating. The only problem or glitch I face was, after completing a level sometime there is pop up ad and after closing the ad the game stucks and I have to restart it. Otherwise 5 star for me.πŸ‘πŸ‘
Verry cool game and you should mak or program an ew game with the same grafics and stuff but instead of a soldier on foot you should make it like an air plane one. Like your in a B3 bomber and your on one of the guns or mission line of helpin deffend the B3 bomer while it makes it run through what ever it is destroying since a b3 bomer has mulitple guns in it ....and add a flight school so tha everone can get a hang of itπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―