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World War Arena

World War Arena for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by LINE UP Corporation located at 3F, LINEUP MIRAE ASSET PLACE, 11, Hwangsaeul-ro 359 beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I know many player saying that the matchmaking isn't fair but,As you can see those player are just rushing or they want more trophies but their troops level are level 1 or 2,Just think about it.The game is a Strategy game so we need to win by using strategy.Don't scared of facing high trophy player everyone Its about strategy not trophy,If you're a good player You can do it!I already face the top 1,even im silver1 Ps.Nice graphics and nice gameplay keep up the good work!iits so addictive!
This game is almost as good as star wars force arena which closed down is next best thing and replay doesn't work because version is not same need work but good game for people that like real time strategy games on there phonez
how in the world can i play and there is network error? thats how im losing games!!! Update.....dont play this game!!! when folks rage quit,they leave and get a network error resulting in you losing!!! they haven't updated this game in awhile.....GET OFF GOOGLE!!!! Update: Dumb game modes too. and they have cheaters on here!!!!FIX YOUR NETWORK!!!!!
Your need fast fingers and quick thinking for this game. This is a different take from other strategy games.
Great. Make the funny imojies to be more big is too tiny. And when connecting to play, the game network failing and the game stuck but the opponent keep playing. And when the connection is balance the game brought defeat result to me, very painful
The ai system is broken. If you play against certain bots the game it's just ridiculous. The level advantage the bot has will be enough for you to start wondering if the game is even worth the time.
not good not fair,the matchmaking system is bad,how can the silver rank fight with the gold rank,you must fix about the matchmaking system so we can fight with the same rank enemy
the match game is unbalanced for example in me i only have 58 medal so far but in past 10 games i need to fight a 300 medal player... i like to give a 5 star for this game but the matchmaking destroy your game so far
Fun. Ad free. But has some flaws. Uninstalled it though. Waiting 3 minutes to find an opponent is ridiculous. And then fight the same person 3 times in a row.. Would rather play against the computer than wait 3 minutes or always just fight the same over powered player, losing again and again.
only been playing a few days but it's great so far. it is a strategy game, part of that strategy is not being in a rush. slow down and let the chests timers unlock before you battle too many times. should try to level up your troops at same rate as you collect trophies. but in all honesty, I would be in the game a whole lot more if I didn't have to wait for the chests. I'd seriously be in this game every minute battling if I could (you can , you just miss a whole lot of chests )
Game is fun... for a while. Level 23 AND Gold III My highest legendary unit is level 2. EVERY GAME I PLAY NOW, MY OPPONENT HAS A LEGENDARY UNIT LEVEL 15. IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN UNLESS YOU ALSO HAVE A LEVEL 15 LEGENDARY UNIT AND LEVEL 24 NORMAL UNITS. So the game is fun until you reach a point where you can't win unless you've somehow earned (but most likely bought) a level 15 legendary unti.
the game is good. but the match making is so unfair... you know what if i have 8 winstreak after that? tha match making is going to advance my lvl is 3 my enemy lvl is 9 and my troops is lvl2 my enemy troops is lvl8 to 9.. oh god so hard to beat them..? please give adjustment for the match making..? thank you
I think this game is very good we just need better upgrades on the update and things like that other than that I love the game I'll play it and I guarantee I will reach the top 200
The game can get unfair. I noticed two strategies that are unfair: 1. The opponent doesnt use his points and expand, then by the 4-5 round, he will unleash the most expensive units and wipe the battlefield. 2.) Another is that the opponent expands over your side and blocks your expansion then build towers to pin you in. I like the idea on paper but you may need to check some gameplay ideas.
great as new player so far.. waiting to see the paywall. will re-REVIEW once i get a few more days in
I love this game this is the best strategy game I ever played and plus this my favorite game keep it up guys
i like the gameplay..but please improve the trophy or medal you get if you win....the 2 platinum player are just battling each other so they can increase their medal fast.we all want a fair gameplay
Theres something wrong with the game. i tried several times installing and uninstall this game apps. but it just hang while im on training mode. my phone has 2gb of ram and other games like mobile legends are woring smoothly. Then it will reset itself over and over with the same prob.so this game needs a lot of repair
World War Madcat-NightWitch Arena! Everyone on higher leagues seems to be using them (according to the ingame Replays). Well, of course there is Royal Giant on the other world, when they're just started. But it's still not fun to have 45 cards and 4 commanders if everyone is actually only use those 2. I even saw a few replies where they summon all MadCats on a few turns! It has a potential tough, especially for those who can't drop cards accurately on that 'other world'.
love the game and its concept.. hope there will be more types of challenge.. will play it again in the future..
I quite liked the game only it is glitchy as hell and bugged something chronic. Apart from so many glitches & bugs this game has good potential . The coins in chests could be more though.
Good concept bad idea! All crates should be on the clock for opening not 1 by 1. You are too focused on the strategy than gameplay itself, you spend time minding what's the next move while your eyes is away from the battlefield.
Matchmaking bullsh*t ruins the game. Like how the hell does a level 10 Silver player compete against a level 13+ Gold player? Not only that the stupid rank system decreases your rank also for not winning an unfair battle, its just nonsense! But other than that the game is pretty good. Everything is balanced (accept the matchmaking) so yeah, good game terrible matchmaking. Fix this please
Best of its kind. Matching is really good unlike other games. Graphics, music and gameplay are excellent. Keep up the good work.
Would be zero stars but the game is good but every time I go on it freezes or drops out which is disgraceful. I've lost loads of games because of it and yes I've restarted the game numerous times and reinstalled it. Not good whatsoever.
It's both high-paced and addictive, one of the best mobile strategy games I've played, if you want some occasional intense battles that make you focus completely, but don't want to pay to win or waste a lot of time... This is a game you must try
Does nobody play this or what? Started out good, but my last matches were against people that were way ahead of me. Couldn't come close to beating them. Fun, but now nobody plays. I'm done with this game. I've lost the last 3 days straight. I keep getting matched with people who are way more advanced. Bs game
i'm having a problem for the latest version. upon assigning for battle it was hanged. kindly check what happen. i encountered this problem today and it was about 4th times. i will check with my union members if they having a same problem, regards.
so good please add apoint capture mode and flying units and and base upgrades while your playing you can upgrade your base so dope
I lost Most of my matches as my game become unresponsive or pop up network error message and my opponent still able to load is team.im not sure if there are bugs in the game or there are a lots of cheaters who cannot play fair!!!!! The game will be better if such problems is fixed
Half of my loss is because of network error something of which I don't suppose to have. I have a very stable Internet and this instability from your end is causing me to delete this game.
this game is the best game that i tried in playstore so, i brought a new phone and i was like "hmmm..... i want a new game on this phone" and then i checked for 35 minutes i saw this game and i was like hmm.... this game might be good and when i downloaded it i was like wow i take back what i said this game is so awesome......
Believe that lesser people are playing this game now due to the unfair matchmaking. Resulting in only those high rankers, who pay to win, still playing. Thus, it seems like these are only the opponents left. At least it seems so for me for the past day after updates.
Great game. Just wished more people played so I am not playing people who have 200 or more trophies then me.
Ive only played a handful of games but am loving it! The overall design and function of the game is similar to others, making it easy to jump right into it as a first time player! Great job guys! Excellent game!
Waste of space on your phone. Had the game all of five minutes. No tutorial about units, no explanation as to what they are or what they do. Literally just says range unit, infantry unit. Like a little more explainiation would be nice so I know what I'm deploying so I can strategize. Graphics are cheap, gameplay is lackluster. Overall terrible game. There are far better troop deployment strategy games out there.
i like to play, but last update version make everything change. and poin getting difficult to get. many people boring and stop playing. number of card also decrease significantly. i'm boring waiting for match due to no one online
Was an outstanding game but how come loads of players suddenly acquired level 20 machine gunners?? Definitely not normal progression, whatever it is it's completely killed 1v1 play.. Why give a massive unfair advantage to some players and not others? Or is it something else? Please explain, is there a giveaway on a Facebook page or something? Because it's killed the game, every player I fight just drops a level 20 MG and that's that.. Its boring
it has a lot of potential but too many bugs, and low connection. Need a lot of improvement. Ill give a five star if the game will be fix
SUUUCCKKK SSSHIIITT GAME!!! LAGS!!! No wonder everybody uninstal this game and give no stars,,Game developh never read and care what players been spoke. LAG ISSUES,BAD CARDS BOX,UNFAIR MATCHING..YOU NEVER FIX IT!!! I Playing for 1 years,,but now im done here.You never fix issues,never read,listening,and care what player complaining about!!! That for u own good,,Thanks, Byee MTF!!!
The boring tutorial should be skippable. Ive played 5 games against "people" that let me win every time, usually not place more than 1 troop per round, so player could definitely learn as they play. Devs, id rather wait 1-2 mins for a match with real people than play with computers.
There appears to be a bug that keeps scrambling up the cards so you tap a picture and get something entirely different. It's like playing blind! Please fix.
The transfer of personal information to foreign country, no thanks . Look before you agree to all check boxes read them
i love this game but sometimes it wouldn't let me in the game even our internet are strong still not compare to the game can you fix it please...
good graphics, no ads, but how can you improve troops by just depending on crates contents? there should be barracks/buildings to level up my troops. uninstalling this for now.
What happened with balancing? Adjusting the initial ammo should be enough to balance... Why reduce the damage of the Sniper? It was useful to counter Sledgehammer before. But was still useless if someone uses a Mobile shield or Valkryie But now with with 3k damage it is totally useless, even for butchers You cant kill infantry using snipers, you cant kill armored one.. It also cost high for being useless Game is now a battle of butchers.....
what happened to my account!!!?? its back to zero!!!?? wheres my card ive been playing this for 2 months please fix it!!!! even your fb is down!!!!! whats wrong please fix it
I like this game very much but now after updating, my main screen error and if I play battle the graphic broken so much,,, please tell me how to solve this problem,, bcoz I already 2 times uninstall and comeback install again but still error my graphic Thankyou