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World War 2: Strategy Games

World War 2: Strategy Games for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by JOYNOWSTUDIO located at 2 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay Kornhill Apartments. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
With your latest update scenario 8 was completed without freezing up. Its like Squadleader & GI anvil of Victory but without the boards & 1000' s of tiles. You created a tactial game where the player doesnt have to remember hundreds of rules & restrictions. In the board games mentioned above manufacturing troops didnt happen. You played with what you had. For now 4⭐'s & 👍👍👍. Good job fixing bugs quickly.
Game keeps crashing every time on turn 10, mission 8 of the axis campaign. Iv restarted the mission several times now and always crashes on turn 10.
I really like it. It reminds me of easytech games but with added factors like fuel and air based troops. It would be so much better if you guys added some kinda conquest mode. Like set in different points through out the war so that certain nations could have differing difficulty to play through.
I'm giving it 5 stars so far. Turn-based game but has the feel of an RTS game. Massive improvement from its sequels. Still has room for growth. Also please expand the tutorial for us to learn more how to play completely. Also please do a Pacific Campaign version of this game.
Love the game. Been playing this type of games for a long time. Now,this have a little problem. On scenario 8 it keeps freezing over and over again. See if you can fix that please.
Very much enjoyed this game so far. The strategies remind me a lot of the old "Battle Isle" series, there's a motivation to replay for grinding and three-starring missions. The difficulty, even in easy mode, is high, which is excellent. Only thing I could think of to improve would be repair capabilities for planes and ships. Given how expensive planes are, and how easily they get damaged by AAA, they're of limited use without being able to repair them. Looking forward to the Soviet campaign.
Can't play it if you don't give them access to the files in your phone. This app has no reason to request this besides the fact that they are being creepy... Don't recommend downloading until they fix this.
Awesome game . Don't eat internet. Honest but it does that some cash . If not u have to play same battle in easy 'hard 'ect over and over to get 3 stars and resources to upgrade. But good game
So far I'm really enjoying the mission and the content of the game, it's really challenging and makes you think like a proper strategist however I would really want to ask for a addition of multipler where there could be a 1v1 battles or 2v2 or even 3v3 using different nations to test your skills in real combat.
Could be a good game but too many bugs. Its very frustrating to go 15 plus rounds in a mission only for it to freeze.
I like the game but it is very in your face with trying to get you to spend money but besides that it's a great game.
Classic game play , delivered in a tidy ,historical, gripping format ,I love it and will continue to follow the series !!! Bang on !
was really liking this game and woulda given more stars,but logged on one day and all my troops had lost their experiance,and id spent money onit,,quite gutted!!!
I think I also like this game!...just a bit struggle for gaining STARS while playing it for a next 3 level when you have no ready money/ cash for buying it...but over all I think the whole game was a good time killer :-)
Very fun. Needs a custom map builder for fun!!!! Even if you don't get money it would be worth it to have the ability to create our own scenarios.
Decent game still not getting fonal daily reward after getting done with 5 daily missions. Sent you a bug report on it.
Extremely pay 2 win. If you cant beat a level you will be stuck for days because progression is slow and you will be forced to watch countless ads to prpgress faster. The enemy has many and more powerful units, unlimited resources. The game is incredibly slow and you cant speed up the animations. Levels are way too long. Its just overall a bad strategy game. Its unfair. ive played countless ww2 strategy games and there are way better options than this one. Uninstalled a week into the game.
Game is fun and easy so far hope u can do open world like war commander 3 were u can be different countries and try and take over the whole map
I have been enjoying this game, but their are still some major bugs. Such as your elite troops losing 10 levels of experience. My elite units went from level 17 to 7 after the completion of a mission. This literally represent days of play if not weeks of casual play, and a loss of purchased materials from the google playstore. This one glitch has happened multiple times. I emailed developers and have yet to receive a response. At this point I am contemplating requesting a refund from google.
I love it! Customizing troops and keeping the upgrades of it is really great! You can grind levels to upgrade the tech, and level up generals to gain powerful abilities. I can watch ads to gain medals and it's not pay to win. BUT what really annoys me is the bug where my high level troop becomes level1 when i accidentally exit a stage. It happened twice and it's really annoying to think that after spending time leveling them i have to start from the beginning. I'll rate 5 once it's fix :)
I'm not really into strategy war games. But this is the best I've played of all time! It's controls aren't really complicated, and it's really like a very historical kind of missions. This game is worth all my storage! If it gets more update I wish it would be better!
Its a good looking but the game sticks on round 10 on axis ardennes campaign & sticks on round 10 on mission 5 on allies campaign I cannot continue the game for the allies or axis I have cleared the cache but the game still sticks on round 10/25 on at least 2 different maps so I can only replay earlier levels please fix this problem as I cannot support you with any money if the game is not working
Just downloaded this today. Honestly a pretty good game for being newer. I found an annoying glitch in the "Axis' game mode where the little banner on the left side of the unit was an axis flag, but when I moved my truck towards the unit it turned out to be a polish infantry and it killed my truck. I don't know if I could get a screenshot since it only happened that one time. I also am wondering if trucks can repair bridges?
my first rating wasn't good ,but now im learning 5 stars because if you plan carefully its possible to do well without paying ,so as good old Rommel would say "wunderbar mein freund" ;) just what about player character id ie change of name ?
Overall game play isn't bad but I purchased a new phone and none of my game progress or in game purchases transfered to my new phone. Game downloaded properly but without said items.
Its a lot like the "HandyGames" stratagy games and I loved those games but this one has much better graphics. Good game.
I like it a lot and has tons of potential. One simple thing was just so annoying: you cannot move your camera around unless you press a button that brings it to a unit you haven't yet ordered. The movement of troops is sometimes bigger than i can see in 1 screen so I need this feature to mive around freely. Another thing, how am i supposed to use a city if i can't move my camera to see it?
I love table top games. This has all the elements and how it feels like that. I like th e historical aspect of the game and enjoying it emensly. Thank you for a wonderful product
Dont get this game if u are not going to buy stuff from the store, this game is just a pay to win game. On any level 5 mission even on easy without buying stuff its still hard until u buy or upgrade. And I bet they are not looking at the comments.
Not bad but could use more balancing against units also most things are behind paywall. Can do most things without it but will struggle.
Just lost all my progress. Game would not start. I had to force close and clear data to get game to work. Logged back in and was back at the start with no way to regain my saved data. This is the worst ever....lost everything. Don't play this game. Lost all my commanders and troops too. This game should be removed. You will loose everything. Complete scam. No way to load your purchases
I love the snippets of history. I also love the strategy and finally a non-alliance needed game to play. What the game does need is a detailed help file. The tutorial doesn't go far enough into detail. For instance, I have several different troop types unlocked and several troop slots available, however, I am unable to select a different troop type other than tanks and don't know why. The game is fun to play though. Very fun in fact for me.
It's quite fun and it has nice graphics but they have to fix the bug on the "infantry squads" that's all and great work for this game
This game is so good I cannot stop playing this...actually the first of these games that I've seen that has varieties of warplanes-just to name a few, Spitfire, P-38, P-51. I would love to see a Pacific Theatre update, or a Battleship update. Keep up the good work, devs! Highly reccommended for people who love strategy games :]