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World Quest - Idle MMO

World Quest - Idle MMO for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation located at Rovio Entertainment Corporation Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is a great game until you reach level 40. Then there's not much to do but try to get enough gold to upgrade your skills. That's a problem too. The little you get for selling loot and the enormous amount to upgrade skills and buy better equipment. Hopefully this will be addressed in future updates. Still worth it at this time. Think on doing something with experience points after level 40. For example, collect them to get more skill points.
I love the concept of this game, it has an old-school feel and it plays very well. It can be repetitive for someone like me that insists on completing every quest before moving on, but it's an idle game so I only have to open it for a minute or two to dump loot and move along. I only have one issue, that others have mentioned. The game becomes unresponsive at times and has to be restarted. I'm sure the issue will get attention. Overall, a great idle game that doesn't require a lot of attention.
I enjoy the game. Initially wouldn't link to Google play, but did after a few tries. Unique concept of idle rpg. Graphics are a bit basic, and nothing really explains stats to know if one piece of gear is worth replacing with another as the number swings can be fairly drastic, but you don't know if it is worth it or not.
Its stagnant. Level 40 for a few weeks. Nothing to do but farm gem quests. Chasing global bosses is tedious with little pay off. No cloud save, guess that's how you'll keep me from uninstalling in hopes of returning in a few months. Updates with content add very little to convince me to play more than once a week at this point. No reason to spend real cash when there is so little to do at 40. It had potential, it had me hooked for a bit.
So, with the last update, you adding some things to the game that has a whole bunch of players stuck on the first island. Now I understand the nature of coding, you have a ton of lines of code to look through, but why add code if it isnt done correctly. I would love to see this game continue, but your looking at losing alot of players support because of the issue. I hope that future updates not only fix the issue, but dont in turn create more issues.
Fun game so far, but I can't get into the skills page. As soon as I tap the button the entire game locks up. No other buttons work until I restart the game. I'll keep playing in hopes this gets resolved soon, but as it stands the game is broken for me. Telling users to update their OS isn't a real solution. Over two months and still no fix.
Recently tried to play it again after a few months away and was stuck loading at "creating narritive". My previous experience with this app was fun. Good game with a decent amount of content to explore solo or with a group.
We were told A YEAR AGO that a overhaul would be coming soon. Since then, not a single update. Rovio has given up on this like they did battle bay. Sad.. don't waste your time on a game the devs have abandoned
Yes, this is an idle game, and they're meant to be casual experiences. Click. Wait. Click. Wait. But there is, literally, nothing else to do. Combat is auto and you have no control over your character. Even the story is boring. At least focus on creating a gripping story that brings us back for more. It's slow, its bland and it's poorly written. Even if the devs excuse for negative feedback is, "Its an idle game!" Its a poorly executed idle game. World map's pretty, at least 😝
Fun game, simple and to the point. Only slightly annoying thing is when you get missions from one place but the mission itself is in another location would be nice if it guide you to the place and it's up to you to get there whether moving yourself or taking the ship other than that this game is enjoyable. Edit: As of 2/28/20 the team of World Quest fixed the problem, seems I wasn't the only one experiencing this problem, thanks for your efforts. I give you 5 stars from the 4 I gave before :)
Ill be honest ive never played a game quite like this one and it feels really well done, the only thing i wish could be added is more characters and different saves over those characters, but still worthy of 5 stars, this is truly an open world mobile game and it looks great on my great S10+ screen, BIG props to the development team behind this, you truly have a unique treasure on your hands!
Played beta until it ended and loved it. When this version came out, I updated and started all over, which was fine. I knew it was coming. Unfortunately, I'm unable to get into the skills tab, so i can't learn or upgrade any of them. Please look into this because i really do want to keep playing, but not being able to get all the skills back is a real deterrent.
Lots of glitches, the worst is the big that delays transportation you've paid for to get between areas and the main hub freezing the game until you restart it. There are many others but that's the main one. They fixed it lol it lasted exactly one day and gets worse everytim i use it
Well I played the open beta and really enjoyed it got to max level and everything. I just recently found out the update version of it, however I can't do anything with the game as I am stuck at the loading screen upon opening the app. It just stays on creating nearative. It won't load past that I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game but that didn't help, short of just giving up which I don't want to do I'm out of ideas. Please fix this ASAP, once I can actually play the game I will rerate.
I played this game in beta and when it was first released. Loved the concept and the art is great. There was a race to be lvl 40, where the game capped, and then it was too boring. I was actually ranked in the top 20 for awhile but with poor random gear drops, I was quickly bypassed. Either there was a trick to getting better gear or you had to spend more money. Since I was already level capped, I didn't hang around to find out.
I was enjoying the game, made level 23, and then a few days after they updated I was told my version was unsupported, and I had to update... Which meant reinstalling... Which meant I'd have to start All over from the beginning, Thankfully I hadn't spent any money on this game. (It's ridiculously expensive, but not required for good play.) I might be tempted to play it again someday, but recommend that you avoid it until they get their bugs worked out.
The game itself is simple and accessible, but the real gem here is the development team. It's not often you find a team (especially on mobile) so willing to listen to and assist their playerbase. They're incredibly active, especially on their Discord server. Keep it up, guys and gals. You're doing an exceptional job keeping customers satisfied. Edit: Updated rating to reflect the death of the game servers. Sorry to see y'all go. :(
Game is great if you have very little time to play. Be aware that there are LOTS of bugs, some of them game breaking and unaddressed for DAYS, even up to a week with NO communication or compensation. Before you think that I'm some whiny player looking for a free ride, roughly 35-40% of the top players in the game split because of these reasons. SOME kind of communication would have prevented this but I don't honestly think they care about their players enough to address it, just the cash shop.
This would be a 5 star game if I was able to access it on a mobile data connection. This was a problem that I had during beta and it continues now that it has fully launched. There is no reason for the game to only be accessible through WiFi only. If they don't figure this out, I will unfortunately be quitting the game. 9-10-19 I still cannot play the game unless connected to Wifi. The link you suggested doesn't actually lead anywhere. Get it together!
Game does not load and is unplayable, appears to be abandoned now, game can not be found on play store anymore.
It would be a great game but it keep not loading on the. Creating narrative screen. When u open the game what do i do
This is definitely a true idle game. It's quite fun leveling up your character and seeing what drops you get. Loot is pretty generous with no ads for pretty much anything. They don't pressure you to buy anything either which is such a relief. I'm not at end game yet but so far it seems completely free to play. I would hope to see more features added in like more activities for guilds or maybe some events in the future. Arena might be an interesting thing as well. So far so good.
Played this game since early beta. It has become a RNG poop show and money grab. It could of been amazing but greed and unwillingness to change their beyond poop rng systems has ruined what could of been the best game ever. A new era of idle rpg has been created with this game but their inability to see what's good for the players and the game has brought it to the ground. Now I am sad for I had such high hopes for this game.
Boring, slow-paced, tedious af... travel takes FOREVER, in-game prices are ridiculous - after a few days of gathering treasure, you might be able to afford to purchase something from a merchant. The towers or whatever they're called are insanely OP. Easily twice the recommended level by the top. Can't stay idle long before your inventory is cluttered with worthless junk. Maybe I'll download again in a few months to see if there's improvement.
I love the art style, the sounds, and the concept, but PLEASE put effort into the immersion piece. We need to be able to see equipment changes on our hero, and we need to be able to turn off auto combat if we need/want to. Add those two things and you have a 5 star game. Thanks
Hello. My game is not working. Its stuck on the loading oage when you first start the game. I tried unistalling and reinstalling and didnt help. I love this game so much and am at max level. Please fix it.
I love the concept for this game and it's okay as an idle game. But even for an idle game this one has very few activities for you to do for now. It needs some more patches to actually become fun to play ATM. I position my character at a quest and sit there for some good hour or 5, then i come back to the game, clean up the inventory and move to the next spot and repeat. LvL 27 character right now. This game will most likely be amazing, but right now it does not contain enough fun gameplay.
While definitely fun, I do have a few complaints. First of all, highly enjoyable. An idle mmo rpg is a great idea. The increase in chest drops is great and there are a good amount of moves. Now to my complaints. I don't like how little gold is dropped by monsters. This wouldn't be an issue if completing quests awarded more money but as it stands it starts taking forever to upgrade skills the further you progress. Second, I'd like to see a way to change characters.
I enjoy it but it's buggy. I get stuck on the loading screen where it sits at "creating narrative" for hours if I let it. There are also times where the game freezes up randomly. I was trying to open chests then the game just froze up. Had to quit. Another bug is when I get stuck at "reconnecting" when I tab out of the game. I'm going to try to keep playing because I like it. The graphics are cute and the story is decent, but please fix this. It's incredibly annoying.
This is a really good game. Really fun, with fast easy progression, and easy to use interface. My only problems with this game is the movement speed, and that quest items are location specific despite there being closer areas to get them. For example getting Bear Skins from The Frozen Plains, despite the Bear Fields being closer and more accessible. So as a side note. The game was recently updated, but its not letting me update the game.
Kind of a trash game. Get a lots of error code 200 or something like that. You can't get all quest, since some of them don't show up even if you click on them. And so my character is stuck at the corrupted something lvl 7 area. Also the people that play this aren't the most pleasant or nice really, just like most games (this is why I don't like to have to talk to people either. Aka it's ok to be an azzhole to anyone in phone games)
Honestly one of the best games I'd played in a while. Great community and not a blatant cash grab like so many other games. It had a couple bugs, but the issue is that the devs will be sunsetting this version of the game for a 2.0 due out in a handful of months. Any progress, leveling, gear, etc. you get will be wiped. Don't be fooled, it will be reset with 2.0 release. So, play now if you're not concerned by this or wait for the update.
No idea why anyone would find this enjoyable. The gameplay consists of your characters icon slowly moving around from point to point on a world map. You can watch the "battles" which are also represented by icons and slow basic attack animations. The whole game feels sluggish and severely lacking in features and incentive to continue playing.
Cute idea that tries to simulate a tabletop experience somewhat but ultimately not enough to the game to keep interest. With only 3 characters to choose from and click to go here wait while it kills in background. Then you have the occassional spawning boss which despawns so if you miss it gotta wait for next spawn. All in all not too bad just not for me.
Really cool idle RPG I'm enjoying it very much. the only real comment that I have is it would be nice if you would implement away for players to have more than one hero. Like I'm playing through with a warrior but I don't see a way for me to try out a mage or archer without, I guess uninstalling the game and starting all over?
All idle games are just number-increasng simulators, including this one, but Rovio has implemented a particularly frustrating movement mechanic. Accept a quest, walk to the grinding location, walk back. Quests are spread out in such a manner to lengthen time spent in-app, with a "but you can totally go faster ;)" mechanic built in that you can buy for an atrocious $15. Unfortunately theres just not much point to progressing so slowly. This one's a stay-away.
The clouds covering areas needs to be massively fixed. The clouds should uncover when you get a quest to go to that area. It does not explain in game how to get to these areas so I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for quests that would trigger the clouds to go away so I could move on. I was ready to quit after getting to the second area as I could not sort this out. Too frustrating to be fun. The walk speed at its base level needs sped up. It gets downright boring.
Its a MMO super lite. You choose your destinations, your skill orders, and what armors you wear as you auto loot and auto fight constantly in the background. Its closer to a visual novel as all your world building is in quest text and icons wiggling around to convey attacking and getting hit. Its not graphics heavy at all and your avatar image wont even change with gear. And currently you're stuck with the character/class you choose at the start, not that the experience will change.
I almost quit in the first 10 minutes because of the $49.99 mount pack. (Yes I didn't mess up the decimal place). Seriously. Put the mount in the $4.99 pack where it belongs and give new players options that make sense. I'm currently level 8 and have only been able to level one skill. It would cost $9.99 to get enough gold to level two more (and the cost doubles for the second level of the skill). $14.99 for a 20% mount? I want to give you money, but not until the cost makes sense.
Very buggy so far. Several times I had to restart app as I just couldn't do anything. Buttons were unresponsive even though music was playing. I am currently on a Moto G7. As far as gameplay, I am a fan of old school RPGs and don't mind the slower pace, but combined with the idle style, it is hard to get into as you almost have no control of your character.