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World Quest

World Quest for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Dark Matter Oy located at Dark Matter Oy Keilaranta 7, FI-02150 ESPOO FINLAND. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm loving this game. Its refreshing to play something like this where all other RPG games now all seem to be ones that want you to collect 1000 differnet heroes. This just lets you relax, go on a quest, and chat with other players. The only issue I'm having is when i start the game it shows the title screen, and then it just says "Entering World", but doesn't load up the game. Update: I found the issue was a coonection on my end. Now it runs perfectly fine! I changed my rating to 5*.
I would give it 5 stars based on this being an indie game. Unfortunately with the constant reconnecting and the occasional "failed to wake up hero", I really feel a 4 star is it. I do really enjoy the quests, maybe an option to stop auto attack and manipulate the attack yourself. Also, I think the equipment needs to be adjusted. A purple epic piece should not match a green equipment 2 levels lower.
so far it has not let me down some of the elite boss's that roam around a little tougher than they need to be but other than that this game has lots of potential!!! please do not make it pay-to-win. I know you will eventually because money does things to people but at least if they pay make it Cosmetics things that don't unbalanced the game.
Already wrote a review. Just wanted to update saying I can now get into the game but my previous hero got wiped. It started me all over again. The game still is a beta so it is what it is but just wanted to let you know so hopefully you can fix that nasty bug for future updates. Would suck to have to restart after every update. Even in a beta.
As a game in development...it looks great and the game play is solid. I am hoping that a mini map is implimented to help players find the appropriate area to complete a quest. the game is simple to pick up and enjoyable even at this point in development. Once it has been polished a bit i believe this game will continue to draw many players to it...it is fun and the story is compelling.
This is an idle game and quite the slow one at that. It's in very early beta so alot is missing and there are plenty of bugs. That said the potential to be great is here. Just hope its stability improves soon, lost all progress after connection issues before. You travel the world, automatically fight enemies, collect loot and level up your hero. since its early, updates are few and far between.
Takes too long to get anywhere on the map and servers are constantly down. Servers are down again. update wish i could give negitive numbers as i was playing and accepted some timed quests and got kicked out and can't get back on. Server problem seems to have been worked out. Increase map speed and it's great. Downgraded to 2 stars as now can't even complete quests because the game doesn't drop enough items in the alloted time even though entire time was in area and didn't lose a single fight
I like it, but needs alot of work! 5 stars when tue bugs and more features are fixed/released. Come on Devs push content! EDIT: Game is Alpha and the updates are terribly slow to come out, people will move on early, shame cause it has great potential, but needs alot of work and the updates are just ridiculously slow to come out.
Seems like it can be a decent game. I'm also now stuck at entering the world, after maybe 20minutes of game play, and cant get any further than the title screen. I understand this isn't a full release but there have been comments about this issue for months and with from what I could see, zero replies from the dev team, and clearly still no fix to this bug. Until resolved I can only rate at 1 star.
DLed game last night and played for about an hour. enjoyed the graphics and playstyle that saw. this morning game fails to load hero. using a galaxy S8. cleared cache, cleaned phone, restarted phone and uninstalled and reinstalled game. nothing works. cleared the data and started from scratch again. played again this morning for about an hour. stepped away long enough for phone to lock. back to fails to load hero.
I couldn't get the game to load. so, to be fair this isn't a review is the game itself. I would really like to play so if someone would like to reach out, I'm open to it. It seems there was some connection issue. On the opening loading splash screen it said "waking up hero"and then "failed to wake hero". Then back to "waking hero"then back to.... ad nauseum.
Love this game, a great idle RPG, only complaint is having the optional quest timer time out because I cant always login due to the game itself. Gets stuck on the "waking hero" screen and says "failed to wake hero" I have full service and other apps work fine...usually fixed by logging in after awhile, which then makes my timed quests expired. Besides this, the game is fantastic and I look forward to more update. More items as well as set and higher grade items would be cool, also crafting too
i would have rated it much higher but honestly the bugs right now are a bit too much with the constant reconnecting and losing characters because they fail to wake up. Beta testing on the store seems like a good way to mess up your own score rather than get valuable bug reports. I would be playing much more but until these huge errors get fixed ill wait. Interesting concept for a game executed poorly.
Not bad for what it is and I assume there's more content on the way but some easily avoidable issues keep leading to frustration. For one, you guys can solve so many of the problems I have with this game by letting us have the ability to "preview" or get a look at quests, world bosses, shops, etc. Nothing is more frustrating than walking half-way across the map to a boss just for it to hit me with a "That encounter is no longer there" message or a timed quest in an area I can't do yet. Fix that.
its a beta, so expect updates and possible character resets. dev has been constantly updating and improving. community seems friendly and helpful, ingame chat for global, zone and guild. occasipnal connection issues, but so far iys been great. very excited to see the finished build, these folks deserve a lot of support for what they've done. great game!
I absolutely love this game! It's REALLY nice not to have to watch the constant battles -- it takes care of grinding in the background automatically for you, and I really like that! The world is also surprisingly large, I'm really pleased with both the art and game execution overall. My only nitpicks are the typos and lack of customization character-skin wise. But those are really minor! Awesome game!
Good game if you don't want to do much. I have found some problems through. Number 1: it take to long to level and gear up. You don't find upgrades when adventuring, and the amount of xp required to level doesn't match the amount you receive. Number 2: you don't get enough gold to purchase upgraded equipment. It takes way to long to gather gold to buy anything. You have to sell stuff you find, which would work if you actually got more items to sell. Not worth downloading at this time.
Okay, it's in Beta and has a lot of growing up to do. this is an EXTREMELY promising game though. Great alternative the normal Idol style games. I know it's in beta still, not many bugs. Obvious issues, travel speed, nothing to do during quests that can last nearly an hour even at lower levels. Once i can log in again and play further into the game, i can rate higher.
Game is in Beta. With that said, it is well worth waiting for developers to work through the kinks. This game combines rpg elements with idle gameplay. Excited for all the changes to come as they work toward full release. Join discord to stay up to date on developments and provide input on how the game changes.
This game is what ive been looking for for a long time but never found. An interactive and idle rpg with fun leveling progression, loot, skills, exploration, questing, etc that also looks nice. It seems to be actively developed and Im excited to see where it goes. The mmo/chat/guild features are great bonuses for me.
the gear atm(beta) seems kinda jacked. if I have a gray , green , and blue item. same level and same item level. the higher quality blue item should always be better. even if you get the worse possible rolls. also 6 skill points hurts my feelings I want to try out all the skills together and see how they interact. the mount speeds should start at 50% , 100% , then 200% especially if you are even thinking about keeping them locked behind gems. we dont want a super pay2win game. keep going woot
seems pretty good but still has some bugs. some times quests fail due to not enough specified monsters or items are dropped despite being in specified zone the entire time, and you have no influence to change that. I cant equip some high tier items due to their effects coming over the "equip" prompt/button/option. hoping these might fix soon but now it fails to load game due to "failing to wake up hero!" (is the servers offline or is it under maintenance? hope this fixes soon.
I really enjoy this game, but like other people have said, it absolutely WILL NOT go past the "Entering World" screen if not connected to wifi. I can be listening to music, getting messages, etc. over my data connection, and this game won't connect. I HAVE to turn on wifi to play. Other than that, I really enjoy the game mechanics.
Very dull gameplay, however it may just be my tastes. If you like idle games you might look into this one. (I dont really like them) The only thing I saw wrong with it is there are only 3 characters so the same people are all over the map. Seems like it would be a good idea to reskin these 3 "classes" with a catalogue of choices or some way to make players look unique.
Now that the new update got most of the stability issues out of the way, I can comment better. This is a hybrid idle/RPG that is slow-paced. Like older RPGs you walk across a large map to do quests and gain exp. This won't be everyone's cup of tea. But it works well enough and best of all there are no IAP or stamina bars. It is totally free. There is a growing community via guilds and Discord and new features get added, such as skill rotations.
the game looks fine. the pacing is slow but not unbearably so, though it would be nice if it were a little faster or better odds for quest drops. the only really bad part is the constant connection issues. without the connection issues this would be great for a beta. it would also be nice to be able to see a list of guild when going to join. looking forward to bugs getting fixed and more content.
I am enjoying this game immensely, however, one thing I wish could be changed is the fact that you can't play unless connected to Wifi. You should be able to play with just data, as well. Also... you should get more points as you lvl in order to change the fight stat things. Once you lvl them too high, you can't change them due to not having enough points. Fix these and I will definitely give this 5 stars!
Really fun game so far! WARNING this game is still being developed. Devs are responsive in their forum and updates are being rolled out on a regular basis. Do not play if you are not willing to play just because. Dev plans are to reset everything when they are done. All that said, it's a really fun little game to pass the time. Plenty of potential.
Travel time between points/quests needs to be sped up by two times the speed. Also, during that travel there should be a possiblity of an enemy encounter. You have been ambushed! There needs to be more to do in a city. Visit stores, talk to a citizen about random hints in the game or selling information, wares, gems etc. More characters in your party would be a great idea. Gear! a game like this shoukd be about gear, crafting, legendary items etc..
The game is cool and all, but it takes FOREVER to do anything. I don't mind having to let it idle for hours on end, but what I DO mind is how long it takes to travel. And there is a LOT of traveling. If travel time wasn't so arduous I'd still be playing this game (especially because you get to play as a werewolf-like dude!).
This game is still running in its beta, but shows real promise in development. Each new patch brings more elements for player interaction, content, and bug fixes that change the total dynamic. the Devs really consider input from discord members and game reviews. The game play although partially idle are similar to old style might and magic titles. I love this direction and cant wait to find me a WORLD BOSS! my game review will be updated as more content and features as well as bugs are fixed.
WorldQuest itself is great. I love it. The fact that it's out of Beta has created a new problem, as the release will not install and now, because of "no longer being in beta" I can't play the version that IS installed and functioning properly. This kerfuffle seems to be a problem that should've been taken care of IN the Beta.
The game started off pretty good for a few days. But all of a sudden, when I start the game it says "waking up hero" followed by "failed to wake up hero" over and over again and wont load any further. Hoping this issue is fixed in the near future before I lose interest and my opinion goes down. If it wasn't for this issue, I would have given it 5 stars.
I want to like this game. It's fun and relaxing; however, until exp earned while offline / out of game is fixed, I cannot recommend this. There is a lot of waiting, as you would expect from a passive gameplay app, but you have to have the game open to receive any exp. Most of the time I'm staring at the screen with no input. It has potential and I'll likely revisit this game in the near future to see what progress has been made.
as a beta, this game is awesome. a few things I see that need to be worked on, such as reconnecting issues and server crashes, some class balance, and the like. still give 5 stats because for what it is, the direction it's going, it's worth being along the the ride with all its ups n downs. this game deserves more than the 3.2 that it has. UPDATE: server has been fixed, classes a bit better balanced, world bosses fixed. they're going at it. major update soon, can't wait to keep playing.
i love this game its pretty nice, though it can be a little hard on the batery at times. my biggest issue is the timed quests, (which i get generate a dedicated active playtime.) however the drop rate for the materials and the time allowed to complete the quests are very poorly synchronized. please try to solve this issue.
This is a great game from what I can tell. It's reminiscent of WOW in flavor. The art and graphics excellent, and the music is inspirational and evocative. Sadly however my tablet is not optimized for this game, so i suffer from game lag and freezes. I still continue to play regardless, lol. it's that good of a game for me. so give it a try! but I know eventually I'll have to uninstall. perhaps when i get a better tablet.
This was a fun game. Graphics are decent and the best part I liked was being able to accomplish missions while your away from your phone. But not only was I unable to find and join my friends clan due to different servers there also is no option to look for specific players. Also Recently I got a new phone and was unable to reactivate my current account on my new device. So all progress lost!! I don't want to start over so I'm not downloading this again.
I was enjoying this game, but haven't been able to play for the last couple days. I'm stuck on the loading page. Waking up hero. Failed to wake hero. It's a constant cycle. Fix the issue, and I'll definitely rate the game higher. Even in beta (bugs and all) it's a good, solid game. edit: problem is mostly resolved for me, so I've given this game the rating I feel it deserves.
only been playing for an hour or two but so far so good. Takes me back to my childhood days of the old dungeon and dragons style games. Unlike most idle/rpg games out there this game is not a play to win. The action is steady as your always fighting something or doing some type of quest. leveling is slow but other then that I have no complaints. Great job Devs. I can't wait to see what future updates will bring and what this game will become when finally fully compleat.